Star Wars is sometimes referred to as a "space western." And this rugged frontier visual style is seen throughout the original trilogy. Most blasters were modeled after Word War 2 era firearms. The design of Han Solo's DL-44 blaster pistol, for example, was based on the German Mauser C96. The classic stormtrooper E11 blaster rifle was based on the British-made Sterling submachine gun. The space battles between X-Wings and TIE fighters were inspired by dogfighting scenes in black-and-white World War 2 flicks as well. 

This whole 20th century space age frontier blend is what gave the original Star Wars its unique feel. But this visual style is not consistent throughout the saga, especially when alien cultures are brought into the mix.

The Gree technology looks like it came straight out of cyberspace. On Naboo, entire cities are works of art. You could go down the list of all the different species and planets and how they all look and feel very different. And this is what gives the Star Wars universe so much depth. Many fans have a favorite culture, species, or planet that they obsess over, for better or for worse. And this influence is often seen in the characters that they roleplay with.

So for this Force Reflection: What visual influences from within Star Wars, or other fiction, or even the real world, do you find reflected in your character(s) appearance, attire, or equipment?
RoweBoat when im out of uniform/battlearmor.. its all about the gimp... and the leahter...
Endris The feel and visuals for my characters tend to come from variety of sources. I prefer more realistic style over showy fa...
Sphinx Sphinx - The hair has some themes of the Fifth Element movie in there, the inspiration would be Leeloo. The attire was s...

The Bounty Brokers Association has once again opened up their contacts to freelance specialists. The BBA has historically only given out contracts to the Association's licensed hunters, but this is not the first time that surplus contracts have forced the BBA to branch out, and it likely won't be the last. Some analysts have blamed the ongoing conflict between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire for the recent rise in criminal activity.

In a recent statement, Security Chief Windborn of the Coruscant Security Force told HNN, "Some folks seem to have forgotten we're still fighting a war right here at home. Black Sun has just been getting bolder and my officers will take all the help they can get at this point."

Sources on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas allege that it is a growing trend among certain Sith Lords turning to organized crime to gain a competitive edge over rival power bases. Some Sith and Imperial representatives have of course denied these claims, but maintained that such hypothetical individuals would be dealt with the same as any other criminal who subverts Imperial law.

The Bounty Brokers Association has launched a new ad compaign targeting freelance contractors.

Mac Daniel | HNN correspondent

VOSS-KA -- The peaceful atmosphere of the capital city was shattered as residents of the Alien Enclave district awoke to the sound of blasters. Two gunmen opened fire on civilians and security personnel alike. The attackers made their way to the center of the Alien Enclave where they were confronted and ultimately thwarted by a handful of unknown defenders, assumed to be a mix of Republic and Imperial personnel. 

One attacker, whom witnesses claim had extensive cybernetic augmentations, was brought down after a prolonged fight against multiple opponents. The unknown cyborg self-destructed, presumably to avoid capture or posthumous examination. 

The second was described by witnesses as a tall grey-haired human male. The suspect fled the scene and remains at large. The individuals who confronted the two gunmen remain unaccounted for as well. 

Reports from the Voss-Ka medical center estimates that several dozen individuals were killed or injured. The majority of the victims were offworlders. It is unclear whether the fabled Mystics either did not foresee the attack, or simply chose not to prevent it for reasons unknown. Voss representatives have refused to comment.

Mac Daniel | HoloNet News | Voss-Ka

Have you ever noticed how the development of technology in the Star Wars universe seems to go in the wrong direction? In the real world, technology becomes more advanced as time goes on. In Star Wars, technology seems to get more advanced as you go back in time. There are some isolated cases of real world civilizations developing early versions of modern technologies like Roman concrete, which is still vastly superior to modern Portland cement. But for the most part there is no denying the technological superiority of the present day compared to previous generations. The Romans may have had better architecture but we have the internet!

Still, that's not always the case in Star Wars. You've got the Rakata with their Star Forges and Datacrons, you've got the Gree with all their TRON suits and geometry-babbling droids, and then there's that mysterious civilization credited with creating the Maw Cluster and the Corellia system. Of course, as near as we can tell, they didn't have the HoloNet either.

So for this Force Reflection: Do you prefer to salvage ancient technology or beta-test the latest prototypes, figuratively (or literally) speaking? And what is your favorite lost (Star Wars) civilization?
Henerkin Henerkin's ship is 187 years old, hes the 7th capatain. It looks rusty and derelict and he likes it that way. The r...
@Mythradyre The Rakata technology seems interesting to salavage.
Miriya Miriya will take anything that can give her an edge as long as it reliably works as intended!

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their friends and their enemies. For some, it's easy to know what side they're on. Others have a harder time telling friend from foe. 

