Everyone has that scene, or that character, or that world that always inspires them with new ideas and motivation. The one you go back to when you're feeling out of the groove, to remind you about what you find interesting. 

In a setting as diverse as Star Wars, there's plenty to choose from, so what's your inspiration? Are you interested in military roleplay and get you kicks from the Battle of Hoth? Love a bit of Sithy space opera and watch supercuts of Anakin's arc in the prequels? Is it something from one of the games, or the comics? Which character do you take inspiration from for your own?

What part of Star Wars inspires you to roleplay?

YA BOI CatharMando Marcus Licinius Crassus Not a star wars char but an IRL inspiration for one of my underworld thieves 'Skiddy McGee...
Captain Shanks Han Solo and the Mos Eisley Cantina. Han Solo and flying in Millenium Falcon Han Solo and Lando Calrissian on Cloud City...
Alen There was an essay I read on TheForce.net. It was called "It's So Easy Being Evil: Star Wars and the Dark&...

In case you've forgotten or your vision has become clouded by the dark side of the Force, I'm going to remind you that there are eighteen planets--plus the other smaller worlds--available for exploration in The Old Republic. It is by far the largest and most detailed virtual representation of the galaxy far far away that we adore more than our wives, husbands, children and pets. 

Each planet has its own design, its own feel and its own story. They each offer players an opportunity greater than just exploration. They offer the possibility for players to create their own scenes, their own stories, their own roleplay. 

Want to be a tree-hugging Jedi hippy? Hang out on Tython. Want to be an eskimo? You have Hoth. Want to be a spice-addicted gambler? Nar Shaddaa will make you feel right at home. 

Today's Friday Focus asks: which planet is best for roleplay? Let us know your answer and reason in the comments below. 

YA BOI CatharMando I reckon Nar Shaddaa would be the best planet for RP is a planet where greed and selfishness are rampant
Tyrnessa Has'raiik Alderaan is a great place. It has a few places and spaces that are suited for certain types of RP. I've been a part...
Lord Elivar Ross Zakuul is a very lovely location offering diversity in a urban landscape, from dimly cantians to areas overrun by corrup...

We are slowly creeping closer to covering the last few worlds from The Old Republic here at SWTOR-RP. The previous edition covered Tatooine, Taris, and Voss. This edition, the second last of the series, covers the two ice planets of The Old Republic -- Belsavis and Hoth. The former is not so well known in the Star Wars universe compared to the latter. Hoth was featured in The Empire Strikes Back where the famous ice battle took place between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire

Covered with ice, Belsavis is one of the Republic-controlled worlds for players of The Old Republic to explore. However, despite being covered by ice, Belsavis is also covered by small pockets of volcanoes. The world has two suns, three moons, and a standard day lasts 25 hours. Prior to the events of the Great Hyperspace War, Belsavis received no attention from the outside world. It was fifty years before the era of The Old Republic that Republic scientists discovered the world and the dangers that lingered underground. During the times of the Rakatan Empire, a prison was built that housed some of the most dangerous creatures and droids in the known galaxy. Due to the ancient nature of the prison, the Republic believed that the force fields that contained the prisoners would soon fail. Restoration efforts began on the prison to ensure that it remained operational, soon after being dubbed as "The Tomb."

As a result of the Great War, the prison's population grew with Sith Lords, Sith Alchemists, and even Mandalorians. It wasn't long until the Empire discovered the location of the secret prison and an all-out assault took place. It is this battle that brings us into the events in The Old Republic. Will the Republic succeed in keeping the prisoners at bay, or will the Empire see the release of the countless dangerous criminals, creatures, and droids that have been contained for centuries?

A Broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good greetings once more, this time from the planet Hoth in the Outer Rim; I am Dr. Zara Anoleis! You must pardon any interference on our part, our live broadcast is being greatly hampered by the local weather.

Quite honestly, when Hoth appeared on my travel itinerary I was curious about the point of our presence here. As it turns out, this system has been host to a number of rather unfortunate conflicts in space. The debris from these myriad disputes has amassed into a veritable graveyard – it is even called such – on the surface’s frozen wastes. When those present have so allowed, even encouraged, a ‘starship graveyard’ to form, it really must stand as a morbid reminder and a testament to the consequences of such a short-sighted destructive campaign.

Thus ensued a greed-fuelled scavenger rush; pirates flooded the void to loot valuables then one galactic power followed to reclaim their military secrets and those of their opponent, followed swiftly by the other. Yet another example of how the indifference of a belligerent galaxy can lead to naught but conflict and ruin! Even now, they pick and steal like those they call pirates. What separates a pirate from a soldier if they are doing the same thing for the same reasons?

