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Good day, viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to our renewed daily news show, right here at the Coruscant Daily Buzz.

Right from the get-go: Is Coruscant still truly worthy to be called the galaxy's capital? Some senators are beginning to say -no- after what appears to have been a horrible and devious assassination of senator Wilbern Overcla in the Old Galactic Market. You see, last night Senator Overcla’s son-in-law had been critically shot during a drunken brawl in the Dealer’s Den cantina by an unknown assailant. The reasoning behind the son’s night-out have not been made public, but he was forced to spend the night in the nearby hospital and is currently stable. His Father-in-law went to visit him the very next morning when the attack happened.

On his way out of the hospital he was the victim of a homemade bomb. The event ended as quickly as it started. Senator Overcla died just a second after it went off. Reportedly two of his guards have been killed and another 2 mortally wounded. Reports say there are no civilian casualties thankfully.

LD.OOC This was not on the prognitor, right?

The Star Wars galaxy is an enormous place, far greater than a single individual could imagine. It is said that the galaxy is 120,000 light years in size. To give you an idea of how great that number is, a single light year is ten trillion kilometers, or more precisely 9,460,800,000 kilometers. That is an awfully large space to cover in movies, TV series, books and games. However, with those forms of entertainment, we have taken our imaginations through journeys that have captured and riveted us. These journeys continue with The Old Republic, where the game gives us the opportunity to visit and explore Star Wars worlds. These worlds ranging from the galaxy's nominated core planet of Coruscant, to the sands of Tatooine, and through the blizzards of Hoth. Worlds of The Old Republic will take you through each of the planets, its history, and some handy information that might help you in your roleplaying endeavors. The worlds will be covered in twos, so stay tuned for further editions of Worlds of the Old Republic over the next few weeks.

Hello Star Wars fans, nerds, people, cosplayers... whatever the hell.

Let’s sit down a moment and talk. We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? I mean yes, the podracing went on for far too long, and there was some sketchiness over Jacen Solo in the EU. And here, at SWTOR-RP, we’ve also had some good times. If you can’t remember at least one piece of roleplay which moved you, right down there in the heart, or which at least made you go “whooo” in a tone which is much more enthusiastic than my writing allows for, I’d be surprised. Hell, I’d offer my condolences.

So why am I here, on this hallowed day, nammering on about all of this? Because I have a very simple message for the lot of you:

Embrace all the roleplay offered to you.

"But Taeghen," I hear you cry out in despair. "There are many of us in the community who are stupid, or annoying, or have died like eighteen times, or who are so made of special snowflakes that 'Let it go' is sounding out behind them like a crude form of psychological torture." And that’s true. Likely, some of the people reading this will put me in at least one of those categories. But it’s not important. Consider the following:

Look at what we have to work with. Look at the sheer richness of Star Wars, the overwhelming diversity of it, the depth of thousands of people working together to build something glorious. We would not have the Mandalorians if people hadn’t decided that Boba Fett was that awesome. We would lack all of the tremendous detail on the Sith’s ancient ways had Palpatine not intrigued and repelled us. And then it grows even further: the Chiss are here because of Thrawn. How many bounty hunters have sprung up from this lot?

Iradox A very well writen article even if I don't agree 100% with you in regards to lore, but you already knew I would say...
Kateness Quote: so long as it doesn’t curtail others or blast into the scene demanding they be obeyed I'm probably g...
The Zen Workshop Quote: '' Do you think Lucas gave a damn how many hours exactly it took to get from Tatooine to Alderaan? No, ...

A Broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Greetings once more, loyal viewers! I am Dr. Zara Anoleis, taking my first step into the core of the core worlds. Today we’re on the beautiful garden world of Alderaan. Noble families, many of them ancient in their own right, control the majority of the planet’s land and resources, divided up between these families according to birthright, marriage and so on.

In the past the world has known protracted periods of peace, but also many of its own internal conflicts – considering the planet’s system of government, it is easy to see why. The latest incarnation of conflict is a civil war started by the death of the previous overarching ‘ruler’ and an associated departure from the Galactic Republic. As a grim facsimile for the rest of the galaxy, battle-lines were drawn between several factions culminating in a bloody civil war that is ongoing to this very day. This conflict is yet another window into the real, long-standing issues of the core. Issues that demand intervention if the region is to avoid collapsing in on itself.

