"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
― Plato

Assumption: most of us are here because we're fans of Star Wars. The story and its characters sucks us in and here we find an escape from reality as we immerse ourselves into a rich and vivid virtual reality of the universe we've grown to love. 

But what good is that universe if it lacks one thing that gives it life, gives it meaning? Without its music, Star Wars wouldn't be the same. The music in the Star Wars films and games gives it life and soul. It engages our emotions.

In roleplay, it is no different. Though we may roleplay in silence most of the time (except for that not-so-awesome cantina music), imagine the difference it would make to hear the sounds of John Williams as you begin to incite your enemy, as you draw your weapon and start an all-out cantina brawl with countless Treeks flinging stones across the room. Though this might sound a little silly (but super fun), music enhances the feel of that scene tenfold. 

In today's Friday Focus, we'd like to know how imperative the music of Star Wars is to your gaming, your roleplaying and your storytelling, both solo and with friends. Does it change your mood? Does it affect the way you feel? I have no doubt it does, but pop your thoughts into the comments section below! 
YA BOI CatharMando I like to Jam to this while looking through the site or playing swtor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sczx0Xztd4
The Snowies. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure Plato did not say that... In other matters, more relevant to the article, music...
Kirbus Music is very important to me when it comes to Star wars, it carries so much weight and can help describe scenes and cha...

Stop sinking Corellian ale, holster those blasters, and get yourselves out of those cantinas! Party time is over! It's a new year and time to set your sights on making the most of 2016!

Last year, we saw some amazing things happen in the world of The Old Republic. We received Rise of the Emperor, Fallen Empire, and now we've got plenty of new gear, new combat animations and abilities. But with all the new goodies, there's still plenty to come; from BioWare and from us, the players. 

There is always something to do in MMOs, and SWTOR is no different, especially in the world of roleplay. BioWare creates content, but roleplayers create stories. The worlds we have are massive, but the stories we create can be even bigger. 

For twenty-sixteen's first Friday Focus, we'd like to know what your ambitions are for The Old Republic. What do you hope to achieve in the game this year? Let us know in the comments section below!
Emoral Heliolite I've two foremost ambitions this year with respect to RP in SW:TOR: - The first is, very simply, to RP. The Lost P...
TheScythe I want to try these Pies Granny Olsen makes that everyone seems to be talking about.
Jynxed Koma Complete destruction of Nar Shaddaa, Perma death for "Darth Valdes", Vaylin romance, Arcann receives D...

After a long day at work, a long session at the gym, or a long argument with your other half, all you want to do is take off that Jabba slave bikini and fall back onto your bed. It is no different for our characters in The Old Republic, minus the bikini. 

Our characters are the best of the best. They're elite Jedi, special forces members, super spies, super smugglers, infamous hunters, and unstoppable Sith. Every day they're faced with the galactic war with the opposing super-faction. But they're not robots, and they can't operation all day and all week. The elite need to relax. 

In today's Force Reflection, let us know what your character does to relax. Do they hit the local cantina like most others (boring)? Do they find a quiet spot in the galaxy and unwind? Or is their limited relaxation time spent healing in a bacta tank like little not-so-old Luke? Let us know in the comments!
User x For a good amount of time he has been chasing GSI rep. Pretty cool, just cruising, but a bit upset GSI terminal on Shadd...
D'aax Mai Cash has been spending her time lately shopping for furniture for her Coruscant apartment that she and her ex-husban...
Erex Malren My characters go shoot things because of boredom/

We are indebted to Larry Everett's new home at Hyperspace Beacon. We've been provided some stunning new images of construction for Galactic Strongholds, as well as images for the upcoming Nar Shaddaa Casino event. Head on over to Hyperspace Beacon to view these great new shots of what's to come to The Old Republic

Worried about the new housing system coming to SWTOR? During a cantina community event in Vancouver, a developer had this to say: 

"I will say though it is nothing like any system in any other MMO out there right now; it is completely different and a new style. I promise you, as a fan of housing you will not be disappointed in how our works. Seriously. We have put a lot of thought into making it customizable."

