It's probably same to presume that in the Star Wars universe, Force sensitives are the eternal FOTM. In other non-gamer words, they're the most powerful beings in the galaxy. In all the eras of the Star Wars saga, we're exposed to heroes and villains of all types, but the ones that stand out the most and do the most good or damage are the ones with the Force as their ally, be it dark or light. There are very few instances where non-Force sensitives have celebrated victoriously over their fallen Force sensitive opponents. 

In The Old Republic, we're told that our characters in their chosen classes are the best of the best. This statement is true for both Force and non-Force sensitives. Troopers, smugglers, agents and bounty hunters are supposedly just as powerful as their saber-wielding counterparts. But is that really the case? Can a character without the aid of the Force triumph over someone who does?

In today's Force Reflection, tell us whether or not your character could kick the booty of a Force wielder. Of course, we'd like to know why and how. So get to it, and flood the comments box with your ideas!
YA BOI CatharMando My force sensitive sith Rheyel could, provided he feeds of his deep selfish nature
Bearmaw I personally only have one character who would be able to go toe-to-toe with a force-user, but this is because he's...
LD.OOC Depends what of my character we are speaking of, both my fully trained police officer and my detective can restrain a un...

Who are the most powerful and fearsome beings in the Star Wars universe? It's a topic that's open to saber-swinging and blaster-firing debate as the fantasy universe we know and love is full of heroes and villains that are, in our eyes, practically god-like. 

use the mystical-yet-corrupted dark side of the Force, making them a power to be reckoned with. Jedi also use the Force, but it's not as dark and gloomy. With the Force as their ally, these magical beings are capable of causing absolute havoc to the universe, just as we've seen in the many eras of Star Wars lore. 

But is the Force the be-all and end-all? Are there beings out there capable of greatness without the use of the Force? I bet you Boba Fett has something to say about that! Which of course leads to today's topic. 

Bounty hunters are also capable of greatness, or chaos, depending on how you look at it. However, is being a bounty hunter just about taking and completing a contract? Is there a hunter's code, just like the Sith and Jedi code? Are there rules, regulations, an organisation to regulate the hunters? That's today's topic. Tell us what it means to you to be a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. 
YA BOI CatharMando Being very selfish and fucking over communities for credits and/or ego boosts
Cae Roth @Takrael really hit the nail on the head there. Like our real-world cowboys, knights, vikings, etc. Bounty Hunters have ...
Takrael I think it's something that's been romanticised because of all the famous bounty hunters in Star Wars. People ...

Just like the heavy and endless rains of Kamino, news has come pouring in from a number of fronts about the upcoming expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne. We thank Dulfy once again for always providing the goods when it comes to these announcement events as they've once again, like a good bounty hunter, brought to us that which we seek. 

Some of you might be up to date with the annoucements, but some of you may still be lingering in the dark. Regardless of how in-the-know you are, here is a summary of what we've learnt thus far. 

Shae Vizla, the well-known bounty hunter whom we either love or love (not a grammartical error) is joining our crew. She'll be available as a companion character as of October 25th. You can see the other rewards here.

Through @CristiPetrarca on Twitter, we learn that choices matter for our companions. We've heard that line before, but perhaps this time it'll be true. Supposedly, depending on our choices, lots of companions could die. In my best Jar Jar impersonation... OH NO!!!

There are going to be three difficult levels for Eternal Empire and Eternal Throne: Story, Veteran and Master, all with different levels of rewards. These may be relevant to the new uprisings that we can partake in which sound like Flashpoints. We also get Galactic Command which will be a new way to access activities and gain galactic power. Eric Musco is writing blog entries about it which will be released in three to four weeks. 

That's the bulk of it thus far. You can read deeper into it in the following links:
Official site:
Dulfy's news from NYCC:
Dulfy's KotET summary page:

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the upcoming expansion. 

Anabely The Force is within your clothes
Solyc Shahruun I always wanted to have Mand'alor as my companion, now I can force her to make me reflex stims 24/7. "Hav...

