Unfortunately for the Selkath—Manaan's native inhabitants—Ahto City has been a war-like playground for the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire for centuries. 

Manaan is a temperate water world in the Pyrshak System located in the Inner Rim. With Ahto City as its capital, Manaan is mainly inhabited by its native species, the Selkath, but is known to house other water-favouring species such as the Aqualish. Manaan has, however, once been occupied by the Rakata during the era of the Infinite Empire

Years after the fall of the Infinite Empire, Ahto City was built on the surface of the water to welcome outsiders, and it was not long until the Republic and the Empire set their sites on Manaan's natural deposits of kolto to aid in the war efforts. During the Jedi Civil War, Ahto City was home to battles for allegiance, though the Selkath maintained their neutrality. 

After many years of failed diplomacy, the Sith Empire bombarded Ahto City, with rumours suggesting that the Empire grew impatient with Manaan's continued neutrality in the war. Ahto City became a half-sunken wreck during the Great Galactic War. 

The Selkath are awfully brave as Ahto City now shines above the water surface again after a rebuilding effort, but now with strict rules for visitation by outsiders. 

Will Manaan fall victim to the war again? 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
[Ahto City]

The Rakata are an ancient species whose ancient technological marvels still stun archaeologists today and have the potential to cause untold destruction to the known galaxy. 

Many years ago during the Jedi Civil War, the Star Forge was discovered, and it was found to be capable of manufacturing an endless supply of starships. It allowed the Sith Empire to construct an unstoppable armada. Ironically, however, the Star Forge was destroyed by an attacking Republic fleet and a band of Republic heroes.

To this today, Rakatan relics are highly sought after, and without a doubt, the Strategic Information Service and Imperial Intelligence monitor all rumours surrounding Rakatan tech. It is said that one stray Rakata artifact can change the course of history. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter

The Sith Empire is known for its discrimination against different species. Despite their alliance with the Chiss from the Unknown Regions and Sith Pureblood at the top of their hierarchy, the Sith Empire believes all species other than humans are lesser beings. 

The Galactic Republic is not so narrow-minded. In the war against the Empire, the Republic has called upon all its allies, from different worlds and of different species. The Republic pushes for a unified front against the Empire without discrimination. 

Duros, Wookiees, the Talz, Ongree and Kaleesh have all heard the call from the Republic. Other species have also joined the fight in hopes of ridding the Empire from the galaxy and restoring peace and freedom to the galaxy. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
Adhock42 "Always good to see welcome allies even if I can barely understand half of them. They at least know the stakes ...

Ilum was once considered a secret and sacred world to the Jedi Order. The planet housed a rich source of crystals which the Jedi used mostly for the construction of their chosen weapon: the lightsaber. 

After the devastating blow to the Galactic Republic with the Sacking of Coruscant, the Sith Empire learned of Ilum's available resources. The few Jedi teams that held the planet were no match for the invading Imperial forces, and there began a long fight for control of the planet. 

It is believed that the Empire's plans for the crystals involved stealth technology; something that the Republic wishes to prevent. The battle for the planet between Jedi and Sith continues. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
DiscoveryNet: The Battle for Ilum

Many years ago, a great battle was fought above Hoth. It was a battle that ruined the Republic and its chance to stand as victor against the Sith Empire. 

It is believed that the Galactic Republic amassed a large hundred-ship-strong fleet above the skies of Hoth. The fleet consisted of prototype ships with deadly cutting edge weaponry ready to be used in an invasion of the Sith capital of Dromund Kaas. 

Imperial Intelligence acquired knowledge of the fleet, and before the Republic could strike against the Sith, they struck first. The battle above Hoth endured for days before the Republic was crippled beyond repair. The damaged ships rained down on Hoth, and the remnants of the fleet have now formed a starship graveyard on the planet's surface. 

