What is European, plays The Old Republic, is a staff member here at SWTOR-RP, has been likened to Bear Grylls and Jamie Oliver, and needs lessons in how to cook a gool ol' fashioned Aussie BBQ? 

The answer: Gratulator. 

As one of the many Guides at SWTOR-RP, Gratulator submitted himself to the mandatory interrogation in order to complete his Staff Spotlight. I tried to crack him, but he has more willpower than I had anticipated. Continue reading to a get a glimpse of what this man from Europe is all about! 
Holland Thanks for representing the Progenitor (clearly the best server out there) and generally being awesome - and fantastic p...
Miralle Yay Gratulor! Nice to see a spotlight featuring a fellow Progenitor player!
Crastor While I don't have any characters on Progeniter, still wanna say, "Hiiiiiii!" Go you! haha

No matter the level of role-play experience, time playing in the Star Wars universe or literary skill, the Guides' goal is to be there for anyone who has a question or concern about their role-play, background, lore, or anything in between. Comprised solely of volunteers, every single Guide joined up because they want to answer questions, put on a friendly face, make you feel welcome, and to clear up any issues you have in regards to the Star Wars universe to make your character who you want them to be by pushing the idealist process out of its shy little shell.

Players both new and old will find an immeasurable amount of information and worth in any of the Guides. Every volunteer has a unique set of knowledge in specializations of their choosing that they are confident in teaching others, be it game mechanics, role-play techniques, referring guilds and lore, and even key phrases in the languages of Star Wars that any player could benefit from. These specializations allow each of us to either help a player in need or at the very least put them into direct contact with someone who can. Read on to learn more!
KyoTe [Font=Century Gothic]I didn't want to post in here cause it seems like one of those things not really meant to be p...

A question to start: How many years have you been waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch? Personally, I have been waiting longer than three years, since the rumor that BioWare was working on a new MMO. I didn't even know that the MMO was Star Wars. When I found that out, I knew I would would be playing the game for a long time. Seriously, no one can beat the combination. Literally, hundreds of thousands of gamers have been waiting as long as I have.

Roleplay and roleplayers exemplify the very best of what MMORPGs can offer, and this site exemplifies the very best of what roleplayers have to offer. We are a large diverse group from all parts of the world, and there is not a style of roleplay that is not represented. The rule-based, heavy-canon RPers have found a home here, yet so have the loose RP-PvPers – and everything in between. We know that you, too, will find a home here as well.

For launch, we have a forum for each server to develop its own culture and style. We have a team of writers watching and waiting for RP event posts to report on the front page of the site. We have a wiki for you to write your own personal story and roleplay guides. Lastly, we have Guides to assist any newcomers to roleplay to find a home.

Down the road, we are looking to expand everything we currently do. We have carved a great niche here, and you are all an integral part of this site's success. We are always looking for volunteers to help us out; there will always need to be a need to be fulfilled. Maybe you are the person to fill it.

Have a great time in the game, and I hope to see you in-game. I have a character named Tziena on every RP server, but if you don't see me online, send me a PM here. I want to hear what  you have to say, and I appreciated positive input.

I also want to issue a huge thank you to all the staff of this site. You have given up so much of your time to make this site as successful as it is. The growth we see could not have happened without your vision and hard work. Thank you.

[Lastly, thank you to Sriin for the custom new background for the site. Check her other work on her blog; it is all simply amazing.]
Yospeck Bring a seat, you'll be standing in queue for a while
OddjobXL To be honest I started out skeptical about the potential for roleplay in SWTOR. It has but few of the RP tools and feat...
Oᴘʜᴇʟɪᴀ Yay! Hope to see you all around Lord Adraas!

With early access for The Old Republic well under way, the Guides here at SWTOR-RP will be kick-starting their campaign across all of the roleplaying servers, covering a wide range of planets. Their goal is to assist players of new and old in their gaming and roleplaying endeavours. Despite our efforts in helping our members understand their roles, some people are still confused about what they do and how to get in contact with them. If you're requiring assistance, be sure to hit up Sebaya in a private message, and she can help coordinate a Guide to lend you a helping hand. 