Let a bad friend too close, and you could find yourself with a knife in your back. Push a good friend away, and you could find yourself alone when you need help most.

So for this Force Reflection: Who would you call upon in your hour of need?
TehCelt Kleo'tani'daekloni would call either Karla Anders or Skye Daekloni, being they're the only people she tru...
Darth Dreak Dreak would like to think that he were "friends" with everybody in the sith empire, but he's a lu...
Taeghen Polarising. Many friends and allies...and subordinates. Many enemies as well. Currently the closest ally is probably Hou...

Welcome back to Herf Nern Nern, your premiere source for independent news reporting on the HoloNet. This week, lead correspondent Mac Daniel brings you an update from the city of Voss-Ka.

Sound Oh my gosh the event was so fun! And these HNN videos are AMAZING.
Kraal Waits cash has only this to say about the event:

Despite all the buzz around Galactic Starfighter, it's easy to pass it off as just another PvP update because quite frankly... that's exactly what it is, at least for now. 

As lead designer Michael Backus explained in his recent Dev Blog entry, they hope to use the off-rails space flight developed for this update as a platform on which to build new content... and lots of it. 

Don't hold your breath though. Instead, let's think about the possibilities (and send your creative thoughts to BioWare while you're at it).

So for this Force Reflection: What would you (ICly) love to do in space? And with whom?
Manthosus Co-op ships, and a co-op AND star fighter Flashpoint. That said, I'm pretty excited for GS. Not jumping and flail...
User x Mordetarius - Seriousally, (I'm gonna have to put a disclaimer here, Mark Hamill being up on big screen again, stor...
Witya Space scavenging of mysterious wrecks

It may seem pretty simple, but the art of dancing and its place in the Star Wars universe has often been a fascinating subject for fans and their characters. SOE's Star Wars: Galaxies had several entire professions dedicated to dancing, music, and entertainment. These were all lumped into the Entertainer class after the so-called "new game enhancements," but no one wants to be reminded about that. 

Still, there have been a sizable number of posts and threads on the official SWTOR forums asking for an entertainer class. Considering the current system with how the classes and their stories are set up, it's unlikely we'll ever see a dedicated class for this profession. But it is still an interesting concept, and it hasn't stopped many players from roleplaying their characters as dancers and entertainers.

So for this Force Reflection: Do you dance? If so, are you a pro or do you just do it for fun?
User x Am I good dancer, do Jedi shit in the bush when there's an Imperial about/
Adel Sydney is a good dancer but she only do it for fun.
Alasha Alasha was trained to dance from a young age, but it was primarily because she was a slave and was expected to entertain...

Fellow SWTOR roleplayers, you may recall not long ago when BioWare leaked their little teaser for the long-rumored "Super-Secret Space Project." If you haven't checked your friends' Enjin walls lately, BioWare released a new trailer, and the super secret is a secret no more! SWTOR is finally launching the new digital expansion called Galactic Starfighter. The best part: It's a free update!

In its initial form, this new digital expansion consists of several PvP dog-fighting areas. Since they refer to these as 12-v-12 matches, you queue for them just like PvP warzones. Still, who knows how they will expand the new space game in future updates... guild capital ships, maybe? We can still hope.

In exciting news, players can pimp their own starfighters and customize the appearance. Subscribers receive some nice juicy bonuses, too, which include some stylish new pilot uniforms, exclusive paint jobs, character titles, and two months of early access starting December 3rd!

Preferred-status players aren't left out in the cold either. Former subscribers or anyone who dropped some coin on the Cartel Market will find themselves receiving two pilot uniforms and an exclusive title, along with several weeks of early access to the expansion starting January 14th.

Free players, unfortunately, must wait until February 4th until you can strap in your crash-webbing and lock your S-foils in attack position. In the meantime, watch the exciting trailer after the break!
Greymoor are gonna be all over this like a mynock
Shayd I have been looking forward to this for a long time, and I think a lot of other roleplayers who want to play out pilot s...
Sesay / Asyr First time I'm really impressed by how EA/Bioware does things. Free expansion and subscribers, preferred and free p...

Welcome back to HerfNernNern, your premiere source for independent news reporting on the HoloNet. This week, our head correspondent, Mac Daniel, brings you an exclusive report from the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

[ OOC NOTE TO READERS: HerfNernNern is back from hiatus! But to keep it going strong, we need your help. We're expanding the show to cover plot-lines and regular everyday stuff in addition to scheduled events. If you know of fun stuff going down in the RP-verse, whether it's an event, a plot-line,  or something cool that went down the other day, we'd love to cover it! So get in contact with WLB about how to get your story featured in an upcoming HerfNernNern episode! Thank you. ]
Henerkin Awesome work!
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