Freedom. Liberty. Safety. Peace. Justice. These were, are, and always will be the moralistic visions of the Galactic Republic. However, we now share this vision with our former adversaries, the Sith Empire. We are now the Allied Forces, and we fight a war to return liberty to our galaxy, free from the clutches of the invasive and aggressive Eternal Empire

The Eternal Empire has threatened our way of life, our way of living. They have ripped away all that we cherish in the name of justice. We say, what an absolute perverse meaning of justice. 

Our galactic economy has been drowned by the Eternal Empire, and any activity we deem normal is deemed criminal by the Eternal Empire. They monitor our activity with their orbital Star Fortresses, but not for much longer. 

The news networks of the Allied Forces have received news and images of Star Fortresses being obliterated from the skies above many of our beloved planets. Slowly but steadily, the clutches of the Eternal Empire are beginning to diminish. 

The Allied Forces have begun their push. And push we will until we see the galaxy rid of this barbaric Empire. 

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For countless years beyond the boundaries of our vision, the Galactic Republic has established peace, justice, and freedom in our galaxy. For many of those years, however, the decadent Sith Empire has interrupted our freedom by spreading its twisted ideals of peace upon the galaxy, causing nothing but havoc.

Never did any of us foresee that one day, the Republic and the Empire would have to collude and collaborate together in hopes of overthrowing another Empire whose vision for our galaxy is even more barbarically twisted that any other foe we've faced.

The embargo placed on our galaxy preventing your news agencies from reaching out to its citizens is getting tighter as the days go by, but it has not stopped the ludicrous propaganda of the Eternal Empire from spreading its ill-minded views upon our galaxy.

The Eternal Empire believe that our galaxy has succumbed to piracy, criminal conduct, and that we're nothing but a cesspit of such behaviour. How wrong they are. Their Empire has not thought to step back and take in the beauty of our galaxy and the wonders it has to offer the appreciative eye. All they see is space to conquer to make their own.

This is not their galaxy. It is ours. And the Republic and the Sith will not stop until we've pushed these trespassers out for eternity.

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The galaxy has fallen victim to tyranny. Our galactic superpowers, the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, have been made to kneel to the oppression of the Eternal Empire, who now for years have controlled our galaxy with a tightly-clenched fist. 

News reports from the Central Broadcasting News Service, as well as our rival counterparts at the HoloNet News Network and other Imperial channels, have been unable to consistently deliver the galaxy with updates as to the latest happenings in our known galaxy. The Eternal Empire has had in place a galaxy-wide embargo on any news reports that would bring disgrace or embarrassment to their rule. 

However, not all Empires last forever; even those that are believed to be powerful enough to survive an eternity. Whispers have echoed that heroes from both the Republic and the Empire have begun to push back against the Eternal Empire. These anonymous reports detail hostile activity coming from Star Fortresses above many of our planets. 

Could this be the beginning of a rebellion? 

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The Sith are notorious and reputable for heinous acts against other living beings. They show no remorse for the victims of their experiments, and it appears that the Massassi suffered the very same fate. 

Long ago, the Massassi were seen as almost genetic equals to the Sith Pureblood. The Massassi shared very similar features to their cousin species, the Sith, but it wasn't long until they became the subject of harsh experiments under the supervision of an evil Sith Lord, resulting in genetic mutation. 

For any adventurers brave enough to traverse the wilds of Yavin IV, you may find yourself confronted up against large, barbaric, red-skinned beasts. Their backs are hunched, they have sharp claws, and their heads and backs are covered in spikey tendrils. These are your genetically altered Massassi. 

The Massassi were once known to take place in the warrior class of the Sith caste system. Now, however, the Yavin IV-based species are reduced to grunts for a way of communication, and are now vicious creatures who are not to be trifled with.

Any citizens of the Republic who find themselves travelling to Yavin IV, be wary of the Massassi.

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DiscoveryNet Edition
[Massassi Codex]

Avarice ((Technically wouldn't the Massassi be genetically superior as they represented an actual caste of the Sith species...
The Eski &quot;The Republic is foolish if it thinks the Sith will leave such valuable tools to languish on that moon. But one...

It has been suspected for some time through reports from all over the known galaxy that the once believed-dead Emperor had returned to the living with one main goal: the utter and complete destruction of all life. 

Republic officials have not publicly confirmed any of the recent major events that have taken place throughout the galaxy. However, public eyewitnesses have reported that Republic and Sith forces were recently seen working in unison to combat a common enemy. Following Republic and Sith movements around the system of Yavin IV, we received further reports that the former Emperor of the Sith Empire had returned from the dead, and he wished to absorb all life in the galaxy. 

A large Republic fleet has been seen in the Esstran Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It is believed that Republic forces engaged the former Emperor's forces, with some of the most elite units being used to combat this new enemy. 