Help is dandy, but the Staff Spotlight feature isn't simply about knowing what it is we do here at SWTOR-RP. What these spotlights are truly for is to open up our staff to our community so that you can get to know who we are. Allowing our members to connect with the staff on a personal level brings us that much closer. Sebaya and In-Betweener have had their turns, and it is now time to turn to one of our guides and socially active members of the site. Here is Adlai, and this is his story. 
Raziel IC? Ship Telephone Repair? You sorry son of a bitch. Prepare to hate life.
Sebaya Congrats Adlai!

How much control do you really have over your character? That is the question at the heart of the matter we'll be discussing in this week's edition of The Darker Side of Life. Consent, notification, and anarchy. Three scary sounding words we'll break down and give meaning to through hands on examples. What is the best way to roleplay? If you're looking for that answer, then these aren't the droids you're looking for. 

So what does it all mean? When you're roleplaying, no one can force you to do anything with your character, right? Or do you give up a bit of that control when you step out into a wider world with other players? To be sure, there is no way we can all agree one way or the other, but that's why we have many servers, for different types of people, more then just PvE and PvP, though there is some parallel thinking going on. 

Are any of you even reading this? You're playing The Old Republic aren't you? Aren't you? Google can tell me if you are. For those of you too busy grinding to read the full thing I'll cut to the chase. Compromise is essential if we're going to coexist. Ultimately, surrounding yourself with only a small group of like-minded souls will eventually fall apart. There is no right way to work together – but more wrong ways then we can count – and many of them boil down to stop being such a jerk.
papagolfwhiskey Open Emotes! -- posing an -attempt- cedes control of my character to me and requires no metagaming, advance notice, pre-...
Ivania In the 96th, we do have a consent clause on one form of rp. Basically says if you engage in that rp, you are by default ...
Sovereign <cracks knuckles> As a longtime villain RPer (same "Server-Level" character concep...

Entering into the world of roleplay has its joys and unforgettable moments. As roleplayers, we strive to create a sense of immersion whilst delving into a whole new world. The limit of our imaginations and abilities to create are put to the test, as we use our wonderful minds to create adventures in a virtual reality full of life, and in the case of the members here at SWTOR-RP, a virtual world full of lightsabers, evil-doers, heroes, and scruffy-looking nerf herders. However, just like any community group, the world of roleplay also has its vices. Veterans of roleplay become set in their ways, whilst newcomers may find it difficult to conform, and we find ourselves in a battle over who's group is more superior, more unique, and more exclusive. It is the battle of the cliques. 

The issue of cliques in roleplay is raised by Sa Chi in an edition of All The Galaxy's A Stage. He talks about some of the issues that newcomers may face when coming across the grumpy old veterans of roleplay, as well as pointing out some great resources to the newbies of roleplay to help them get started. And where else would these great roleplaying resources come from other than here at SWTOR-RP?

"Sites like swtor-rp are filled with helpful players, and in particular have a team of RP Guides (that I’ll be covering in a future article). If you are looking for ways to come in out of the cold don’t hesitate to ask for help. In my experience the community is filled with very helpful players. Get clear on what you are looking for from RP and ask around."

Just as Sa Chi points out, newcomers to roleplay shouldn't be put off by the veteran-only exclusive roleplaying groups. Be sure to check out the full article at Ask A Jedi, and feel free to comment on the issue of roleplaying cliques, as well as sharing any experiences with such groups in the comments section below. 
Zahira Even though we classify ourselves as being in the heavy end of RP, Vevlet Pearl will as an open hub be welcoming any rol...
Vaard Hemlock RP Cliques have existed in every RP community and MMO I've ever participated in, and they can be both constructive ...
Yospeck This got brought up on our own forums recently, about the idea of our RP Campaign "dominating our server&qu...

We are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas here at SWTOR-RP. We have also had requests asking, "How can I be a part of this amazing site?" That is a great question. It's really simple. We have just opened up an application for anyone looking to join the team.  Everyone is invited to apply if you are interested in stretching your involvement in this community. We are looking for reporters, wiki editors, moderators, and guides.

