Since the first mention of additional species added to the game, there has been a good amount of gossip as to what that species would be. Many guessed it would be Voss, especially considering it was BioWare's first real creation on a scale like that in the Star Wars universe and canon. Others mused further that it would be one of the companion races like Devaronian, Sarkhai, or Togruta.

Not so, TOR fans! It's everyone's favorite bipedal feline humanoids: Cathar!

Two days ago at E3 it was mentioned that Cathar would be the next playable species set in line for The Old Republic before the year's end. In a recent Darth Hater interview, Daniel Erickson halted his continous string of "maybes" and "soons" and actually gave a real, solid answer for once! Being confirmed, Erickson went on to say that Cathar were the first primarily because of how popular they are; but is that really all there is to them being added?
Sauki I'Mod And I was playing my BH storyline and saw the Cathar Slave and the Imp going "She is only for entertainment&...
Sauki I'Mod "Their females were prized as slaves, whereas the males were generally regarded as too uncontrollable for slave...
Kashemia So, let me get this straight... Before the end of the year... Does that mean tomorrow or are we talking 2013?

The Sith. A race of people and a set of beliefs which encourage destruction, aggression, and anger. To many of us normal, non-Force sensitive people, there may be little difference between a Jedi and Sith at first glance. Both of them are trained to use the Force, but Sith tend to be much more open to dirty tactics and brutality whereas the Jedi only use violence as a last resort. They are the very definition of polar opposites as the Jedi remain cool and level-headed under pressure and a Sith will let their anger warm their skin as they prepare to ignite a lightsaber and begin an ethnic cleansing or a thinning of a rebellious group of slaves.

Not all Sith are like this, however, and many within the race which are called "Sith Pureblood" are often taken in as defectors or prisoners due to their near obsessive need for honorable combat. But they are the exception which proves the rule. The vast majority of Sith are out for themselves in a galaxy they see as their personal playground from a very young age at the ancient Sith world of Korriban which the Republic lost control of over thirty years ago.

We asked last week how a common citizen saw the Sith, so let's see what the galaxy had to say!

Originally thought lost after the Empire took control of Coronet City's Rocket Tram system, Corellia is headed for Galactic Republic hands once more. In several recent highly publicized invasions and troop landings, Republic troops have taken the Blastfield Shipyards and Rendili Hyperworks before a field correspondent could get on the ground. The recent push from Axial Park has liberated it from the Empire after their daring push to crush Corellia underneath the jackboots of the Sith which cost many their homes and even more, their lives.

As the Government District is the only area left to be taken, the Republic Army has several key individuals to thank for the successes so far. The already folk hero-like tales of General Aves and Corellia Security's Captain Cole Cantarus have reached the ears of many in the bloody months of the Corellian War, their actions being no less noble and heroic than what major tabloid outlets would have you believe.

With the help of the Selonians, the Republic Special Forces, Strategic Information Service, as well as the Jedi, General Aves rescued over three hundred CorSec officers and resistance leaders in a daring raid which had the ultimate aim of taking the Rocket Trams back from the Imperial Army. Once the rescue operation came to a close and the Selonians were able to go back to their guerrilla war with the Imperials, General Aves recieved vital information in a debriefing from Captain Cole Cantarus himself. Neutron emitters—a feat of technology—were blocking all long-range communications and the forcefields around the Rocket Tram stations were set to disintigrate any biological creature who did not forward proper identification codes; the Empire had complete control of transportation in Coronet City, the ability to deploy swiftly resulting in the initial invasion's success.
- (( I just wanna say, how bad ass this planet makes one feel at the end of it, and how brilliantly all the class quests t...

Due to an engine failure, the RHN BioLife Report team find themselves once again stranded on Tatooine during the throws of a harsh sandstorm. With great difficulty in mechanical engineering comes great respect for beasts which defy the odds, and are even more reliable than the most advanced of speeders or starships for travel on the deadly world of sand and sun.

