The next chapter of the Eternal Empire's story is drawing near and BioWare have begun releasing information periodically leading up to its release. The latest information we've received is clarification of how crafting will work with Game Update 5.0, what will happen to our hard-earned comms, and what the blazers Uprisings is. 

Simply put, crafting in 5.0 will allow us to create items two ratings below the best items in that tier but without set bonuses. For tier 1 items, we can create static items (not able to move mods) equivalent to the best gear, but we will also be able to craft mods equivalent to the best items as well. We obtain schematics for items and mods through tier 1 command crates. Still as confused as a gungan? You're not alone. 

Your commendations are going to convert into credits seeming as comms are no longer going to be in the game. The conversions are: 1 warzone comm to 50 credits; 1 common crystal to 500 credits; 1 glowing crystal to 1000 credits; and 1 radiant crystal to 1500 credits. The cap on credits is 2 million per character so work the formula and make sure you're not going to be over the cap. If so, spend your comms! Go for a shopping spree on Odessen. 

Uprisings? Uprisings you say? Master Obi-Wan, not Uprisings. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the miniature Flashpoints has! Here is how they're described:

"What sets Uprisings apart from other activities such as Flashpoints and Operations? It’s simple. Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as you work your way towards more challenging foes. In Uprisings, you will jump into the action quickly, taking on some of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy. Those enemies have spawned these Uprisings, questioning the very power of your Alliance."

Uprisings are designed as fifteen-to-twenty minute mini Flashpoints in a group of four players. You access them at level 70 via Galactic Command and they're for subscribers only. 

More to come on Eternal Throne. 

donder172 The cap of 2 million. Does that count for only the credit you get from the converted comms or your total amount of credi...

The galaxy is once again under serious threat! The Emperor is back, and he plans to absorb all life in the known galaxy! Sounds just as painful as being digested over a thousand years by the Pit of Carkoon. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

If you have absolutely no clue what we're talking about, it's time to get up to hyperspeed! Game Update 3.2 has hit the live servers of The Old Republic, and we have some great new content to play with. In a klee-klee nut-shell (that's a real thing), SWTOR now has Ziost, Outfit Designer, updated travel systems, updated commendation rewards, class changes, and changes to existing Flashpoints and Operations. 

Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor, contains one major new feature, and that being the new story on Ziost. The story follows the events that unfolded in the Shadow of Revan expansion, so if you haven't quite caught up, it's time to crack that lightwhip and get moving! 

If Ziost is completely unfamiliar territory for you, read our short guide on what the planet is about. Otherwise, here are the Game Update 3.2 patch notes

May the Force be with you all in your fight against The Emperor. My guess is you'll need it. 

You're a Master Jedi, the leader of Havoc Squad, a Darth and member of the Dark Coucil, you're the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter and most slippery scoundrel. What else could there possibly be left to do? Make your Darth and Master Jedi more awesome, that's what! 

The Old Republic is filled with end-game content to assist with the awesome making. All those basic commendations you've acquired throughout your travels which have granted you full 186-tiered gear isn't enough, so you have to start earning elite and ultimate comms to make you powerful enough to rule the galaxy! 

We have dailies and weeklies, most of which grant you the commendations required to help you level up. We have Hard-Mode Flashpoints and Operations with different boss mechanics to keep you guessing and moving away from all those bad-coloured circles.

If you could pick a favourite and most enjoyable Flashpoint, Operation, or daily mission, which would it be? The Dread Palace? Korriban and Tython? What about Manaan and that feeling of nostalgia when the KOTOR music starts playing? Let us know in the comments section below!

PSDuckie My favorite would have to be Explosive Conflict. My least favorite are Lost Island, Blood Hunt, and Battle of Rishi.
Daiskel Ridema Siege of Kaon! Nothing says fun like being attacked by hordes and hordes of 'zombies' all in a Left 4 Dead sty...

