Hello Star Wars fans, nerds, people, cosplayers... whatever the hell.

Let’s sit down a moment and talk. We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? I mean yes, the podracing went on for far too long, and there was some sketchiness over Jacen Solo in the EU. And here, at SWTOR-RP, we’ve also had some good times. If you can’t remember at least one piece of roleplay which moved you, right down there in the heart, or which at least made you go “whooo” in a tone which is much more enthusiastic than my writing allows for, I’d be surprised. Hell, I’d offer my condolences.

So why am I here, on this hallowed day, nammering on about all of this? Because I have a very simple message for the lot of you:

Embrace all the roleplay offered to you.

"But Taeghen," I hear you cry out in despair. "There are many of us in the community who are stupid, or annoying, or have died like eighteen times, or who are so made of special snowflakes that 'Let it go' is sounding out behind them like a crude form of psychological torture." And that’s true. Likely, some of the people reading this will put me in at least one of those categories. But it’s not important. Consider the following:

Look at what we have to work with. Look at the sheer richness of Star Wars, the overwhelming diversity of it, the depth of thousands of people working together to build something glorious. We would not have the Mandalorians if people hadn’t decided that Boba Fett was that awesome. We would lack all of the tremendous detail on the Sith’s ancient ways had Palpatine not intrigued and repelled us. And then it grows even further: the Chiss are here because of Thrawn. How many bounty hunters have sprung up from this lot?

Iradox A very well writen article even if I don't agree 100% with you in regards to lore, but you already knew I would say...
Kateness Quote: so long as it doesn’t curtail others or blast into the scene demanding they be obeyed I'm probably g...
The Zen Workshop Quote: '' Do you think Lucas gave a damn how many hours exactly it took to get from Tatooine to Alderaan? No, ...

Fair and Balanced

GNN Foreword: stop sending us letters about this already! We do not represent with this man! Just read it. It's better than whatever soap opera the CBNS has about jedi housewives (which we assure you, are fabricated. Jedi do not make good houseviwes. Jedi do in fact not marry at all).

By Dr. Xanddal Hartthom

Ah! Some of my astute readers might have feared that my article was over after my last article on the Chiss and the following, unfounded, rumors of my death. It seems that a group of dissident Chiss, clearly influenced by the corrupt Republic and its vile manners, had taken offense to the clear truth in my last piece of work and assaulted me. Thankfully, the aliens were no match for human ingenuity and they have been suitably chastised by their superiors, who in this case, where Chiss themselves.

But I digress. My wise and intelligent readers did not seek out this second-rate news station (who happened to have irst-rate coverage) in order to hear about the troubles of a humble scientist, but rather to hear more of my brilliant discoveries and the genius of my exposing the traits of the various races of the galaxy. As the intelligent reader will recall, the first article I published through the Galactic News Network concerned the slave race called the Twi’lek, and today I shall address another race who, at an appearance, might be thought of such but which is far more dangerous.

The Eski "Ugh, I had the misfortune of meeting one of these creatures a few years ago. She and the child she was caring ...
Dennis "I am sorry to hear some less thinking Chiss (due to their affiliation it might be understandable?) took offens...
Jedi-at-heart Good thing this guy has never met my Togruta character Sokara... O_o Retired Jedi or no, she'd probably still clobb...

Fair and Balanced

Foreword: As before, this article does not represent the values nor opinions of the Galactic News Network. And while the network does not dabble in politics (we are as always your unbiased news source), we may note that certain other scientists disagree with Dr. Hartthorn.

By Dr. Hartthorn

Ah, once more my contacts have been permitting me to print an article in this fine news outlet, and we did not need to threaten to confiscate anything this time around! Instead, I believe I heard the editor muttering something about digging a bed to lie in. But then, that fat man is probably just envious of my wit and allies.

After my last article, I was sent, as was to be expected, a storm of letters. As I am a busy man, I will have to pick just one for now to respond to. This was a letter from a trooper stationed on Hoth; Trooper Kay, Ca’ssia, who made a few intelligent enquiries, and as a follow-up, I shall respond to these here:

First of all, no, I’m afraid that we cannot breed the Twi’lek to be born with the Imperial sign on them, but that is what branding and tattoos are for. On your other question, it is indeed possible to make them look like Chiss and indeed, it is possible to have you sent a few to boost the morale! I’ve had my contacts send you and the other troops a few to boost the morale of the fine Imperial troops on Hoth. Onwards to victory! We are proud of your work!