The dewback is a three meter tall, four-legged omnivore who is native to Tatooine. It currently stands as one of the few cold-blooded reptiles who have yet to grow past five meters in such an environment which all but caters exclusively to reptiles. With their bodies so well-adapted to the desert climate, it was no mystery as to why they were soon domesticated and used as mounts and beasts of burden by settlers, moisture farmers, planetary security and off world organizations. Their fast reproductive rate and the female's ability to lay up to fifty eggs at a time are just one of the reasons why the dewback are transported to other worlds with similar climates for both ecological and transport reasons.

Seemingly solitary at first glance, the wild dewback actually roams in packs of two to five as it searches for food during most of the day as it comfortably soaks up the hot desert rays of Tatooine's twin suns. Once the suns set, however, both wild and domesticated dewback become insanely sluggish and fall asleep whilst standing up, often due to their cold-blooded nature. To remain warm during the frigid nights of Tatooine, dewback packs huddle together for warmth and use each other as kick stands in times where the sand is uncomfortable or they find themselves resting in a rocky area.

The opinions of the Jedi Order are often a hot topic on contested worlds and its communities. Several cultures see the Jedi as a challenge, a test of mettle for their growing clan or mercenary band. Several worlds outside of Republic space ban Jedi altogether with few exceptions or reasons for Jedi to go there.

Sith purebloods themselves see the Jedi as something to destroy both as a race and they seem to stop at nothing to undermine what they call their instinctual rivals throughout history.

Where does that leave the civilians, though? Individuals with no affiliation to a military or a mystic order find themselves in a crossroads of making a decision when faced with something that most who are not some form of spacer, scholar, soldier, or senator. We face the difficult prospect of making an opinion of something we may very well not know.
Albtraum "Personally, I feel ill-at-ease when I see a Jedi walking down the road in Anchorhead... Yes, they have a manda...
Azhandris "Thank you for that those last few lines in this article, Voices. Many people believe that the Jedi are somethi...

Game Update 1.3 is coming up in about a day and you know what that means? BioWare releases information on it! Following their monk-like pattern of saying little about what they do, they've finally released screenshots and detailed play-by-plays on what we'll be getting in Game Update 1.3: Allies via their community blog. I can already tell the role-play fanatics that it's not chat bubbles, yet more practical features which have been refined over the past few months so our game client doesn't shatter our screen and fry our CPU when we try to use the Group Finder.

Ranked Warzones are making their appearance and for some of us it couldn't have been sooner, but in two different developer blogs it's revealed that in addition to practical progression-based additions, we're also getting a lot of snazzy new toys to play with. Advancement Perks is an interesting little window which allows us to customize our levelling and play experience by what we do. For example, those people who really like space missions can buy a bunch of experience and money boosters for anything involving space. The same goes with Flashpoints, Exploration, Warzone, and Class Mission modifiers as they all have purchasable buffs which can help you avoid something you'd rather not entirely.
Nebu'la Not sure if it will make or if it's considered RP but the Party Bomb was back on PTS for social level X
Aisling No chat bubbles... what a shocker... To the OP of the article dont you mean "it could have been sooner&quo...
Bauldric I agree that this sounds amazing and is good for us rpers all around. Yes we all love rp but what do we do when we aren&...

"A happy Reek is a yellow Reek." - Chubbot Ronron, Xenobiologist.

Exhibitionist arenas have been a plague to large animal life since they were conceived by the minds who saw gentle beasts or agile predators and thought it would be an interesting game to kill them. Due to this archaic sport of life and death, many peaceful beings have been erroneously seen as violent meat-eating monsters who wish nothing more than to bite the head off of the nearest biological creature or run through droids for a rough work-out and cheap amusement.

The Reek suffers this galactic misconception to the point where it is now seen as a monster rather than the peaceful herbivore it is in the wild by the majority of uneducated peoples. Several efforts by Zabrak and Ithorian scientists hope to change how the Reek is seen, specifically amongst settlers on worlds where the Reek has been exported to in hopes that their deaths will be minimized.