It's been all about Game Update 3.0 and Shadow of Revan this week. The new digital expansion is now in early access, and already, players are blasting and saber-swinging through the new content. Rishi and Yavin IV, the two new planets, are as busy as a sales day in the Mos Eisley markets. And already, the wait in the group finder queue for the new Flashpoints is next to nothing. 

For today's Friday Focus, we want your synopsis on all things Game Update 3.0 and Shadow of Revan. We'd like to know if you've reached level 60 and how you found the grind. Tell us about the new Disciplines System, the new abilities and how they work for your class. How about the two new planets, Rishi and Yavin IV? But most importantly, have you come across Revan (or as most of us suspect, the Revan wannabe)? 

Hit our comments section and fill us in with your experience thus far! But be sure to add a spoiler tag if you're going to spoil the story.
D'aax I came back too late to horn in on the new content for early-access, but I did get to play with the discipline system. I...
Nick I levelled a new toon during the 12x XP so had a fresh 55 Powertech waiting. Having not done Tython/DK and Manaan on tha...
Stache Well in my own experience, I've done every mission on Rishi available save 1, and was level 56 when I got to Yavin....

Game Update 3.0, Shadow of Revan, has officially launched for players who pre-ordered the digital expansion prior to November 2nd. For everyone else, you can access the expansion on December 9th. However, everyone will have access to the new Disciplines System which is changing the way classes and combat works. There is a whole lot more information out there about 3.0, but lucky for you (if you believe in luck and don't have the Force as your ally), we've compiled some of the need-to-know information in one place. 

The patch notes for the expansion have been released. Class changes, new Flashpoints and Operations, Cartel Market information, new GUI options and PvP changes are ready for viewing. Head on over to the release of the patch notes and familiarise yourself with what's coming. Make note: the update file is going to be about 2.5GB, so allow enough time to download the patch. 

Rishi is the new planet that's coming with the new expansion. It is where your adventures will kick off with Revan's story. Screenshots and an in-character story has been released by BioWare in a Developer Blog. Also, a separate in-character Travelogue has been compiled about some of the new faces you'll see on Rishi. 

We know that commendations are changing with 3.0. Eric Musco posted information on what's changing with loot drops on the forums. If you missed it, here is the forum post detailing high-end loot and how it can be acquired once 3.0 goes live. 

Finally, to catch up on all the previews and other tidbits from Shadow of Revan, you can see it all in our very own don't-miss-the-finer-details post


For those that have finished the Forged Alliances Flashpoint series, you probably felt as I felt at the end of Rakata Prime: like I'd just seen a Force ghost! BioWare's plans for the development of The Old Republic's story has come to fruition, and it all started with the original release of the game with Maelstrom Prison and the Foundry

I'm not sure about everyone else, but until I played through the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint on my Jedi Knight character, I had absolutely no idea that Revan would exist in the game's story. With the game set about three hundred years after the events that took place in the Knights of the Old Republic series, I thought him dead. But it seems BioWare wanted to Force-smack us in the face. And it worked. 

After releasing Revan from his prison in Maelstrom Prison and Foundry, he disappeared. We were all left wondering when he would return. But when he did, it was epic. Perhaps disappointing, but still epic. At the finale to the Forged Alliances Flashpoint series, Revan jumped out of hyperspace above Rakata Prime's atmosphere, and Revan's holo-image appeared. He affirmed his intention for something big (in a weird voice too. Did he have a cold?), and he made it clear that he was with neither the Republic or the Empire. Naughty Revan. You've lost the plot again. 

In today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know what you think of the Revan's return. Is it really him? Could it possibly be an imposter, with the real Revan later sweeping in to save the day? Or have BioWare taken Revan back to his bad-boy days? Let us know in the comments below!
Thralle What if the Dread Masters are influencing Revan?
Kahlaan Well, you defeat reven, but you never killed him, he vanished at the end of the fight. Basically bioware made the origin...
Dennis Well. We only see the holo of his mask, and the blonde Lana Benniko admits she feels an overwhelming force-presence appr... has delivered once again. Details for the SWTOR PAX Prime 2014 event have been revealed. BioWare will showcase Rakata Prime: the finale to the Forged Alliances storyline. The world we once saw in Knights of the Old Republic has been recreated and is being used as part of the game's ongoing epic story. 

