Every roleplaying guild, every roleplayer, and every group of roleplayers seems to have their own dice rolling system. These systems come in to play during social events, action events, space events, and even in decision making processes for our characters. Some of these systems are complex and follow any variety of rules already utilized in well known roleplaying games. And other systems are simple and easy to use for any roleplayer. Regardless of what system you use in your storytelling experiences, it's clear that using dice to decide an outcome creates a sense of suspense for the players. Will your character pull off that defining action sequence or will their blasters misfire and blow up in their hands? 

It's a thrill of the unknown within our stories that can change the course of our character's lives and the stories we wish to tell for them. 

For today's Friday Focus, we want to know what system you use and what you use it for. Do you prefer complex systems, or do you go with a simpler roll of a D20? And how does reliance on rolling those dice impact your roleplay? Does it create that air of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat during an event? 

Blackmace when reading about 'inferior' characters beating 'superior' ones because of the dice rolls, it is mo...
Alera For determining the outcome of general actions in a guild event I see no issue. In these situations everyone present is ...
JuicerJames I stick by my post I made last year. Not a fan of rolls in an MMO, though I've played DnD with friends. What urks ...

Character growth and development is a natural progression through roleplay, but how our characters handle each situation that would have an impact on the foundations of who they are and who they will become differs between characters and the players who claim them as their own. Some characters have life-changing epiphanies after taking a single blaster-shot, whilst others will remain stubbornly unchanging even after losing their entire families and crews.

As roleplayers, there's always countless factors to consider when looking at how a character will develop after every situation that they find themselves in. Simple roleplay over drinks can be just as life-changing as an intense battle in both positive and negative ways. And sometimes, it's a comment or an overheard conversation that has the biggest impact. A Mandalorian struggling to find a sense of clan after leaving theirs might come to realize that the problem in working with a crew, might not be with the crew, but them. A Sith may see the face of a child and realize their path is no longer the right one. 

In this Friday Focus, we'd like to know: what inspires your character development? What are the situations that has brought about honest, life-changing growth for your characters? Do situations of intense combat have the same impact as conversations? Or do you have one of those stubborn characters that remains unphased by the galaxy around them? 

Akacen Everything that happens around my character influences them. The interactions of not only others with himself, but what ...
TheScythe Struggling to find a sense of purpose? I hear wrestling one-man-tanks helps.
KagranZhenshi I always try to combine as much information (example, the things that happen with me chara and around it) and then paint...

So often we lose oursleves up in the black. Each star, nebula, asteroid belt, each planetary system, and every fleet become one. We find ourselves immune to the individual beauty of the systems we travel through and between. We hit the hyperlanes and it all becomes another name, another set of laws, another stop, and set of contacts. When we spend our lives in the black, we become jaded to the very things that once awed us. 

As a child, my father taught me deep space astrogation. He believed that you can't always rely upon a navicomp, and those who truly wished to live within the black would know their way around by just looking out their cockpit windows. It seemed a truly impossible and overwhelming task as a child. As an adult, I use those lessons on an hourly basis. Even with a reliable navicomp, I'm always double checking my calculations by simply referring to a star map or looking to my experiences. 

It's a dance that we do up here. Our partners are communicative and always willing to lead the way if we're willing to make eye-contact. It's an unending soliloquy that we play out behind the consoles of our ships. Each time we hit the black, we are beginning that dance anew. It's always changing and it rarely gets old. When we can avoid becoming jaded with the beauty of the black, we can find ourselves in the pitch and yaw of the simpliest actions. 

Nahid Serovis | Columnist | HoloNet News Network

We put a lot creativity into creating our characters; so much so, that sometimes we forget to give them any creativity of their own. There are artists, dancers, musicians, sure. Writers, of course. But few characters are defined by that. Their creativity is more of a hobby for them. And even as a hobby, you have those characters who mourn the place that their creativity was shoved in to. And sometimes, it's a dirty little secret that might come out in roleplay. 

But, creativity is not limited to the arts. It can easily be realized within a fighting or flying style, or a manner of slicing. It can even be argued that slicers and shipwrights are some of the most non-traditional creative types. For other chatacters, their creativity is a private matter that takes them back home, to a better time and a better place. 

In today's Friday Focus, we want to know how creative your characters are. How do they express their creativity? And what triggers it? Are they defined by their creativity? Or is their expression of it a hobby that remains close to the heart? Let us know! 

