I am choosing to post this as an once active members of the Progenitor server and still somewhat active in a part-time capacity.  It should be seen and put out there for what is the most active portion of our site's users, and those most disappointed on what has been decided.

The new site is here.  

Godspeed, and create with a new positive voice.

You’re watching the Spire Network

This is Starwire News and I’m your host for the evening, Lily Serel.

The headlines this afternoon; could your water filter be giving you the runs? New research by the Cartel Industrial Society suggests all might not be as it seems with common filtration products. In the aftermath of economic turmoil some weeks ago, our business correspondent investigates – where should you be putting your money? In entertainment, we’ll be speaking to returning star of Acid Town Mysteries Juan Gorino, as the show returns for its sixteenth season after a three year hiatus.

Do you love the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife? Our newest field correspondent, Tann “Amy” Amersu, certainly does and she’ll be joining me on the sofa after the break! On the ground at a smash hit masquerade ball last week, we bring you footage and commentary recorded live during the event which saw the shock return of the Cosmic Swinger’s Club, reborn with star of Zeltroslane 5’s Sami Roxx! Rounded off with a lottery and a costume contest, it was a night to remember. That’s coming up next, on Starwire News!

Khudolt {{Malak look-alike speaking, was great fun being there, awesomely-organized event, thanks to everyone who made it happen...
denDAY (( Thank you very much for attending and writing this. We're happy to see all parts of the community backing up our...
tom ((Lovely article, thanks for putting in the work to write it. It was an absolute blast and I'm glad people had fun ...

A broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

A warm welcome back to our loyal viewers. Today, I have decided to alter my approach. I am not blind to the resentment many hold for the Eternal Empire – we were not gentle in our initial approach, and the victors of a three-way war were never going to be the friends of the others. Understand now, though, that such an attitude lacks longevity, it lacks logical support; this is the theme for my broadcast. I have focused on individual planets, and tried to explain in what way they presented evidence to support my claims and to denounce those of more unscrupulous parties. Indeed, some of these parties are even beginning violent opposition.

I have little to say on the topic of rebellion, only that anyone can thrash against change – but it takes strength and an open mind to lay down your weapon and embrace it for what it is; a chance to better oneself, be it an individual or a nation. Only the weak and the foolish deign to live in denial. Today, I will rise to my own expectations. I intend to open my hand and my mind to you all.

In my time I have studied many subjects. My life has been one of reason and thought. If there are any out there in this galaxy who believe – in their hearts, after thinking outside the shell of post-war chagrin – their ways, be it by governance or philosophy, have truly proven themselves a better force for the prosperity of their people than the ways of Zakuul, I offer an invitation. I want to know what it is for which you protest. Whether you are, indeed, thrashing against change for the sake of thrashing, or whether there is a glimmer of reason beneath it. Why, perhaps, you strangle your own economies with a petty war when you are already pressured by a harsh treaty of armistice.

Harbinger *Engages her lightsabers* The Sith will never yield to you! Peace is a lie...there is only passion! Through passion I ...

A Broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good day, viewers. I regret that Dr. Anoleis cannot be with us this week owing to undergoing life-saving surgery. In her stead, I will be taking her place on this broadcast. Let us all wish her the best of luck and a swift recovery.

We are headed to the Corgon II penal mining colony today; a fine example of where justice meets productivity. Convicts and prisoners from the Core work off their debt to society in the mines with reasonable conditions and well maintained facilities to house them. Over the course of their stay, they have the opportunity to learn the errors of their ways and learn to appreciate to Zakuulan culture; a generous second chance for even the most unscrupulous of offenders.

Unfortunately, our stay was met with tragedy. Dr. Anoleis was taking part in peaceful activity, learning of the reasons for the prisoners’ actions and their origins while sharing the virtues of working to Zakuul’s co-operative vision of a peaceful and just galaxy, hoping to meet the irrational and selfish mind with one that was open, compassionate and sensible. I regret to inform our viewers that it is during this stay that she was rendered incapable of hosting this broadcast, as we investigate today.

Kathryl Oriana I'm the... um...well nevermind but I was there! #nowcanonforprogenitors
Madoní it was awesome, nice to meet so many different characters.
Satyrian It was indeed epic!! Had allot of fun, so thank you organizers and everyone who took part, adding to this wonderful expe...

This year has seen some amazing performances held by the Snowmaiden and her helpers. It has been a brilliant turnout, and both previous events have now raised nearly four hundred pounds for the charitable trust, Child's Play

But we have one more show to go guys! And this one is certain to be a brilliant showing. The event will be held Imperial side and gives us another final chance to dig into our pockets and give in to the spirit of Christmas, sending funds to the children supported by the chosen charity. Click on the link here and see what you can give before and during the event being held this coming Tuesday. 