In addition to the reveal of Rakata Prime, new Cartel Market packs will be showcased which include the Gatekeeper's Stronghold Pack, and Constable's Stronghold Pack. 

I'm definitely much more excited to see what Rakata Prime will look like in The Old Republic. To see more images of the new Flashpoint, head over to
Aldren I'd rather we got more planets and places to admire and roleplay in than all the amazing locations being linked to ...

It's official: Manaan is coming to The Old Republic in the not too distant future. Earlier in the week, we were privy to an in-character story written about Manaan in a Developer Blog. Today, however, we got eyes on Manaan's first official teaser. In the image above, look at the top left corner. It reads: "Manaan Research Facility."

All speculation points to Manaan being a new Flashpoint, possibly following on but separate from the Forged Alliances series. It is also speculated that there may be a daily area, much like the CZ-198 Flashpoint and dailies. Charles Boyd, Lead Writer at BioWare, states: 

"Forged Alliances is a three-part story. But that doesn’t mean that Part III will be the end – these flashpoints lead directly into our next major story expansion, our largest since Rise of the Hutt Cartel. While we don’t plan to require that you play the flashpoints before jumping into that expansion, it’s by far the best way to experience the storyline, so don’t miss out!

We’ll be releasing a lot more info soon, but for now, here’s a teaser to tide you over…"

In other news, Charles Boyd reveals that Game Update 2.9 will bring forth the next chapter of Forged Alliances which follows on from Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion. 
void FP. What I had heard was right. Oh well, here's hoping that "these flashpoints lead directly into our next...

Lead Designer Jesse Sky has revealed some handy information about Galactic Strongholds; the upcoming digital expansion for The Old Republic. In Jesse's Developer Blog, we get to see how we purchase and decorate our strongholds using a new user interface being introduced with the digital expansion.

On each faction's fleet and capital world, players will notice a holo-projected advertisement which will act as an introductory mission to the Stronghold Directory. Through this directory, you will be able to purchase your own stronghold, and view the strongholds owned by other players.

We learn that decorations can be unlocked and purchased from different vendors, and they're also part of loot drops from Flashpoints and Operations. Your decorations can then be placed in your stronghold via the Edit Mode. You'll find Decoration Hooks in your stronghold. These hooks can be moved around to suit your layout, and decorations placed on these hooks can also be rotated and moved around to your suiting. Be sure to view the Developer Blog to see how the system works.

And to top it off, here's a trailer for the Tatooine Homestead for those who are suckers for those famous Twin Suns.

"Keep saying 'next time', and someday there might not be one waiting."
- Vannar Treece, Star Wars: Knight Errant

Always in motion, the future is. Or so says some little green guy with pointy ears. The clock is always ticking, and time continues to go by. 

In The Old Republic, though there is no clear indication of time passed, the story in the game does progress. Once we complete the entire story that the game currently has to offer though, we need to find tasks to pass the time until BioWare's next update to the end-game and story. 

Yes, we have Operations, Flashpoints, Oricon, other dailies, and of course, roleplay. But what is it you do to pass the time? When you find yourself staring at your screen at an idle character, what is it you do to fill the void? Post your answers in the comments below, and perhaps you might just help another player with tasks to fill their in-game time. 
Thralle Need For Speed: Undercover. I pulled out my old copy recently and I've been playing through it again. Really helps ...
Captain Shanks Im either talking on the phone, or hanging on the balcony observing my city as i come up with events and storyplots. Its...
D'aax I concentrate on forum-RP stories, & developing other potential storylines. What my character could be doing in ...
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