Hello readers and welcome to another issue of Adding Flavour: the series that goes beyond the norm to offer tips and tricks to enhance your roleplay. Continuing on from the last issue, our topic today concerns part two of Species, discussing and providing examples of playable and plausible species to be seen within RP. So, diving straight into it!

This particular species is one to be seen making its way more and more onto the RP scene. Felacatian are a shapeshifting feline-based species native to their homeworld of Felacat. With an appearance similar to the more human-like Cathars, Felacatians are known for their hyperdeveloped sense of balance, heightened speed and agility all thanks to feline evolution. What makes this particular species so interesting to play is their ability to shapeshift into a large, predatorial cat. Immensely dangerous, in this form their claws are said to be able to shred durasteel. Felacatians only shift into their more feline state during times of heightened stress and emotional duress, though with practice they can learn to freely control their ability to phase back and forth.

Felacatians are very similar to Cathar, so that is the natural suggestion on base species model; though one may wish to choose the more human-like facial features to achieve closer results to the species. Naturally, their more predatorial cat form requires description from the player. Or this could be substituted by the use of a large companion like a Nexu.

LD.OOC On the matter of Hapans if I am not mistaken at the current point of the timeline they are establishing their Consortium...

Most of the people that read these articles have one thing in common with me, the writer: we're all roleplayers, that for whatever reason, love or hate, a mixture of both, find enjoyment enough in The Old Republic to continue on, creating plots, writing stories, interacting, and diving head first into the community, whether on a broader scale, or with a few close knit individuals.

For whatever reason, we all fell in love with Star Wars. You may not like BioWare, may not like George Lucas, Disney, may not even like SWTOR as a whole, but there is one thing that each of us have in common and that is our love, fascination, or even idle curiosity over the environment that those have come to create, and that is the genre of Star Wars.

Some, like me, delve further into the Expanded Universe and fanon, taking the time to create guides, models, ideas, to expand on existing content and flesh it out to create an entire idea or concept behind a species, like my own Iridonian Fanon guide, started by roleplayers in Star Wars Galaxies on Bria and Starsider, and then brought to TOR and expanded by myself, Vaanthe, and a few other roleplayers. Guides like the Cathar roleplay guide fleshed out and written by Foxberry, and guides like the Sith roleplay guide that was fleshed out and expanded for TOR by Vexos.

For whatever reason, people like us, people like you, Mandalorian fanboys and girls, Iridonian lovers, or even die hard Chiss fanatics, came together to create and play this game, to roleplay in this genre.

So my focus this week is: what is it about Star Wars that drew you in? Why Star Wars? What is it about TOR or Star Wars in general that keeps you coming back for more despite the hundreds of other RPGs, MMOs, or various dramas you could be in?

Why do you love Star Wars?
User x I'll try again, I think the first film so closely aligned with a generation of kids (maybe the later films do the s...
Taeghen Because it remains, despite everything else, one of the most compelling and expansive universes created, perhaps because...
Captain Shanks Because it has everything thing. From dark order of morbid villains, righteous monks, corporation-controlled worlds, fri...
Republic on Fire

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. The past few weeks we have really been getting a super sneak peek at how the Republic really tried to fancy up Taris, and how the Sith Empire came and pulled the proverbial lush green carpet out from under them. But not to worry: in this particular gambit, the Sith Empire wins. Let's find out how, shall we?

So after not only turning the wildlife against the Republic citizenry, but also the nasty trick with the Republic scientists beloved Rakghoul population, the Empire started playing for keeps. The Imperials don't really play around when they want something done, and done for good. This time they not only took out a big morale booster in the form of a Cathar warmonger, they also marched right into the last standing Republic base, shut down the guns, and then bombed it from orbit in a gigantic strike from some kind of superweapon. And if that's not enough, they broadcast the defeat on an open channel to anyone who'd listen, just to show off. 

Sound a little too harsh? Remember how Over Exposure covered Balmorra and the Republic's takeover of the planet's droid factories not too long ago? Let's call this tit for tat here. The Empire doesn't take kindly when anyone takes what they believe to be their toys. So, hell, they'll just come along and take yours. And then set you on fire for your trouble. So think twice before crossing the Empire, or you might just be on the menu. 

That's it for the coverage of Taris. Stick around as we haul jets off to Tatooine to see what makes the planet really tick, and we think it's the jawas. Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Appreciate any humor that your green-hued friends attempt to accomplish! 
Anticipation will be high for an important event taking place this week. Get excited! Letting yourself get pumped up for this event will increase your ultimate satisfaction when it finally occurs. Don’t forget to appreciate the experience as it happens. 

There is someone you find irresistible, or there will be soon. Let them know it! You don’t stand a chance if they don’t even know how you feel. Genuine compliments will be a bolster to your love life this week. Approach your crush and just be yourself. Whether they love you or not, at least you gave it a chance.

Be extra careful with your words this week. Something you say may come out wrong or be portrayed in a way you weren’t anticipating. If that does happen, remain poised and be humble enough to correct your mistake to avoid insulting anyone. 

Sith Pureblood
If you have the opportunity to dress up fancy this week, take it! You would look great in formal attire, and only goods things can come to you if you’re wearing a tuxedo or dress this week. Something special is going to happen, so make sure you’re dressed for the occasion!
Henerkin This is quite accurate for one of my humans.