Confirmed as part of Game Update 3.2, coming to our HoloMonitors on April 28th, is the Imperial-aligned world of Ziost. Why Ziost, you ask? Because that's where the game's story takes us. If you have not played Shadow of Revan and do not want the game's story spoiled, look away! But I would suggest you keep reading, because this a Hutt's gutful of awesome. That's a lot of awesome. 

The class story of the Jedi Knight in The Old Republic is by far my favourite. In my Force Vision-filled opinion, it is the Knight's story that would make up the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, if it were to have happened. Sad face that it didn't. But I digress. In the class's story, you face the immortal Emperor, who apparently you kill, but not really. We learn this during Shadow of Revan where we discover that the Emperor has returned and has taken an ethereal state. Our actions in the game have caused naughty Revan (that's what we're calling him, because he did naughty things) to bring about his return, and what better place to take up residency than Ziost? That's rhetorical. I don't really have an answer. I personally would have gone to Naboo. Better scenery. 

As with all our editions of Roleplayer's Guide to the Galaxy, we're going to give you the 101 on Ziost. The planet was utilised by the Sith way back in the days prior to the Great Hyperspace War. We're talking about 2,500 years prior to the events that take place in TOR. Following the Empire's defeat during the Great Hyperspace War, the planet was abandoned where the Sith took up residency on their new homeworld on Dromund Kaas

Ziost was not forgotten. The Empire's Ministry of Logistics made Ziost its base of operations, and once again, Sith life returned to the planet. The planet was dubbed "Gateway to the Empire." 

We hear about Ziost in the novel Annihilation, where Theron Shan visited the planet as part of an operation. And it looks like he's going to have to go back again to help us battle the return of the Emperor. We may find ourselves working alongside our opposing mega-faction as both Republic and Sith forces agree that the Emperor's wish of absorbing all life in the universe is bad for everyone. 

Ziost is a barren yet icy world with ice-covered mountains. It is found in the Outer Rim Territories which also houses planets Hoth, Belsavis, Voss, Korriban, Tatooine, and Malachor V. 

We look forward to seeing more of Ziost on April 28th when Game Update 3.2 hits the live servers. 

-Memo to Republic Command, Carrick Station, from Chi'vas Ji'haldri, Jedi Master-

-Data entry beginning playback-

The term of asymmetric warfare refers to the concept of targeting your enemies specific weaknesses with your own strengths. Technically, this has more to do with combat between two drastically different forces, but it can be applied to equals as well. In this day and age, the most often used tactic is for the attacker to rush their army at the defender, straight at the enemy, infantry and heavy vehicles alike. 

Occasionally, the tactic of surprise is used in the method or position of the attack. For example, a Jedi might attack through the back door and open the front gate for an enemy, or the whole attack might be an ambush, but the basics remain the same. This causes many battles to be won by sheer numbers and strength of an army. The use of asymmetric warfare does not replace this method of fighting: rather, it can compliment the other, making it far stronger.

For a simple example, lets say faction A has a giant battlestation. Turbolasers, planetary-grade shields, fighter wings... lets even give it a superlaser that destroys planets for good measure. But it can be destroyed relatively easily by starfighters who can get through the shield and bomb the station's weak points. So faction B, knowing they can't stand against this awesome weapon in a stand-up fight, sends a number of starfighter squadrons against the battlestation and is able to destroy it. That is an example of asymmetrical warfare.

However, that example is a very simple one. In a pitched battle, with combined arms on both sides, everything from assault walkers to battle droids are being thrown at each other. There aren't many things that can win against all of that. But each individual group of enemy has their weakness. 
Keraal Great article! Looking forward to more to come ^^
Arantir / Nexios Interesting and well written article, looking forward to more of its kind. (Regarding warfare, all the articles are well...
Starship Graveyard

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. The past couple of weeks we have been traversing the great frozen wasteland of Hoth, trying to carve out those crystals in the rough, the tourist attractions no one sees on this forgiving planet. This week, Over Exposure takes you to the Starship Graveyard!

Once overrun by pirates out for spoils, this kilometers-long landmark of galactic history is worth a stop on your Hothhian tour. Whether you're a history buff, or a war aficionado, Hoth's Starship Graveyard is sure to whet any sort of whistle one may have for mayhem. Made up of ships that fell from a great space battle during The Battle of Hoth. This battle was a historic event that helped shape the Great Galactic War. That's enough of a history lesson. On with the good stuff.