"Doors open each night at 7:30pm GMT. Performance will be in two parts, with a break for drinks in the middle, and will finish no later than 10pm GMT. After which, venues will remain open until 11:30 - midnight, for mingling and a chance to meet the Donna herself!

To book your attendance, please find the events on The Progenitor calendar to sign up.

Hope to see you all there!"

The dates have been announced for the up and coming Opera; hosted by Aéla Dasvarat. The events will be held on the 1st of December, the 7th and then the 16th. That's three chances for players to attend and partake in the widely anticipated Christmas fundraiser this year!

Performances are as follows:
Republic Side - 1st of December - Aéla's Stronghold

Neutral - 7th of December - Maeriel's Stronghold

Imperial Side -16th of December - The Shroud's guildship

Doors open each night at 7:30pm GMT and the performance will be in two parts. With a break for drinks in the middle, and will finish no later than 10pm GMT. 

Last year's ball had been very successful, with more than two-hundred pounds raised for Child's play! So get out your in-character frocks, suits, and dancing shoes, but don't forget to bring your wallets! Donations are entirely optional, but it's for a good cause. If you have a few pennies to spare (or any other kind of currency of course), feel free to donate to the chosen charity.

We here at SWTOR-RP are very excited about this event and we are sure that you guys are as well. Click on the link here for more information about the up and coming festivities. 

See you there guys and girls of TOR! Force be with you.

From time to time, we see people send out invitations to up and coming in-character nuptials and we figured it is about time to put up a shout out to one of these adorable joining of love-struck souls! 

Without further delay, let us announce the event being held on the 30th of this month: looking to join together are Odithek Ashmore and Luanna Auten. So if you're free and would like to pop in and toast the happy couple, come along and watch as the pair say their vows, meld together and become entirely inseparable for all eternity! (That's what happens right?... right?)

Good luck Luanna and Odithek! May you live long and proper... wait, that's not it. Force be with you!
themightykai Some quick snaps I took from the wedding - http://arkanisguild.com/hologallery/m/27866371/album/223030

Below we have chosen cosplayers from around the globe: from America, to Spain, and even the Ukraine! Let's start off with a player from The Progenitor server called IOn, and move onto other awesome picks to be found in the deepest reaches of Enjin, DeviantArt and elsewhere!

Ion went to this year's MCM Comic Con dressed as Darth Bestia. You can see the costume here on her DeviantArt profile. 

We figure it's time to just hunt through the servers and pick out a number of pieces we here at SWTOR-RP like the most; focusing less on the interviews themselves but more on the artwork that you guys know and love. This week we will look at YouTube based delights: videos and music videos alike, bringing you a pool of talent from The Ebon Hawk, Jung Ma, and long lost gems produced by players of long ago devoured communities during the server merges. So get yourself something to snack on, a glass of water or your beverage of choice and feast your eyes on the videos below!

A good while ago, looking through art and videos. We found YouTube posts created by a player called Exel. Now, we have been waiting for a little while to catch the originator to interview him, but alas we have not been able to catch him! And likewise for a small number of other artists and writers. 

So without further delay, the number one pick for video content created by Exel would be a Holocast based around a guild plotline for the Eclipse over a year ago. What we really like about this video is the realism, the creativity, and the use of multiple speech actors. The graphical additions are splendid and it is very well paced: 
Dennis I think that this one deserves attention too (Ebon Hawk server-RP): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UUdtcIgXrM Cre...
Captain Shanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzSTo3MNgrQ - Red Rose Syndicate trailer. This deserves some love.

Today we will be looking at various happenings not only on one singular planet but also on the HoloNet.

Darth Tekthon has been seen with his power-base (though we heard through the rumour mill his power-base was dismantled so maybe they were just hired thugs). The diplomatic Darth works heavily within outreach programs, and we think he is likely there to try to smooth relations with the Republic Diplomats and Sith officials. 

Something has been setting the Holonet on fire recently; news of a secret organisation called The Labyrinth!

We spoke to a HoloNet specialist, Doctor Kara Sillen, who basically just watches the data-streams and analyses HoloNet trends and she had this to say: "It is like any rumour: they come and they go and very few are true. I highly doubt that this one holds any truth."

But an anonymous Holo-message sent to us only yesterday seems to suggest otherwise. 

"They are a threat to the Republic. If the authorities won't listen to me, the media must!" 

You have been heard my friend. Thanks for the tip!

We can't quite get anything solid, but people are whispering, tongues are wagging, and this reporter smells something interesting coming up! But hey, if it really is all just the ramblings of a madman, at least we had fun covering it all.

That is enough for now folks! Look out for the next digest. I am sure it will be interesting!

Nora Rift | Republic Digest
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