"The galaxy is silly," a character recently said in an RP session. Somewhere around this was a tangled conversation about Besalisks, Xexto, and ion-blaster toting Ortolans. It's true. Star Wars is silly. It's full of crazy aliens, wise-quipping spacers, and mad inventions. Full of little bits of fluff that have no real impact on the story, but add something special to the world.

Max Rebo (pictured above) is an excellent example. His band is the one playing in Jabba's Palace, and the whole thing was a mistake.  Sy Snootles (excellent name), the singer, made Rebo frontman to deflect any flak the band might get. Rebo then turned around and made a lifetime contract with Jabba the Hutt... for free food. The rest of the band weren't pleased. Oh hoh hoh hoh.

So what's your favourite bit of fluff? Nothing central to story, just bits of extraneous detail. It can be from books, films, TV shows, comics, or just something a fellow roleplayer has come up with.

YA BOI CatharMando For me it has to be the amount of selfishness in swtor
Lean Mean Spite Machine It has to be the colourful Shyrack poop lore. "Typically cave-bound, every sixty-three years the shyracks of K...

After last week, one has to wonder what beast might next feature in this series of horrific articles centered around the ghastly comings and goings of creatures most fowl in the Star Wars universe. 

Naturally, it might make sense therefore that our next offering after the towering monstrosity that is the Wampa, is none other than the often talked about Sarlaac. We are sure that most of you remember these terrifying creatures! Just take a look at the media clip below if you need a little refreshing:

The internet has gone Jar-Jar crazy with information about The Old Republic's upcoming expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. What's official is that we know the expansion is coming later this year, and we know what it's called. We know that there will be new worlds and new recruitable companions, and that unidentified twin males are connected to the story is some way. 

What's bigger than Jabba's gut is what's not official. Most of it is speculation, whilst other parts are believed to be official leaked information. We don't know if someone is going to get tossed into the Rancor Pit for making a massive error for leaking the information, or if BioWare did it on purpose. One thing to note, however, is the image above. There are four lightsabers believed to be in the possession of the twins we've seen in the screenshots (you can view them below). Someone has to gone to lengths (see the image below) to identify those lightsabers as belonging to—left to right—Ven Zallow, Vindican, Kao Cen Darach, and Darth Malgus. Mind blown!

If you don't already know, the official website temporarily launched the expansion's own page (swtor.com/fallen-empire) which detailed a lot of what the new expansion is about. It also contained linked to screenshots and a release date. The page was taken down soon after, but not without people taking screenshots and a whole lot of copy and paste. 

We don't want to jump the E-11 blaster gun here, but we feel it would be a disservice to our fellow SWTORians to not share this information with you. But know that soon, EA are holding their official press conference, and we will get our hands on official information. 

In the meantime, continue below to view the officially-released screenshots from what we believe is an upcoming CGI trailer, as well as all the leaked information we have gathered thus far. 

Thinking about it, economics is oddly a very big part of roleplay. Credits have to come from somewhere, right? Credits make the worlds go round: get you food, fuel for your speeder, your battleship or whatever it is you choose to zoom about in. What about those cool new threads your character walks into a bar with? Or the fancy new dungeon your Sith Lord just purchased; no questions asked naturally. Even Jedi need credits, right? 

Maybe your guild has a wine business? Or you sell less savoury products? Weapons, spice, men, women... Perhaps you're a cog in the machine. War makes money afterall. 

Who or what do you think of when you think about credits in Star Wars? One obvious group of people, peoples uh... aliens would naturally be the Cartels typically known to be run by our favourite and ill-mannered space slug friends the Huttese peoples. One such example would naturally be Jabba, of course. Who else? 

But what about something... someone a little closer to the timeframe we here at SWTOR play in? Ever heard of the Hutt Kabbura? If you have played the game then of course you have! That or you don't remember, but we are not that fussed about space slugs either, so we don't blame you (we're kidding... we're kidding. Hutts are awesome! More awesome than quasars or supernovae and so on and so on).

This interesting Hutt had the fortunate luck to run the HoloNet! Yeah you read it right. In the Network Access sector, he and a filthy human Imperial named Major Damarus maintained the 'integrity' of the HoloNet in that sector. That's a pretty big deal!

But how do you get your credits?