Korben Dallas wakes in his cramped box of an apartment to the noise of a telephone ringing, his cat complaining at the door, and his cigarette dispenser grumbling at him to quit. He has far fewer points on his Taxi license than he’d like his friends to think, his wife has left him, and his cab is due for a six month overhaul. He seems entirely unable to deal with anything remotely related to normal human function. His life is a mess. But when a gunman turns up at his door and tries to rob him, his handling of the situation is effortless. He is in control. Then the moment passes, and his life is a mess again. What makes the viewer want to follow Korben? 

‘Sympathy’ is something of a buzzword in the writing industry. A ‘sympathetic’ character doesn’t necessarily mean one the audience feels sorry for, it means one they want to follow – one that generates interest. It’s the idea of people watching your character and wanting to know more - to follow and to interact. Read on to find out how it’s done.

Wit is the prime candidate. Character chain-smokes and kicks puppies? Give them a sense of humour, and now and then make him totally, inescapably right in his wit, and you’ve got automatic interest. It’s practically universal because it works for any character. If they’re likeable, it makes them more likeable, if they’re evil, it makes them an anti-hero, if they’re just plain boring it makes them interesting. It would be a cheap trick if it wasn’t actually difficult to pull off in a convincing and entertaining way. If you can write funny, do write funny.

Competence is another oft-used trick of the trade, but it’s a slippery bugger. A little too much generosity in the skills dispensary and your character will come off as unbelievable and uninteresting. There are a few ways to avoid that: Give your character skills that can’t just be written in. If it can be described with “and then they do [X],” then it’s inherently less interesting than actually being able to watch the character at work, and see how they do it. If they’re a dancer, take the time to work out some interesting choreography. If you don’t feel a little performance pressure at selling them as competent, then you’re doing it wrong.

My character stands in a cargo bay full of fluffy stuffed toys. A cheap and cheerful trader with a scruffy beard tells him to 'get sorting'. Amidst the variety of varactyls, reeks, cuddly wampas, and other assorted animals are the gizka my character has purchased. They must be seperated and collected into an army of multi-coloured inanimate and fuzzy pests.

How this situation came about is a long story, but it hinges on the chap whose ship we're writing in: the trader. He's been roaming around Nar Shaddaa for some time, selling what he insists are 'genuine Beastie Babies' for thirty creds a pop (twenty if you ask nicely). In a world full of whiskey sipping, downward glaring, occasionally smirking spice-dealers, bounty hunters, and inexplicably placed Sith, an honest (sort-of) trader trying to make an honest (sort-of) buck by selling collector's toys is a real breath of fresh air.

The sorting commences over friendly banter - toys are thrown about and their facial features compared to friends. My character's partner in crime soon has a wonky eopie sticking out of the back of her trousers, and a vrake stuffed down her top. When the sorting is (despite a singular lack of focus on the task) finally complete, some thirty-odd stuffed gizka toys (plus a gorg for good measure) have been collected, and everyone retreats to the kitchen for a tea-break.

The trader's live-in assistant plays a racing game in the corner of the room, ignoring all but her high-score as the kettle boils. The conversation casually drifts to the brand of the tea, and before I can say "slick business sense," the trader has sold a few samples of reasonably priced tea leaves, including an industrial sized sack which he offers to arrange transport for.

It occurs to me, in the midst of this shamelessly free-wheeling merchantry that this is how spice deals should happen, at least on Nar Shaddaa where it is legal. There's no shadiness, just a casual segue from the sale of one item to another. I wasn't aware that gizka toys were the equivalent of a gateway drug to the tea trade, but I feel duly enlightened by the experience.

Chii I agree, would be lovely if there was more characters like this around.
Zoel wonderful post, more average-Joe's please!

After last week, one has to wonder what beast might next feature in this series of horrific articles centered around the ghastly comings and goings of creatures most fowl in the Star Wars universe. 

