Hello, everyone. I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know I'll be stepping down from the SWTOR-RP staff. It's been an awesome few years working with you guys, and even the BioWare team to make SWTOR-RP without a doubt the best RP fansite for any game currently around. 

It's been an amazing run, I think I was member #3 or #4 on the original site back before we even moved to Enjin. I've been writing ever since, as well as leading the effort to create the SWTOR-RP wiki, the Guide program, and -- as some of the more veteran staff can attest to -- been devil's advocate for just about every major decision the site has made. I'm immensely proud of how the site has grown over the years. 

Unfortunately four jobs for one site takes a lot of time, especially when I'm already working doing much of the same thing over at Dualshockers. I had to stop writing The Darker Side of Life because it conflicted with my journalistic obligations there -- not to mention the time commitment. Add to that the flash header I have to keep putting off because it's a pain and takes forever, working on the wiki, and everything else, it doesn't leave much time for actually playing the game or RPing.
⚧ Zozo Sidel I'm going to miss The Darker Side of Life, as it was one of my favorite columns. Still, the quality of your real l...
Foxberry We'll miss you :< But; take care in your future endeavors. You still have support from so many people here.
Gratulor Good luck to you, Seb! You'll be missed.

According to Yoda, in the original Star Wars timeline the Sith were just like the Jedi: one master and one apprentice. But while the Jedi tend to follow this path in the era of The Old Republic, the Sith do not. Throughout SWTOR we see Sith that have several, even dozens of apprentices performing different tasks and holding various ranks and positions. 

The question today is how many is too many for a player? As players we tend to spend a lot more time with each other than these NPC apprentices and masters, and there are only so many hours in a day for training. Lore-wise though, high ranking Sith masters would be expected to have several apprentices. Lord Zash from the Inquisitor story seems to have a small herd. 

So how many do you think is too many for a player to have? What's the most you've ever taken on at once? Let us know what you think about all this, unless you're a filthy Jedi, that is!
Foxberry I think that it should be; as many as the rper can handle. If you start finding yourself unable to keep up, then that is...
Cadeis Starrend Personally I think one is enough, But certainly no more then two.... it just invites trouble.
Sovereign I think it depends. Darths seem to basically be expected to have large quantities of followers, apprentice or no. I thi...

My fellow citizens, I come to you today to bring you grave news. Grand Moff Rycus Kilran, a legend to the Imperial cause and the Hero of the Battle of Coruscant, was tragically struck down yesterday by a cowardly attack from the Republic. While details are uncertain, we do know that Grand Moff Kilran was visiting the Empire's base on the Outer Rim planet of Taral V to inspect the troops and get to know them as he so often did. 

Every citizen in Imperial space knows the name Rycus Kilran for his heroics during the last war. He first came into promenance after he assumed command of an ambushed Imperial fleet at the Battle of Ord Ibana and lead them to a devastating victory. Of course though, that was only the beginning of his heroics as he personally lead the Imperial Armada as it sacked the Republic homeworld, forcing them to sue for peace and accept the Empire's presence in the galaxy. 

Grand Moff Kilran may be dead, but the Empire will carry on his memory forever. Let this call ring out to every world under Imperial control, let every citizen remember his sacrifice and feel it inspiring them to greater deeds. Mark my words, fellow citizens, this is our call to arms! The Republic cannot be allowed to get away with such brazen treachery. We will have our revenge!

INN Report | Dromund Kaas
Draxus " 'A legend to the imperial cause?' Grand Moff Kilran was as condescending and myopic a little krif a...
Torrvig "This really is a crisis! The galaxy is fast running out of fat, scarred old wingbags faster than we can replac...
Albtraum ((An Address from Moff Jonal Tahrvin)

Hello again everyone. It's time for another Guild Spotlight! This month I sat down with Lord Adraas' Hydian Expedition Outfit (HEO) and their leader Ringo Orlan. The HEO is a semi-independent Republic organization that does the Republic's dirty work while allowing it to officially have deniability. It almost sounds like Mission: Impossible's IMF to me. 

