"Dear Elza,
When I first decided to fight for the Republic, I had no intention of settling down. Yet love forms in the strangest of places, or so I'm told, and the battlefield is no exception. I fell in love with my Corporal, and he revealed he felt the same. Due to regulations, we were unfortunately separated, and I was transferred out of my Unit to give us distance, but not before he had the chance to propose.

Six months ago my dear fiancé was killed on the battlefield and I was informed by a simple mail. To this day I've worn his ring to always remember, and to always remind myself. I swore I would never let myself fall for someone in my own unit again. I swore I wouldn't let love be torn away from me once more. I closed myself off for these six months, refusing to even consider dating once again. I know six months doesn't sound like much time, but something just clicked when I met a certain Zabrak while on shore leave.

I care for him greatly. I tell him things, listen... and even only knowing each other for a small while, I already feel like I can trust him. He shares the same feelings for me, or at least I believe he does. I hope he does. We hold hands, talk, share things and have even shared an embrace. I'm letting my guard down and feeling myself let him in.
Reynala Kodaigo Kay: "Sith." Rey: "But does that mean her advice is bad? Hmm?" Kay: .... Kay: &q...
Azhandris "I've always suspected that you were Imperial, Elza, but never knew you were Sith. Regardless, this doesn&...
Vaanthe a Vaanthe reads the column and tilts her head. "Hm, not bad advice."

"Dear Elza...

How do I stop falling for the wrong guys? That may sound like a pretty straight forward question, but I just don't get it.

I'm twenty six, and I work for the Republic Military and I'm currently stationed on Ord Mantell. I know us Troopers aren't the best with emotional responses, but I've just come up such a loss. I'm 5'9'' and a little over 160lbs, so it's not like I'm big and intimidating them away. Allow me to explain.

Over the past several weeks, I've been getting close to a few different men, and all had seemed to be going well. In the first case, he would take care of me, protect me, always complimented me and made me feel special inside. He was shot in the field of duty and I was trying to take care of him, and it was at this point that I realized he already had a partner. I only find out this when he's slipping in and out of consciousness on a hospital bed. Did I read the signs wrong? And more so how should I be expected to react to this? 
Rhenn (( Muhahahahaha, nice input Marelle!))
Reynala Kodaigo *comm messages* Kay: Have you seen this? *link* Rey: I'm not that busy. *pause* Rey: Elza has good sense. Thinking...
DavidForce I never got serious until i was sure i met the right one. I would flirt, goof off, and go on dates with lots of guys bu...

"Dear Elza,

So... a while back, my girlfriend broke up with me. We had been apart for awhile, and there was someone else on her side of things, so she came to me and officially ended the relationship. This is only background, not the point of the submission. I've been trying to move on, trying to find someone else to be with, but... there are two. This is the problem.

Obviously, dating both is not an option, but I like them both. One of them is slightly younger than me and has a bit of a crush. I try not to let on that I know she has a crush on me, but... well, I do know. The other is also around my age, I think, (truthfully, I haven't asked as it’s kind of an awkward question) and she also likes me, I'm fairly certain. She's more mature than the other and just as nice, and in actuality, I imagine a relationship with her being more successful, but I just can't choose. I care about both of them, of course, so I know being with one will probably hurt the other which I really don't want to happen.

What should I do, and how do I let the other down gently?"

--Stressed on Shaddaa"
Reynala Kodaigo Kay: "My bet's are he's been intimate with both." Rey: "You are such a.... ugh. Jus...
Sarael [Reads the holo-net and frowns.] "Odd... I know plenty of men in those shoes... ... I wonder who "str...
Sovereign Vertigus blinks at the holoarticle and snorts, "Huh! ... So that's why I'm still single."
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