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Good day viewers. My name is Benuly Seapou and I welcome you to this special broadcast of the Coruscant Daily Buzz during commercial breaks. Apologies for disrupting your daily show starring the lovely Olug'mile [Entangled Lekku].  We have received a lot of feedback via our new datapad-accessible community forum service. This will hopefully increase the quality and enjoyment of our daily news network. In gratitude, we have teamed up with Doctor Whibur, the chief researcher of the Synthfur manufacturing Flestor and Co. to give our viewers some appreciation.

As most of you know, Doctor Whibur, as we had him on the show last week, is the chief researcher of Flestor and Co. One of the many, but not all so prestigious, synthfur manufacturers. The company has existed for generations since the founder Tavijef Flestor decided to open up his company in one of the lower districts decades ago. As time passed, the company grew until eventually expanding to what she is known today: one of most well-known developers on this side of the planet.

Your number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Benuly Seapou and I welcome you to the Coruscant Daily Buzz. I will be working as a temporary substitute for your regular reporter Liz Patlip until she comes back from her holiday trip. And it is sad for me to say that I begin my–probably short–news anchor career with some troubling news.

Yesterday in the late evening, a local and popular-with-the-people cantina that goes by the name of the Silent Sun was faced with an absolutely horrendous act of revenge.

A male human that goes by the name of Kadmil Marsto got stabbed a total of sixteen times as he was making his way into the cantina. Medical reports state that he was dead by the third for the second puncture had pierced his heart. The unnecessary measures suggest that this was more than a simple mugging.

Captain Shanks ''How to tame a Rattataki and more after this short break.'' Im curious now.

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Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to today’s edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. The Senate isn’t the only government body that is vying for change. But first, a continuation on yesterday’s report.

Some of you will recall our yesterday’s report on Air-Cor--one of the three largest air cooler manufacturing companies on Coruscant--and the rumor that they are in the process of filing bankruptcy. Well, it is now official.

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Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Taungsday Edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have finally gotten word from our reporter on Corellia, so expect to hear about that shortly. But, first a world from the Senate Building.

Most of…all of us remember the devastation brought forth during the sacking of Coruscant. Millions of lives were lost in a manner of a week; millions more been forced into the underlevels in hopes to escape the carnage. Crime swept the districts as the people had no means to defend themselves.  Even today, more than two decades later, whole districts are extremely impoverished with very little changing in terms of economy, housing, crime rate and the such. A moment of silence for the fallen.

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Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to the Coruscant Daily Buzz. We have some important news today. But, first a word from our sponsors.

"Have you ever felt like your life has been a waste? The daily routine of waking up in the morning, going to work, and simply coming back in the evening? The same routine you follow day after day? Doctors say that this will result in severe stress 99% of the time. But, fear not. What you only need is really just a day, two, maybe a week, off. Something luxurious, thrilling, and with a low meaningless price to boot. Something only a short speeder ride away. Why yes my friends. I am talking about nothing other that simply the most affordable mega hotel on the planet. The Vos Gasel Hotel."

You're number one source for news

Good day, viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to our renewed daily news show, right here at the Coruscant Daily Buzz.

Right from the get-go: Is Coruscant still truly worthy to be called the galaxy's capital? Some senators are beginning to say -no- after what appears to have been a horrible and devious assassination of senator Wilbern Overcla in the Old Galactic Market. You see, last night Senator Overcla’s son-in-law had been critically shot during a drunken brawl in the Dealer’s Den cantina by an unknown assailant. The reasoning behind the son’s night-out have not been made public, but he was forced to spend the night in the nearby hospital and is currently stable. His Father-in-law went to visit him the very next morning when the attack happened.

On his way out of the hospital he was the victim of a homemade bomb. The event ended as quickly as it started. Senator Overcla died just a second after it went off. Reportedly two of his guards have been killed and another 2 mortally wounded. Reports say there are no civilian casualties thankfully.

LD.OOC This was not on the prognitor, right?

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end. Worlds of The Old Republic is a series of articles based on the planets that we can visit in The Old Republic, detailing the planets' history and story, as well as a few interesting facts. This is the seventh and final edition of the series, covering the last three planets, saving some of the best for last. Coruscant and Corellia, majority of you should be familiar with, especially if you call yourself a Star Wars fan. The third and final planet featured in this article is Ord Mantell. Each planet is aligned with the Republic, but they're said to have suffered an impact from the Empire or criminal organisations in some way. Lets find out how. 

