Better a few faithful supporters than a wealth of false friends
- Adi Gallia, Cloak of Deception

Friends, family, loved ones. They're the Vader to our Emperor, the 3PO to our R2, Salacious to our Jabba, Jar Jar to our... The Force knows what. The point we're making is that our closest friends and loved ones in the world of Star Wars are fundamental to our stories, our battles, our successes and sometimes our failures. In The Old Republic, we're given the opportunity to form our own crew and go as far as falling in love. It's unfortunate though that some idiot and his even more idiotic sister with the world's most annoying voice after Jar Jar took over the galaxy and forced us to separate from our friends and loved ones. 

Slowly over the course of our battles against idiot and the more annoying idiot, we see the return of a few friends. I say a few because we still have enough fingers on one of our humanoid hands to count how many of our actual close friends have returned to the fold. We're all still missing our romanced characters and some of our favourite companions. 

In a recent livestream, we learnt that no companions are returning with the latest expansion. Excuse me? 

Wouldn't The Outlander make it a top priority—very close after ridding the galaxy of the idiots—to find his lover and his closest friends? I'm coming out with a blatant and very confident KRIFF YES! BioWare on the other hand have forced it upon our characters to completely disregard this. We won't be seeing our companions this expansion. 

I understand that the story behind the return of some of the companions was lackluster. I personally enjoyed them but the majority apparently cried out in a big and loud Vader-esque, "NOOOOOO!" If that was the case, fix it and bring our companions back!

Am I alone in this? I perused the official forums and opinions are mixed. But I did find some people loyal to the cause. BioWare, bring back our loved ones. Bring back my virtual wife. Bring back Doc so he can heal the emotional wounds you've inflicted upon me!

DezarasPrime The new crew's ok I guess but I want my old crew back. Or at least a decent explanation as to why they haven't...
Bambi If anyone would notice the Outlander popping back into action and starting a new alliance, it would be Mako, wouldn'...
Kurth Kanz Exactly my reaction upon reading companions were more or less dropped for this expansion... Tbh, some companions quests...

The next chapter of the Eternal Empire's story is drawing near and BioWare have begun releasing information periodically leading up to its release. The latest information we've received is clarification of how crafting will work with Game Update 5.0, what will happen to our hard-earned comms, and what the blazers Uprisings is. 

Simply put, crafting in 5.0 will allow us to create items two ratings below the best items in that tier but without set bonuses. For tier 1 items, we can create static items (not able to move mods) equivalent to the best gear, but we will also be able to craft mods equivalent to the best items as well. We obtain schematics for items and mods through tier 1 command crates. Still as confused as a gungan? You're not alone. 

Your commendations are going to convert into credits seeming as comms are no longer going to be in the game. The conversions are: 1 warzone comm to 50 credits; 1 common crystal to 500 credits; 1 glowing crystal to 1000 credits; and 1 radiant crystal to 1500 credits. The cap on credits is 2 million per character so work the formula and make sure you're not going to be over the cap. If so, spend your comms! Go for a shopping spree on Odessen. 

Uprisings? Uprisings you say? Master Obi-Wan, not Uprisings. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the miniature Flashpoints has! Here is how they're described:

"What sets Uprisings apart from other activities such as Flashpoints and Operations? It’s simple. Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as you work your way towards more challenging foes. In Uprisings, you will jump into the action quickly, taking on some of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy. Those enemies have spawned these Uprisings, questioning the very power of your Alliance."

Uprisings are designed as fifteen-to-twenty minute mini Flashpoints in a group of four players. You access them at level 70 via Galactic Command and they're for subscribers only. 

More to come on Eternal Throne. 

donder172 The cap of 2 million. Does that count for only the credit you get from the converted comms or your total amount of credi...

Charles, Ben, and Musco have just wrapped up the first KOTET livestream; lots of information dropped, but we can expect many more details to come in the later broadcasts. Read on to find out what was discussed today, and what's coming up in future streams as soon as this coming Thursday; fresh off the press!


Opening up was some clarification on what exactly an uprising is; they are to be 4-player like flashpoints, but with a focus on “fast paced, Star Wars action” with three difficulty levels, ranging from an introductory level for the newest player to something that they hope will challenge the best of SWTOR’s players.

Content release

It seems they’ve deduced that people like their content in bigger packages, rather than offered piecemeal more regularly. They plan to fill the gaps between these bigger releases with repeatable content, though no specific information was given on what that would be.