Naturally, it might make sense therefore that our next offering after the towering monstrosity that is the Wampa, is none other than the often talked about Sarlaac. We are sure that most of you remember these terrifying creatures! Just take a look at the media clip below if you need a little refreshing:

We figured it might be handy to spotlight some of the more interesting changes purported to be coming to Star Wars the Old Republic in the 4.0 game update.  This month, as of the nineteeth of September, there have been some interesting announcements about possible changes that might be implemented with the Bounty Hunter and Trooper classes. Why don't you read about those here

"Whether you prefer bullets, missiles, or just plain fire, Bounty Hunters and Troopers have something for you! In Game Update 4.0, we wanted to give all Powertechs/Vanguards a quick way to jump into the thick of combat or instantly catch back up to a fleeing target. To accomplish this, we made Jet Charge/Storm baseline for all Powertechs/Vanguards."

From new passive skills and abilities to utilities of different tiers, it seems like players will see some interesting developments with regards to the aforementioned classes. 

Some of the more interesting changes possibly hitting our PC screens in the 4.0 game update are as follows:

Fair and Balanced

It has been informed to us recently through the Imperial HoloNet Network that the sphere of Law and Justice has issued a large bounty on the traitorous defector known as Lord Cadel Korinth. Though the INN erroneously states him as “one of their own,” our own sources within the sphere of Law and Justice informs us that he is not to be considered as such at present.

Lord Cadel Korinth, as the astute reader will be aware, is a former high ranking member of the organisation known as The Eclipse: a group that is now largely non-existent after their leaders' traitorous defection to the Republic. And while Lord Korinth never defected himself, there are those who question what role he played in the defection and what responsibility he had. Should he have foreseen his master's treachery? And what of his political alliances? He is still, or so rumors goes, married through blood with a member of Sidre Lessia’s family (and as some rumors would have it, likely interbred too, not that we’d pay any attention to the stories on noble Alderaanians and inbreeding; We all know how they are).

The Togruta are coming. We showed off the first in-game image of the Togruta and how they'll look as a playable species. What we've been told is that they may make it into Game Update 3.3, but there is a possibility the Togruta will be delayed to a subsequent update. For reference, Game Update 3.3 is due to hit the live servers July 21. 

According to the developers, the Togruta are the most requested species. I say they're in denial because clearly Nautolans would be a player favourite!

I digress. The Togruta have been seen in Star Wars lore in different time periods, with notable characters including Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano. More relevantly to The Old Republic, Ashara Zavros is the female Togurta who is a companion character for the Sith Inquisitor class. 

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark with my double-bladed lightsaber and say that we should probably expect a significant inflation of Togruta Jedi Sentinels in SWTOR when the species hit the live servers. I for one will be creating one.

What we'd like to know for this week's Friday Focus is: what class and role will your Togruta play in The Old Republic? What kind of character will they be? Will you conform and create a Togruta Jedi, or will you go for something much less common and go for a bounty hunter?

Let us know your plans in the comments section below!

PSDuckie Either a Sentinel or a Marauder. (Haven't decided which.)
Jedi-at-heart Jedi Guardian for me, but that's because my RP character is already one. .

You're a Master Jedi, the leader of Havoc Squad, a Darth and member of the Dark Coucil, you're the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter and most slippery scoundrel. What else could there possibly be left to do? Make your Darth and Master Jedi more awesome, that's what! 

The Old Republic is filled with end-game content to assist with the awesome making. All those basic commendations you've acquired throughout your travels which have granted you full 186-tiered gear isn't enough, so you have to start earning elite and ultimate comms to make you powerful enough to rule the galaxy! 

We have dailies and weeklies, most of which grant you the commendations required to help you level up. We have Hard-Mode Flashpoints and Operations with different boss mechanics to keep you guessing and moving away from all those bad-coloured circles.

If you could pick a favourite and most enjoyable Flashpoint, Operation, or daily mission, which would it be? The Dread Palace? Korriban and Tython? What about Manaan and that feeling of nostalgia when the KOTOR music starts playing? Let us know in the comments section below!

PSDuckie My favorite would have to be Explosive Conflict. My least favorite are Lost Island, Blood Hunt, and Battle of Rishi.
Daiskel Ridema Siege of Kaon! Nothing says fun like being attacked by hordes and hordes of 'zombies' all in a Left 4 Dead sty...
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