Volunteer work can sometimes seem to be a thankless job. Here at SWTOR-RP, we thank our staff often. But there is one member of our writing team that we owe the biggest thanks to: Mai Cash

Players from the roleplaying circles on The Ebon Hawk should know her. Mai has jetted around the galaxy in The Old Republic, collected information from players and non-player characters, then transcribed that information into in-character reports for the front page of SWTOR-RP. Her HoloGossip and Over Exposure columns have been amongst the most popular, providing its readers with quality work from a quality writer. 

For those that don't know Mai, she is loyal, dedicated, and has grown to be one of SWTOR-RP's best gaming journalists that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Behind the scenes, Mai is kind, generous, and above all else, devoted to her work. 

In total, Mai has published almost two hundred articles here at SWTOR-RP since her first joining our team over two years ago. She's our longest lasting staff member to date. But like all good things, they must eventually become one with the Force.

Mai Cash, thank you for your efforts, your kindness, and the quality of work and your persona that you've offered me, SWTOR-RP, and the roleplayers of The Old Republic for the past few years. May the Force always be with you, friend. 
Rolan "Dragon" Storm Thanks for all your work here, Mai. I really appreciate your articles, they were an inspiration. And keep in touch. ;) ...
User x Ode to Mai Cash (Ode maybe the wrong word but it sounds good) A Gold watch to Mai Cash for service! Or just Gold will ...
Dec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWaLxFIVX1s - Darth Vader.
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Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip met with a Hotshot Jedi Starfighter Pilot on Alderaan to discuss a rather Sithy situation he got into on Hoth. When HoloGossip sent out feelers a few weeks ago asking for updates on any other attacks by Sith on Jedi targets, this particular Hotshot Pilot came forward to discuss his battle with a Terrible Twosome. Here's the scoop:

Our Hotshot Pilot was fixing his starfighter on Hoth when the Terrible Twosome (a set of Sith twins) arrived to ruin his day. And ruin his day they did. With super-coordinated attacks, the Terrible Twosome not only managed to almost take out our Hotshot Pilot, but they totally destroyed his starfighter before the Pilot could capture the Twosome and put them in a holding cell in Aurek Base.

Before the Terrible Twosome could be sent to justice, however, they were rescued in the nick of time by a Punctual Bounty Hunter who incapacitated the guards, the Hotshot Pilot, and hauled jets. Never fear, though, this Hotshot Pilot has his gunship up and running again, and is back in the fight. When asked why such the quick turnaround, Hotshot said, "[The Sith] are hitting us right where we live now, and folks need to be ready, not scared." He then went on to add, "They can be beaten." Spoken like a true Jedi, and if the Sith are beaten, you heard it here first, right on HoloGossip.

[Both the HNN and HoloGossip take no official stance in this or any political and/or ideological conflicts. Thank you for reading. - Editor]

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Shining Star Cantina - Alderaan
[Based on an ongoing storyline on The Ebon Hawk]
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Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip had the pleasure of meeting one of the most outspoken droid'ed up cyborgs this side of Balmorra at the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. This Synthetic Siren wasn't all just talk. She had a lot to say about her business and how she felt about the future of droid technology. Here's the scoop:

Our Synthetic Siren is one of the owner/operators of SyntheTek: a business specializing in droids, artificial intelligence, and prototype weaponry. "Although we're trying to phase out the weapons," the Synthetic Siren said, "But I'm not supposed to say that publicly." Don't worry lady, your secret's safe with us. SyntheTek specializes in a heuristic system with its artificial intelligence, meaning that basically (as one of the company models pointed out) their AI can achieve sentience by simply doing tasks. We don't know if that's legal, but whatever pays the bills, right?

Our Synthetic Siren tried to downplay her part in SyntheTek's power structure by saying she's just a programmer, but by throwing around words like "heuristic" (which we admit we had to look up), we figure this is a programmer worth her space-sauce. HoloGossip is 100% behind SyntheTek shutting down its weapons program. Who wants a sentient blaster, or a saber that learns with you? Last thing anyone wants is a blaster that shoots back, or a lightsaber in a bad mood. So remember, treat your droids with respect. They might be having a bad day, and that could be the end of you, buddy.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Slippery Slopes Cantina - Nar Shaddaa
[Based on in-game RP with Cnids on The Ebon Hawk]
Cnids ((I just discovered this; thanks for writing me up, Mai! ))
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip caught word at local cantinas throughout the galaxy of a number of Jedi and other Republic Force users having to flee from attacks on them by Sith, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. One was attacked on Corellia while on a routine diplomatic mission (Jedi have those you know), and another Force user was attacked while exiting her ship at Deucalon Spaceport on Nar Shaddaa. Here's the scoop:

While both goody-two-shoes seem to have escaped, neither seemed to be able to do it without their pride in-tact. The Corellian Hero has been heard saying that he barely escaped with his life, and he's wondering where the attacking Sith is now, while the Wandering Force User lost her lightsaber during the assault in her hangar. Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows? The Sith have been known to be pretty brazen before, and who knows what those guys are up to on Dromund Kaas in their very own Sanctum.