Aéla Dasvarat Great article, Keraal! Aéla takes a small percentage of the revenue generated from her shows and also through he...
Nick A stipend from her parents. It's all hush-hush but Saeris has been getting her parents money from the time she left...
Alen A request made to the Order's treasurers, usually, maintained through generous donations. And sometimes, we come ac...

Luke SkywalkerDarth VaderHan SoloJabba The Hutt.

These are all popular names; names that even your less avid fans, and people that have maybe seen the movie once or twice, or even like my mother who refuses to this day to watch Star Wars anything (and believe me, it breaks my heart and I've thought of disowning her) can still pick out and at least say, "Hey, that's a guy in Star Wars right?"

But what makes the names so popular? Is it the names themselves or is it the character attached to them?

Would Han Solo be as famous and popular if he'd had a different name, or something a little less masculine sounding like Reginald Oddwallow? Would Princess Leia have been less of an icon and attraction for many a young man if her name had been Princess Gertrude? What about Darth Vader, a name that in itself just screams evil and awesome—and even translates into German as Dark Father— would he have been so menacing and fierce sounding if his name had been Darth George?

A lot can be argued, that a character makes the name, and that these characters would have been just as important and influential in our lives if they'd had more common, run of the mill, or even silly old fashioned names. Maybe that argument is right, that it is a character that makes a name mean something, not a name that makes a character mean something. But personally I think things would have been a little different if Alexander Tibolt, son of Darth George and friend of Reginald Oddwallow was transporting across the galaxy to try and stop evil from taking over, don't you?

Our characters have distinct names as well, and each of us got there with them for a particular reason.

What made you decide on your character's name? Was it something that held personal meaning, or some sort of significance to the character, or were you a random name generator that launched your way into the roleplaying scene? Do you think a name actually holds any merit for a character, or is it only their actions that matter?
Henerkin Henerkin was a word play I did with my first ever MMO character. In SWG he was an Zabrak Pirate. His name was Henerkin K...
D'aax A lot is in a name. Enough to make me want to spend Cartel Coins on eventually changing it. Having recently, as today, ...
Vaanthe a I tend to pick my names based on a meaning and an idea that I get about my characters, or at least the main ones that I ...

Jabba the Hutt, Gardulla the Hutt, Nem'ro the Hutt; so many the-Hutts. This species of overgrown slugs are notorious for greed, dishonesty, and living lavish lifestyles of gluttony at everyone else's expense. They consider themselves and their species so superior to all other life that the highest title that a Hutt can bestow on themselves is... well... Hutt. At least that's my understanding.

Still, there are rare exceptions. Beldorion the Hutt was the only known Hutt Jedi, and served the Order for about four centuries before he fell to the dark side. But for the most part, Hutts are cut from the same slimy cloth. And with the Hutt Cartel on the rise, everyone's going to get a piece of the action one way or another.

So for this Force Reflection: What is your character's attitude toward the Hutt Cartel or Hutts in general? Do you ever do business with a Hutt willingly? How do you think the Hutts' new policy of aggressive expansion is going change your character's opinion of the Hutts or the Cartel?
@$ark Money, dancers, drinks, and good company
Henerkin Business.
Bloodletter A source of credits in return for bodyguarding, enforcement or bounty hunting. Nothing else.

Hello again everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this week's The Darker Side of Life, where we take a look at the hot issues in the RP community and try to bridge the gap between the sides. This week's prompt in the DSoL thread asked you questions about different roleplay taboos, which you have participated in, and what you wouldn't consider. I asked some hard questions and ruffled a few feathers, but I think we have some surprising admissions and more in common than we think.

Now, this week's topic does cover mature themes, so I would ask any underage readers to stop here and not read any further. Obviously, we have no way to police this, but I will be covering adult topics, including torture and rape. If you are underage, or upset by this discussion, I would suggest you return to the forums and not continue reading.
Slaith Shucks, this is a fun topic, and I'm laggin' on the forums I guess. Taboos are where it's at, man. Wher...
Nebu'la Are we not talking about subjects that are beyond what is considered socially acceptable, and that sex, violence etc.. a...
Tyrfang Okay, guys, males play females, and myself, I know the reason why they do, I've played females myself too. Just ma...

One of the biggest controversies in Star Wars is who shot first in the Mos Eisley Cantina. In the infamous scene, Greedo -- a bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt -- came to collect a bounty on the scruffy looking hero, Han Solo. Over the years, the order of the blaster fire has changed from Han, to Greedo, and now simultaneous. George Lucas seems to have trouble making up his mind, and the fans are ravenous to argue about it.

