I am choosing to post this as an once active members of the Progenitor server and still somewhat active in a part-time capacity.  It should be seen and put out there for what is the most active portion of our site's users, and those most disappointed on what has been decided.

The new site is here.  

Godspeed, and create with a new positive voice.

Visit her Deviant art page here.

This week, I am starting a creative spotlight: looking at SWTOR and the various artists, musicians and story tellers who give us and our role-play just that little bit more magic to work with!

Meet IOn. Most notably she plays Darth Silental on The Progenitor server. She creates a lot of digital art, mostly doing commissions for role-players across the SWTOR-RP community. 

I spoke a little with her and this is what she had to say about herself:

"I enjoy creating costumes and props for LARP. I'm always interested in trying out various techniques and crafts.

So my style and techniques are very mixed and span from jewelry-making to watercolours.”  
Aéla Dasvarat <3 Ion. A most thoughtful and welcoming friend on the progenitor and certainly one of the jewels of our server. ...
Dreamer~ One of the best, public and most loved artists on Progenitor! Keep it up!
Marcus Khaar *seal of approval* Keep up the awesome work Ion!
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