The galaxy has fallen victim to tyranny. Our galactic superpowers, the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, have been made to kneel to the oppression of the Eternal Empire, who now for years have controlled our galaxy with a tightly-clenched fist. 

News reports from the Central Broadcasting News Service, as well as our rival counterparts at the HoloNet News Network and other Imperial channels, have been unable to consistently deliver the galaxy with updates as to the latest happenings in our known galaxy. The Eternal Empire has had in place a galaxy-wide embargo on any news reports that would bring disgrace or embarrassment to their rule. 

However, not all Empires last forever; even those that are believed to be powerful enough to survive an eternity. Whispers have echoed that heroes from both the Republic and the Empire have begun to push back against the Eternal Empire. These anonymous reports detail hostile activity coming from Star Fortresses above many of our planets. 

Could this be the beginning of a rebellion? 

<Scrambled ident-code> | CBNS Reporter

It can be safe to presume that the Jedi Knight class is the iconic representation of a hero and centered focus in all Star Wars stories across the numerous eras. Obi-Wan was a Jedi Knight, as was Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker (before his inevitable spiraling fall to the bottomless dark and shadowy pit that is the Dark Side). More specifically to The Old Republic, Revan was a Jedi Knight too. And to top it all off, Jedi Knight is a rank in the Jedi Order. Still not convinced? Stop being such a hater you Imperial scum! 

We make these points because in The Old Republic, it is the Jedi Knight who takes on the game's most formidable villain: The Emperor. BioWare also use the class in their story trailers, including one of the latest trailers for their upcoming digital expansion.

Very soon, we're going to be diving into Knights of the Fallen Empire as The Outlander, but not all of us play as a Jedi Knight. Hence, our question for this Friday Focus. 

We'd like to know which class you think is most suited to being The Outlander and why. Do you think that a Bounty Hunter is just as iconic a role as a Jedi Knight? Tell us why in the comments section below! 

Stache We all know it's the Emperor's Wrath. The only one acknowledged by the Emperor on Yavin. Then on Ziost, an Imp...
The Hat Every part of me wants it to be the scoundrel, simply because giveing an outlander signiture nutkick to all the Zakuul a...
Magenta Sparrow Innovations Wrath and/or the Hero of Tython. Both have a personal connection with the Emperor, both are the most talented lightsaber...

Fair and Balanced

It has been informed to us recently through the Imperial HoloNet Network that the sphere of Law and Justice has issued a large bounty on the traitorous defector known as Lord Cadel Korinth. Though the INN erroneously states him as “one of their own,” our own sources within the sphere of Law and Justice informs us that he is not to be considered as such at present.

Lord Cadel Korinth, as the astute reader will be aware, is a former high ranking member of the organisation known as The Eclipse: a group that is now largely non-existent after their leaders' traitorous defection to the Republic. And while Lord Korinth never defected himself, there are those who question what role he played in the defection and what responsibility he had. Should he have foreseen his master's treachery? And what of his political alliances? He is still, or so rumors goes, married through blood with a member of Sidre Lessia’s family (and as some rumors would have it, likely interbred too, not that we’d pay any attention to the stories on noble Alderaanians and inbreeding; We all know how they are).

Ravagen is a tall, well built man who appears to be in his 50's, though his true age is unknown. He has gray hair and beard, both of which are neatly cut. His appearance is always well maintained, much like his demeanor. Given his age, he remains in exceptional physical shape, with a sharply defined muscle structure. Ravagen's facial structure is chiseled and handsome.

Ravagen's demeanor is calm and calculating, drawing his power from some deep and hidden source of power. He is also tactically brilliant, which has served him more than any other trait, and a quality for which he is well known. Ravagen admittedly enjoys the luxury of finer things. Afterall, if you wish to experience everything life has to offer, it mind as well be the *best* of everything.

Ravagen expects due respect to be paid to him. However unlike most Sith, he also shows respect to those that have earned it, Sith or not. This mentality has come from spending most of his life commanding battlefields. He has met many individuals who while not Sith, have proven worthy of respect through strength, guile, or sheer determination. His beliefs have forged strong bonds within the 7th Fleet, and Ravagen commands true loyalty from his men.

