One of the biggest factors in roleplay is religion. In the Forgotten Realms, World of Warcraft, and many other fantasy settings, there are so many deity choices, so many religious options, that sometimes it can make heads spin. There are plenty of cults in the Star Wars universe which tend to be overshadowed by the Force users.

Likely the most well known organized religion are the Force users, light or dark. While they don't necessarily worship a named higher power, the roots of both orders have the characteristics of organized religion. This is by no means the only religion in lore, however. There are the B'omarr monks for example.

So my final (yes, final) Force Reflection for you is this. What is your character's outlook on religion? What are his or her religious views? Are they planning on forming their own religion at some point? Let us know in the comments below.
lowercasejae Because of the dearth of information on Mirialans, I've sort of winged it as far as religion with Vyen'a. I h...
Iaera I don't think Star Wars lends itself well to Western notions of religion. Rather, the religious component of a Star...
Sauki I'Mod My character believes in the FSM.

Our characters all need credits to survive. Most of us have some idea where it comes from ICly, and it's even possible that your OOC method of credit-making is different from your IC method. Your Jedi might get most of his credits via slicing, but you might play that he's a security consultant for a Republic-sided firm. Your bounty hunter might make her credits with crafting weapons and you play that as...well, she's a weapons dealer!

There are so many ways to make money in the Star Wars universe. Slicing, smuggling, spice-dealing and weapons dealing are just a few of those. Some might sell information, setting one faction against another. Others might own a business or three just for kicks.

Today's Force Reflection asks: How does your character make money? Legitimate means? Shady means? What is your way to get the credits? Let us know in the comments below!
Henerkin Piracy with some bounties and contraband on the side.
Rolan "Dragon" Storm My inquisitor's people control a district on Nar Shadda.
Darth Dreak DAILIES!

Yes, I know "canon" and "cannon" are spelled differently. I just thought it was funny.

Canon ~ A general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.

Between the movies and ever-growing Expanded Universe, new canon is being added to Star Wars all of the time. In order to fully become part of the world, universe or story, it's important to some that they understand canon and stick to it. This helps them to guide their characters through the story with a minimum of fuss. In a game like The Old Republic, where everything is customizable, it's easy to follow canon or not, as you choose.

However, some players see canon as a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. These players can sometimes push the boundaries, or even crack it completely in the interests of making a good story. Sometimes it's doable, sometimes it's even necessary. There are only so many references to bringing a Dark Sider back to the light, after all.

Today's Force Reflection asks: what is canon to you? Is it an absolute? Is it a flexible guideline? Do you adhere to canon in all of its massively confusing (and sometimes contradicting) forms or do you try to make the best character possible, pushing the boundaries all the way? Let us know in the comments below!
Valorea Another interesting question We from the Grey Wolves have decided to use the canon "where deemed fitting&q...
Nebu'la In one sense it is not important at all, yet we do need some common ground of an agreed mutual universe to play in. In ...
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook It's important . . . but really star wars lore is so complicated, convoluted, and contradictory at this point that ...

Darth Malak's orbital bombardment of the planet Taris did not kill the planet: it merely hastened its demise. Over-industrialized to the point of near complete pollution of its oceans, the toxic waste of its manufacturers were eroding the foundation of the undercity. Darth Malak's bombardment simply helped to release the toxins into the environment.

After all the sentients were destroyed in the bombardment, the environment was left alone for several centuries. Plants and animals began to adapt, to thrive in their new, harsher ecosystem. The wildlife of old Taris and the one-time experiments of her scientists created a new ecosystem where the plants grew strong and thrust aside the rubble of the civilization.

Taris is one of the most successful environments to come back from near ruin. While some areas are too toxic to inhabit, such as its many acidic lakes, the biggest fear is the rakghoul plague which has already spread beyond the demonic vermin and into the wider galaxy. Now the Republic have set their sights on Taris and we can only wonder what will happen next.

Vod Sarkin | Freelance Reporter
[Environment of Taris]

It's a typical day as you're walking through Vaiken Spacedock, when all of a sudden, some nerfherder comes out and starts trying to put the moves on you. Using lines that remind you of Anakin Skywalker in his bumbling quest to make Padmé his wife, the nerfherder does his best to make your character fall for his.

It's a fact of life of any role-playing game and The Old Republic is no exception. Merely walking into a cantina can display all sorts of flirting, whether cheesy one-liners or well thought out conversations. Even the flirting itself can have a purpose. A Republic spy, looking to get information from an Imperial citizen, or a Jedi literally being seduced to the Dark Side demonstrates the power of flirting and two possible routes it can take.

Today's Force Reflection asks: does your character flirt? Do they flirt because they mean it? Do they have an ulterior motive? Do they just like to flirt? Let us know in the comments below!
Ford/Gves Generally, when speaking to the opposite sex, every second word that comes out of Ford's mouth has something to do ...
void Goodness no! Agent Crovan meets very important people; lesser Sith (nonetheless they're Sith *shudder*), politician...
D'aax Mai is a terrible flirt, but seems to always walk away from the cantina alone. She is either the grand architect of her ...

