It's probably same to presume that in the Star Wars universe, Force sensitives are the eternal FOTM. In other non-gamer words, they're the most powerful beings in the galaxy. In all the eras of the Star Wars saga, we're exposed to heroes and villains of all types, but the ones that stand out the most and do the most good or damage are the ones with the Force as their ally, be it dark or light. There are very few instances where non-Force sensitives have celebrated victoriously over their fallen Force sensitive opponents. 

In The Old Republic, we're told that our characters in their chosen classes are the best of the best. This statement is true for both Force and non-Force sensitives. Troopers, smugglers, agents and bounty hunters are supposedly just as powerful as their saber-wielding counterparts. But is that really the case? Can a character without the aid of the Force triumph over someone who does?

In today's Force Reflection, tell us whether or not your character could kick the booty of a Force wielder. Of course, we'd like to know why and how. So get to it, and flood the comments box with your ideas!
YA BOI CatharMando My force sensitive sith Rheyel could, provided he feeds of his deep selfish nature
Bearmaw I personally only have one character who would be able to go toe-to-toe with a force-user, but this is because he's...
LD.OOC Depends what of my character we are speaking of, both my fully trained police officer and my detective can restrain a un...

SWTOR developers Alexander Freed and Charles Boyd played host for the January livestream on Twitch, and they discussed aspects of the Fallen Empire story, as well as what's yet to come in the next chapters. 

Promotion for the next installment of Fallen Empire has begun, and we've been shown images of a character known as Firebrand, now revealed as Kaliyo who is one of the Imperial Agent's companion characters. Alexander Freed describes her as manipulative and a people user, and light side users may have some trouble handling her fiery edge. She makes her way into our story in the next chapter, but when are we going to see other companions return?

The Jedi Knights out there are wondering what's happened to Kira, and Sith Warriors may be in search of Vette. In the livestream, it was mentioned that the team are looking at having companions return to us with some significance, and not just re-appearing as the same ol' characters. 

For today's Friday Focus, tell us which companions you're wanting to see most and why. 

Kiyosa Andronikos. I honestly don't care about anyone else.
Gwantchik Blizz, all the way Blizz.
Dulleesh Akaavi, Gault and Temple.
Born amidst the scientific tensions of the frozen world, Arkania, Adlai was the first son of Girantus Kar'ri and Mala. A geneticist obsessed with the endless potential locked within the biological world, Girantus approached fatherhood as a sort of science, and regarded Adlai as an academic investment, rather than a son. This was primarily because Mala was only Girantus' mistress, rather than his wife; a woman who he had married for scientific funding. Adding tension to the family, Girantus's wife soon bore him a daughter, Misa.

A Firrerreos woman devoted to the teachings of the Sacred Way, Mala raised Adlai with a firm, loving hand; instilling in him the traditions of her people. First amongst them was the value of a name. Having lost the sanctity of her name to Girantus, Mala was determined to not allow the same to happen to her son. Though giving him the name "Adlai" after his birth, she denied him knowledge of his name and referred to him as "son", while Girantus simply referred to him as "E-53." Though life was hard on Arkania, Adlai enjoyed the warmth of a home, adequate food, and was allowed to attend school with his younger sibling.

Constantly reminded of his inferiority to "true" Arkanians, Adlai soon grew bitter towards those around him, often engaging in violence towards animals and children who teased him, especially his sister. Despite this, Misa never shunned him, even offering to help him when he fell behind in his studies. He gradually grew to love his half-sister, often getting into fights when anyone that picked on Misa. He even gradually began to accept his life on Arkania, until his mother fell ill from Ardroxian flu. Girantus saw her as beneath expensive care and left her fate to chance. She did not survive, and Adlai would forever remain bitter towards Girantus, pure Arkanians, and later, the idea of racial superiority.

BioWare have compiled and posted an impressive infographic detailing gameplay statistics from The Old Republic. Over 57 million characters have been created thus far, with 17 million of those being Jedi. The Jedi Order may have filled its quota, don't you think?

1.7 billion characters have been killed in PvP, and over 4 billion non-player characters have been slain by both Force-wielders and non-Force users. That's a lot of funerals. 

In total, players logged a whopping 635 million hours of gameplay. 

There are 8.6 million Sith Warriors, up against 9.3 million Jedi Knights; 7 million Bounty Hunters battling 6.1 million Troopers; 5.8 million Imperial Agents sniping 5.5 million Smugglers; and 8.5 Sith Inquisitors casting their lightning against 8.8 million Jedi Consulars

For today's Friday Focus, let us know where you fit into all these statistics. How many (and of what class) characters do you have? Do you know how many NPCs and players you've killed? And since launch, how many hours of gameplay have you logged so far? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to see the comparison of everyone's statistics. 