We are slowly creeping closer to covering the last few worlds from The Old Republic here at SWTOR-RP. The previous edition covered Tatooine, Taris, and Voss. This edition, the second last of the series, covers the two ice planets of The Old Republic -- Belsavis and Hoth. The former is not so well known in the Star Wars universe compared to the latter. Hoth was featured in The Empire Strikes Back where the famous ice battle took place between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire

Covered with ice, Belsavis is one of the Republic-controlled worlds for players of The Old Republic to explore. However, despite being covered by ice, Belsavis is also covered by small pockets of volcanoes. The world has two suns, three moons, and a standard day lasts 25 hours. Prior to the events of the Great Hyperspace War, Belsavis received no attention from the outside world. It was fifty years before the era of The Old Republic that Republic scientists discovered the world and the dangers that lingered underground. During the times of the Rakatan Empire, a prison was built that housed some of the most dangerous creatures and droids in the known galaxy. Due to the ancient nature of the prison, the Republic believed that the force fields that contained the prisoners would soon fail. Restoration efforts began on the prison to ensure that it remained operational, soon after being dubbed as "The Tomb."

As a result of the Great War, the prison's population grew with Sith Lords, Sith Alchemists, and even Mandalorians. It wasn't long until the Empire discovered the location of the secret prison and an all-out assault took place. It is this battle that brings us into the events in The Old Republic. Will the Republic succeed in keeping the prisoners at bay, or will the Empire see the release of the countless dangerous criminals, creatures, and droids that have been contained for centuries?

Introverts and extroverts tend to work in opposite ways. Your typical introvert, locked away in their own world of shyness and independence, will tend to go about their daily business alone. They prefer it that way, as interacting with larger groups just isn't their cup of Jawa juice. Call them your ordinary loner, keeping their head down as they walk through the streets, singing away to themselves like a crazy person. On the contrary, your extrovert cannot get enough of sociality en masse. If a task consists of grouping up with one or more people, your typical extrovert will be there with cow bells on. Perhaps quite literally. And to take the idea of introverts and extroverts a step further by applying them to roleplay, the category to which a person can be assigned to may just determine their style of gameplay. 
In The Old Republic, BioWare have made it clear that the game can be played solo. If your wish is to conquer the game as a lone hero, taking on either the Empire or Galactic Republic with nothing but your trusty side-arm or lightsaber, you can very well do that. However, you'd be missing out on countless amounts of content, including Flashpoints and Operations. Oh, and roleplay. If grouping is what you prefer, you will have the option to take to the streets of Coruscant with your trustiest heroes-in-arms. So for you, what will it be? Are you a solo player? Or are you a groupie, making much use of The Old Republic's LFG (looking for group) feature? This is today's Force Reflection. Be sure to post your answers in the comments section. 
Fidd1er I play a merc on BC, and the way I play is very much solo. Even the guilds I join, I hire myself out to do conquest for...
K. Jikiiti I actually have an addiction to being social. I get anxious and nervous if I am all alone for over 24 hours without any ...
PSDuckie When I'm not RPing, my favorite part of the game is Operations - and those are not soloable.

The path of the Jedi is a difficult and treacherous one. It is filled with obstacles based on the rules of philosophy and morals, as well as requiring immense discipline. The Jedi Code must be followed at all times, lightsaber combat techniques must be at a competent level, and a Jedi must be able to connect mind, body and soul through a number of different and intricate meditative techniques. Not only does a Jedi have to pass a number of trials to excel within the Jedi Order, but they must do it selflessly. They must also resist the constant temptation of the dark side of the Force. A Jedi will make many decisions throughout their selfless career, and the utmost care must be taken to ensure a Jedi doesn't slip through the cracks to plunder to the fiery depths of the dark side.

A Jedi isn't without help. Neither are roleplayers who wish to take the reigns of a character based on such immense and deep lore. The Jedi Path, written by Daniel Wallace, is a book written from the perspective of some of the most formidable Jedi throughout history. The book is filled with comments by Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Count Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Sidious, and more. The book is written to address a Jedi in training. It is a great resources for any Jedi roleplayer in training as well. If you're struggling with certain aspects of Jedi lore, or if you wish to further your knowledge on probably the most renowned aspect of Star Wars in its entirety, be sure to check out The Jedi Path.

With SWTOR-RP hosting a Jedi-themed Force Reflection week, we thought it appropriate to educate our members on all things Jedi, bringing you the best bits from the book written by Daniel Wallace. In today's edition of The Jedi Path: Teachings of the Jedi Order, we'll be discussing the Jedi Code, the history of the Order itself, as well as some of the duties and trials faced by a Jedi Initiate in training to become a Jedi Padawan. Be sure to stay tuned at SWTOR-RP for further knowledge of the Jedi, taken straight from The Jedi Path. But for now, lets kick off Part I.
Oraeni I bought that book a couple weeks ago, it is amazing. I love the Bergruufta Clan!
Bielduwyn Not a bad read, some choices made are pretty peculiar, and a LOT of the character comments and notes are downright chees...
Gezmondo With this, and the Essential guide to the Force, it's like I could start my own Jedi Academy!
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