We all know that the character customization options for The Old Republic are fairly well diverse. Head shapes, eye colors, hair design and color are only a few of the options. It's a simple thing to come up with a unique design that fits the "in-your-head" concept. Of course, the favorite way to do this pre-design idea is by setting up your very own casting couch!

There are actors, such as Sean Connery, that could fit in several roles, be they Jedi or Sith. For me, personally, it's difficult to imagine a Jedi without the Sir Alec Guinness feel of precise speech and presence. Would you pick an actor or actress to portray your character? Who and why? Is it looks, charisma, or some other factor or combination of factors that made the actor/actress your choice? Let us know in the comments below!
Vishta For Odrin, probably Geoffrey Rush.
Henerkin Lemmy for the look and attitude. Tom Waits for the his burned out whiskey voice. http:/...
Redamous Nathan Fillion. Whenever I play my smuggler I just hear his voice.

"We're all mad here." 
- The Cheshire Cat

Several definitions of insanity are prevalent in this day and age. One popular definition is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." Yet another, more clinical definition is "the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness; extreme foolishness or irrationality." No matter the definition, we've all seen some quite mad things happen either in real life or in a game. However, think about your own characters.

A trooper could be considered insane because he or she throws him or herself into the face of danger without any serious thought of its ramifications. If you think about it, though, insanity can be largely subjective. A Sith Lord who studies and eventually "falls" to the Light Side of the Force could be considered crazy by his peers. So there end up being several important distinctions.

Do any of your characters exhibit signs of insanity? Are any of them full on crazy? Today's Force Reflection begs the question: is your character nuts? Let us know in the comments below!
RoweBoat well..... define crazy?
Joshmaul Sanity is for the weak.

The infamous Hutt Cartel has been ruled by a single supreme Mogul for nearly two centuries. Karagga the Hutt has been noted as one of the most extravagant beings in the galaxy, as illustrated by his fantastic headwear. His obscene amount of riches have caused this extraordinarily wealthy Hutt to live a life of which the rich and famous could only dream—extravagant ornamental frocks and veritable banquets of Hutt delicacies, which are served to the Mogul daily. Such a life has convinced Karagga that he deserves perfection in all and he will settle for nothing less.

He became known as Karagga the Unyielding after an altercation with The Exchange, a notable crime syndicate. In the midst of a turf war, a young Cartel boss named Karagga set up a meeting to discuss peace and an end to the hostilities. Peace was indeed achieved after the entire Exchange cell was reportedly massacred. This event gained Karagga considerable prestige and notoriety in the galactic underworld and set to undulate his way up the ladder to the leadership of the Cartel.

Vod Sarking | Imperial News Network
[Karagga the Hutt]

Romancing companions is not unique to The Old Republic. Other games to have successfully pulled it off are Knights of the Old Republic (I and II), Mass Effect and Neverwinter Nights. In each of these games, it is possible to take a romance "all the way" provided the right criteria are met.

Each class has a companion that can be romanced, but not every companion is capable of being romanced. Lord Scourge has no need of romance, nor does T7. Some companions work better than others, such as Jaesa Wilsaam for the naughty Sith Warrior male. The choices for companionship are many.

Today's Force Reflection asks two questions: do you romance your companions and what is your favorite romance story? Are you a love 'em and leave 'em type or do you see it all through? Let us know in the comments below!
Rhenn Bowdaar oh Bowdaar, why is our love forbidden! And why did they make you so fuzzy if we can't cuddle you! It'...
RoweBoat just have 1 word to say: BLIZZ<3
Nebu'la No., not attractive or interesting enough Mass Effect 2 - yes, so it's not me... not meeeee! I could say I have h...

It's hard to imagine Star Wars without the lightsaber. That shimmering blade, the snap-hiss that heralds what is certain to be a fight. I doubt there is a fan alive who hasn't dreamed of owning one.

Each lightsaber has the same basic parts: crystal, emitter and hilt. While the choice for color of the blade is dependent on the crystal chosen, the style of hilt is almost endless! From the sleek, curved hilt of fencing-master Darth Tyranus, to the simplistic hilt used by Luke Skywalker and even to the swoop bike handlebar used by Corran Horn, the stars are the limit for hilt designs!

Today's Force Reflection asks: what is your character's hilt design? Have you given it much thought? How many "unique" hilts does your character have? Is there one they treasure above all others? Let us know in the comments below!
@$ark Other than switching to an orange crystal, Asark has been using the same lightsaber ever since he became an apprentice.
Maldracai Xe'rath (my Sith Warrior) constructed his own hilt about a year ago, despite the odd glances and questions thrown h...
DKForce Davanic Organa dual sabers have nothing real special about the hilts on the outside anyways. They would be similar to pe...
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