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Excuse your blind friend’s awkwardness this week.
Humans tend to be easily fooled, often falling prey to traps, disguises, or scams. This week is not a good week to be trusting of others. Odds are, someone will try to deceive you this week, likely when you least expect it. Stay vigilant and beware of tricks.

Music can be a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. If you feel overwhelmed by the flurry of activity you’ll experience this week, relax and recharge with some good music, be it from a cantina or the HoloNet.

Unfortunately, you’re going to be disappointed at some point this week. Whether it’s a small thing or a big deal, someone will fail to meet your expectations and ultimately be unable to do what you ask of them. It’s okay to be upset, but forgive whoever has disappointed you. They may come through in the future if you give them a second chance. 

Sith Pureblood
Something is ailing you. Be it sickness, heartache, or an unwanted vice, you’ll fall victim to feelings of drowsiness, sickness, and laziness in the near future. Hopefully this hindrance passes quickly. If the ailment persists, reach out to someone, such as a doctor or close friend, to get help.

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Compliment your allies, spread the love!
If you’ve made any goals recently, don’t plan on fulfilling them. Better not to lie to yourself and admit that you’re not going to be very productive over the next week. Important objectives may seem insignificant, so don’t make any important decisions.

Remember that nothing is impossible, especially with your confident demeanor. If you’re feeling discouraged, perk up. Work through the difficulties and eventually everything will turn out just as you need it to.

Offensive stereotypes about your culture or a fact about your social or economic status may be used against you this week in order to goad you into a fit of rage or encourage low self-esteem. Be ready to stand against discrimination and stick up for who you are.

Sith Pureblood
An ally or someone you care about is in a tough spot. They may try to hide their inability to deal with their own problems, but you’ll probably see through the guise. Take initiative and be charitable for the sake of your friend. Be a shoulder to lean on.

We're back! The SWTOR-RP team has returned from the Lake Retreat on Naboo and are ready for another year of lightsaber swinging action! We hope that you all enjoyed the holiday break, and that you celebrated as hard as the Ewoks after the victory in the battle of Endor. 

2014 has kicked off, and we venture forth into another year of The Old Republic. Last year we saw some pretty cool additions to the game, with the highlights being the Cathar playable species, the Appearance Designer, and Galactic Starfighter

Each year we get a digital expansion, and game updates come through quite frequently, adding new content and fixing what's broke. 

What are your predictions for 2014? What features do you think are going to be added to the game? There's a large list of features we'd like to see, but the ones we want aren't always the ones that we get. So, post away in the comments section and let your Force vision guide you!
Zals Pahro Would love Guild Capitol Ships!
Harbinger Honestly, I would like to see (and yes, I know this has been talked about ad nauseum) some SGRA companions. Not just so...

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Celebrate Life Day with us!
Humans and wookiees have always seemed to possess some kind of natural kinship. Celebrate your friendships this holiday season, if your associates are wookiees or not, and remember that relationships are what make life worth living. 

How fun would it be if you put some tinsel up on those horns of yours! Spend this Life Day season decorating, you’ll find that it is a good project to keep your one-track-mind busy and a great stress reliever. You’ll be happy with the end result of your labor.

Try to get into a snowball fight this holiday season. You’ll surely win! After all, you do blend in perfectly with the snow. You’ll be practically invisible. Let your competitive side flourish the next couple of weeks, as long as it is all in good fun. 

Sith Pureblood
Don’t take Imperial Edict GR-1NC4 too seriously. You need to let loose and enjoy yourself a little bit. You may find the whole celebration silly or childish, but what’s the harm in indulging a little bit? Join your companions in the holiday cheer. Don’t be a party poodoo.

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Forgive the lies of humans.
You may be suffering from a guilty conscience. You’ve made a mistake, and you’re afraid that if you reveal your fault, you’ll be ridiculed for it. Accept the consequences of your actions, because if you wait for someone else to find out, the situation can only get worse.

Pride may be preventing you from accepting beliefs that contradict your own, even if you are given proof that your view is wrong. Don’t be thick-headed for the sake of being stubborn. Have an open mind and accept that you won’t always be right.

You made a promise that you can’t keep. You may, or may not, feel bad about your fib, but either way it’s important that you make up for failed expectations. Whoever is disappointed in your actions may forgive you if make an effort to correct your mistake.

Sith Pureblood
Many trials await you this week. It may seem as if the challenges never end, but stay strong. At the end of the week, you will feel a sense of relief that makes the stress you felt worth it. Work hard now for a time of relaxation later.
Captain Shanks The human part so bloody accurate for my character that im worried OOC.

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Help your color-blind friends differentiate hues this week!
Humans love to experiment and try new things, but they also tend to dread change. This week you may feel excited about an out-of-the-box solution to a problem, but you fear that taking that approach will fail or not be as successful as you hope. Take the risk. It will surely pay off.

On your home world, reeks were ridden as war mounts. This week you may feel as proud as if you were riding into battle on one, ready to save the day. Don’t let your pride keep you from accepting your mistakes and listening to others. 

If you go on a date this week, don’t second guess yourself. Love, despite popular belief, if not a battlefield. Relax and let the interaction come naturally and effortlessly. Leave your worries behind and enjoy the company.

Sith Pureblood
You are going to have a big debate with someone this week. You may believe that your reasons are valid and that your opponent is entirely wrong, but it’s important to concede to good points that they make. Don’t see this debate as a personal attack, but an opportunity for both sides to exchange ideas.
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