With a normal diet, the thousand kilogram Reek often took on a healthy, dirt-like brown skin coat, its horns going from sickly shades of yellow to a more natural gold. Their average height of two and a half meters and a width of four meters made them a rather frightening opponent to face if one happened to find themselves in their fiercely protected territory.
Neckbone ( I love your detail on the Iridonian reek, as an iridonian roleplayer, it gives me more material to work with ICly )

Some races in the galaxy revere their families and the ties they have. Peaceful and warrior-race clans have sprung up overnight across the timeline of history and survived to this day, some bound to survive far off into the future long past the fall of planets, empires, and potentially our glorious Republic. In another issue of Voices, it was stated that culture was important, thus the values and opinions of every citizen was just as important as any law or creed proposed by an organization or government.

The Cathar manage a peaceful clan setup where expert orators in each family pass down their most important tales to help enrich their offspring's life and instil firm, good morality into them. Mandalorians, on the other hand, are more violent and see every rite of passage for their kin as a battle with little emphasis on tales and stories and more on the relics of long dead warlords which told tales of their own; history books being their most important resource for family.

Last week we asked several questions about family to the citizens of the galactic community. It is well known that the examples above are not the only differences, some cultures seeing the use of a first name by an individual as arrogance, or eye contact as a grievous offence between father and son which results in singular combat to the death.

The answers were just as varied as the cultures, and while we cannot quote from every user on the HoloNet, here are the shining stars which caught our attention!

While it is easy to forget the galaxy at war from unaffected worlds where we have secure jobs, families, and fun recreational activities and personal liberties, there is an unmistakable shadow which hovers over all of us. The civil war on Balmorra, Taris, Alderaan, Rodia, Corellia and Bothawui are all bloody. Sometimes it's a war against the established government, the people trying to overthrow a corrupt leader or inefficient system, while in other parts of the galaxy it's the people trying to remain independent of Imperial rule.

Does this affect us in the Outer Rim or those in the Core who are so close to Coruscant that the army could liberate it in half a minute? Yes. While we may not be sifting through the rubble and trying to keep our lives in a suitcase after a bombing levels our house or apartment, the proximity of such violent civil wars and unconventional fights have the highest amount of civilian casualties.

The conflict on Alderaan, for example, leaves many without homes and droves of civilians dead due to Killik invasions or indiscriminate bombings from House Thul and its brazenly reckless allies. Last week we asked the galaxy what their thoughts are on the price of freedom, why these wars are fought, and if it actually makes a difference in the end.

Let's see what the stars had to say!

Few other creatures have been the brunt of so many comedic jabs and ill-natured ribbing than the iconic Womp Rat. A known sight to any colonist or space scoundrel, the Womp Rat originates from the dusty, near barren planet of Tatooine. Due to the fame of the planet to the more seedy citizens of the universe, Tatooine's own common rodent has spread across the galaxy to other systems than that of Tatooine and thrived as both a domesticated pet and as a delicious meal to hard working farmers who need a nice meal which doesn't taste bad after a few shots from a marksman's rifle.

Commonly standing between 2 and 3 meters tall, the Womp Rat's weight and looks vary with its birthplace. Due to the (often accidental) exportation of the rodent, several sub-species exist in various newly colonized worlds as well as urban areas in which a Womp Rat has escaped captivity or has been released into the alleys and streets. Most normal and subspecies male Womp Rats weigh between 45 and 55 kilograms at adulthood, females often weighting between 40 and 50. Due to the decreased need for fat, the Swamp Womp Rat often ranges at a meager 2 meters tall maximum and weighs between 18 and 25 kilograms.

The naturally omnivorous Womp Rat is a species known for its opportunism and crafty, near-silent nature. Their known favorite grounds for scavenging are the insides of spaceports where foodstuffs is being loaded or unloaded, as well as areas where big game hunters are proving their worth so that they may feed off the carrion which is left behind.
NaskulWoW ((I wish they would allow us to have a pet Womp Rat, or give us more pets that are animals))
Laans ((Anyone else find them *really* cute? ))
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