This trait is frowned upon by many Sith. However, given Ravagen's status and the fact that the 7th Fleet remains undefeated under his command, they find any attempt of argument without bearing.

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As with any major reveal in gaming, there are always more questions than answers until we edge closer to launch. This is very much the case for Knights of the Fallen Empire. There are a whole bunch of changes coming, and for roleplayers, it's left us wondering what's going to happen to our characters and our stories. The biggest question on roleplayer's lips and fingertips is how far of a time leap will there be. That, we cannot answer for you. However, we've done some scouring to try and figure it out for ourselves. 

The most stand-out hint about the time leap surrounds some of the main characters from the game. Currently, there is no hint as to the whereabouts and fate of Satele Shan. Already, she's aged a little, and the galactic war will have added a few more stress lines to her facade. But we are almost certain she will play a pivotal role in the battle ahead in KotFE, and therefore, a big time leap will make her too old to have any major impact in a fight. The same goes for other Republic-aligned characters like Theron, and the Imperial characters. 

That's the best we've got at this stage about the time leap. BioWare has answered other questions by clarifying a few points which can be found via the site's developer tracker

The Outlander, which will be our character, is going to be identified by the choices we've previously made in the game. These choices include romanceable companions and the way we played our class. 

One of the other major questions being asked is about the third faction. Are they playable? Are the Empire and Republic now joined together to fight the greater threat? The short answers are no and no. The third faction is not playable, and the Empire and Republic are still separate. Just like how it is now, we cannot group together for group content. The Republic and Empire are still separate factions. 

We're going to keep our eyes on all things Knights of the Fallen Empire. Stay tuned to SWTOR-RP for all news roleplay and The Old Republic

Burgundian No grouping together actually significantly decreases my interest, why destroy Republic and Empire then? I was hoping it...
Buddý Well this will be a shame - especially if none of the companions you are permitted to romance happen to be of any intere...
Dennis &quot;The Outlander, which will be our character, is going to be identified by the choices we've previously mad...

Please understand me when I tell you these things, I followed my path, I have done what was needed, I have never done something that was not meant to be done, not meant for my path but I can admit I have done things that have ended other people's paths. I regret nothing; I have lived for the day, lived for expectation, lived to survive. The Force is my life and I am guided by it, there is no good without evil, no right without wrong. Can I say that I am an evil man? No; I am not a stupid man and I know where power and knowledge lies and if gaining these things mean expunging people of their lives and freedoms then that is a risk I am willing to take.

My life started as one of rejection, I was abandoned as a child into the Jedi order by my parents on the request of a Jedi Master. My parents were so delighted that their only child was going to be a member of the Jedi Order; I remember them telling me how proud they were but I'm sure they were just proud of themselves for bearing such a gifted child; I was their trophy, nothing more. All my life I was just another child, another person in a sea of voices and then, one day, I was taken from it and brought to a sanctuary of light, a beacon of hope. These feelings and powers inside of me were what made me special, all of the Masters could see it as I stood in front of them, they had tested me, toyed with me, examined me; everyday a new question, a new challenge. They wanted me to prove myself and every time....I did.

Master Yarnak Trilion was my trainer; he was a great man, a knowledgeable Jedi.....a fool. He was weak; he could not see beyond the light, I blinded him to the powers of darkness, though I didn’t know it at the time. It seemed to me, even at a young age, that there was a wall that stopped all of these people from exploring power, reaching new levels, discovering new boundaries and then smashing those boundaries with their might, with the Force. Ha! The Force they claimed to know so much about.

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While most families of the proud Pureblood race, or Red Sith, seem to hold their ancestry in high regard, Aloucia never came to fully learn and understand hers. She often resented those who belonged to renowned Houses, with options given to them on ornate platters. Sure, she had a family. But she often felt isolated from them. Instead, Aloucia strove to prove herself, and with her interests laying in the medical field, opportunity opened it's doors to her when she became an intern for a high profile medical facility.

Her seemingly natural abilities with the Force came some years later when she levitated a tray of medical equipment. Her life became quite complicated there after. The desire for power skewed her view of the world, and when she was later severely dismissed from the medical facility for Medical Negligence and several counts of fraud, anger was thrown into the mix. The only way to climb up through the world was to simply lie and cheat.

