Extracts from the travel diaries of Sally I.; scholar and philosopher. This documentary series, Galactic Misunderstandings, is brought to you by Starwire Discovery Programmes

Galactic Misunderstandings: Mandalorians

It has been quite the journey. When I started my first week, I was a veritable ball of preconceptions about Mandalorians, their nature and their value to the galaxy at large. In truth, I expected to have those preconceptions altered, but I did not imagine the range and variety that I experienced. It is no surprise that a culture that thrives on adaptation should have diversity, which of course means that no stereotype stands the test of every Mandalorian individual; with the exception of a few exceptionally common traits encouraged by the Resol’nare.

Sadly, while I feel better about my understanding and found many ways to extol seeming paradoxical virtues from the culture, part of suvarir—to understand—is to accept the bad as well as polish the good to a mirror shine.

In the Star Wars universe, there are many sections of galactic society whose unique sense of style is very much characteristic of their people, species, profession or whatever else it happens to be that defines their aesthetic. As a roleplayer, I quite enjoy a good bit of visual variety and lament its absence. One such so-afflicted party, at least in a certain way, are Jedi; it can be argued that plenty of Jedi-appropriate clothing is available, especially armour, but some of the most iconic Jedi looks is in short (thus rather expensive) supply.

While it is fair to say that armoured and tighter variations of robes become commonplace during wartime, equally likely is that many will retain the various versions of the iconic look most familiar to the Star Wars films. Sometimes you aren’t fighting, sometimes you aren’t even a warrior caste. Rugged simplicity is the hallmark of a Jedi’s gear and in represents the humility and minimalism characteristic of the mentality.

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Extracts from the travel diaries of Sally I.; scholar and philosopher. This new documentary series, Galactic Misunderstandings, is brought to you by Starwire Discovery Programmes.

Galactic Misunderstandings: Mandalorians

I, like many others, found myself adrift on the open ocean of stars after the galactic order received something of a sizable boot to the unmentionables half a decade ago. Even before the eventual surrender of those subject to the aforementioned boot I was wandering alone, though. When one lives the life of a well-meaning transient, you can learn a great deal about people and the way they think. Reflect a moment: how hard is it to believe something different when all those you respect seem to think one way?

While rarely the subject of abject loneliness per sé, I found it only natural to consider engendering camaraderie with whoever the river of fate deigned to place me with. No more pertinent was this to me than when I found myself with some of the most misrepresented professional belligerents in the galaxy.


Fenrir Wolfblood *Interested Visor* 'tis is good. I like this.
Ruusaan Vey I won't lie, third image was great to see. Also eagerly awaiting others in this series.

Breaking news from the Starwire Tower, with your anchor Lily Serel


You’re watching Starwire News. Tonight’s top story.

Former Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh was recorded making a speech to members of the Alliance today, proclaiming their commander dead and offering to take the reins of the famed organisation herself to lead the fight against Empress Vaylin. Claims of the death of the Alliance Commander had been corroborated by the offices of Minister Lorman of the Sith Empire after a lightning strike disintegrated the personal shuttle of Empress Acina, carrying both the Empress and the commander.

However, reports from Dromund Kaas indicate that Empress Acina has retaken the Imperial throne with Minister Lorman disgraced and currently under the purview of internal Imperial procedures. A public statement was issued debunking the rumours and condemning Lorman and his accomplices as having attempted to orchestrate an attempt on the Empress’ life with the explicit support of Leontyne Saresh.

A live broadcast by Starwire Entertainment. Please note that any and all of this content should
be considered unsuitable for children. May contain references to alcohol and narcotic use. And violence.

Good evening viewers and welcome back!

It’s been a heck of a year, huh? Feels like yesterday I was sippin’ Mystic Autumn tea across the way from Dr. Anoleis, now here I am reporting – with no small measure of glee – that she is now on a penal work colony where she belongs. I believe her ultimate fate is still up for auction, so if anyone is interested, please let us know.