War is war after all, and some people just don't like each other. Sith and Jedi certainly have it out for each other, for sure. While HoloGossip is not about to go poking our nose into smelly Sith business, we're curious about whether other Republic Force users or Jedi have been attacked by single Sith assailants, and lived. If you have, feel free to contact us via the HNN. Curiosity may have killed the manka cat, but we always get our scoop, and we want to follow this story to the end. So remember, if you're playing with your lightsaber in open air, keep your hands on it. It might just get snatched up by some Sith bandit.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
HNN Studios 
[Based on an in-game storyline ongoing on The Ebon Hawk]
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Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip has been a fly on the wall for a burgeoning story about a phantasmal killer stalking a number of once-marked galactic citizens under terror from a rogue Darth. Now terrorized again, this phantasmal killer has not only sent text messages of terror out to these poor people, he's attacked offices, raiding parties of otherwise proactive types, and even killed a long time protector of Nar Shaddaa's Promenade.

Some time ago, these terrorized citizens were held under the sway of a Darth Proteus. Now that the Darth is headless, he's no longer considered a threat. However, these citizens are currently getting text messages; once tossed off as spam, these text messages are from someone claiming to be a Dheroveer. Looking into what a Dheroveer is, it seems to come from an old Iridonian folk tale of a phantom killer that always gets their mark. Sounds lovely, right? So of course these citizens are super pleased about this. They just can't wait to meet this Dheroveer guy.

The citizens, however, have not been idle. They have sent text messages back in return, attempting to converse with this Dheroveer. Some of them have tried to slice the signals of the messages. Others, as previously mentioned, have organized raiding parties to hunt down the very beast itself. None have caught it, and some have even died trying. Other attacks on offices and other areas have taken place in the meantime. Nar Shaddaa once again looks like a staging ground for mayhem and mischief. So remember, if traveling to the Vertical City, beware of wandering phantoms. They may just have your number.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
The Promenade - Nar Shaddaa
[Based on an in-game storyline currently taking place on The Ebon Hawk]
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip ran into a Sith of titular importance the other night in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa, who carried with her not only her lightsaber, but her countenance as well. This Commanding Sith had quite the call of duty to her name, saying, "I do whatever I need to do to get the job done." Here's the scoop: 

Commanding Sith carries with her the title of Lord Commander. An Echani by any stretch of the imagination, she is the daughter of a General of a well known house on Eshan, where she was trained at an Academy before being sent to Korriban by her father as a "gesture of goodwill." Korriban, however, tested her good graces. It was there that the Sith really met her match, as she was put up against their normal trials and tribulations of betrayal and subterfuge. This Commanding Sith did not allow her betrayal on Korriban to defeat her. Instead, she rose above it, claiming her rightful place among the Sith elite.

While chatting, HoloGossip learned of Commanding Sith's exploits on Taris with the Rakghouls, as well as the decimation of the Talz on Hoth. She has quite the résumé. To that score, she says of other people who try to get on her bad side, "I only get [expletive deleted] if it meets my needs. Control means power, and power gets victory." Commanding Sith is not a person whose bad side HoloGossip ever intends to be on. Currently enmeshed in the war against the Republic, she spent her time on Nar Shaddaa itching for a fight. Not exactly how we like to spend our time. So remember, if you're looking for a good time in the Vertical City, avoid Echani Sith boasting large titles. They're likely there to make it hurt.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
The Slippery Slopes Cantina - Nar Shadaa
[Based on in-game RP with Zhonquel on The Ebon Hawk]
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip took a trip to Makeb to follow up on some suspicious posters plastered around Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock about a missing Iridonian and his cargo. It appears the cargo is worth over six times what the fellow himself is worth. We're figuring it must have been some haul. Trick of it is, no one knows what's in the box. Here's the scoop:

According to some of the posters on Carrick Station, the Missing Iridonian was last seen on Makeb, so HoloGossip took a team of Jedi and freighter pilots to the place to see what's still shaking on the (again) Hutt Cartel controlled planet. After discussion with some officials on the orbital station, as well as some of the shopkeepers on the ground, we learned a little bit about this Missing Iridonian, which HoloGossip is proud to share.