For the full infographic from BioWare, check out the image below. 
Ókrum For hours of gameplay.. I think you can type in /played in the game and it'll tell your how long you've played...
Lexicon Sometimes I feel like those numbers are just statistics about my character roster...
Captain Shanks I love how they mentioned that they have more cinematic content than all star wars movies and tv shows combined lol. Its...

Last time we looked at 3D artist Tharynien of The Progenitor server, but in this article we will be shifting the focus back to another awesomely talented role-player and 2D artist, Lasatho of The Ebon Hawk server: the player behind the Rhomel legacy. 

Let us get straight into things and start off with looking at the artist's motivation, the raw meat and bones of why she gets up in the morning and puts pen to uh… computerised drawing pad, just to give us a glimpse of her view on the world of SWTOR: her characters, her role-play and that of her in-character and out-of-character comrades. 

"Star Wars is always going to have a special place in my heart, as cliched as that sounds. Always more of a fantasy genre fan, sci-fi and space took backseat when I was growing up and I always found myself more engaged by games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. So when I picked up Knights of the Old Republic back in the day and had this amazing story grow around me, I was hooked. An Old Republic era MMO seemed like a no-brainer but it took the pushing of a few gamer friends in order for me to give it a chance.”

And we are glad you did! Writers, musicians, painters, video bloggers and others all contributing to the world of art open up the story of this rich universe for people like us; the readers (and writers) of SWTOR-RP and beyond, bringing a whole new dimension to our role-play. 

-Memo to Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan, from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri-

-Data entry beginning playback-

Grand Master Satele, in my attempts to research possible improvements of the quality of the Republic fighting forces against the Empire, I may have found a rather problematic deficiency. Specifically, in our respective intelligence-gathering agencies.

While our standard ground troops are more than a match for the Empire—even completely outclassing them in the case of some of our special operations divisions—the Imperial Intelligence Service is quite another matter entirely. In the points of data collection and analysis, our SIS is quite their equal. However, their advantage lies primarily in their operatives known as Cipher Agents.

As you doubtless know, the Cipher Agents are highly trained individuals with skills in data collection, which any SIS agent has, and in combat and assassination, which our SIS agents do not. Our agents are trained specifically to accomplish their missions while avoiding confrontation, and to not reveal their secrets if caught. Combat training is rudimentary at best, and inept to nonexistent at worst. Imperial Ciphers are trained to be able to kill any target, from a heavily defended politician to Jedi, both up close and at extreme range, often without anyone alive knowing anything about it. Exposed, they are easy prey with sharp teeth. Otherwise, they can be as feared as a Sith, and for good reason.

Obviously, I would not bring up this information that you are already aware of, without a solution to the problem, and one that the Jedi could implement.
Dennis ((another good entry ^^))

"Don't take it so personally, I lie to everybody." 
~ Caspira

Agent Caspira (designation: Cipher Twelve) was an Imperial Cipher Agent who served the Empire during the Cold War between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

Of a rather average height and trim build, Caspira is a master at blending into the environment when it calls for it and can easily disappear into a crowd when prepared. Despite her ability to blend in, she's chosen a remarkably striking appearance as her default persona; pale skin augmented by dark markings around her eyes and dark brown hair shaved on the sides to leave a crest of hair she usually keeps slicked back and in line. A large scar slashes diagonally across her face, mercifully missing either eye but making her even more easily identifiable should one know what to look for. As well as standard Imperial Intelligence auditory implants, her left eye has been replaced with a remarkably advanced cybernetic eye with a wide array of features that is certainly not of Intel stock.

The earliest records available of 'Caspira' are from the Kaas City Hospital and are all medical in nature. As well as information regarding the fresh scarring across her face, they also outline a rather serious head injury. Whatever records of Caspira existed prior to her entry into the Imperial Intelligence Agent program have either been purged, or never existed in the first place. In fact, the name 'Caspira' can be traced back to a character in an old and long-running holo noir series called The Guiltless.

Luniara OMG OMG OMG! You have to promote this person's art too! Caspira is amazing!!!!
Iore Rydern was conceived as a result of an Imperial breeding project, Codename: Project Darkstar. Project Darkstar was discontinued one year after Iore’s birth, and assets were distributed to appropriate Imperial sectors. Iore was sent as an infant to Kaas City Imperial Orphanage, then transferred to Kaas City Military Academy when she was of age to train. She remained in the Academy until graduation. While enrolled, she received officer training and medical instruction.

Iore graduated with distinction in practical application. Her test scores were average – no distinction in theoretical application - but she received high recommendations from instructors. Imperial Aptitude Tests on graduation suggested a high threshold for questionable interaction without self-compromise.