However, it it is this part of Trooper Kay's letter that sparked a particular interest:

"Could you share your insights into Chiss in one of your next articles? I grew up on Dromund Kaas believing that Chiss would always act rationally, but most of them I have encountered so far do not fulfill these expectations. They fail to follow logic in quite important matters and I do not understand why that is the case."

And with that, I will head into the work itself.

Dennis ((More Dr. Hartthorn, more .))
Daiskel Ridema ... I can't help but feel that the part in Trooper Kay's letter was some sort of... Judgement regarding the st...

Last week we covered Echani RP
, so we figured it would be interesting to look at other guides included on the forums! Where better to look next but at Chiss: how players think Chiss should be acted out and look with an overview of the culture itself. 

The Csillian Rose have a guide that covers just that! Take a look at it on their forums. It's also featured here on the SWTOR-RP forums too! The guide itself was written by SinclairEch'la'sera, and Sarai. Edits were done by Azteca

"The Chiss are tall, blue-skinned xenophobic humanoids with glowing red eyes, blue-black hair and soft voices. The only official (and alien!) allies of the Sith Empire, they remain shrouded in mystery, fighting in a war they want no part of. Serving as anything from agents, starship captains, and soldiers to assistants, the dutiful Chiss find themselves fighting a war with the Sith Empire against the Republic.

Many of them volunteer to go to Imperial space out of a sense of duty and patriotism for their people, knowing that they might never go home. Though the race is xenophobic, those Imperials that demonstrate the Chiss virtues of discipline and duty can gain the respect and loyalty of the blue-skinned folk."

See what you can learn about how to perhaps better roleplay Chiss! For the next edition, I am looking at the new outfit features, so check that out and Force be with you fellow TOR-goers!

Ech'la'serra We're honored to be featured on the front page of SWTOR-RP and happy we're able to help the growing community ...
Captain Shanks I'd like to give a shoutout to Shwerr Chishen (did i spelled it right?) guild that is trying to bring quality Chiss...

Boys and girls of TOR, as you know from our previous article about the battles presently being undertaken in the arena of winner takes all death-matchy goodness, you might wonder what the participants are upto outside of the arena. 

Remember Lesatho? She's the organiser of the off-screen events, and she told us that people get creative; they draw and write about the events and happenings as the death matches work down toward that final victor. So we thought what better opportunity than to write about it! In the last battle featured here, we saw a good number of submissions, and while we can't feature everything, we'd like to give you a snapshot of what people got up to during the event. 

The first creative piece we figured to spotlight would be a short story telling of Mildred's defeat over Beviin in the previous Battle Royale held last month: 


The chiss language, named Cheunh, is a synthetic language. Any Chiss name traditionally consists of three parts. The first and last parts are both a part of the family name, while the middle name is considered the given name. An abbreviation of the family and given name is also known as the core name, and this is what Chiss are usually called by most outsiders. The best known example of this might be Mitth'raw'nuruodo whose abbreviated name (core name) is Thrawn. Other examples could be the diplomat Chaf'orm'bintrano which is abbreviated into Formbi, and to make up an example: someone named Thral’a’rshi would be Lars as a core name.

One note of importance here is that it is the opening sound, not the opening letters, of the last part of the first third of the name (example: Chaf is F) combined with the core and the first part of the last part of the name (example Bintrano being bi) that forms the core name, and in this context it makes Chaf'orm'bintrano into Formbi.

For those who are interested in a far more in-depth guide on this, I would strongly recommend reading the guide here.

One should note that this guide is still a fan-made production. But it is following in tune with the logic of the setting and is, in my opinion, a much clearer way of describing it than what one might find elsewhere.

Dennis This is the very guide I have linked to on my RP site. Glad you took up the subject.
Trus'adini'graz Sadini Yay! My primary right now is Trus'adini'graz. She goes by a core name of "Sadini" because &a...
Vaanthe a Loved the topic.

Most of the people that read these articles have one thing in common with me, the writer: we're all roleplayers, that for whatever reason, love or hate, a mixture of both, find enjoyment enough in The Old Republic to continue on, creating plots, writing stories, interacting, and diving head first into the community, whether on a broader scale, or with a few close knit individuals.

For whatever reason, we all fell in love with Star Wars. You may not like BioWare, may not like George Lucas, Disney, may not even like SWTOR as a whole, but there is one thing that each of us have in common and that is our love, fascination, or even idle curiosity over the environment that those have come to create, and that is the genre of Star Wars.