First off, seems the guy burned off half his face in an explosion on Hoth. Which, incidentally, is where the guy was headed after Makeb, by making blind jumps. According to the shopkeeper, Makeb is under strict embargoes, and is crawling with pirates called the Kraytclaws who are ground based. Our Missing Iridonian friend made for Hoth with his cargo (valued at a two million credit reward, friends) still on-board. Bribery will get you everywhere. So remember, when traveling to Makeb, keep your wits about you. And if searching for this Missing Iridonian, he leaves behind quite the interesting trail.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Makeb Orbital Station - Makeb
[Based off of The Missing Iridonian storyline run by K'raal on The Ebon Hawk]
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip ran into a businessman on Coruscant who had some choice things to say about how the Republic home to billions of people should check itself before it wrecks itself when it comes to its gang problem. Or does he really think that at all? Here's the scoop:

Dramatic Businessguy had a lot to say when it came to how Coruscant ran its start-up businesses into the ground when he tried to get his own fledgling business on its legs on this hot-on-your-heels planet. When the conversation turned to gang warfare, lookout! Dramatic Businessguy went on a tirade. He started discussing how the current gang situation on the planet is good for the population, considering how the majority of the Coruscanti population is lower-income, and the gang situation allows for means that the population otherwise could not afford. What we want to know is, at what cost?

Going on to say that gangs such as the Black Sun and the Migrant Merchants Guild allow for barter trade and negotiations to take place in terms of cost, rather than fixed prices (such as at regular stalls and markets), Dramatic Businessguy did point out that the cost "may not be savory, it is often flexible." His argument is basically that gangs help the economy by assisting the population on the lower levels of Coruscant while a more stable solution is worked out, in the meantime, they shouldn't be wiped out. However, when HoloGossip tried to clarify this point with Dramatic Businessguy, the fellow changed his tune, trying to give us an Official Quote, one that got lost in the recording process. Too bad.

So remember, when traveling to Coruscant's lower levels: gang warfare is good for the economy. Or, so say the galactic businessmen. So give up your wallets and your creds, for the good of the galactic purse.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Old Market Sector - Coruscant 
[Based on in-game RP with Tomalas on The Ebon Hawk]
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip ran into a muscular man of meager means in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa who spent time over drinks talking about a path of Force, honor, and family. We ended up being more confused than not by the end of the night. Here's the scoop:

Beastly Barbarian grew up on Ryloth (where the weather report is always dismal), learning how to grow up and be a real man among other people growing up to be real men. While most men of the galaxy these days fight with blasters and glow-swords, Beastly Barbarian learned those tricks, but walks around with a big axe at his side; he uses it now to cut down evil wherever he sees fit. His credo is basically don't be a jerk to others, and take only what you need (advice to you compulsive shoppers). We would say he won't last long, but most people don't argue with a guy two meters tall carrying a large Gamorrean axe. 

Now, don't peg our Beastly Barbarian all wrong. He used to be a Jedi, he claims, but their backwards politics and their refusal to commit to certain things rubbed our friend the wrong way. He is a man of action, not a man of peace. He wants evil snuffed out, and for good. That's not all though, he does this for the sake of his family, who is all Beastly Barbarian says he has left in the galaxy. That and maybe some good ale. So remember, when you see a guy two meters tall and carrying a large axe come up to you, might want to put down that piece of jewelry you were holding, or you just might be the one leaving in pieces.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
Slippery Slopes Cantina - Nar Shaddaa
[From in-game RP with Kolgari on The Ebon Hawk]
lesatho Great story. I do love Kolgari from the brief instance I wan into him, such an interesting character.
HoloGossip Header

Where lights burn brightest and liquor flows freest, emotions run at light speed. HoloGossip had the misfortune of running into an infectious disease doc a couple weeks ago, who was discussing her work in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. She was off to parts unknown until she had to get her ship decontaminated. Then THORN became a widely known name. Here's the scoop:

Dr. Plague is an Arkanian physician who was so covered in disease and other icky things that before she could leave her office every day, she had to complete an intense decontamination ritual. Does this sound like someone who could have caused the current problems on Alderaan? Maybe! Or at least spread them to the rest of the galaxy. Nothing is foolproof, and even though the Hutt Cartel officials were saying they were doing a thorough job of scrubbing her ship for any disease vectors, something may have escaped.

The suspicious thing? We haven't seen anything of Dr. Plague since THORN became the buzzword on everyone's lips. Maybe she's behind it all. Or maybe this is just a huge publicity stunt for her because she alone has the cure for the entire outbreak. Who knows? It just sounds as fishy as whatever might be left in those once-pristine Alderaanian lakes. Remember, the next time you run into a doc wearing a decontamination suit, ask where they bought it. You might want to design one of your own.

Mai Cash | HoloGossip
The Slippery Slopes Cantina - Nar Shaddaa 
[Based on in-game roleplay from Edias on The Ebon Hawk]
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