Sit back and relax as we take you on a final trip around the galaxy. From the Core Worlds, right to the far reaches of the Outer Rim! This is your Guide to the Stars! With our final entry, we're visiting the frozen homeworld of the Chiss; the planet Csilla from the Unknown Regions.
Csilla, the homeworld of the Chiss, is a cold world of glaciers and snowy wastes located deep within Chiss Space and serves as the capital of the Chiss Ascendancy. Over twenty thousand years ago, humans arrived on Csilla in a sleeper ship and colonized the planet. It was only within the last few thousand years that the planet entered an ice age and glaciers covered the normally-warm equatorial regions of the planet; solid ice locked the poles into a perpetual winter. In order to survive, the Chiss built energy-efficient warrens beneath the ice, as close to the warmth of the inner planet as possible, with underground carriage travel routes to connect various underground sections of Csilla.
As for the Chiss themselves, they remain an enigma to the rest of the galaxy due to the remote position of their home territory. They are a near-human species which are distinguished by their blue skin and glowing red eyes which grow darker depending on the oxygen content of their surroundings. The more oxygen present, the more intense the color of their eyes and skin tone. Their physical forms have led to some speculation on whether they were an offshoot of the humans who colonized Csilla thousands of years ago or if it was just coincidence. Genetic analysis has indicated that they are in fact an offshoot of humanity and it is believed that moving underground led to a divergence between them and baseline humans.
Mith'rissi'lyaren ((As another avid Chiss player I second Voidwalker's comments. Excellent summarization of Csilla and some of the ou...
void ((As an avid Chiss player I like this!))
Last week we saw the final Nik-Nak's Workshop as I had run out of source material to write a full column's worth about. This week I will be stepping down completely from reporting which also means that A Guide to the Stars will also cease after this week. I have had a great year working alongside the great staff here on this site and I am sure they will keep up the great work in my absence.
It got me thinking though: what would you like to see more of on this site in the form of a column? While we try to keep the variation mixed and bring in an in-character sense of news reporting, there might be something we haven't thought of covering or an area you would like to see expanded on. Do you find these columns a useful source of information and use them to your advantage for in-character knowledge?
With this week's Force Reflection lets put our heads together and perhaps get a sense of how to fill the void I will inevitably leave in my departure. What would you like to see a column about? What articles would you like to see more of? Lets hear your thoughts.
Vaanthe a You will be missed, Zash. Thanks for all your hard work here, and lovely pieces!
Ganden a It was incredibly awesome to work alongside you Zash. Thank you for sticking around for the long haul and producing non-...
Kashira Farewell Zash! You'll be missed! I would love to see a column that has a poll. I feel like that would be an intera...
Sit back and relax as we take you on a trip around the galaxy. From the Core Worlds, right to the far reaches of the Outer Rim! This is your Guide to the Stars! This week we're taking a look at the Mid Rim world of Iridonia!