With the deepest sadness and regret, we report that Ziost, a former Imperial world, has been completely obliterated with very little remaining on the now dust-covered world. We can confirm that countless lives have been lost in this murderous and savage attack. It is unclear how the world was destroyed, nor what weapon was used. 

The Galactic Republic has asked that all citizens avoid the Ziost System. The Central Broadcasting News Service asks that all fellow citizens of the Republic avoid the Esstran Sector completely. 

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The Jedi have been the protectors of the Republic for thousands of years. They maintain peace, justice and order, and they strive to protect the innocent. In recent times, the Jedi Order has worked alongside the Republic's armed forces to help defeat the Sith Empire and stop the destruction that the Sith have tried to impel upon the galaxy. 

Anyone that has met a Jedi would describe them as selfless and peaceful, yet tough and mighty. They live by a code that most of us will never understand. 

Since the recent war against the Revanites where Republic and Sith forces were reportedly forced to work together, there have been numerous reports pouring in of unorthodox Jedi roaming about the galaxy, believed to be hunting down the supposed ethereal Emperor. This group of Jedi have been described as militaristic, and they do not don the traditional Jedi robes. 

Information is scarce at this stage. The Central Broadcasting News Service has reached out to Republic and Jedi officials for comment on these reports, but we are yet to receive a reply. 

We'll bring you more as the story develops. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
[The Sixth Line: Part One]

Recent events have led us believe that the galaxy is constantly plagued with rumours pertaining to the return of evil figureheads. First, the galaxy was left with more questions than answers as to whether or not Revan had returned from the dead. Some stories tell the tale of Revan returning to once again save the Republic from doom, whereas other tales have tagged him as an evil mastermind who attempted to crush both the Republic and the Empire to give way to a new order. 

New rumours are afloat of the possible resurrection of the Emperor. The Republic believed it to be free of the Emperor's madness, but our sources have learnt that the events which unfolded during the battle between Republic, Sith and Revanite forces caused the Emperor to return to strength from an ethereal state. 

We have been advised that the Emperor has no wish to return to rule over the Sith Empire, but aims to consume all life, no matter its allegiance. If this is true, citizens all over the galaxy, regardless of their affiliation, are at a serious risk. 

We have asked for Republic officials to comment on the matter, but we are yet to receive a reply. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
[The Emperor's Return?]

The galactic war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire rages on. It appeared for a short time that a small contingent of Republic and Sith forces joined together to combat the Revanites, but sources indicate that it may have only been temporary with large numbers of opposing forces seen battling it out across multiple locations around the known galaxy. 

One such battle was fought at what we believe to be the Jedi homeworld. 

Though the Jedi keep their business to themselves, information has been leaked about an attack by Sith forces upon the Jedi homeworld in the Deep Core. However, Republic officials have placed an embargo on sharing any further details about the attack in order to maintain secrecy of ongoing operations. 

What we can reveal is that the Jedi and their Order are safe, and we've been told that the Republic has not been without its own victories against Sith forces. 

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[Invastion of Tython]

The fanatical secret organisation known as the Revanites, or the Order of Revan, once kept to themselves. Only members of the cult and very few outsiders knew of their existence and inner-workings. Separating themselves from Imperial hierarchy, the Revanites submitted themselves to their own teachings, devoting themselves to the ways of once Galactic Republic hero Revan. 

Over time, their numbers and strength grew, making themselves formidable opponents, even to the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. This truly came to fruition when news first began circulating that Revan had returned from the dead. 

The Republic and the Empire faced this new enemy. The Revanites not only had their own army, but also a fleet large enough to take on Republic and Sith forces. War broke out, and fear overwhelmed friendly forces with the belief that Revan had returned to his dark ways, wishing to rule the galaxy. 

It now appears that the battle against the Revanites is slowly subsiding. Sources have indicated that Republic and Sith forces came together with a common goal to push back the Revanite raiders to restore a sense of peace. 

Whether or not Revan truly returned from the dead remains a mystery. Only the highest echelons of Republic and Sith hierachy would know the true story behind the rise of the Order of Revan. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS DiscoveryNet

It has been confirmed by both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire that followers of Revan, the once-Republic hero, have emerged and are preparing to reign chaos. These followers call themselves the Revanites and are considered extremists, believing that Revan has returned from the dead and has the power to cleanse the universe to restore peace. 

Revan has not been officially sighted, but suspicions have risen across the known galaxy and there are talks that he has returned from the dead, after centuries of being what everyone believed deceased. 

Republic and Sith forces have been seen to gather on the Outer Rim worlds of Rishi and Yavin IV. Their agenda on those worlds is unknown on an official capacity. However, sources indicate that the two galaxy mega-factions have made their move to quash the Revanites. 

Citizens of the Galactic Republic have expressed their dismay of the news of Revan's return, and they hope that these rumours are put to rest soon so that the memory of the Republic hero can be preserved. 

Keyt Saren | CBNS Reporter
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