Dark vs Light, 2x Experience

A quick reminder that the DvL event and the associated doubled experience will last until KOTET Early Access (29th November).

Subscriber promotions

As already tooted about, Shae Vizla will be a subscriber reward for those subscribed on the 25th October. A Rapid Recon Walker will be the reward for those subscribed on the 27th November. If you stay subscribed between the 25th of October and the 27th of November, you will get early access on the 29th November.

KOTET in brief:

  • Five more levels
  • A KOTET character token (you can choose whether to start at level 60 or level 65)
  • New class abilities (to be covered in a later stream)
  • Two new planets
  • Uprisings
  • Galactic Command
  • Repeatable KOTFE/KOTET chapters with three challenge levels
Magenta Sparrow Innovations It's like BW have copyright on terrible ideas.

Eric Musco has clarified some questions about the announcement information on Knights of the Eternal Throne. Here is what he said:

"All 9 Chapters are being released with Eternal Throne’s launch."

About group content and when we'll know more:
"What we said is that after KOTET’s launch, the team is refocusing on group content. Our hope is that as a part of the January Producer Letter or Livestream, we will have more
specific updates on what is to come. This includes all types of group content, but was a specific answer to the question of Operations."

More information on the expansion:
"We will have a whole bunch of livestreams and blogs between now and launch to go into details on many facets of the expansion."

When DvL event ends:
"Dark vs Light is intended to end with KOTET Early Access on November 29th. However, I believe the Dark vs Light part of it to decide which Companion will be awarded, will end a week or so prior to that."

New maps for PvP and GSF content:
"PvP / GSF – Refer to answer above about Operations // stream in January."

The question for us roleplaying folk here at SWTOR-RP is: will Knights of the Eternal Throne make up part or the entirety of your roleplay when it launches? With Fallen Empire now over, is your character up to date with the timeline, or has your virtual creation completely ignored what's occurred across the known galaxy? One major different between the current and upcoming expansion is the release of the chapters. Our characters won't be lingering in limbo between each chapter's release; players will be able to take the expansion content at their own pace. 

Let us know in the comments section below how you have roleplayed through Fallen Empire and your intentions for Eternal Throne

Kathryl Oriana I'm sure that for Zakuul-oriented guilds and groups it's going to be a great opportunity, but I can't see...
Zeta I agree with much of what Arantir/Nexios said above. The story has focused almost solely on a single character, and it&#...
Iradox Going of the assumption that we'll be seeing the Empire finally join the fight against Zakuul, I plan for the Direc...

Just like the heavy and endless rains of Kamino, news has come pouring in from a number of fronts about the upcoming expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. We thank Dulfy once again for always providing the goods when it comes to these announcement events as they've once again, like a good bounty hunter, brought to us that which we seek. 

Some of you might be up to date with the annoucements, but some of you may still be lingering in the dark. Regardless of how in-the-know you are, here is a summary of what we've learnt thus far. 

Shae Vizla, the well-known bounty hunter whom we either love or love (not a grammartical error) is joining our crew. She'll be available as a companion character as of October 25th. You can see the other rewards here.

Through @CristiPetrarca on Twitter, we learn that choices matter for our companions. We've heard that line before, but perhaps this time it'll be true. Supposedly, depending on our choices, lots of companions could die. In my best Jar Jar impersonation... OH NO!!!

There are going to be three difficult levels for Eternal Empire and Eternal Throne: Story, Veteran and Master, all with different levels of rewards. These may be relevant to the new uprisings that we can partake in which sound like Flashpoints. We also get Galactic Command which will be a new way to access activities and gain galactic power. Eric Musco is writing blog entries about it which will be released in three to four weeks. 

That's the bulk of it thus far. You can read deeper into it in the following links:
Official site:
Dulfy's news from NYCC:
Dulfy's KotET summary page:

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the upcoming expansion. 

Anabely The Force is within your clothes
Solyc Shahruun I always wanted to have Mand'alor as my companion, now I can force her to make me reflex stims 24/7. "Hav...

This is Starwire News

Good evening, ladies and gents. I’m Lily Serel. Don’t mind the state of my studio.

Some of you may have tuned into our last irregular broadcast and found troubling scenes of violence. The Starwire Network apologises for any distress caused; we are now in a position to explain the current state of affairs and assuage any doubts. We will follow this update with the latest breaking news from the wild end of the galaxy. Be assured that our new measures have ensured neither our integrity nor our safety will again be compromised quite so spectacularly in the future.

