"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
 - Han Solo

In a war-torn universe where conflict and battles are aplenty, your choice of weapon could be the deciding factor between life and death. Of course, your choice of weapon depends predominantly on your background and skill set. 

This is a question we've asked before, but a bit of juxtaposition from time to time is a good thing. What we'd like to know today is what your character from The Old Republic chooses as their aide, their savior, their weapon of choice. Are they happy with a good blaster at their side, or do they prefer a weapon of a more civilised age? As always, hit our comments section with your answers!
YA BOI CatharMando My weapon of choice is various for my characters but for some its their wit, such as with Skiddy McGee my thief He...
Masom Lamor Lightsabers and dirty tricks.
Gguy A good blaster pistol, and a few types of grenades, though i also admire bowcasters.

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end. Worlds of The Old Republic is a series of articles based on the planets that we can visit in The Old Republic, detailing the planets' history and story, as well as a few interesting facts. This is the seventh and final edition of the series, covering the last three planets, saving some of the best for last. Coruscant and Corellia, majority of you should be familiar with, especially if you call yourself a Star Wars fan. The third and final planet featured in this article is Ord Mantell. Each planet is aligned with the Republic, but they're said to have suffered an impact from the Empire or criminal organisations in some way. Lets find out how. 

A while ago, someone in the comments section said that maybe film and online RP shouldn’t be linked as closely as I often link them.

After all, one is long-form storytelling and the other is free-form. One is the (hopefully) polished work of a team of professionals and the other is a constantly evolving work in progress. Films are structured in ways that can’t easily be brought to real-time collaborative writing. The responsibility of the story falls not on one person writing all characters, but a team of people writing multiple characters. It all comes together to form a very different beast.

Despite all that, there are some crucial similarities. The dramatic question is one of them.

Cerrabus While functionally all elements discussed are correct it doesn't specifically address the question posed. The probl...
TheScythe As a veteran story-writer for one of the games longest running RP guilds, I can confirm the contents of this article. K...
Kiyosa A real shame, this. I used to enjoy these articles, but there seems to be no end to the dung-slinging. At this point, ma...

Just like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, our characters in The Old Republic are going to be frozen in carbonite. The main difference will most likely be that it won't be because we'll have a price on our heads so big that we cannot go near a civilised system, but because we need to be put away in safe storage until the time is right. 

Details of the upcoming digital expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, are slowly coming out. We've seen the new trailer, which appears to have revealed a graphics upgrade, but it also shows us that we may be faced with an option to either stand by or stand against The Emperor of the Eternal Empire. 

Specific to you, the readers here at SWTOR-RP, roleplay is the main focus. So, for today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know how you're going to handle The Outlander as part of your roleplay. Not everybody can be The Outlander, just like not everyone can be on the Dark Council or have struck down the Emperor the first time around. 

How will you roleplay The Outlander?

Akacen I will roleplay the Outlander just as I've roleplayed the game story - it happened to someone else. Not really sure...
Glzmo While I'll roleplay various reasons why my characters have been out of touch with the happenings of the galaxy, I&#...
Andrae Zeval Depends on how the story unfolds. I need to play throught the expansion before I am able to decide.

One thing about Star Wars as a genre is that while there are distinct sides to the Force, there is this ever prevalent grey area when it comes to a vast majority of the characters. From Anakin Skywalker, to Han Solo, and even Mace Windu. There are characters that just cannot fit into a certain box or side. The dastardly rogues. Dare devils. Bad boys.

Star Wars is full of characters that walk the line between being truly heroic, and what's considered an anti-villain. Characters that are not good by any stretch of imagination, but through the course of a story or through their deeds, end up inadvertently, or sometimes willingly, doing the right thing. There are even more characters that skirt that line and outright fall to the dark side, but manage to maintain something that still resembles humanity, or eventually relearn a little of their humanity as the story progresses.

These are the bad boys of Star Wars; characters that are so evil, but not because they're dark-sided, but because they manage to capture your heart and your attention by being the devilish rogues or unwitting villains that you just cannot help but love (or love to hate).

So which character is it that stole your heart? Which bad boy is your favorite? The roguish smuggler, Han Solo? The questionably grey Jedi that Luke Skywalker becomes? Or Maybe a certain Mandalorian that gets sucked into the belly of a Sarlacc? Which bad boy do you love?
D'aax Cad Bane. That voice is to drool over.
void General Grievous. That heap of glorious scrap cyborg metal needs no further explanations.
Iradox Darth Caedus. Being a Star Wars fan who've consumed almost all the sith related content the universe far far away h...

This week we will be looking at pirate and leader of the Pirate Consortium, Shankz. We have had our fair share of straight-laced Force tooting Jedi and dark side using totalitarian Sith. But what about the seedy underworld? The Pirates, the lone bounty hunters, the spice dealers? 

When interviewing the dastardly pirate, one quote really stood out: 

"As long as there are ships and wars - piracy will flourish."

Well, if the Republic and the Jedi get their way, Shankz might soon be out of business! Who am I kidding? That'll never happen. 