That’s not why I’m talking tonight, though. Galactic standard years don’t necessarily mean all that much to most people watching right now – unless they’re on Coruscant – but for spacers like me, we’re just about to mark the turn of a new one. A time for reflection. I’ve polished some boots I’d’ve rather spat on in my time working with Starwire, but there’s always time for a little correcting of the record next year.

Tonight, you get to listen to me ramble about how poodoo the year was. The state of the galaxy is crazier than ever, but damn it, I’ll find something to smile about. Join me after the break, while I get myself much more comfortable. I’m also mandated to inform you all that I am absolutely intoxicated already.

Good evening, viewers, and welcome to this special broadcast. I’m Lily Serel.

Today’s event is a solemn one. In partnership with the Remembrance Coalition, Starwire Entertainment honours the many victims of war, hubris; unfortunate death in general. We will mark some names with eulogies as provided by you, the public, who sent us names as we petitioned last week.

Donation lines to the Coalition—a collective of war and relief charities from all factions—will be open for the duration of this broadcast. If you want to contribute to some of the most significant humanitarian money-pots in the galaxy, those frequencies will be displayed on screen.

That’s coming next, with Starwire Entertainment. Join me after the break.

Aisling ((This was beautifully written)).

This is Starwire News

Good evening viewers, and welcome to Starwire News. I’m Lily Serel.

In the galaxy this week: the Remembrance Coalition partners with the Starwire Network to prepare a memorial to honour the victims of war; anonymous war ministry sources speak out against last week’s stories of mass desertion; and we launch a new section, FleetWatch, in response to the odd behaviour observed in the vessels of the Eternal Fleet. As usual, this will be followed by the news and sport where you are.

That’s all after the break: don’t go anywhere.

A broadcast by Starwire News, in association with the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good evening viewers, and welcome to tonight’s special broadcast! I’m Lily Serel.

We regret interrupting your regularly scheduled Starwire News bulletin, but we have an exclusive opportunity to conduct a very special live interview – and during the broadcast, we will be opening the lines to the public. So, if you have questions, start thinking of them and start dialling the frequency on your screen! That, and more, after the break.

The Snowies. *Snowstorm turned off the holo-TV as the device's screen faded to black, reflecting the dark figure of himself seat...

You’re watching the Spire Network

This is Starwire News and I’m your host for the evening, Lily Serel.

The headlines this afternoon; could your water filter be giving you the runs? New research by the Cartel Industrial Society suggests all might not be as it seems with common filtration products. In the aftermath of economic turmoil some weeks ago, our business correspondent investigates – where should you be putting your money? In entertainment, we’ll be speaking to returning star of Acid Town Mysteries Juan Gorino, as the show returns for its sixteenth season after a three year hiatus.

Do you love the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife? Our newest field correspondent, Tann “Amy” Amersu, certainly does and she’ll be joining me on the sofa after the break! On the ground at a smash hit masquerade ball last week, we bring you footage and commentary recorded live during the event which saw the shock return of the Cosmic Swinger’s Club, reborn with star of Zeltroslane 5’s Sami Roxx! Rounded off with a lottery and a costume contest, it was a night to remember. That’s coming up next, on Starwire News!

Khudolt {{Malak look-alike speaking, was great fun being there, awesomely-organized event, thanks to everyone who made it happen...
denDAY (( Thank you very much for attending and writing this. We're happy to see all parts of the community backing up our...
tom ((Lovely article, thanks for putting in the work to write it. It was an absolute blast and I'm glad people had fun ...

An Announcement by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good day to all viewers, I am Dr. Zara Anoleis, bringing you an announcement.

Two weeks ago, deplorable acts of violence on the part of unscrupulous outsiders disrupted the operations of the Zakuulan treasury. As a result, alterations to the state budget have been made to ensure the long-term security of essential services. The Bureau of Social Harmony is among those shouldering the burden of these austerity measures; as such, future episodes of insider reports, galactic commentary and similar features will be outsourced to the Outreach branches. In line with this, we are pleased to welcome veteran Outreach anchor Lily Serel to the official Bureau team, acting as our new prime pair of boots on the ground.

Seisu Skagendo The Sith Empire are essentially broke now. I wonder if people who have richer than rich Darths still throw cash around a...
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