Iridonia is the homeworld of the Zabrak species with very harsh living conditions. As a result, the Zabrak have become quite a hardy species to cope with their homeworld's enviroment. They took to the stars and embraced space travel as soon as they developed the technology; by the time the Duros encountered the Zabrak, they had already colonized five systems. As a Mid Rim world, Iridonia is situated near key hyperspace lanes and is one of the key worlds that connects the Outer Rim to the Inner Rim. Also as a result of this, it was one of the first planets to be pulled into a war.
Alongside the Zabrak, Iridonia is home to two native species: the Hugglepup and the Blok. It is said that the Bloks are related to Banthas and they have become domesticated by the Zabrak; many of the male Zabrak are named after this native species. As for the Zabrak, sometimes referred to as Iridonians when referring to a native of Iridonia, they are most well known for their fierce sense of self-determination and an equally dominant need for independance. Although they are near human in appearance, Zabrak have a number of significant physical characteristics that set them apart. The most striking of these are the series of vesitgal horns that crown the heads of both male and female Zabrak.
Welcome to Nik-Nak's Workshop. First of all we would like to thank all our readers for supporting our work! This week will be our final insight of a jawa's view of the world of tech! This week we're taking a look at two of the nastiest melee weapons out there: electrostaffs and force pikes!
The force pike—also referred to as a stun pole—is the name given to several similar weapons that have evolved independently between races and civilizations throughout the galaxy. The distinguishing feature they all have in common is the on the tip of the pole; a vibro-edged head with a stun module. It is said that these stun modules are so powerful that they can even knock out a full-grown wookiee. To achieve this, the force pike uses a concentrated nerve impulse, similar to that featured in the stun setting of a blaster rifle. Also, despite the name force pike, they have no relation to the Force, but it isn't unheard of for Force users to wield these formidable weapons.
At their lowest setting, a force pike can deliver an excruciating electrical shock; the higher settings tend to result in paralysis or death. At their highest settings, a force pike can slice through everything from  flesh and bone to thin durasteel plating. Due to the vibro-edged head, with enough strength behind an attack, it can easily cleave through most things with very little effort. Generally, these are employed as defensive weapons. Due to their size and strength, they can easily parry attacks from a lightsaber as well as withstanding the blow. It has been known that due to their lower level settings that force pikes have also been used as torture weapons in interrogations.
Kashira ((It's sad to see this column come up a close! It's been awesome to read it, you've covered so much! I h...
Loathe Thank you for that lovely read. I made a non-force Sith Assassin (who isn't a Sith at all) and was pondering of wou...

Sit back and relax as we take you on a trip around the galaxy. From the Core Worlds, right to the far reaches of the Outer Rim! This is your Guide to the Stars! This week we're taking a look at the Mid Rim world of Glee Anselm!

A peaceful aquatic planet in the Mid Rim, Glee Anselm's surface is largely covered in water or swamps, with only a few clear landmasses spotting to the surface. The planet has a very frequent seasonal change pattern, and as a result it tends to be ravaged by intense storms and hurricanes. The climate remains moderate for most of the standard year. Glee Anselm is home to two natural species: the Nautolan and the Anselmi. Both races have evolved naturally on the planet; the Nautolans under the water and the Anselmi make use of what few landmasses can be found.

Competition for land is what is believed to have led to the warlike nature of the Anselmi. With very little land, warring tribes began to form as the Anselmi began to fight amongst themselves. The Nautolans made use of the planets vast amount of water and as a result they flourished as the Anselmi diminished. As the Nautolans gradually came to the surface and acquired land for themselves, their natural abilities and strength were more than enough to handle the Anselmi that threatened their lands. This has led to the Nautolans making up the majority of the population of Glee Anselm while the Anselmi diminish due to their internal warfare.
void ((Now I want Nautolans to be playable. I want even more than I did 'fore reading. Nonetheless, great article!))
Kader ((The Irony... A planet with a race whose culture is well known for its music... Called GLEE))
Ganden a BEST. PLANET. EVER!!!!

Welcome to Nik-Nak's Workshop. Each week we will be providing you with a jawa's insight into the world of tech! This week we're taking a look at a variation of the lightsaber: the lightwhip!

Also known as an energy whip or a laser whip, the lightwhip is a rare variation of the lightsaber. They generally function on the same principles and mechanics of a lightsaber, emitting coherent beams of energy that are used as a weapon. The main difference is the blade; rather than the straight meter long blades emitted by standard lightsabers, lightwhips feature long, flexible blades that can often extend several meters in length. To achieve this, rather than making use of one large crystal the way lightsabers do, lightwhips use multiple small crystals and the plasma in the blade has no cell barriers to keep it straight.