My Force senses are tingling. They tell me that most of you have dived head first into the heated battle on Ziost to combat the crazed Emperor and his mind-controlled minions. They also tell me that you've come to a point in your questing where the story seems to have ended, and you can no longer continue to fight said Emperor and said minions. Don't fret, my fellow Sith, Jedi, scruffy-looking nerf herders and infamous hunters: the story continues on May the 4th!

It just so happens that everyone has cried out just as loudly as all those Alderaanians when their planet went "poof." Eric Musco, Community Manager at BioWare, has hit the forums to quell the rioting agents of darkness and the protectors of light. 

The story on Ziost is set to continue on May the 4th (we all know the significance of that day!) at 8am PDT. There won't be any patching required, so you can dive straight back into the fray, but only once you've wished all your friends a happy Star Wars Day. 

According to Eric's post, this is what's being unlocked on May the 4th:

  • The ending cinematics for the Rise of the Emperor storyline from Game Update 3.2
  • A new area of Ziost
  • New daily quests
  • A new Lair Boss
  • A new World Boss

May the Force be with you all that day!

While trawling the forums for inspiration and interesting topics to write about, a post made by another roleplayer called Veloxa really got our attention. It made us think about the days when roleplaying Flashpoints a seemed pretty common place and maybe it still is! So here's a run down of what Veloxa is proposing. Maybe you'd be interested in joining in? The events will be held on The Ebon Hawk, so maybe get in touch and see whether you'd like to get involved: 

"Each week (going to try for Mondays), I'll open a poll with the choice of Flashpoints, one from each level range (low, mid and high). You guys will vote on which one you want to participate in the most (and of course, you're always encouraged to do other FP's as well on your own).

Once the voting has been closed and the FP decided on, we'll gather on the Gav Doragon or Ziost Shadow respectively on the mission deck at a specified time (which I'll set shortly). From there, we'll choose who we want to group with and off we go!"

With the new content in recent months, there seems to be a lot of new and fun-worthy inspiration out there to get the roleplay genious flowing! One such flashpoint is called the False Emperor. A plot featuring the infamous Darth of the name Malgus. Heard about him? If you're new to the game and the lore then maybe not, so let's do a bit of a run-down on what this scary guy is all about. 

A human male, born during the period of the Great Galactic War, was found to be Force sensitive while living within the confides of his adoptive father's estates. During his time as Sith, he partnered and fell in love with his Twi'lek slave Eleena Daru. But most notably, Malgus and his masterMaster Vindican, helped to enact the recapture of the Sith world Korriban. Even leading a successful assault on the Core World of Alderaan.

We won't spoil the plot too much for you, so if you would like to read more, then we fully recommend you take a look at his Wookieepedia page found here

But really, the question this week is: do you still roleplay out the game content? Flashpoints especially. We'd be interested to know!

For those people who have been great readers of my Combat and Force Analysis articles, I have a little bad news. I have taken the usual author of these, the Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri, and entirely reworked his character, bringing him down to the level of Jedi Initiate and restarting his roleplay story. This was necessary. However, it means that the Combat and Force Analysis articles will have to be neglected a short while until another character is ready to take the reins. Another character is being leveled up and prepared, many thanks to the x12 XP preorder bonus, and I should be continuing these articles next week where they left off.

This also means that the RP story being covered in the article regarding Alderaan a few weeks ago has collapsed, although that occurred far sooner than this decision.

Although this event is regrettable, I am welcoming the opportunity to bring this character back up through the ranks and create his story in even greater depth, and also encourage anyone interested on The Ebon Hawk server to make themselves a part of his future career as a Jedi. He is only an initiate as of yet, and is usually found on Tython, and I would be happy to set up an encounter.

In further news, the great suggestion known as Stances is still out there, and while I've gotten some great support, it won't have enough until it is in the game. Therefore, I continue to request the support of the roleplaying community here at SWTOR-RP, and hope that sometime in the future we will gain the ability to put our character's hands behind their backs! Thanks to everyone who has given their support so far!