Because of her growing prowess with the Force, Aloucia was given an ultimatum by the Imperial government; study at the Sith Academy on Korriban, or die. The decision was simple. She traveled to Korriban, and absolutely fell in love with all things Force and Dark Side.

Shortly after arriving, she was taken on as an Apprentice to an older man, a Darth, but already she knew that her skills had surpassed his. He taught a class to several students at the Academy, on a full day of training, Aloucia sought him out to end his existence as is customary in Sith traditions. But what happened that day had gone horribly wrong. It wasn't her that killed him, it was another student who beat her to the punch and her Master one the floor. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. What was supposed to be a deliberate action, something to be enjoyed, was now wasted on the floor.

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Dennis I'm wondering how to create a Wiki page in the first place - I seem incapable of finding the &quot;create accou...

"Forgotten, broken beaten. Ages ago, this was the status of the Empire. We will never allow our glorious civilization to fall to such extremes again. We will crush those who have denounced the True Path.

A single blade writes more history than a single word. Remember that as we carve the Empire into this galaxy through its rotting, putrid core."

~ Darth Vertigus, Seventh Patriarch of the Faceless

Darth Vertigus is the calm, dual-faced leader of the Faceless Ones. Known on one hand as the mysterious Patriarch: the enigmatic leader of the Faceless Ones, and on the other: posing as his own apprentice, the barfly Lord Vertigus. His true personality is known to few, and his weaknesses to fewer.

Much of his life was spent in Hutt Space and the Outer Rim territories as he slowly amassed power to reclaim the Faceless Ones from the previous leader: notorious Bounty Hunter Jadath Knaar, who usurped the group shortly after the Fall of Korriban.
He is ruthless to his enemies and generous to his allies, and his passion and greed surpassed only by his ultimate loyalty to the Empire as a whole.

Little is known about his early life. Sometime after his twelfth birthday, he was collected by Grandmaster Rokuto, who oversaw a shadowy organization that worked to subjugate and oversee several territories of minor importance before the Great War. The Sith Lord say enough potential in the displaced youth to take him as his apprentice.

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It has been suspected for some time through reports from all over the known galaxy that the once believed-dead Emperor had returned to the living with one main goal: the utter and complete destruction of all life. 

Republic officials have not publicly confirmed any of the recent major events that have taken place throughout the galaxy. However, public eyewitnesses have reported that Republic and Sith forces were recently seen working in unison to combat a common enemy. Following Republic and Sith movements around the system of Yavin IV, we received further reports that the former Emperor of the Sith Empire had returned from the dead, and he wished to absorb all life in the galaxy. 

A large Republic fleet has been seen in the Esstran Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It is believed that Republic forces engaged the former Emperor's forces, with some of the most elite units being used to combat this new enemy. 

With the deepest sadness and regret, we report that Ziost, a former Imperial world, has been completely obliterated with very little remaining on the now dust-covered world. We can confirm that countless lives have been lost in this murderous and savage attack. It is unclear how the world was destroyed, nor what weapon was used. 

The Galactic Republic has asked that all citizens avoid the Ziost System. The Central Broadcasting News Service asks that all fellow citizens of the Republic avoid the Esstran Sector completely. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter

Dreg enjoys drinking and gambling. He claims he is a better shot while entirely intoxicated, though lately that has begun to suffer. He’s begun to dabble in stims and chemistry and enjoys working on his beskar kit. He prides himself on his equipment.

Dreg is physically fit, but not overtly so. He has a stamina and endurance that belies his physical abilities and marries well with his stubborn nature. He has a massive scar that runs down his right eye; it was a scar that earned him a place within the Mandalorians, while also marking his first Jedi kill.

Dreg is a man with an odd moral compass. He puts family and friends above everything, even his own safety, unless they betray him or those he loves. He is sarcastic and stubborn, and will stop at nothing to provide for those he cares for. He is not open about his loyalties or affections, but if someone is not on his bad side, they’ll never end up on the wrong side of his blaster. While Dreg doesn’t mind bending or breaking the law, he avoids unnecessary bloodshed; though that does not mean he is afraid to kill to protect what is his, or remove people too idiotic to recognize that they shouldn’t stand in his way.

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