Republic RP is suffering a disadvantage of numbers recently. Every server has seen shrinking populations as the newness of The Old Republic has worn off, and other big MMO titles are launching. The Republic has always been the victim of a faction imbalance, so we've been trying to highlight them recently to help turn that around. If you are interested in a Guild Spotlight of your own, you can contact myself of Ganden to officially request one. For now though, read on to see what Ringo has to say about the Hydian Expedition Outfit!
DCB HEO, cause someone's got to haul out the trash ^^. Love this guild, a more easy going and receptive group of fun l...
Ganden a DH, if you'd like to see your guild or another from Ebon Hawk spotlighted, send myself or Sebaya Keto a PM so we ca...
Darth_Haos It's great to see such proud guilds on Lord Adraas. Now if only we can get some on Ebon Hawk.....

We break net now as we take you to Voss, the newly discovered mysterious world on the edges of Imperial space. For months, the planet has remain steadfastly neutral and only allowed limited contact with the Empire. 

Tonight was supposed to be a display of Imperial wealth and power. A gala event hosted by the Ambassador Kruven Medlem and his staff was to give the locals a taste of life under our glorious Emperor. 

Instead it has turned into a night of tragedy! Agents of the Republic Strategic Information Service snuck up to the Ambassador under the guise of merchants and stabbed him. Lord Medlem was rushed to the med center in the Imperial Quarter of Voss-Ka, but no official statement has yet been given on his status. 

The agents who carried out this brutish attack were gunned down, and the streets are clear of revelers for the night, but only time will tell where this leads. The Minister of War is expected to give a speech soon on this brazen Republic attack. 

Imperial News Network Broadcast
Dabnis Agents? Really? You're telling me you needed more than one guy to kill some ambassador? And they didn't even ...
Fen "I have personally worked for SIS, and I can say without a degree of doubt that they did not do this. SIS is no...
The Eski "As if plunging the Voss into an eternal war against the Gormak wasn't bad enough. Now the Jedi and Republ...

This is an Imperial News Network travel ban update.

The Rakghoul plague outbreak on the planet Tatooine has been contained. Imperial forces based in Mos Ila report that all known infestations have been eradicated. At this time the Ministry of Logistics has released the travel ban on Tatooine, but visitors are still urged to be cautious. 

Due to the possibility of lingering infections, medical stations across the Empire will continue to stock the plague vaccine in the ongoing effort to eliminate the Rakghoul plague completley. 

If you or anyone you know exhibit symptoms of the Rakghoul plague, it is your duty to help contain the outbreak. Report any infected to the nearest Imperial Military Outpost. Failure to comply is treason.

INN Report

This is an Imperial News Network travel ban update.

The planet Tatooine has been the site of a major Rakghoul plague outbreak. Authorities believe the Rakghoul threat has spread to densely populated areas. 

Do not land on Tatooine. 

Furthermore, do not answer distress calls or other communications from the planet without official clearance. The Ministry of Logistics will advise when this travel ban has expired. Until then, remain vigilant, keep calm, and avoid Tatooine.

Quarantine teams have been dispatched to starports and major transportation hubs to help contain the plague. If you or anyone you know exhibit symptoms of the Rakghoul plague, it is your duty to help contain the outbreak. Report any infected to the nearest Imperial Military Outpost. Failure to comply is treason.

INN Report
SurgeonFish "There are a lot of cases of people infected arriving on the fleet stations. Be cautious of who you interact wi...
Sovereign The What floats near the Faceless capital ship at Vaiken Spacedock, Vertigus sits calmly on his couch and stretches out....
BrianDavion BTW a post a dev made on the fourms suggests this event will end on the 24th

It's finally here! Game Update 1.2 is finally available along with a whole host of features and improvements to The Old Republic. There is a new Operation, a new Warzone, and even features for roleplayers like color matching on player armor. There's so many new features that it's almost mind boggling just how much BioWare managed to cram into one update, even if some things like Ranked Warzones had to be postponed. In celebration of the launch of Game Update 1.2, BioWare has announced a number of gifts to TOR's community.