Don't panic and abandon starship just yet. Thanks to Massively for this information. 

Galactic Strongholds will be available for early access to subscribers August 19th. Start saving those credits, and in the millions! Strongholds may not come cheap. Time to hit those dailies!
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why is everyone having awesome RP but me?”
In my experience, this is a common assumption amongst role-players, that somehow, somewhere, the rest of the RP community is happening, and the individual is left in some kind of hellish limbo where plots are left unfinished, stories untold, and the only thing left to do is to mope around at the cantina bar listening in to everyone else RPing together.
This ethos is both a self-fulfilling prophecy and utter myth in the same blue milk-laced breath. I’m glad to report that the solution and the cause of this malady are one and the same.
It is you!
Let me share with you that most hallowed of all evidence, an anecdote;
Many moons ago, after the collapse of SWG and years of WoW burnout, I found a game called Rift. For me personally, it was like WoW, but with RP I could get into. I was a shy and retiring character not knowing anyone and not doing a lot about it other than keeping to myself and not having more than a sentence or two of RP interactions with anyone.
Ashaa Tai I agree..And yet I disagree. The OP is absolutely, 100% correct, too many people just sit around, too shy to approach a...
Ponponpony This post helped me a lot cause I wasnt sure about what is roleplay, Im ansious about living it by myself , I have a dou...
Adhock42 Unfortunately I have to disagree with the article. I've been having problems finding RP myself and it's not t...

From cantina bands to bands of adventuring dwarfs reminiscing about long forgotten gold... wait wrong movie. Anyway, there's singing in Star Wars. It can range from catchy pop tunes to chest pounding war chants to improvisational swamp jam sessions (bonus points to whoever gets that reference), but the songs and sounds we identify with can say a lot about who we are.

So for this Force Reflection: Does your character sing or play music? What's their favorite instrument, style, or genre? What do you think the music they sing, play, or listen to says about them?
Henerkin Some Tatooine Blues at times when drunk.
User x Well if your asking, I have this number I like to strut out, it goe's something like this Borrrn Freeeee, Free as ...
Vindana Vindana does not sing, she only hums from time to time to overcome nervousity as some kind of meditation (not uncommon) ...

Whether it's a Thursday night barge party or an evening of hitting the cantinas, or even a formal charity ball, there's a lot of twirking, twirling, and two-stepping going around the galaxy. Sometimes you just gotta let your hair (or headtales) down and let loose. Or maybe you're more like my bounty-hunter character. If you ask her to dance, she'll probably break your neck.

So for this Force Reflection: Does your character dance? Where'd they learn their moves? And what's their style?
Henerkin Used to, when filling the role of MC fot the Nights of Nar Shaddaa, but not much if my character is not completely drunk...
User x Pell. I used to be able wiggle my but awesomely (really), shit loads better than my avatars and I will tell them that. I...
Rhenn Once at an event, but never again... never again...

Last year during the Rakghoul Plague event, I had my Sith Marauder get killed from the plague to become a Force ghost. At the time my guild and I were pretty excited about the idea, because it has never really been pulled off before, but after about a week, it got old fast. Since I was really into RP, the Sith Marauder was my only character, and I wasn't really interested in doing any PvP or PvE in the game. I overused my Force ghost abilities. I didn't really know what to do RP-wise either, since I was a ghost, so what I mostly did was stalk on other RPers as a ghost. I then soon got complaints and PMs to cut it out. Right after, I went to Korriban to preform a ritual to obtain my life back so I could return to normal.

When you RP as a Force ghost, you come across some problems. The biggest 
problem would be that it limits your RP experience to almost nothing. Like my experience, you can't just walk up to the counter at a cantina and be like, "Hey bartender, give me a shot of Huttese Hangover, with extra ectoplasm." It doesn't work like that! Most RP makes it hard to have it where being a ghost is relevant, unless it is either planned, or you are in a certain spot where you would have enough "energy" to manifest.