Just like lightsabers, the lightwhips blade can come in a variety of colors and shades based on the crystals it uses. They are mostly designed to emit a single blade—just like a standard lightsaber—though it isn't unheard of that some alterations can be made to allow the lightwhips to produce multiple tassels. These weapons are still rare and exotic weapons and they remain an unfamiliar occurrence among traditional duelists. Due to this, lightwhip wielders can usually enjoy a considerable amount of leverage over their opponents

With Game Update 2.1 just around the corner, we've got a lot of things to look forward to. As role-players, it feels as though we can appreciate some of the new additions more than the rest of The Old Republic gaming community. We've got Cathar, Character Customization Kiosks and Dye Modules to look forward to in the next few days. I imagine many of us may have been digging through our cargo holds looking for that chest piece that just didn't fit in because of the color. So what colors are you hoping for with this new addition? BioWare have released a new video to show of what we can do in Game Update 2.1. Check it out below!
Iradox Really looking forward to the colour dyes
Emoral Heliolite The navy blue Tionese/Columi/Rakata Knight chest looks really rather nice... What I'm looking to do is dye the Vali...
@$ark here comes that black and crimson or dark blue Sith Robe i always wanted

Sit back and relax as we take you on a trip around the galaxy. From the Core Worlds, right to the far reaches of the Outer Rim! This is your Guide to the Stars! This week we're taking a look at the Outer Rim world of Mustafar!

Mustafar is a small planet located within the Mustafar system of the Outer Rim Territories. It is a fiery volcanic world where lava is mined like a precious natural resource. The volatility of this world is a result of the tearing gravitational forces of two gas giants, Lefrani and Jestefad, with Jestefad being the closer of the two. The native Mustafarians use thick-skinned lava fleas; riding these animals they navigate the lava fields to mine the planet's deadly natural resources. As for the Mustafarians themselves, they are divided into two subspecies: the taller, thinner northern subspecies, and a smaller, stockier and hardier southern species.

The Mustafarians are an egocentric people who want nothing more than to squeeze any resource they can from their volcanic planet. They generally aren't concerned about the affairs of outsiders and are rarely seen off-world. They usually only leave Mustafar for trade or business reasons. The Lava Fleas they ride are four meter tall arthropods native to Mustafar; their proper name is unpronounceable by non-Mustafarians. Living off rocks and other nutrients, the Lava Flea sheds its protective shell with time and the native Mustafarians use these discarded shells as armor. Due to the insulation of the shell, it serves as protection as they explore the surface of the blistering hot planet.
Welcome to Nik-Nak's Workshop. Each week we will be providing you with a jawa's insight into the world of tech! This week we're taking a look at Slugthrowers and Scatterguns!
Slugthrowers are weapons that use an explosive chemical to launch a solid projectile at high velocity. The projectile, known as a "slug," is what gives these primitive weapons their name, slugthrower. While they may be less fashionable and more primitive over common blaster rifles and pistols, slugthrowers do have some advantages. The maintenance of a slugthrower is much easier than that of a blaster. It is a simple case of keeping them relatively clean on the inside and well oiled. It makes them more favourable weapons in unsuitable terrain such as thick jungles and swamps where the atmosphere alone can cause blaster malfunctions.
A typical slugthrower pistol has an effective range of around sixty meters, while on a rifle this range can be extended up to three hundred meters. In the hands of an expert, sniper rifles have been known to pick off enemies from up to a mile away. However, slugthrowers are extremely hard to handle and even harder to truly master. Their firing rate varies immensely with some being single shot weapons without external detachable magazines while others can fire thousands of slugs in a minute. This is also affected by the firing mechanism on each slugthrower. These range from pump, lever, revolver, bolt, as well as hundreds of others.
@Falamee537 Kal can always be seen toating around a revolver that he breaks out on special occasions, normally when he needs a quick...
TheScythe Both very practical weapons for hunting. -JC

So it's that time of the year again. How many of you have been waiting for this day just to say, "May the 4th be with you?" Or perhaps one of your favorite quotes from Star Wars? Are you planning on doing anything special to commemorate this special day? Perhaps you'd just like to share your favorite Star Wars quote with us and then get back to enjoying The Old Republic? Whatever you May be doing, May the 4th be with you today!

On that note we'll reveal the shocking truth about this special day:
Nebu'la Playing SWTOR ofc! Oh and from the alternative slant "You know what? I know we got a dangerous job to do here,...
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