First is an adorable little Tauntaun pet. Anyone who had an active subscription when the patch went live got one of these adorable little critters to follow you around in your adventures. Along with the handful of droids that came with launch, this little furball represents a future area of expansion for TOR, with more pets and even pet shops scheduled to be added sometime in the future.

One thing you may be excited or infuriated to know is that anyone who had a level 50 character when the patch went live will get a full month of game time free! Sorry altaholics, but any account that doesn't have a level 50 character will be left out in the cold. Speaking of free game time though, if you cancelled your TOR subscription before, you now have a full week of free time to come back and check out all the new additions, and hopefully decide to rejoin the game. Let us know what you think of this little celebration, and enjoy the new content!


Greg Zeschuk has updated the Legacy free thirty day offer after a community outcry. Those that have reached level 6 of the Legacy grind will now also enjoy 30 complimentary days on BioWare. 

View the forum post here
Boneflower I currently work in Marketing and Advertising myself and I must say that despite knowing exactly what they were trying t...
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook Is he in an email or something? I have not yet seen my bebe taun tuan (and won't for a bit, as the servers are down...
Telden This is definitely a very big update. My favorite part is the UI customizability. Finally I can move my inventory windo...

I was intending to get back to our regularly scheduled debates this week, but something ugly is rearing its head again and I just wanted to take some time and talk about it. There are a lot of good reasons to want to boycott Electronic Arts, like the Mass Effect 3 ending, the never-ending parade of Sims expansions, the Mass Effect 3 ending, the ruination of the Command and Conquer franchise, the Mass Effect 3 ending, or even the Mass Effect 3 ending, but just because future companions in The Old Republic might be homosexual? I'm beginning to wonder if the people at the Florida Family Association have ever played a BioWare game, or if this is the first time that anyone has seriously paid any attention to them. 

Longtime readers will remember we covered this topic almost a year ago when BioWare first confirmed that same-gender romances would be in The Old Republic, reversing an earlier statement by a now-fired employee who said there was no such thing as homosexuality in the Star Wars universe. Even if that were true, BioWare has already shown their ability to disregard canon. George Lucas told Carrie Fischer on the set of Return of a Jedi that there were no bras in space, and yet if you undress a female character, and lets face it you have, you'll see them wearing a simple sports bra. Back at the Guild Summit I got to talk to some of the writing staff about this issue too, so let's dive in and talk about it in this week's edition of The Darker Side of Life.
Shimazu Way to keep a non-story alive. =/
Koyaanisqatsi What we are seeing is a shift in the medium, showing that video games are not the Nintendo games that some of our parent...
Avarice The Mass Effect 3 endings were epic, art in video game form. I'm actuall irritated that Bioware is releasing the ex...

Game Update 1.2 is coming out this week...or is it? Lead Designer James Ohlen may have accidentally jumped the gun when he said it was coming sometime this week, but other staff such as Community Manager David Bass have spent the past few days playing clean-up and denying that what he said was true. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Not everything from PAX was rumor and speculation though. After a few days of panels by BioWare staff on The Old Republic, we've got some new and exciting news that could potentially be more exciting than 1.2 itself. 

Topping the list is a mention in Friday's panel that the development team is working on additional races for the game, and we may see them before the end of the year. At Saturday's panel, one person even got to ask about a possible Voss playable race. Not right now, but a great idea was the response. Just as exciting is news that space will become more free-form and come off the rails. We know excruciatingly little about the future of space other than guild capital ships are still a go. Still, it will be exciting to see what the future may hold for us. Keep reading after the break to see what else I've got for you.
Khel Well. i voted with my vallet. Sub running out 15.04. i dont like the way, this game goes, sadly.
shava I miss my Trandoshan main from SWG... But I don't know if they'd give us playable lizards, they were pretty o...
Terp Promises, promises. If anything my decades as a gamer has taught me, regard talk of a game's enhancements &quo...
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