Some, like me, delve further into the Expanded Universe and fanon, taking the time to create guides, models, ideas, to expand on existing content and flesh it out to create an entire idea or concept behind a species, like my own Iridonian Fanon guide, started by roleplayers in Star Wars Galaxies on Bria and Starsider, and then brought to TOR and expanded by myself, Vaanthe, and a few other roleplayers. Guides like the Cathar roleplay guide fleshed out and written by Foxberry, and guides like the Sith roleplay guide that was fleshed out and expanded for TOR by Vexos.

For whatever reason, people like us, people like you, Mandalorian fanboys and girls, Iridonian lovers, or even die hard Chiss fanatics, came together to create and play this game, to roleplay in this genre.

So my focus this week is: what is it about Star Wars that drew you in? Why Star Wars? What is it about TOR or Star Wars in general that keeps you coming back for more despite the hundreds of other RPGs, MMOs, or various dramas you could be in?

Why do you love Star Wars?
User x I'll try again, I think the first film so closely aligned with a generation of kids (maybe the later films do the s...
Taeghen Because it remains, despite everything else, one of the most compelling and expansive universes created, perhaps because...
Captain Shanks Because it has everything thing. From dark order of morbid villains, righteous monks, corporation-controlled worlds, fri...

This week, we are looking toward the Ebon Hawk server and the talented pool of artists, writers and musicians who make their home there. I have not had the chance to roleplay on that server as much I might like to, so I have not met Sriin in-game, but Sriin is an excellent and well regarded artist.

When speaking with the artist, she had the following to say about herself: 

"I have a BFA in illustration the School of Visual Arts and additional training from Gnomon School of Visual Effects."

And when speaking about the game and the community in which she roleplays, she commended the community as a whole, the people who have helped to shape her character, and her experiences and those who contributed toward her inspiration: 

"What inspired me about SWTOR is the people I've met within the RP community, and what they inspired in me. In a way, I suppose it's been a pretty kick-ass feedback loop. Some of my favorite RP moments have happened in the TOR game space. Out of all the communities I've been a part in over the years, the Ebon Hawk community has helped me to create and shape my favorite RP character--Sriin Knorei. No character exists in a vacuum, and they are all products of the RP experiences in these games. I owe much of my success, RP and art-wise, to others."

Looking at her artwork (and there is just too much amazing stuff to choose from but we will stick to the SWTOR based stuff), I think my favourite has to be this piece:
SvenPek My partner in crime and mischief on the swtor-rp site! Or well former. Did a picture for me too and I love it! Still use...
Vaanthe a I love her art! She did a great picture for me of my BH Vaanthe. She is creative, easy to work with, and went well beyo...
D'aax Sriin also did the piece that's the artwork for not only my Avatar, but the article about my work below (is that va...

The Sith Empire is known for its discrimination against different species. Despite their alliance with the Chiss from the Unknown Regions and Sith Pureblood at the top of their hierarchy, the Sith Empire believes all species other than humans are lesser beings. 

The Galactic Republic is not so narrow-minded. In the war against the Empire, the Republic has called upon all its allies, from different worlds and of different species. The Republic pushes for a unified front against the Empire without discrimination. 

Duros, Wookiees, the Talz, Ongree and Kaleesh have all heard the call from the Republic. Other species have also joined the fight in hopes of ridding the Empire from the galaxy and restoring peace and freedom to the galaxy. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
Adhock42 "Always good to see welcome allies even if I can barely understand half of them. They at least know the stakes ...

Back in July 2011, we announced and launched the SWTOR-RP Guides: a group of individuals willing to seek out and help members of the site, and players of The Old Republic both new and old.

Today, we still have our guides, and they're ready to help those who require assistance with SWTOR, and of course, roleplay.

Our current guides are JadeEclypse, Jerax, Saeris, and Glzmo.

Fancy the idea of helping out your fellow players? Becoming a guide is easy. Head on over to our staff application, tick the Guides box, and answer a number of questions as to why you'd make an amazing guide.

For now, continue reading below to get an insight into our current stock of guides. Know who they are, what they do, and how they can help you. Also, keep an eye out next month as our Guides kick off a monthly guide for all things SWTOR, Star Wars, and roleplay!
User x Bloody Superb idea!, Just today on Alederaan, I came across an Operative who was having a problem with mission completio...
lowercasejae Oh god how do I know three of you what is this.
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