Who and what we become in life is highly influenced by the teachings we received from the moment we could stand on our own two feet. Our parents kick-off our life long lessons, teaching us the dos and do nots; life 101. We then go to Kindergarten, followed by school, college and university, if we decide to take our studies that far.

Along the way, we pick up skills and personality traits from everything and everyone around us. Our teachers, family and friends all have their own influence, but amongst them all, there is usually one person, or one master, who has the most impact.

In Star Wars, it isn't that much different. Though Luke Skywalker was brought up by his uncle and aunt, Obi-Wan and Yoda left a significant imprint in Skywalker's programming when they took up the task of teaching him the ways of the Force. Obi-Wan was guided by Qui-Gon, and Anakin was instructed by Obi-Wan.

What we'd like to know today is: where did your character in The Old Republic receive their training? Was it from an academy such as that on Korriban or the temple on Tython? Or perhaps, contrary to the message in this Friday Focus, your character learnt their survival skills by venturing out on their own, learning from their own mistakes? Post your answers in the comments section below. 

Watcher_Hevilas Crimsèn: He's an imperial agent, and couldn't really find much on the lore where agents are trained, so...
Emoral Heliolite Emoral was trained to Knighthood on Ilum, a part of the relatively few Jedi Enclaves permanently present there since the...
The P.B.G Cori'Senteye, my character has one of the strangest trainings for a Jedi ever. Born into a family of entertainers a...

Welcome to second edition of Worlds of the Old Republic. In Part I, we had a look at two worlds that value peace and independence -- Alderaan and Balmorra. Part II of Worlds of the Old Republic migrates from peace and submerges in to the shadows. We go from light to dark as we take a look at two worlds associated deeply with the dark side of the force -- Dromund Kaas and Korriban. Both worlds are available for players to visit in The Old Republic, though members of the Republic and the Jedi Order should tread very carefully. Dromund Kaas and Korriban are likely to be swamped with proud and loyal servants of the Emperor. However, whilst one world is of the living, the other is of the dead. It is a resting place for some of the most fearsome and powerful Sith in Star Wars history.

In an article miniseries based on Daniel Wallace's instruction book for students of the Jedi Order – The Jedi Path – we've taken you through some of the lessons taught to Initiates and Padawans, as well as discussing some of the roles available to Jedi talented enough to make it to the rank of Jedi Knight. The Jedi Path: Teachings of the Jedi Order has acted as a guide for roleplayers who wish to learn more about the lore covering the different ranks within the Jedi Order, exclusively on SWTOR-RP

Note that most of the knowledge extracted from the book has been of the teachings after the Ruusan Reformation – an event which occurred much later in the Star Wars timeline than the events which take place in The Old Republic. However, any major differences in the structure of the Order have been pointed out in Parts I through IV so far of the miniseries, with the major difference being the manner in which the Jedi Trials are carried out. The Jedi Code, teachings of Initiates and Padawans, and the different roles of the Jedi Knights discussed in Part IV can be said to be very much the same in the era of The Old Republic, as there is no evidence to the contrary. 

In Part V, we conclude the miniseries with some additional Force powers and lightsaber techniques available for Jedi Knights to learn. We will dabble in both Jedi recruitment and a brief history of the Sith, we learn what it means to take on a Padawan learner, what it takes to become a Master and Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and at the end of a Jedi's career, becoming "one" with the Force. 

Learning Alter abilities as a Jedi Knight is a part of the fundamental teachings of that rank, as Jedi Seer Sabla-Mandibu states that without the Alter abilities, a Jedi is like a "mud limpet" – perceiving the world around them but unable to touch it. Telekinesis is one of the most commonly used abilities by Jedi Knights. To learn this ability, Jedi are instructed to enter the Temple's Kuddaka chamber where the Muntuur Stones are kept. Each stone weighs several tons, and if a Jedi Knight can lift at least one of these stones, it is seen as a step in the right direction to mastery of Telekinesis. It is noted that Grand Master Fae Coven is capable of lifting all six stones after entering a deep state of meditation, whilst Yoda after 700 years of age can only lift five. 