AtzerriGold Hmm, I'd say of my characters, Zestrocia is my most creative - she's a total grease head mechanic/cybertech/ti...
Ganden a You mean you killed him off Scythe! Rude...
TheScythe I made a journalist once. He died.

The Sadiyh was my grandfather's ship. She's an antique Corellian Engineer Corporation Stock Light Frieghter, which are a credit a dozen in this galaxy, I know. Like most ships, she has her history. My father was concieved aboard her, both my brother and I were concieved aboard her. Chances are, my children will be concieved aboard her and she'll be passed down to them. Ships become more than a hunk of junk that carries us from point A to point B. They become a member of our family, and more importantly, they become part of us. Each time I fly, I fly alongside my father and my grandfather. And even though both men still live, their spirits are part of me. 

Before I made The Sadiyh my home, she had been theirs. There are parts of her untouched so that their legacy will remain for as long as she flies. On the walls of the captains quarters, there is a painting that I did directly on the bulkhead with an old childhood friend. You can still see the imprints of our fat little fingers pressed against the paint. In the gally, there is a burn on the veshok wood cutting board from when my grandmother, just learning how to cook Socorran cuisine, used her flame-thrower to sear a piece of nerf. 

I've been the owner of The Sadiyh since my eighteenth year, when I left to join the Republic Navy. I've been flying her since I was a child, and she is my home. She's part of me. She was part of my father. And she'll be part of my child. Our ships are the storytelling legacy that we leave for the future generations. They begin to define us, if only because we defined them. 

Nahid Serovis | HoloNet News Network | Columnist

Medical conditions plague us, and the same can be said for our characters. Sometimes these conditions are just annoying, and othertimes they are serious and life threatening. For all the thought we put in to our characters, sometimes a basic skin tag is overlooked. Some characters have brought upon their own medical issues through their choices and actions. Others were simply born with it. And while our chosen protaganists might be savants in their chosen field, it might be that a simple allergy to pollen brings them down. 

Regardless of age, gender, or species, there is always something that is battled on a personal level through role-play. A Jedi Master may survive a thousand battles to be brought down by a heart attack. A cowardly smuggler might be driven to greatness for the simple opportunity to get their hands on an inhaler. 

In today's Friday Focus, we want to know if your character suffers from any maladies. If so, how did you decided what they suffered from? If not, why did you choose to make them a pinnacle of good health? How does your character's actions and decisions play in to any illness or lack thereof? 

Oblitus This question is quite engaging and I can really relate to this one Here are a few that some of my characters have. 1...
tom Jacenn's missing a leg. He was crippled for a long long time after a Sith maimed him in combat, however he was much...
TheScythe Scott has, some would argue, PTSD. And induced amnesia. He's also had his heart broken so many times that he is no ...

Not so long ago, I had a good reputation. I had just accepted a comfortable retirement package from the Republic Navy and was well on my way to plenty of lucrative freelance contracts. I had a ship that was originally purchased by my grandfather after he and my grandmother left their clan and accepted the title of 'dar'manda'. I had a good deal of credits, no attachments, and a purpose. I didn't expect that I, a Socorran woman who thought she'd seen it all, would fall victim to the seediness of my own trade. 

And yet, that's exactly what happened. 

All it took was a great pair of legs and hips that swayed with more seduction than everything I learned of Soccoran dance. She sold me my first trip, she took me to the stars. What she showed me didn't keep its beauty for long; it became an ugly and constant need that overrode any goals that I had previously laid out for myself. Whatever reputation I had earned was summarily destroyed in the months and years that were wasted in chasing those stars. Credits were thrown into the chase of that first journey, that first high. But what they don't tell you about spice, is that it's never as sweet as that first time. 

They don't tell you that when you fall into its embrace, everything else will leave you. Your family, your work, your life will cease to matter. You're just another addict. 

What saved me was running out of credits after the last of my work contracts dried up. I had little more than my ship and the home that I created aboard her. I knew her history and I knew that history was more important than anything I was putting into my body. 

I'm two weeks clean now, I've found new work, and right now my only goal is making it another two weeks. Spice made it far too easy to destroy a reputation I had spent the better part of seventeen years building up. And it'll probably take me twenty years to get back to where I was. But that's the price a dealer won't tell you and one that everyone should consider before chasing those stars. 

Nahid Serovis | Columnist | HoloNet News Network

Vaanthe a ((I have to say... love the article.))