Initially observed for potential recruitment by Intelligence during Operation: Jewel, Iore was tapped by Watcher Eight for full-time agent work after her unwitting assistance in Operation: Dreadmask. Iore was granted the designation Cipher Agent Twenty-Four after rigorous physical assessments and personality screening.

Iore participated in Operations Jewel (Hutta), Dreadmask (Dromund Kaas), Starspice (Nar Shaddaa), New Dawn (Alderaan), Heatwave (Quesh), Thistleplague (Taris), Whitenoise (Corellia). She maintained serviceable performance in all operations.

During Operation: Whitenoise, Iore suffered near-fatal injuries and psychological damage after the defection of Watcher Sixteen to the Republic and the death of her long-term partner, Cipher Agent Twenty-Six. Iore received a one month Kolto-suspension for recuperation and rehabilitation. Imperial Loyalty & Psychological Stability (I.L.P.S.) scores were low-to-failing upon her return to active duty. Castellan Restraints were recommended, but rejected due to previous failures with application. When I.LP.S. scores remained low, Intelligence induced a coma for one month to determine Iore's future contributions. A recommendation for Shadow Town was made, but ultimately rejected in favor of rehabilitation through service.

Currently, Iore is assigned to Vaiken Space Dock per order of Watcher 8.

The team at SWTOR-RP—including myself—strive to make our website the best roleplaying hub for The Old Republic and its players. The team is made up of SWTOR players from all walks of life, each offering their own unique view and experiences on roleplay and Star Wars lore. We've added to that experience with someone who has been involved in roleplay in many different themes and settings. I introduce to you Cruallasar, our newest addition to the news team!

Cruallasar's interest and drive in games all falls to roleplay and story. His list of games include the Starcraft series, Warcraft series, anything Star Wars (like, duh!), the Halo series, Planetside 2, Minecraft, EV Nova, Homeworld, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, and Total Annihilation. Cruallasar loves roleplay, and he expresses this wish: "...that there was a game based off of Red vs Blue." 

For those that have been involved in Massivecraft, Cruallasar has been involved as roleplay staff, assisting with the review of character introductions for lore compliance and grammatical correction (his new Editor likes this bit. Insert grinning smiley here).

He joined The Old Republic for the sole purpose of roleplay. He is currently leveling up a number of characters which include an Imperial Agent, a Sith who doesn't want to be Sith, another Sith who is destructively unpredictable, a bounty hunter who is playing both sides of the galactic war, a soldier who doesn't want to be a Jedi, and his main character, a grey Jedi Master named Chi'vas Ji'haldri. 

Cruallasar has positions open for anyone that wants to take part in his roleplay story with his characters. If you're up for a new adventure or merely want to interact with him, contact him here at SWTOR-RP, or catch him on The Ebon Hawk server in-game. Alternatively, keep an eye out on the front page for his contribution to news. 

If joining the news team interests you, be sure to fill out our staff application

Happy reading and roleplaying!
Cruallassar And here is a hello from me! Greetings to everyone who reads this! (And no greetings to anyone who doesn't...)

This week, I intend to take a closer look at the indomitable dark side of the Force. Does anyone else hear The Imperial March by John Williams when they think about the Empire? Just me? OK… moving along.

We had some really great comments last week and the topic got a lot of you talking! It is great to see some of you so passionate about the Jedi path (see what I did there?). But this week let us see if we cannot ignite your imagination and get you lamenting upon the darker side of things! When I think about the Empire, I think about Sith, Imperial agents and Stormtroopers. But here is a question: what does the dark side mean to you? 

Darth Andeddu, the Immortal God-King of Prakith, the once ruler of the Sith Empire certainly is an interesting candidate for discussion when thinking about the dark side! He has all of the qualities you need in a villain; powerful, paranoid and ugly as a Hutt! Sith aren't exactly known for their looks, are they? He gathered a wealth of knowledge before eventually dying by his own volition and then again (yes, again) when killed by Darth Wyyrlok. Yet while he lived, Andeddu managed to dabble in all areas of Sith alchemy and discovered a way to transfer his essence into another vessel; thus dying not once, but twice. 

And let's face it: you do not get that far without stepping on a few toes and mistreating a few slaves (eeek!). Can you name someone who ignites your imagination and gets you thinking about the Sith and their dastardly deeds?
Cruallassar I have a slightly different meaning of the Dark Side. Specifically, emotion. The Jedi have a point, in the situation of ...
Sesay / Asyr What does the dark side mean to you? The ends justify the means, homicide, genocide, war crimes, torture, abuse (of pow...
Ryyish Hmm.. I'm afraid my knowledge of the Star Wars lore, much less the evil Sithy side, isn't that big. So the Sit...
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