Zenquil Thanks alot for this series of articles. I've enjoyed reading them and felt I've learned much about the Jedi.

Listening in on a discussion between roleplayers about which of the planets available to us in the world of TOR is presently best suitable for roleplay, it got me to thinking about what the different servers as a whole think. Personally, Rishi looks like an interesting pick for prospective roleplay; with a good deal of scope for a lot of storylines. Pirate and underworld roleplay seems to be popular on The Progenitor server.

Rishi is a tropical planet found in the Abrion sector of the Outer Rim Territory, and also on the Manda Merchant route. "It was also the endpoint of the well-traveled hyperlane into the Rishi Maze, the Zareca String."

"In addition to the lush tropical terrain, Rishi's surface featured mountains, valleys, and swamps. Human and alien colonists lived in the deep valleys, while the Rishii lived in the high mountains." More information about Rishi can be found here.

As a matter of nostalgia, Korriban seems to be another favourite. Several interesting if promising roleplay initiatives have been started on Korriban, focusing around Sith teachings and the life of a Sith acolyte. Personally, Korriban holds a special place in my heart. I remember reading about it in the Star Wars Omnibus graphic novels and becoming enamoured with the characters, concepts, and culture of the pure-blooded Sith.

So how about you? Which planets do you prefer for roleplay? If you have a favourite, let us know and tell us why!

Sureshot I think Makeb is pretty stunning, especially when you get into the main courtyard of the Hutts. Tattooine is great becau...
Maerel Tavus I would have to say Voss. Simply because I find the views and architectures beautiful and great to use for multiple role...
Del'oride Tython /is/ lovely but it's Tatooine for me. It has far less exotic elements to work with than the more "f...

While most families of the proud Pureblood race, or Red Sith, seem to hold their ancestry in high regard, Aloucia never came to fully learn and understand hers. She often resented those who belonged to renowned Houses, with options given to them on ornate platters. Sure, she had a family. But she often felt isolated from them. Instead, Aloucia strove to prove herself, and with her interests laying in the medical field, opportunity opened it's doors to her when she became an intern for a high profile medical facility.

Her seemingly natural abilities with the Force came some years later when she levitated a tray of medical equipment. Her life became quite complicated there after. The desire for power skewed her view of the world, and when she was later severely dismissed from the medical facility for Medical Negligence and several counts of fraud, anger was thrown into the mix. The only way to climb up through the world was to simply lie and cheat.

Because of her growing prowess with the Force, Aloucia was given an ultimatum by the Imperial government; study at the Sith Academy on Korriban, or die. The decision was simple. She traveled to Korriban, and absolutely fell in love with all things Force and Dark Side.

Shortly after arriving, she was taken on as an Apprentice to an older man, a Darth, but already she knew that her skills had surpassed his. He taught a class to several students at the Academy, on a full day of training, Aloucia sought him out to end his existence as is customary in Sith traditions. But what happened that day had gone horribly wrong. It wasn't her that killed him, it was another student who beat her to the punch and her Master one the floor. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. What was supposed to be a deliberate action, something to be enjoyed, was now wasted on the floor.

Read the rest of this post...

Dennis I'm wondering how to create a Wiki page in the first place - I seem incapable of finding the "create accou...

Confirmed as part of Game Update 3.2, coming to our HoloMonitors on April 28th, is the Imperial-aligned world of Ziost. Why Ziost, you ask? Because that's where the game's story takes us. If you have not played Shadow of Revan and do not want the game's story spoiled, look away! But I would suggest you keep reading, because this a Hutt's gutful of awesome. That's a lot of awesome. 

