All good things must come to an end. And, fortunately, all bad things eventually end too. Through ups and downs, the laughter and the tears, one thing is certain: life is always changing. Circumstance and decisions, big or small, alter our futures every day.

Every ending is a new beginning. With the end of a plot or storyline, a new adventure starts for our characters. With every breakup, betrayal, or death of a friend, new opportunities and experiences can lead our characters down paths that we as players never saw coming. Dramatic events or subtle realizations could twist our character’s fate in new and exciting ways during role play. Change is essential for a character's story.

This Force Reflection asks: What’s next? What recent event has defined your character’s story, as least for a moment? Where do you see your character going from here? How will they grow and evolve from their current or future experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

xI Lord Coma Ix Tray has recently found love ((I know strange for a Jedi so old)) But he is simply putting all his eggs into one basket ...
Rax-Tex With his recent capture of Synriss Koissé, Rax has plenty of money to burn on upgrading his weapons and armor. A...
D'aax After falling in love & then divorcing the love of her life, Mai Cash fell in love with whiskey. It took a long ...

Life is really just a set of coincidences. Being in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time can drastically alter the future. Our characters are exposed to all sorts of situations in which they may overcome staggering odds or fold to the probability of failure. In the end, life is all just a big game of luck and chance. The chances of events being beneficial to our characters’ future define their growth and path in life. 

This Force Reflection asks: what are the odds of your character making it this far? How many times have they dodged death? What was the probability that they would rise to their current level of power, rank, or expertise? Let us know in the comments below!
Keraal If it's a character of mine, the odds are low! With another character on the way out, it's time to buy another...
Captain Shanks Shanks is a Corellian, he has no use for odds. And he quite beats the odds, from a man that strayed away into deep spac...
D'aax It's a wonder that Mai Cash hasn't been hunted down for all of the articles she writes that never paint anyone...

Rarely is there a more influential figure in our childhood than our mother. The lack of a maternal figure can be just as impactful. Our relationships with our mom can shape who we are. Often a source of nurture and loving care, they can make us feel safe or frightened, and our bond with them is one of the most powerful biological connections. However, as we age, our relationship with our mother may change dramatically, for better or for worse. 

This Force Reflection asks: what is your character’s relationship with their mother? Are they a momma’s boy or girl? Has their mother died or have they cut off all contact with each other? Let us know in the comments below!
Henerkin Hard to tell for Henerkin, she's been dead for the pas 40 years and he's getting less and less convinced that ...
xI Lord Coma Ix Never truly knowing either. Traykx did have an A-typical mother figure Jedi Master so i'd say yeah he's a momm...
Ilaan Caerrick Ilaan used to have a very close relationship with his mother, Elga, since she has been his sole teacher and caretaker du...

Life is full of goodbyes. Unfortunately, parting with people we have grown close to or fond of is a natural part of life. Whether it’s because someone has passed away, a ruined friendship, or even just a lack of interaction, these separations are painful. Often we find ourselves reminiscing about those that we have lost to unfavorable circumstances. 

This Force Reflection asks: who does your character miss? Who do they wish they could see again, from their ancient or recent past? Why do they no longer see the person they yearn for? Let us know in the comments below!
Max and the Wookiee Of all people? Probably his old boss.
Henerkin Caprain Koleone Omerta, his mentor in piracy. His family, all dead, revenge won't bring them back bus sure will fee...
Sesay / Asyr * fiancé * friends * allies Nalda has been cut off from most people who matter to her.

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Appreciate any humor that your green-hued friends attempt to accomplish! 
Anticipation will be high for an important event taking place this week. Get excited! Letting yourself get pumped up for this event will increase your ultimate satisfaction when it finally occurs. Don’t forget to appreciate the experience as it happens. 

There is someone you find irresistible, or there will be soon. Let them know it! You don’t stand a chance if they don’t even know how you feel. Genuine compliments will be a bolster to your love life this week. Approach your crush and just be yourself. Whether they love you or not, at least you gave it a chance.

Be extra careful with your words this week. Something you say may come out wrong or be portrayed in a way you weren’t anticipating. If that does happen, remain poised and be humble enough to correct your mistake to avoid insulting anyone. 

Sith Pureblood
If you have the opportunity to dress up fancy this week, take it! You would look great in formal attire, and only goods things can come to you if you’re wearing a tuxedo or dress this week. Something special is going to happen, so make sure you’re dressed for the occasion!
Henerkin This is quite accurate for one of my humans.

Arguing isn’t fun. Well, not usually. But it happens quite often in the everyday lives of people in this galaxy, and undoubtedly in a galaxy far, far away. Arguing can be heated, using yelling, intimidation, and anger as a way to overpower opponents with opposing views. Arguing can also be civil, polite, and tolerant, allowing for a calm debate. People usually have a style of speaking that they adopt when they get into an argument, for condescending to timid to furious.

