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Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Taungsday Edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have finally gotten word from our reporter on Corellia, so expect to hear about that shortly. But, first a world from the Senate Building.

Most of…all of us remember the devastation brought forth during the sacking of Coruscant. Millions of lives were lost in a manner of a week; millions more been forced into the underlevels in hopes to escape the carnage. Crime swept the districts as the people had no means to defend themselves.  Even today, more than two decades later, whole districts are extremely impoverished with very little changing in terms of economy, housing, crime rate and the such. A moment of silence for the fallen.

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end. Worlds of The Old Republic is a series of articles based on the planets that we can visit in The Old Republic, detailing the planets' history and story, as well as a few interesting facts. This is the seventh and final edition of the series, covering the last three planets, saving some of the best for last. Coruscant and Corellia, majority of you should be familiar with, especially if you call yourself a Star Wars fan. The third and final planet featured in this article is Ord Mantell. Each planet is aligned with the Republic, but they're said to have suffered an impact from the Empire or criminal organisations in some way. Lets find out how. 

We are slowly creeping closer to covering the last few worlds from The Old Republic here at SWTOR-RP. The previous edition covered Tatooine, Taris, and Voss. This edition, the second last of the series, covers the two ice planets of The Old Republic -- Belsavis and Hoth. The former is not so well known in the Star Wars universe compared to the latter. Hoth was featured in The Empire Strikes Back where the famous ice battle took place between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire

Covered with ice, Belsavis is one of the Republic-controlled worlds for players of The Old Republic to explore. However, despite being covered by ice, Belsavis is also covered by small pockets of volcanoes. The world has two suns, three moons, and a standard day lasts 25 hours. Prior to the events of the Great Hyperspace War, Belsavis received no attention from the outside world. It was fifty years before the era of The Old Republic that Republic scientists discovered the world and the dangers that lingered underground. During the times of the Rakatan Empire, a prison was built that housed some of the most dangerous creatures and droids in the known galaxy. Due to the ancient nature of the prison, the Republic believed that the force fields that contained the prisoners would soon fail. Restoration efforts began on the prison to ensure that it remained operational, soon after being dubbed as "The Tomb."

As a result of the Great War, the prison's population grew with Sith Lords, Sith Alchemists, and even Mandalorians. It wasn't long until the Empire discovered the location of the secret prison and an all-out assault took place. It is this battle that brings us into the events in The Old Republic. Will the Republic succeed in keeping the prisoners at bay, or will the Empire see the release of the countless dangerous criminals, creatures, and droids that have been contained for centuries?

Introverts and extroverts tend to work in opposite ways. Your typical introvert, locked away in their own world of shyness and independence, will tend to go about their daily business alone. They prefer it that way, as interacting with larger groups just isn't their cup of Jawa juice. Call them your ordinary loner, keeping their head down as they walk through the streets, singing away to themselves like a crazy person. On the contrary, your extrovert cannot get enough of sociality en masse. If a task consists of grouping up with one or more people, your typical extrovert will be there with cow bells on. Perhaps quite literally. And to take the idea of introverts and extroverts a step further by applying them to roleplay, the category to which a person can be assigned to may just determine their style of gameplay. 
In The Old Republic, BioWare have made it clear that the game can be played solo. If your wish is to conquer the game as a lone hero, taking on either the Empire or Galactic Republic with nothing but your trusty side-arm or lightsaber, you can very well do that. However, you'd be missing out on countless amounts of content, including Flashpoints and Operations. Oh, and roleplay. If grouping is what you prefer, you will have the option to take to the streets of Coruscant with your trustiest heroes-in-arms. So for you, what will it be? Are you a solo player? Or are you a groupie, making much use of The Old Republic's LFG (looking for group) feature? This is today's Force Reflection. Be sure to post your answers in the comments section. 
Fidd1er I play a merc on BC, and the way I play is very much solo. Even the guilds I join, I hire myself out to do conquest for...
K. Jikiiti I actually have an addiction to being social. I get anxious and nervous if I am all alone for over 24 hours without any ...
PSDuckie When I'm not RPing, my favorite part of the game is Operations - and those are not soloable.

New content in The Old Republic gives birth to new opportunity for roleplaying endeavours. With Fallen Empire, opportunity for refreshing new roleplay is not in short supply. Whether or not you, as the players, wish to use said opportunities is a matter for yourselves. But why let it go to waste?

Knights of the Fallen Empire is a great resource for us roleplayers. The most prominent feature we could use is the time leap. The game's story jumps ahead five years after the events that unfolded on Yavin IV and Ziost. Our characters were frozen in carbonite for five years whilst the galaxy fell into complete disarray with the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire becoming victims to the might of the new faction, the Infinite Empire. Five years is a large gap to fill for our characters and their stories. Tragedy, anyone?

Zakuul and Odessen give us new locations to play with, and there's a new mega faction for those that despise or don't agree with the Republic and the Sith Empire. Additionally, we have plenty of characters to use for association.

Today's Friday Focus asks: how have you used the new content in your roleplay? Did you utilise the time leap to create new stories for your characters? Have you used the new locations, faction, and characters as part of your roleplay? Let us know in the comments section below what you've done with the game's new content. 

Antilles Gysan's parents were killed by the Eternal Empire short after the Eternal Empire invaded. Gysan was 11 years old ba...
Seisu Skagendo Darth Libertas took his power-base and all the artifacts he had collected over the years and tucked them away in a nice ...
Iradox Arranged the Prison Plot together wtih various other members of our community. Was a lot of fun for everyone invovled - ...