Adventurers have visited the planet to view the ship graveyard, despite confirmed reports of violent pirates and creatures in the area surrounding the graveyard. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
DiscoveryNet: The Battle of Hoth

They were the masters of inflicting fear, chaos and havoc upon their victims; seeping into the minds of of their targets and overwhelming them with dread. Hence their name: The Dread Masters. 

They were servants of The Emperor, offering advice and acting as generals for the Sith Empire. Their power grew exponentially after studying the power of the Phobis device, granting them their infamous ability to scare the life out of their victims. 

During The Great War, the Dread Masters destroyed entire fleets with their combined abilities. During the war, however, they were captured and imprisoned in the depths of Belsavis. 

Their power and strength in the Force only flourished when they worked together. Now, citizens of the Republic no longer need to fear these retched beings. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
DiscoveryNet: The Dread Masters

The mineral-rich world of Makeb found its independence and wealth a short time after the Mandalorian Wars. The planet was rediscovered after the way by Republic refugees when they crash landed on the planet. Within fifty years of its rediscovery, the planet's economy boomed, and it attracted many banking and corporate enterprises. 

Despite the influx of wealthy corporations and attraction from all over the galaxy, the planet remained independent from the Republic. However, the Hutt Cartel declared their interest in becoming stakeholders in the planet's wealth, though they were rejected from becoming part of its economy. Despite the rejection, independent Hutts crawled their way into the planet's society. 

Following the eruption of the war between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, the planet continued to maintain its independence, though its rich deposits in minerals didn't go unnoticed by the galaxy's super-factions for long. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
DiscoveryNet: History of Makeb
User x Why have the Vrake got a beard? What is the evolutionary aspect on that? I have spent a good amount of time staring at m...

Womp rats. These pesky rodents of Tatooine average 2-3 meters. They are a favorite target of sporting hunters. They can also kill you. One bad bite, and you could be infected with womp rat fever: a bacterial infection that is almost always fatal if left untreated. Fortunately, advances in medical science have yielded a stunning cure for this terrible affliction. This cure is available at your local Tatooine stim vender for a reasonable price of [INFORMATION REDACTED AT THE REQUEST OF CZERKA CORPORATION].

Darth Malak's orbital bombardment of the planet Taris did not kill the planet: it merely hastened its demise. Over-industrialized to the point of near complete pollution of its oceans, the toxic waste of its manufacturers were eroding the foundation of the undercity. Darth Malak's bombardment simply helped to release the toxins into the environment.

After all the sentients were destroyed in the bombardment, the environment was left alone for several centuries. Plants and animals began to adapt, to thrive in their new, harsher ecosystem. The wildlife of old Taris and the one-time experiments of her scientists created a new ecosystem where the plants grew strong and thrust aside the rubble of the civilization.

Taris is one of the most successful environments to come back from near ruin. While some areas are too toxic to inhabit, such as its many acidic lakes, the biggest fear is the rakghoul plague which has already spread beyond the demonic vermin and into the wider galaxy. Now the Republic have set their sights on Taris and we can only wonder what will happen next.

Vod Sarkin | Freelance Reporter
[Environment of Taris]

Everything the Republic is today owes itself to Corellia. Not only was Corellia one of the core founders of the Republic, but it was one of the major catalysts that sparked the process that made the Galactic Republic into what it is today. 

Along with the Duros, Corellians were the first to develop faster-than-light travel, discovering the hyperlanes that linked the Core Worlds together and forming the means for intergalactic communication and trade. Corellia became the stage for a massive undertaking, the development and construction of starships, some of the best in the galaxy even to this day, and as its achievements grew, as did its importance and the size of the shipyards. Now it is difficult to land on the planet without seeing one of the great shipyards, huge marvels of engineering in orbit around the planet, and the credits it raked in turned Corellia into a jewel of the Core worlds. 

There are few in the galaxy that have not heard of the planet Corellia. With the recent conflict, and it being the namesake of the cross-galactic tradelanes "The Corellian Run" and "The Corellian Trade Spine," Corellia sits firmly as one of the most important planets in the galaxy

Sythbo Lepps | Freelance Reporter
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