This Force Reflection ask: how does you character argue? Is there a certain way they express their views when someone opposes them? Do they have a special tone of voice reserved for sharing controversial ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
D'aax Mai doesn't argue, she detonates. She screams, stomps her feet, yells, and generally throws a tantrum. She storms o...
User x Well, basically, he/she gets upset, is confused, realises and then, gets even more angry. Then levels out. (In the real ...
Ashaa Tai Sarani, well, what do you think? She becomes dominant, raises her voice and speaks harshly and to the point. She brings ...

Motifs are reoccurring themes or events in a literary work. They act as a sort of symbolism, repeating several times in the story to remind the reader of the overall theme or purpose of the story. A motif in the Star Wars movies is undoubtedly the Light and Dark sides of the Force, although there are several others as well. Most stories contain more than one motif.

This Force Reflection asks: Does your character’s story have a motif? Is there any reoccurring theme or underlying lesson to be learned from their adventures? Let us know in the comments below!
Sesay / Asyr Right man in the wrong place. Failure is t...
D'aax - Ego is something I like to play with, if that can be considered a motif. It is something that I enjoy toying with in ...
Breyll Breyll's really only trying to find herself a place in the Sith Empire. Being an alien she's looked down upon ...

The Imperial propaganda source known as INN received an unexpected message from a man calling himself Mandalore the Liberator. This gold-clad warrior recognized the omnipotent oppression of the Sith Empire and declared war on the malicious nation. Bringing to light the horrendous treatment of Mandalorians under Imperial command, Mandalore the Liberator condemns the way that the proud warrior society has been reduced to mere "attack dogs” by the Sith. According to the Liberator, this is yet another example of how the Sith Empire disregards the proud heritage of its citizens.

Many of the Mandalorian clans have answered this Mandalore's call and are eager to fight for his cause. Although it is still unclear if the Republic and these Mandalorians could become allied against a common enemy, the desertion of these Mandalorians from the Imperial war machine will strike yet another blow to a dwindling army. Perhaps, the tides have turned against the Empire, who now must combat the combined forces of the Republic, Hutts and now Mandalorians. Is it only a matter of time until the Chiss Ascendancy abandons the doomed tyrannical state?

Many Republic leaders suggest that citizens welcome Mandalorian aid and put aside prejudices and hesitations in favor of acceptance. Although the war will undoubtedly be won soon, the more allies the Republic has, the higher the chances for lasting peace after this bloody war has finally ended.

For the Republic!

Rél Qu-Soraj Who approved this...?
DKForce "I am intrigued and open to this new Mandalor's argument. However I am not yet convinced. I will wait to s...
Neves I will be closely monitoring this situation.

In my experience, involved plots and dynamic character development tend to be much more entertaining that standard cantina RP, although both plots and character development can happen there, too. Getting out into the world and have epic experiences is what makes our characters’ stories so epic an entertaining.

Storylines usually involve most standard parts of a story, from the protagonist and antagonist to a quest goal and challenges along the way. A little bit of romance, friendship, or backstabbing never hurt anyone either. Overall, storylines are the core of RP. They provide us with the opportunity to tell an epic story with characters we’re connected to while having an impact on the events of their journeys.

So this Force Reflection asks: what’s the best storyline you've been a part of? What made it so exciting? How did your character develop throughout the story? Let us know in the comments below!

DKForce I really enjoyed an RP Thread i was in called "The Sacking of Coruscant" It really helped me to firml...
User x Khems storyline is so basic, but it fits so well with the Dark Sorc storyline. Like something out of the LOTR, such a gr...
Max and the Wookiee The one I got dragged into with Poy. It was random, unexpected and awesome!

Welcome to Holoscopes! Predictions are made by Seers gifted with the Force but not biased towards either faction. Horoscopes are sorted by race. We hope your species' future isn't slavery! Excuse your blind friend’s awkwardness this week.
Humans tend to be easily fooled, often falling prey to traps, disguises, or scams. This week is not a good week to be trusting of others. Odds are, someone will try to deceive you this week, likely when you least expect it. Stay vigilant and beware of tricks.

Music can be a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. If you feel overwhelmed by the flurry of activity you’ll experience this week, relax and recharge with some good music, be it from a cantina or the HoloNet.

Unfortunately, you’re going to be disappointed at some point this week. Whether it’s a small thing or a big deal, someone will fail to meet your expectations and ultimately be unable to do what you ask of them. It’s okay to be upset, but forgive whoever has disappointed you. They may come through in the future if you give them a second chance. 

Sith Pureblood
Something is ailing you. Be it sickness, heartache, or an unwanted vice, you’ll fall victim to feelings of drowsiness, sickness, and laziness in the near future. Hopefully this hindrance passes quickly. If the ailment persists, reach out to someone, such as a doctor or close friend, to get help.
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