Now that both Galactic Republic and Sith Empire forces have given the pirates a run for their money (for the time being), now is a great time to go and take holopics of yourself and your buddies climbing the great jutting spires of the Vehement Sword: the Imperial starship which broke in half as it landed. Or, if you're feeling brave, take a vid of yourself lumbering around the well-protected outskirts of The Star of Coruscant: the Republic vessel which fell aground completely intact.

That completes our tour of the sights and smells of Hoth! Come with us as we snake through the hyperlanes to Taris! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip met with a Hotshot Jedi Starfighter Pilot on Alderaan to discuss a rather Sithy situation he got into on Hoth. When HoloGossip sent out feelers a few weeks ago asking for updates on any other attacks by Sith on Jedi targets, this particular Hotshot Pilot came forward to discuss his battle with a Terrible Twosome. Here's the scoop:

Our Hotshot Pilot was fixing his starfighter on Hoth when the Terrible Twosome (a set of Sith twins) arrived to ruin his day. And ruin his day they did. With super-coordinated attacks, the Terrible Twosome not only managed to almost take out our Hotshot Pilot, but they totally destroyed his starfighter before the Pilot could capture the Twosome and put them in a holding cell in Aurek Base.

Before the Terrible Twosome could be sent to justice, however, they were rescued in the nick of time by a Punctual Bounty Hunter who incapacitated the guards, the Hotshot Pilot, and hauled jets. Never fear, though, this Hotshot Pilot has his gunship up and running again, and is back in the fight. When asked why such the quick turnaround, Hotshot said, "[The Sith] are hitting us right where we live now, and folks need to be ready, not scared." He then went on to add, "They can be beaten." Spoken like a true Jedi, and if the Sith are beaten, you heard it here first, right on HoloGossip.

[Both the HNN and HoloGossip take no official stance in this or any political and/or ideological conflicts. Thank you for reading. - Editor]

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Shining Star Cantina - Alderaan
[Based on an ongoing storyline on The Ebon Hawk]
The tauntauns of Hoth

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. Last week, we landed on Hoth to take a peek around what is being lauded as a New Age of Tourism on the frozen wasteland. So Over Exposure is here this week to bring you a new look on a previously touched on subject, the rideable, ownable tauntaun of Hoth.

While it makes sense to think that, when taken off their home planet, these creatures may be rather ornery, this is not the case; the tauntauns have proven to be loyal to their new captors. Having given up the taste of the lichen that grow up around the volcanic fissures for rations, rations, and more rations, these tauntauns have grown fat, complacent, and even docile on planets such as Tatooine (and even more unlikely places such as Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock). 

The Over Exposure team has seen these loveable, docile, once-frozen beasts kitted out even in armor, ostensibly for riding into new areas of elite combat. Because nothing says, "Surprise!" to the Dread Masters like a Sith Lord riding into battle on the back of an armored tauntaun. Everyone knows that to battle fear, the surprise is a key element. When asked about taming the other beasts of the Hoth wild, such as the roaming ice-cats and the ferocious wampa, the tourism agents laughed in our faces. We're not giving up yet! It was once said the tauntaun couldn't tolerate Tatooine, Over Exposure wants to see wampa armed with autocannons fighting in Darvannis.

That's it for now! We have more yet to cover still on Hoth, so until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
Telden Where are these complacent, docile tauntauns again? I've found, from personal experience, that they can be pretty ...
Fightin' Flesh Raiders

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. The past couple of weeks, we have been wandering around an undisclosed Czerka location (lawyers again, okay?) trying to bring you the best of what the Czerka Corporation has to offer, that is, if we don't die in the process. This time we brought some more mercenaries along for the ride, and we're glad we did, because stuff got ugly. Again.

So we walked into another Czerka showroom which looked like a beautiful park, complete with some woman's voice over of how great everything was, and then—kid you not—everything went horribly horribly wrong. The droids opened fire, and our entire Over Exposure team dove for cover, letting mercs handle it (that's why we're paying them, right?). The entire time, there was fire everywhere, and so many bombs. I think we all busted a few joints running and jumping over bridges and oil spills and everything, and then ... even more Flesh Raiders!

Except this time, these Flesh Raiders didn't explode. And unlike the ones on Tython, these guys weren't Force sensitive. No, these were packing automatic weapons and were more shoot-you-on-sight. So, not so much with the being friendly and more of the ducking for cover again. There was a lot of smacking consoles to see if they did anything, and a lot of running from a lot of screaming people, and then it happened, we ... [HNN has removed this portion of this article to remain in good standing with Czerka Corp]. I know right?

Stick around for more galactic adventures as we hit up more frozen wastelands, to Hoth, and beyond! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
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