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Good day viewers. My name is Benuly Seapou and I welcome you to this special broadcast of the Coruscant Daily Buzz during commercial breaks. Apologies for disrupting your daily show starring the lovely Olug'mile [Entangled Lekku].  We have received a lot of feedback via our new datapad-accessible community forum service. This will hopefully increase the quality and enjoyment of our daily news network. In gratitude, we have teamed up with Doctor Whibur, the chief researcher of the Synthfur manufacturing Flestor and Co. to give our viewers some appreciation.

As most of you know, Doctor Whibur, as we had him on the show last week, is the chief researcher of Flestor and Co. One of the many, but not all so prestigious, synthfur manufacturers. The company has existed for generations since the founder Tavijef Flestor decided to open up his company in one of the lower districts decades ago. As time passed, the company grew until eventually expanding to what she is known today: one of most well-known developers on this side of the planet.

Your number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Benuly Seapou and I welcome you to the Coruscant Daily Buzz. I will be working as a temporary substitute for your regular reporter Liz Patlip until she comes back from her holiday trip. And it is sad for me to say that I begin my–probably short–news anchor career with some troubling news.

Yesterday in the late evening, a local and popular-with-the-people cantina that goes by the name of the Silent Sun was faced with an absolutely horrendous act of revenge.

A male human that goes by the name of Kadmil Marsto got stabbed a total of sixteen times as he was making his way into the cantina. Medical reports state that he was dead by the third for the second puncture had pierced his heart. The unnecessary measures suggest that this was more than a simple mugging.

Captain Shanks ''How to tame a Rattataki and more after this short break.'' Im curious now.

Your number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to today’s edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. The Senate isn’t the only government body that is vying for change. But first, a continuation on yesterday’s report.

Some of you will recall our yesterday’s report on Air-Cor--one of the three largest air cooler manufacturing companies on Coruscant--and the rumor that they are in the process of filing bankruptcy. Well, it is now official.

Breaking news from the Starwire Tower, with your anchor Lily Serel


You’re watching Starwire News. Tonight’s top story.

Former Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh was recorded making a speech to members of the Alliance today, proclaiming their commander dead and offering to take the reins of the famed organisation herself to lead the fight against Empress Vaylin. Claims of the death of the Alliance Commander had been corroborated by the offices of Minister Lorman of the Sith Empire after a lightning strike disintegrated the personal shuttle of Empress Acina, carrying both the Empress and the commander.

However, reports from Dromund Kaas indicate that Empress Acina has retaken the Imperial throne with Minister Lorman disgraced and currently under the purview of internal Imperial procedures. A public statement was issued debunking the rumours and condemning Lorman and his accomplices as having attempted to orchestrate an attempt on the Empress’ life with the explicit support of Leontyne Saresh.

Your number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Taungsday Edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have finally gotten word from our reporter on Corellia, so expect to hear about that shortly. But, first a world from the Senate Building.

Most of…all of us remember the devastation brought forth during the sacking of Coruscant. Millions of lives were lost in a manner of a week; millions more been forced into the underlevels in hopes to escape the carnage. Crime swept the districts as the people had no means to defend themselves.  Even today, more than two decades later, whole districts are extremely impoverished with very little changing in terms of economy, housing, crime rate and the such. A moment of silence for the fallen.

You're number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have some important news today. But, first a word from our sponsors.

"Have you ever felt like your life has been a waste? The daily routine of waking up in the morning, going to work, and simply coming back in the evening? The same routine you follow day after day? Doctors say that this will result in severe stress 99% of the time. But, fear not. What you only need is really just a day, two, maybe a week, off. Something luxurious, thrilling, and with a low meaningless price to boot. Something only a short speeder ride away. Why yes my friends. I am talking about nothing other that simply the most affordable mega hotel on the planet. The Vos Gasel Hotel."

Breaking news from the Starwire Tower, with your anchor Lily Serel

You’re watching Starwire News. Tonight’s top story.

In the aftermath of the Eternal Empire’s failed Voss offensive, sources inside the Citadel report that Empress Acina called a personal meeting with the Alliance commander and their two closest aides. Rumour has it they intended to discuss formal proceedings to co-operate in light of the Empress’ recent declaration of war against Vaylin’s Eternal Empire. Public releases from the Spire have condemned the action, calling it a betrayal of a long-standing treaty that has held the galaxy together in peace for half a decade.

While the Imperial Ministry of War has yet to respond to requests for comment, in the early hours of the morning following the meeting of the commander and Acina, tragedy struck. Internal reports circulated indicate that the personal shuttle of the Empress, carrying both Acina and the commander, was destroyed in the stormy skies above Dromund Kaas. The wreckage has yet to be found, and no distress beacon has been detected.

The current official line of the Citadel is that the shuttle was disintegrated and its two passengers presumed dead. While uncertainty remains without proof, internal forces in both the Alliance and the Sith Empire are preparing for the worst.

You're number one source for news

Good day, viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to our renewed daily news show, right here at the Coruscant Daily Buzz.

Right from the get-go: Is Coruscant still truly worthy to be called the galaxy's capital? Some senators are beginning to say -no- after what appears to have been a horrible and devious assassination of senator Wilbern Overcla in the Old Galactic Market. You see, last night Senator Overcla’s son-in-law had been critically shot during a drunken brawl in the Dealer’s Den cantina by an unknown assailant. The reasoning behind the son’s night-out have not been made public, but he was forced to spend the night in the nearby hospital and is currently stable. His Father-in-law went to visit him the very next morning when the attack happened.

On his way out of the hospital he was the victim of a homemade bomb. The event ended as quickly as it started. Senator Overcla died just a second after it went off. Reportedly two of his guards have been killed and another 2 mortally wounded. Reports say there are no civilian casualties thankfully.

LD.OOC This was not on the prognitor, right?

Breaking news from the Starwire Tower, with your anchor Lily Serel

We apologise for interrupting your regular programming, but we have just received breaking news.

Initial reports are sketchy, but it appears that the Eternal Fleet, under the command of Empress Vaylin, mounted an offensive on the neutral world of Voss, a location of minimal strategic value due galactic north of Hutt Space. Rumours are rife but the motivation for the assault has yet to be clarified by the Spire.

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be considered unsuitable for children. May contain references to alcohol and narcotic use. And violence.

Good evening viewers and welcome back!

It’s been a heck of a year, huh? Feels like yesterday I was sippin’ Mystic Autumn tea across the way from Dr. Anoleis, now here I am reporting – with no small measure of glee – that she is now on a penal work colony where she belongs. I believe her ultimate fate is still up for auction, so if anyone is interested, please let us know.

That’s not why I’m talking tonight, though. Galactic standard years don’t necessarily mean all that much to most people watching right now – unless they’re on Coruscant – but for spacers like me, we’re just about to mark the turn of a new one. A time for reflection. I’ve polished some boots I’d’ve rather spat on in my time working with Starwire, but there’s always time for a little correcting of the record next year.

Tonight, you get to listen to me ramble about how poodoo the year was. The state of the galaxy is crazier than ever, but damn it, I’ll find something to smile about. Join me after the break, while I get myself much more comfortable. I’m also mandated to inform you all that I am absolutely intoxicated already.

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