May the Force be with you!

Fair and Balanced

The Galactic News Network prides itself in being a fair and balanced source of knowledge about the galaxy. They look to promote awareness of the worlds around us, as well as helping you to know about those who shake our understanding and shape our view of the galaxy.

This week we focus on a group within the Jedi Order known as The Lost Praxeum who our intrepid reporter had the pleasure of interviewing on board their fine ship, The Deliverance.

The Lost Praxeum is led by master Alen Stannic; a person who, as so many others in his position, has many things to do other than talk to reporters. Yet in the interest of helping to promote the message of peace that the order represents, he still agreed to meet with our interviewer.

Onto the interview:

HV:Good day Master Stanic, and on behalf of the Galactic News Network I would like to thank you for taking your time to meet with us. The group that you represent is a fairly solid part of the Republic. Tell us please what brought about the creation of your order.

AS: Hello, GNN! Happy to answer your questions. The original Praxeum was a retreat on Alderaan for Jedi looking to perfect particular skills, but it didn't survive the Great War, sadly. A few members survived though, and we carry on the name. I’m the third Jedi to hold the title of Grandmaster of the Praxeum Council since Alderaan fell.
Alen A shout out to all you Jedi out there. No death, guys!

-Message to House Organa High Command from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri-

-Beginning transmission-

Organa High Command,

My presence here is in response to a report made recently about what may be a Sith task force operating somewhere in Thul territory. We hope that these reports are without substance, though I doubt anyone involved is that lucky. I don't know what a Sith task force might be doing here, but if I were to hazard a guess, it would be that they wish to consolidate what holdings they might have now before dealing with whatever the basis is of the Revan rumors spreading. However, I admit that that is purely a guess, and as likely right as not.

Whatever their theoretical reasons, my padawan James Zithro and I are here to investigate them and determine the proper response. You can rest assured that this situation is well in hand. I expect to be working in close concert with House Alde on this due to their close proximity to Thul territory. We will be arriving on-planet in precisely 45 minutes, and will be departing for House Alde almost immediately. I would appreciate it if you let them know we are coming.

May the Force be with you.

-End transmission-
KYLEtheHUTT Nice. I have similarly started a serious of reports that will expand upon an in-game story arc for roleplayers to invol...

-Memo to Republic High Command, Carrick Station, from Jedi Master Chi'vas Ji'haldri-

-Data entry beginning playback-

It has recently come to my attention that Republic behavior to its allies when they are not fighting the Empire leaves something to be desired. So far, put bluntly, any ally who is in battle against any enemy gets the question, "Is it the Empire?" And if the answer is no, they are left to fend for themselves with only economic and supply-based aid, rather then putting a battalion on the planet and smashing the resistance, that the planet's military strength might be put to the better use we need.

Take Alderaan for example. The planet is embroiled in civil war, the noble houses are trying their best to kill each other, and neither the Republic nor the Empire make any secret of their support. Yet we see neither of our soldiers on those battlefields; only a few Jedi or Sith and commanders to aid the forces of our chosen sides. 

If the Republic put a single cruiser and its associated compliments over Alderaan, and its attached ground troops on the ground, we could take down House Thul within a week, assuming no major deviations from the current tactical situation. At that point, Alderaanian forces could be equipped with better weapons and armor, and put on Corellia or Balmorra, and the process could be repeated. As of the present, we are merely trying to stop the Empire where we can, and push forward when we can. But if we ended the minor wars where we can with minimal expenditure of troops, that will free more soldiers for the major theatres of war.

You can be sure the Empire's patience with many of these minor conflicts will wear thin. My contacts have observed an increased Imperial presence on Alderaan already. Although, whether it is to stay or not is unknown. However, it is certain that when it becomes as clear to them as it has to me, Alderaan will not remain a bastion of the Republic for long. We must provide the support we can to our allies, otherwise the standard of the Republic is merely the flag of a faction, and not a banner of freedom as it is meant to be.

-End playback-
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