And it seems, not unlike his Sith counterparts, Shankz has in his own way an eye on the goal for galaxy wide domination; describing his idea of the perfect galaxy to be one where he sits at the very throne of the underworld. So... anyone else wonder if he's a runner up for the title of Black Prince? What happened to that guy anyways? 

We asked Shankz about his motivators, what it is that gets him out of his piratey bed in the morning and he had this to say: 
Henerkin nice to see other pirates out there
Bloodletter Desert the miserable life of Imperial military and flock to this man.
Vexter Varkus Real nice to see someone familiar on the front page! Keep on keepin' it on man!

Jedi and Sith often have a rather single-minded approach when it comes to weapons: their trusty lightsabers. Everyone else has a rather less restricted approach: that does not include lightsabers. 

Everyone has their weapon of choice, whether it be a lightsaber, the blaster they made when they were in the military academy, or the biggest piece of firepower they can illegally get their hands on. 

Luke Skywalker wasn't so bad a shot before he decided he liked glowing swords, but Han Solo would likely never think about abandoning blasters for anything. 

So the question is, what weapon/s does your character call his favorite? Or for those smugglers out there, what is your Flashy the blaster? For the Force-users, do you restrict yourselves to only lightsabers?
User x Well, my favourite weapon, is weaponless, (Bruce Lee eat your hear out) always has been the frilly necked lizard mounive...
Mordio Surely the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy at the point of that image is the Death Star? ^^ Anyway, did you see tha...
Adhock42 Most of my characters are fairly versatile in their weapons of choice, ranging from blades to explosives and everything ...

"She'll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself."

The Millennium Falcon is the most renowned starship in the entirety of Star Wars lore and canon. It was the most prominent ship in the original trilogy, and its reign continued for many years in the novels of the Expanded Universe. Pictured above is Ralph McQuarrie's rendition of the craft, may he rest in peace. 

All starships should have a name. For some, they're considered home. To others, it's a way of life. Names come from all walks of Star-Warsy life: the Ebon Hawk, Jade Shadow, Outrider, Tantive IV

We all own ships in The Old Republic. So, what's your character's ship's name?
Ezrab'teb Ezrab's ship is called "The Rylothing". It's a nickname his last slaver used to give him whe...
xI Lord Coma Ix Tray's personal ship is called "Zarax" Named after the first person he ever loved.
Adel I only have one char that I RP that acutally own a star ship, one who is putting time to build one which isn't the ...

"No change comes without conflict." 

It feels a little pointless now quoting from a book from the Expanded Universe, but the quote is fitting nonetheless. Most of you should be very aware of the recent announcement about the Star Wars Expanded Universe: what we once knew to be canon is no longer. Lucasfilm and its associates (I'm looking at Disney) have decided to revamp the story that exists as part of the Expanded Universe. 

The announcement states: "While the universe that readers knew is changing, it is not being discarded. Creators of new Star Wars entertainment have full access to the rich content of the Expanded Universe."

I'm calling bantha poodoo. What happens when the new trilogy tells a story different to that of the Expanded Universe? What happens when they change the post-Episode VI story of Luke, Leia, Han, and all their children? 

I'm sure there are many of you out like like myself who've read countless novels from the Expanded Universe. Does that all feel like a complete loss? Like your time, efforts, and immersion into all those vivid stories are now a complete waste? 

Today's Force Reflection asks: what do you think of the changes being implemented to the Expanded Universe? Is it for the better or for the worse? Rant away in the comments below!
Max and the Wookiee JJ Abrams really seems to like this whole alternate time line stuff, huh? While I don't personally care as I have n...
Iradox I'm sad to see some of my favorit novels go whilst I'm happy to see others disappear - blinks at Dark Empire a...
Rél Qu-Soraj We should just trust them - afterall they're trying, maybe it's much better?

The old Hollywood saying is that Fashion makes the man. For celebrities or celebrity wannabes, sometimes it's all about style. It's a telling of when you've made it, when you can drop money on a dress that would leave others jaw droppingly envious, or costs enough to feed a small village overseas.

To a lot of people, designer labels, handbags and suits are things they strive for, and anything generic, off brand, or knock off is cheap and insulting.

Finances and image are also part of characters in Star Wars. Would Darth Vader look anywhere near as fierce and frightening without his helmet and mask? Would Lando Calrissian look as estately and well-off without his cape? What about Luke Skywalker? Han Solo? Leia Organa? Obi-Wan?

Each of them has an image that they project onscreen that is aided by the powerful wardrobe they wear. Roleplayers have even helped create brand names and labels inside of SWTOR, such as M. Star, and other fashion guru type characters.

So my question this week is, what do you characters wear? How does what they wear help project the image you're wanting them to have?
Rax-Tex Rax isn't a fashionista (Or fashionisto?) at all, but he does understand the importance of looking good while simul...
Sesay / Asyr Reka put her hands on everything she could. She had a good taste and she was in for beauty. Nalda, as a Sith apprentice...
Vaanthe a Vaanthe usually wears her armor...and her armor, though sometimes, she will change to suit other occasions. She also doe...
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