The class story of the Jedi Knight in The Old Republic is by far my favourite. In my Force Vision-filled opinion, it is the Knight's story that would make up the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, if it were to have happened. Sad face that it didn't. But I digress. In the class's story, you face the immortal Emperor, who apparently you kill, but not really. We learn this during Shadow of Revan where we discover that the Emperor has returned and has taken an ethereal state. Our actions in the game have caused naughty Revan (that's what we're calling him, because he did naughty things) to bring about his return, and what better place to take up residency than Ziost? That's rhetorical. I don't really have an answer. I personally would have gone to Naboo. Better scenery. 

As with all our editions of Roleplayer's Guide to the Galaxy, we're going to give you the 101 on Ziost. The planet was utilised by the Sith way back in the days prior to the Great Hyperspace War. We're talking about 2,500 years prior to the events that take place in TOR. Following the Empire's defeat during the Great Hyperspace War, the planet was abandoned where the Sith took up residency on their new homeworld on Dromund Kaas

Ziost was not forgotten. The Empire's Ministry of Logistics made Ziost its base of operations, and once again, Sith life returned to the planet. The planet was dubbed "Gateway to the Empire." 

We hear about Ziost in the novel Annihilation, where Theron Shan visited the planet as part of an operation. And it looks like he's going to have to go back again to help us battle the return of the Emperor. We may find ourselves working alongside our opposing mega-faction as both Republic and Sith forces agree that the Emperor's wish of absorbing all life in the universe is bad for everyone. 

Ziost is a barren yet icy world with ice-covered mountains. It is found in the Outer Rim Territories which also houses planets Hoth, Belsavis, Voss, Korriban, Tatooine, and Malachor V. 

We look forward to seeing more of Ziost on April 28th when Game Update 3.2 hits the live servers. 

While trawling the forums for inspiration and interesting topics to write about, a post made by another roleplayer called Veloxa really got our attention. It made us think about the days when roleplaying Flashpoints a seemed pretty common place and maybe it still is! So here's a run down of what Veloxa is proposing. Maybe you'd be interested in joining in? The events will be held on The Ebon Hawk, so maybe get in touch and see whether you'd like to get involved: 

"Each week (going to try for Mondays), I'll open a poll with the choice of Flashpoints, one from each level range (low, mid and high). You guys will vote on which one you want to participate in the most (and of course, you're always encouraged to do other FP's as well on your own).

Once the voting has been closed and the FP decided on, we'll gather on the Gav Doragon or Ziost Shadow respectively on the mission deck at a specified time (which I'll set shortly). From there, we'll choose who we want to group with and off we go!"

With the new content in recent months, there seems to be a lot of new and fun-worthy inspiration out there to get the roleplay genious flowing! One such flashpoint is called the False Emperor. A plot featuring the infamous Darth of the name Malgus. Heard about him? If you're new to the game and the lore then maybe not, so let's do a bit of a run-down on what this scary guy is all about. 

A human male, born during the period of the Great Galactic War, was found to be Force sensitive while living within the confides of his adoptive father's estates. During his time as Sith, he partnered and fell in love with his Twi'lek slave Eleena Daru. But most notably, Malgus and his masterMaster Vindican, helped to enact the recapture of the Sith world Korriban. Even leading a successful assault on the Core World of Alderaan.

We won't spoil the plot too much for you, so if you would like to read more, then we fully recommend you take a look at his Wookieepedia page found here

But really, the question this week is: do you still roleplay out the game content? Flashpoints especially. We'd be interested to know!

Be warned: there are spoilers contained in this article pertaining to the game's story following and including the events from Shadow of Revan.

With the spoiler warning out of the way, let's discuss the latest reveals from the developer patch 3.2 livestream. 

We've all wondered how The Emperor was going to make his triumphant (or maybe not so triumphant) return. According to Revan's darker self, The Emperor is alive, and we heard and saw an ethereal come-back from the soon-to-be consumer of all life. 

Game Update 3.2 is bringing about new goodies to the game, but its main purpose is to continue the story after Shadow of Revan. Hence the patch's name: Rise of the Emperor.