Reporters keep this community up to date on the current events of the game: everything from the Friday updates and convention announcements to lore stories and Force Reflections. Wiki editors not only check the wiki to make sure everything looks consistent from page to page but also help others create the best wiki pages they can. We all know that moderators keep people in line, but our moderators are about encouraging conversation. On SWTOR-RP, we want members to feel comfortable posting their opinion even if it goes against the crowd; moderators facilitate this. Last but not least, when the game releases, new roleplayers will flood the gaming sphere. We have Guides to help those people find their personal roleplay niche in the game and on the site.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, I invite you to fill out our staff application. Not only will you gain the reward of helping others find their place in this community, but you will also help set the foundation of roleplay in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Zahira I hope you will get some good applications from suitable candidates.
Baron Talleyrand Hopefully all ya'll get some good applicants to choose from
Swerto Fucking auto correct. If I wasn't leaving in 9 days for basic, a school, and all that fun stuff (which will also m...

Now, I do hope the title makes at least some of you angry because I want to start a passionate debate amongst you. Are Mandalorians the bane of all roleplay existence? The answer is no, but they do attract a lot of immature RPers. Why you might ask? Its the same reason Master Chief from Halo is so popular, or how many Warhammer 40k fans gravitate towards Space Marines. Your character is a faceless unstoppable badass covered in armor and bristling with weapons. It creates a blank template that is easy to put yourself into, and more importantly, win.
Vaanthe a Definitely an interesting article, Seb.
Gratulor One correction. When I said "If you're doing the Mandalorian thing to be a badass", it should...
Gratulor Damn, got cut off... I learned the language in my time in the Mandalorian Protectors guild, but I have not found it n...

Roleplaying communities have a unique trait that makes them a joy to be a part of. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to help others experience great roleplay, but we also guide one another to make sure we do just that. Here are SWTOR-RP, we've got a number of articles and forum posts lurking around to assist others in creating their characters, filling the missing gaps for their characters, as well as helping the less experienced players in understanding the concept and ways of roleplay. The staff at SWTOR-RP encourage guidance in any form, and with the launch of the Guides for The Old Republic, we are again emphasising that point. 

One of our members has taken the time to write a guide to assist others in finding like-minded roleplayers when The Old Republic launches. With comparisons to World of Warcraft, the mother in the MMO market at the moment, he discusses servers, roleplaying hotspots, as well as opening yourselves up to roleplay with unknown player characters. These are all some of the finer topics that as roleplayers, we're going to have to think about as launch for The Old Republic draws nearer. Ladies, gentleman, Gungans and Wookiees, I present to you From WoW to TOR, written by our very own DarthRussell
Crastor Amazing post really well done...I have to agree that even though I am an RP noob In the mmos I have seen RP in it is usu...
Ganden a Credit to you Russ! You've done a great job, hence why I threw this up on our front page. You've gone ...
denDAY Some good points you have there, although the title is a bit misleading IMHO.

Do you enjoy helping the community, or are you a new player looking for help? The Guides are a new organization dedicated to helping new members of the RP community. Read on to find out more, whether you're a veteran looking to contribute, or a new player looking for some advice on form, or finding a group to get involved with. Never fear, help is here!

Who We Are: The Roleplay Guides are an organization of veteran Roleplayers and members of the community that actively seek out new players to educate them in RP fundamentals and guide them towards parts of the community at large that interest them with the ultimate goal of helping them find Roleplay. In the future, the Guides will also assist new players with learning the game, and help them acquire gear to get started.

How to Get Help: If you are a new member of the community, a new player, or just have a question, the Guides are ready and willing to help you, no matter how small the problem. PM a Guide from the active roster and they will do their best to help you.

To find out who you can get in touch with for help, or to learn how to apply to the Guides, read on and find out.

denDAY A noble idea, and I would definitely apply if it wasn't because I know I won't have time for it once s...
Sa'Chi What an excellent idea! I was tempted to apply myself. But with the column at Ask a Jedi (which is a guide of sorts) a...
Vaanthe a Link to the application for anyone that needs it -- http://www.swtor-rp.com/recruitment You can also find this i...
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