I'll be the first to say that The Quick Fix is going to be a tough act to follow. I'm not above giving credit where it was due, but Poy'shiri had a way that I'll never quite understand. Wit, charisma, a quick shot, and hips that captured far more than a little attention. She'll be missed. 

And now that I've given due credit to my predecessor, I'll take my chance to introduce myself. I'm sure you're curious as you'll be reading me here on the HoloNet News Network every week. I'm Nahid Serovis. I was born and raised in the black sands of Socorro, among the riff and the raff that comes with being a planet of spacers, smugglers, Corellians, and to anyone else who catches a scent of our caf, mystified by the mythos of our deserts, and just wants to lay low. 

Being Socorran is a way of life, it's a culture onto itself, it's something that I'm proud of. I was born there, raised there. I was taught to fly within the Socorro system. And like many Socorrans, I'm a smuggler. I cut my teeth in service to the Galactic Republic within a Corellian squadron for fifteen years before retiring with a pair of bloodstripes and the reputation to go along with them. 

I'm a spacer, and unlike my predcessor, my heart is not gold. It's as black as the space I call my home away from home. It's as black as the sands that made me. And I don't mean black-hearted in the same vein as one might attribute to the Sith. I mean that my heart belongs to this Socorran life. 

Every week, I'll be coming to you with conversations, antecdotes, narratives, and experiences; I'll be discussing my opinions, my observations, and what being a spacer is to this Socorran woman. So, buckle in and hit the trade routes. We'll be taking off into This Socorran Life.

Nahid Serovis | Columnist | HoloNet News Network

The galaxy is place for the young and old alike. In the time we spend within the galaxy, we find characters of all ages. However, within the roleplaying community, there seems to be a majority of characters who are in their early-twenties, barely out of their teenaged years. These characters are usually just as, if not more experienced than their venerable elders. And as is typical with the twenty-somethings, they'll be the first to tell you just how much more they know. 

While age is not a free-pass to experience and youth is not a sure-fire measurement of knowledge, the appeal of role-playing a young character is a curious, if not perplexing idea. Youth is appealing. Youth is, for many, an attractive idea. But where are all the middle-aged characters? Where are all the old, wise, mentors?

For this Friday Focus, we'd like to ask: how old are your characters? Why have you chosen that age? And how experienced are they in their galaxy, in their profession? How does age affect your character? And how important is age in your intereactions with other characters? 

Akacen I guess I consider myself an "Old soul". My favorite characters to play have generally been older than...
del *is late, as always* My characters usually changes between late 20s to 60s. First RP character in TOR was a smuggler, C...
xI Lord Coma Ix I've played character of all ages.... but it seems I have a hard time portraying anyone of youth. Although I'm...

In April, we might as well stop the presses because most of us will have our heads in Star Wars: The Old Republic experiencing many of the new and pretty cool things that will be coming our way with Update 3.2. Two of those will be expanding our roleplaying stories across the board. 

The first is the confirmation on the addition of the Togruta. This exciting new species has been an under recognized staple within the Star Wars galaxy for some time now. The Togruta are a tribal people who have learned to work together to ensure their survival. They are skilled warriors whose deeply spiritual connection tends to keep shoes off their feet. Like Twi'leks, they have lekku, but they also have the addition of montrals which are the hollow hords atop their heads. These horns are designed for echolocation, which allow Togruta to sense the physical world (or galaxy) around them. 

The second exciting addition is that of Ziost: "The Gateway to the Empire." Ziost is incredibly important to the trade that funds and supports the Empire and is an important (albiet improbable) target for the Galactic Republic. It's a progressive addition to the storyline that will impact many Imperial and military-leaning characters (maybe even a couple freelancers). The question that remains is how Ziost will open up for us. With the current timeline, we're due to see some of Theron Shan's thrilling heroics. 

Our galaxy continues to expland and the storyline of the game continues to press forward, adding interesting new situations (and characters) to our personal and guild storylines. For many, plans are already in the works for missions to Ziost, and a new host of characters that add a bit more depth to our worlds. I know that I am playing with the idea of a Togruta! 

Koyaanisqatsi Tals, please.
xI Lord Coma Ix Just another race tbh..... I would've much rather seen Anzat or Kel-Dor. Something less easy on the eyes and a litt...
Max and the Wookiee Cathar and Togruta, but still no Wookiee
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