Dulfy have once again delivered the goods. Through their strong connection to the almighty BioWarian Force, we've learnt that Ziost is coming to The Old Republic. It was said during the livestream that the Sith expanded to Ziost after their defeat on Korriban. The Emperor is well and truly alive, and his new place of abode is Ziost. But also living on Ziost is a new group of militaristic Jedi called the Sixth Line. Apparently their code goes something along the lines of: "There is no contemplation. Only duty."

There are two other major new additions to SWTOR: an improved planetary travel system, and Outfit Designer. 

The new travel system will allow us to automatically unlock quick travel points when you go in close proximity to one. There is no longer a requirement to click and unlock them. Travel points on the map will be made available to you upon arrival on each planet, so you are no longer required to find the travel droids on the map. Additionally, Quick Travel's cooldown is now 6 minutes. With all the Legacy perks, you can make it 0 minutes. Utinnii!

The new Outfit Designer allows you to add additional armor for appearance purposes only. You can now change appearances without having to swap out your mods. There is a cost, however. Dulfy breaks it all down for you in this awesome guide

We are excitedly awaiting Game Update 3.2. To keep your excitement alive, continue below and watch the opening cinematic for Rise of the Emperor for both factions. Enjoy!

JuicerJames I've tested the outfit designer on the PTS. As much as I love it, making people pay for each piece to slot into pla...
Glzmo With all these wonderful quality of life improvements coming, one would think that the chances for the addition of chat ...

Brief note: I have changed the nature of the Combat Analysis. Where before it was an in-character review of whatever could be found, it is now an out-of-chracter analysis of various battles throughout the Star Wars galaxy, from SWTOR to Original Trilogy. Hope you enjoy!

For the first Combat Analysis of the new year, I will be analyzing the lightsaber battle of Jedi Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach versus Darth Vindican, and not-Darth Malgus, as seen in the Return SWTOR cinematic, starting at the point where Master Darach takes Satele Shan's saberstaff and initiates the fight (0:55 in the below video).

"Most of the time, Thanaton just sends people who get under his skin into the tomb of Darth Andru, to find the old Sith Lord's writings. No one has ever come back. Fortunately for you, I have a means for you to avoid that fate...a clean death."
- Lord Malagant to Darth Defileris, as their duel begins

Darth Malagant, born Masac Undjo, is a Sith Lord trained in the evil sorcery of the dark side. Tutored by the Pureblood Inquisitor Jaeden'laek, the same Sith Lord who trained Darth Defileris, he would eventually forsake his old name per Sith tradition and take the Sith name of Malagant; after slaying Defileris in single combat, he was given his rank - and his apprentice - by the Dark Council.

Masac Undjo was born on Dromund Kaas, the son of Eddal Undjo, a sergeant in the Imperial Army who was killed on Alderaan towards the end of the war. He was raised along with his younger brother, Andav, by an abusive housesitter who looked over Eddal's home while he was away at the front. Around age seven, his Force sensitivity was discovered after he killed the housesitter in a fit of rage, and Eddal - allowed to return home to deal with the matter - recommended him to Lord Inquisitor Jaeden'laek, who began Masac's Sith training first in Kaas City, then at the rebuilt Academy on Korriban. Jaeden'laek, a member of the Gorak'nar sect that believed it was the destiny of the dark side to rule the stars, foresaw that Masac would one day overpower his elder apprentice, Artimus Devaneaux. While Artimus had favored the saberstaff, Masac used a curved-hilt duelling saber in close combat. However, his preferred weapon of choice, much like Jaeden'laek's, was the Force itself - the dark powers available to those who hear the calling of the Sith sorcerer.

Despite his physical limitations, made somewhat worse by overindulgence, Masac survived the trials on Dromund Kaas and on Korriban, and was apprenticed to Jaeden'laek at the age of fifteen.

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