All that, and more, after the break.

A new teaser for SWTOR's upcoming expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, has been uploaded to their official Twitter and Instagram accounts. In it, we get a short teaser of what appears to be a young Force user in meditation. Is it young Vaylin?

The new cinematic is coming from Blur studios who are responsible for the other amazing SWTOR cinematics. 

The full cinematic will be released October 7.

What are your predictions on the teaser and the expansion? Who is the young Force user?

Alen I'm looking forward to Knights of the Last Airbender, I think.
zed Can't wait to see what new bullshit story plot they've come up with.
Magenta Sparrow Innovations Fifth child of Valkorion, Valkorion being Izax in some fashion. Matches up quite neatly with the lore we have on the Old...

That was our promise from BioWare, that our choices will matter, and they will have significant consequences as the story progresses in Fallen Empire. But did they actually matter and did they really change anything?

SWTOR-RP resident writer Takrael is currently releasing his reviews of each chapter of Fallen Empire. We've waited to do this so we didn't spoil the story for you. Now that all chapters have been released, we thought it appropriate to slowly release these reviews. It's unfortunate, but Tak may be onto something with his reviews. 

It appears that BioWare may have failed in their promises. The story, though entertaining, lacked depth. We had plenty of choices to make, but the result always seemed to be the same regardless of the dark-side or light-side choice. One of the most pivotal moments in chapter 16 was the finale where you were given a choice to either kill someone or let them go. Regardless of our choice, the result was the same. 

That same issue occurred throughout all sixteen chapters. Here we are thinking that saving this fellow or killing this other fellow is going to come back and either save us or haunt us in chapters to come, but all we got was a big fat NOPE! 

In today's Friday Focus, what do you think about Fallen Empire and its choices? Did they really matter, and did they have any actual consequences to our characters? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Ber-til Katarn At least Bioware allowes you to pick your favourite colour.
Raya Sandbridge The only interesting elements from KOTFE were companions from the class storylines, mainly Bounty Hunter and - stand up ...
PSDuckie I haven't played Chapter 16 yet, but I do think that my choices mattered. I personally think that Kaliyo, as a cha...

Escaping the carbonite/LSD/dream realm is a giant relief, especially when Lana’s there to greet me. Squinty looks and quips are sure to follow. There’s an astromech there too - T7. I’ve seen enough Star Wars to know the astromechs are the best characters. Lana pumps me full of alka seltzer with a gun (It’s Star Wars. I’m letting it go.) and then we’re off.

But not before I’m told that everyone’s dead or in danger and I’m the galaxy’s last hope. Good luck with that; I don’t even know how to work a macro. Just as I’m about to throw in the towel, a bunch of mooky skytroopers toddle around the corner and open fire just to demonstrate their inability to hit anything approaching nearby.

Maybe this won’t be so hard after all. Kinda makes you wonder how this lot beat the entire galaxy.

Ganden a Glad you guys enjoy them. Tak is doing a great job with these
Chii This series is always full of awesome snarkiness and on point commentary. ^^
Magenta Sparrow Innovations Love these articles <3

With Knights of the Fallen Empire coming to a close, BioWare has announced Knights of the Eternal Throne as the next expansion to SWTOR.

Before we get to this, does BioWare having a naming committee for this stuff? First off, Knights of the Fallen Empire didn’t feature the actual Knights of the Fallen Empire as anything more than occasionally significant NPCs. Now we’ve got Knights of the Eternal Throne. I feel like I’ve missed something. Those are two terms for the same group of characters, right? I’d rather they came out straight and named it Star Wars: Heroes of the Alliance. That's who we're following.

My admittedly nitpicky quibbles aside, the last set of expacs took us to some pretty cool places, narratively. BioWare has clearly stepped it up a notch from the original set of expansions.

So where do you think they’re going next? Any predictions for what we might see happening in the next set of chapters? Also, what have the events of KotFE meant to your characters, and are you worried or excited about the prospect of BioWare changing the universe even more?

Janac Reska What do I think is going to happen? I can tell you in one word...Thexan. I can't shake this feeling that Thexan i...
Dredzone71 I would love to have a clear picture of what I expect, sadly - I can't. However, I CAN say what I'd like to ...
Darth Fectious Many months ago, in a stuffy Austin break-out room, the SWTOR Marketing lead is speaking to their team... "OK,...
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