That's not exactly today's topic though. As we look forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic, we want to know: Would your character shoot first? If they were put in either Han's or Greedo's shoes, would they hesitate or go straight for their blaster? Disregarding what happened in the movie, let us know what to expect from your character. Personally, I'm expecting just about everyone to have an itchy trigger finger; maybe our fans will prove me wrong.
Draxus In some respects, Draxus is akin to Malgus. In that he is a warrior and a tactician. He will provoke only those battles ...
Draxus I wasn't a big fan of the Star Wars novel Fatal Alliance, but there is one scene that I love. Some guard, I believe...
Crunchberry Apocalypse Most people are probably going to shoot first. My character won't.

Many people around the world cannot live without having some sort of animal companion. These companions can take the form of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, snakes, gerbils, mice, tigers, so on and so forth. These pets all have different life spans, but we usually have to sadly see a number of them pass on into the Force, or whatever it is that awaits them after death. Before this happens, however, we form a very strong bond with these pets that live on in our memories forever. They become part of the family, the household, and a part of our hearts, regardless of how much heartache they caused us over the years. 

In Star Wars, there are numerous creatures that would make suitable pets. We've seen examples of this in the movies, where Jabba the Hutt took it upon himself to cage a Rancor. Not something you'd want to keep in your backyard, however. The overgrown slug also kept another pet in the form of a Kowakian monkey-lizard named Salacious Crumb. Again, an odd choice, but Jabba was an odd creature himself. Despite these bizarre examples, there are plenty of other cute and fluffy animals across the known Star Wars galaxy that would make viable pets. Head on over to the official Star Wars databank and click on the creatures panel for an insight into some of these weird and wonderful critters. Wookieepedia also has a section on creatures, so be sure to check that one out as well. 

Once you've browsed to your hearts content, or whether you already have your heart set on a particular creature, let us know which one you'd love to have as a pet. It doesn't matter whether you'd like it as a pet in real life, or whether you'd love to make it your own in The Old Republic. Just let us know, either way, in the comments section. 
Serithis something vicious and agile.
Geek a Kowakian monkey-lizard...Don't judge me.
DigitalWiccan Nik has a stuffed toy Bantha at the moment....not sure if the toy will continue on in her story, but that is her pet at ...

Organized crime has been a part of societies in fiction the world over, and the expansive universe of Star Wars is no exception. Be it the conniving minds of the slug-like Hutts, or the insidious deeds of the multi-racial Exchange, criminal activity in The Old Republic booms unabated and largely unchallenged.  The efforts against it seem only a momentary fix; a minor lapse in the disease of crime currently engulfing the galaxy uncontested. Between the two struggling galactic superpowers, the criminals grow like roaches in a den of filth.

In today's Force Reflection, I ask you to tell us what your character will do in pertinence to the criminal activity of The Old Republic. The current level of crime in the galaxy is staggering, with both the ailing Galactic Republic and ever-looming Sith Empire combating the eruptions of lawlessness and felony within their territories. Be it through the virtues of the righteous Jedi or the wrath of the vengeful Sith, crime feels the power of these two political giants -- yet still it exists, unstoppable, undaunted. From the barely-policed worlds of the Outer Rim to the city-scape terraces of the Core Worlds, crime's toxic influence maintains its presence in body and mind.

How will your character treat the criminal opportunities inherently available in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Will they work towards the furthering of personal goals at the expense of others and sacrifice the weak in an effort to increase their own infamy? Will they instead fight against the corrupt and the lawless, striking down all those who would seek to disrupt social flow with their faulty moral compasses and lusty dreams of loot? Perhaps you will take the neutral path and intervene only when it is believed to be the required course of action, believing instead in a maintained balance between the lawful citizen and lawless felon.

As heroes in The Old Republic, our actions can change much of the world around us and the way it functions. So how will you, as a roleplayer, seek to influence this aspect of the Galaxy? The ball is in your court, and your choice liberates or condemns the galaxy!
Serithis Yes, either for my gain or advantage of some way. whether it's just for my character or for my guild possibly b...
OddjobXL Still working on a character concept. I'm pretty sure I'm underworlded out after Starsider. Even tho...
Ivania No.
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