Another problem would be that being a Force ghost would only be possible if you are a Jedi or a Sith. Since Smugglers, Troopers, Bounty Hunters, and Imperial Agents have little to no Midi-chlorian count in their bloodstream, it would be impossible to use them to become "one with the Force."

The last problem would be appearance. Sure you could try and use your imagination, but just looking like you are a ghost is half the fun and experience when roleplaying. The new toy from the Cartel Market, Holo-Disguise, would be the perfect choice to use. It's cheap on the GTN, and could be also used to RP out Holo-calls! But there is a bad side to it too: the duration time. It only lasts two minutes and has a cool-down of  three minutes. That is where you have to awkwardly wait until you finally can look cool again. Of course, Jedi Shadows and Sith Assassins can use their stealth abilities as a substitute until the cool-down is over, but what of the other Force-using classes? 

With all these negatives on being a Force ghost, there has to be some positives, right? Yes. Although there are many negatives, there are just as many positives as well! It is a very creative way to RP, and when it's done right, it is fun!

Today's Force Reflection asks: What is your opinion on Force ghosts in RP? Is it creative or an annoyance? If you tried it yourself, how would you stay that way or would you try to find a way to bring yourself back to life?
@$ark It can be a once in a while thing
WLB Brace yourselves. Nerd-rant incoming! Please do not take too seriously. *clears throat* First off, even non-forceusers...
Baskerville Force ghosts, yes. Midichlorians, no.

We’ve all run into moments of frustration in our lives where normal words are insufficient. There are times when we just have to dust off our rage faces and scream a four letter word at the top of our lungs, or maybe you drop a curse every other word cause you so hella gangsta.Whatever the case, we’ve all had to wash out our mouths (literally or figuratively) at least once. But what about our characters? How do we deal with profanity in a Star Wars setting?

There are instances in the original films of some minor vulgarity, such as Han Solo calling Obi-Wan a "damn fool” in A New Hope and telling an Echo Base Officer, "I’ll see you in hell!” as he rides off to save Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. But sometimes the situation calls for something stronger. A simple internet search for Star Wars profanity can yield lists of containing many scores of lore-friendly swears in Basic, Huttese, Mando’a, and other Star Wars languages. You even build up your dirty vocabulary just by paying attention to what people say in cantinas. However, some might consider an f-bombing soldier or s***-talking outlaw to be more "realistic" than the sanitized movies, books, and games. But this is sci-fi for frak sake.

So for my first Force Reflection ever: Does your character have a mouth like a spacer? If so, what is your favorite canonical curse? From an RP perspective, do you think it is ok to use real-world bleeps in-character? How do you react (OOCly and ICly) if someone does drop a thousand hertz?
D'aax Mai only tends to drop curses where appropriate. Normally after someone has complimented her on her eloquence or class, ...
Nebu'la Nebu'la is in one moment a delight and the next swearing like a trooper being shoved up an Rankor's as*** (I ...
Redamous Red drops the occasional 'damn' or 'hell', but tends to steer clear of cursing for the most part, ma...

It is that jolly time of year again. The market districts and cantinas are abuzz, credit chips are depleted of all funds, and the nerd-herding family gathers around to celebrate the festive season. Yep, real jolly. 

But nerd herders and credit chips aside, the end-of-year period serves the purpose of pure festivities, laughter, and celebrating the year that was and the year that will be. 

On behalf of the entire team at SWTOR-RP, I'd like to wish all you roleplaying fiends the happiest of holidays. May your days that bring the year of 2012 to an end be as much of a fiesta as the Ewok-hosted party on Endor—whether or not you'll be making use of Stormtrooper helmet-drums. 

On a side note, our esteemed Reporters will be taking a much-earned break. But don't fret! We'll be posting highlights from the year that was throughout the holiday period until the busy little Reporter-bees get back to buzzing about and fulfilling their duties on the 7th of January 2013. 

Stay safe, and may the Force be with you all. 
Ezrab'teb "Amagad a can of sand amagaaaaad!!1!1" *screams like the Nintendo 69 Kid* Happy holidays to you too.
Mad Duck +10 Internets for the picture!
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