For countless years beyond the boundaries of our vision, the Galactic Republic has established peace, justice, and freedom in our galaxy. For many of those years, however, the decadent Sith Empire has interrupted our freedom by spreading its twisted ideals of peace upon the galaxy, causing nothing but havoc.

Never did any of us foresee that one day, the Republic and the Empire would have to collude and collaborate together in hopes of overthrowing another Empire whose vision for our galaxy is even more barbarically twisted that any other foe we've faced.

The embargo placed on our galaxy preventing your news agencies from reaching out to its citizens is getting tighter as the days go by, but it has not stopped the ludicrous propaganda of the Eternal Empire from spreading its ill-minded views upon our galaxy.

The Eternal Empire believe that our galaxy has succumbed to piracy, criminal conduct, and that we're nothing but a cesspit of such behaviour. How wrong they are. Their Empire has not thought to step back and take in the beauty of our galaxy and the wonders it has to offer the appreciative eye. All they see is space to conquer to make their own.

This is not their galaxy. It is ours. And the Republic and the Sith will not stop until we've pushed these trespassers out for eternity.

Scrambled ident-code | CBNS Reporter

There's no honour among thieves, but in the world of Star Wars and The Old Republic, the same could be said about some of the lesser loyal scoundrels, bounty hunters, Sith, and lost Jedi out there. Characters have been made to cut all ties to their allegiances and switch sides for a number of different reasons. Anakin betrayed the Republic in the name of love (and all those other underlying issues), Jacen Solo became Darth Caedus in an effort to restore peace at any cost, and we have Revan who switched sides probably for a long list of reasons, but morality is perhaps up there at the top of the list. 

With Fallen Empire, we have a new mega faction that has conquered the galaxy and forced it to bend to its will. The Republic and Empire are now controlled by the Eternal Empire, but have many of their heroes remained loyal?

In today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know if your character has jumped ship and joined the Eternal Empire. Was it for the money? For power? Does your character just like to be on the winning side? Let us know if you've remained loyal or defected and why in the comments section below. 

Aéla Dasvarat Considering the fanon that I follow for the Echani people, it puts the homework and it's protectorates I'm a d...
Katheri No defectors per sé - collaborators, certainly. People whose lives are too mundane to resist and will work as nec...
Seisu Skagendo My Darth went his own way, took his fleet with him and now has two systems under his reign using Valkyrie and blitzkrieg...

The galaxy has fallen victim to tyranny. Our galactic superpowers, the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, have been made to kneel to the oppression of the Eternal Empire, who now for years have controlled our galaxy with a tightly-clenched fist. 

News reports from the Central Broadcasting News Service, as well as our rival counterparts at the HoloNet News Network and other Imperial channels, have been unable to consistently deliver the galaxy with updates as to the latest happenings in our known galaxy. The Eternal Empire has had in place a galaxy-wide embargo on any news reports that would bring disgrace or embarrassment to their rule. 

However, not all Empires last forever; even those that are believed to be powerful enough to survive an eternity. Whispers have echoed that heroes from both the Republic and the Empire have begun to push back against the Eternal Empire. These anonymous reports detail hostile activity coming from Star Fortresses above many of our planets. 

Could this be the beginning of a rebellion? 

<Scrambled ident-code> | CBNS Reporter

There are many changes coming to gameplay mechanics with Knights of the Fallen Empire, one of which is the companion overhaul. If you missed the recent livestream, we found out that Lana Beniko is going to join us as a companion in the early chapters of the new expansion. She's also received a makeover, and she's looking much better. 

When your character wakes from their long and cold slumber, they find themselves without a Republic or Sith Empire, as the Eternal Empire has wiped them out. Your companions are scattered, and it's up to you to go and seek them out. However, who you obtain is a choice you'll have to make. 

Our characters have formed bonds with their companions over the course of the game. We've even become romantically involved. Will that love last, though? 

For today's Friday Focus, let us know what you're planning to do with your companions. Will you be doing your best to re-establish your pre-Fallen Empire crew, or will you abandon some and seek out some new friends? Will you honour your romances, or seek new ones? Lana seems to be a fan favourite, but is she going to fulfill your needs better than Kira Carsen? 

Let us know in the comments section below!

Avarice Am I the only one that thinks Lana looks worse not better? Like a Sith Soccer-mom.
Akacen I never really got into the companions in the first place so... not sure at this point. One thing I do hope they do, th...

Unfortunately for the Selkath—Manaan's native inhabitants—Ahto City has been a war-like playground for the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire for centuries. 

Manaan is a temperate water world in the Pyrshak System located in the Inner Rim. With Ahto City as its capital, Manaan is mainly inhabited by its native species, the Selkath, but is known to house other water-favouring species such as the Aqualish. Manaan has, however, once been occupied by the Rakata during the era of the Infinite Empire

Years after the fall of the Infinite Empire, Ahto City was built on the surface of the water to welcome outsiders, and it was not long until the Republic and the Empire set their sites on Manaan's natural deposits of kolto to aid in the war efforts. During the Jedi Civil War, Ahto City was home to battles for allegiance, though the Selkath maintained their neutrality. 

After many years of failed diplomacy, the Sith Empire bombarded Ahto City, with rumours suggesting that the Empire grew impatient with Manaan's continued neutrality in the war. Ahto City became a half-sunken wreck during the Great Galactic War. 

The Selkath are awfully brave as Ahto City now shines above the water surface again after a rebuilding effort, but now with strict rules for visitation by outsiders. 

Will Manaan fall victim to the war again? 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
[Ahto City]

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