Last week we featured the talented and well regarded Jung Mar player Rai-Kuga. It was really great covering her artwork and we loved the positive response we received from the community about her stuff! Want to read that spotlight again? Then click here and get the low down on the artist, what inspires her and her artwork.
This week we are featuring the equally talented, creatively wonderful roleplayer Ravnie! As usual, you're in for a treat. 
We asked Ravnie about the things that inspire her with regards to the Star Wars universe and the game in which we all persist: 
"Star Wars has always been part of me ever since I saw Phantom Menace on a VHS as a wee lass. It was like Christmas! There were all the intriguing flora and fauna, kickass characters and who wouldn't be inspired? I discovered SWTOR a couple of years ago and got extremely excited. I picked up on drawing early on and it has kept me up and running for a long time. Why not combine the two things I love? I enjoy it and the people I have a chance to make art for enjoy it as well. Happiness is the best gift to receive in return for doodles."
First up we have what can only be described as a delightfully frightful if wonderfully executed image:
Seagull King This is pretty good, not gonna lie. I do like the particular artstyle you have, i think its very fitting and just brings...
Aeon love wallpaper you made from Star Wars 1313 concept art. Adding agent brought some dangerous mood to it.
void Ravnie's work is plain awesome! I highly recommend her and her art if you are looking for inspiration, or want to h...
"This is for all the people who like to spend their time partying or plotting their power plays in the underworld of Star Wars: The Old Republic, away from nagging Jedi and the demanding Sith. A place to plan small party events to major business moves within the underworld, where power is what you make of it and where you keep your enemies close."
Recently it was brought to our attention that a new force has taken up the mantle of the underworld in Nar Shaddaa. Something to rival the once powerfully nefarious shadow court; once holding the seat of power where roleplay in the depths of darkness and dubious roleplay on the Hutt moon was concerned. This band of not so merry roleplayers includes: 
"Street Gangs, Pirate Groups, Corporate Syndicates, Secret Cabals, Czerkathe Exchange and last but not least the Hutt Cartel. "
And what can you expect if you decide to partake in the fruit of the shady forests in which these criminals dwell?
"There are many of us who either compete against each other and others who work together. Most people in the underworld are not fond of change, are you enough to make a change, for better or worse? How many enemies will you make and what kinds of friends will you keep?"
It sounds like an interesting initiative; started by Kraven and spearheaded by one of our favourite Red Twi'leks Ezrab'teb and his pirate buddy Shanks. With a number of guilds already getting involved: from the Red Rose Synticate to the infamous Pirate Consortium  and the deliciously dubious Velvet pearl. We are sure that there's enough roleplay to go around... if you know where to find it! Visit the forums, have a read and see how you can get involved!
Witya There is something specific in the Underworld RP, as we discussed it today with people behind the initiative. It's ...

Last week we covered the creative and evidently talented artist, Evanyell. A good number of readers thought to leave supportive comments for the artist, and if there's something we like to see here at SWTOR-RP, it's the supportive and friendly side of the community. It's why we're all here, right? 

Let's look at the second artist to be spotlighted in 2015: Rai-kuga.

"By day I'm an art teacher, and each and every one of my kiddos can tell you what a huge Star Wars fan I am (my room at school has a less than subtle Star Wars theme to it)."

We asked Rai about her inspiration, what motivated her to draw and get started on the road to Star Wars-inspired artistic flair: 

"I would have to say the biggest source of inspiration is the community, that I'm involved with, Penumbral. There are a lot of very creative and talented writers, other artists, and RP-ers that keep my own imagination flowing."
Vivanna Rai!! Congrats! You deserve it! <3 Team Apprentice 4ever!
Vorinthia Snowrend Congrats Rai! I do hope the links to her artworks in the article gets fixed though. I get error 404 when I click them.
Luniara Rai has been my boo since she was a wee 13 year old. I've watched her grow as both an artist and a person and I cou...

Welcome to 2015! It's another year, and with a new year we have a new chance to look at artists and creative types throughout the SWTOR community. Without further delay, let us take a look at the artist Evanyell; what inspires the artist to draw and what it is about the Star Wars community and lore that the artist draws creative passions from. 

"I've always been a Star Wars fan growing up. Watched the original trilogy a lot as a kid, Return of the Jedi being my all time favourite. I'd heard about SWG but I'd never had the opportunity to play it when it was out. So when I heard about SWTOR I got excited. I started playing SWTOR during the few open Beta events they had, then played right off launch. I was super excited when the game had been announced. It started off as a few quick joke scribbles that I posted to the forums, and eventually people saw that I could do art. Folks started inquiring about it, and so I started doing commissions for people. A majority of the SWTOR work I've done has all been commission based, some were gifts, and the rest were just scenes I wanted to illustrate for some of my own characters."

The first piece we will feature today is probably the one we like the most. It features Alasha of The Ebon Hawk server: 
The Mandalorian Hobo That's me at the top!
Alasha *flails* Wow. Evey does amazing work and holy crap, that's my character
Vaanthe a Your work is wonderful, and I enjoyed this spot light on it.

The last operatic event held by the glamorously beautiful Snowmaiden herself was a smash hit! Held in the headquarters of The Shroud and hosted by Darth Kristalli, an army of Imperial denizens descended upon the large beautifully decorated music hall in which the event had been held. 

Aela had this to say about the event held on Tuesday 16th december: 

"An absolutely bliss night! And a whopping £105 raised! A very, VERY warm thank you to Kristalli for her wonderful help with hosting, designing the stage and getting people on board, and to everyone who helped manage the HUGE number of folk who came along. Thank you so, so much!

With an original target of £300 over the 3 nights, this community has smashed that out the park at £462! So well done to everyone, I'm sure we'll make a great Christmas for some sick kids who'll be stuck in hospital over the holiday season."

That is amazing news! Great work people of TOR! nearly five hundred pounds has been raised for the sick and needy children of Britain

Well... we've probably all seen this but here it is again! (Some of the content in this video could be considered pg-13.)
Aéla Dasvarat Just a little update, there was a late donation to the opeta that brought the total up to £500. I'm really t...
D'aax I love this graphic.

This week we have a few treats for all of you, and in an effort to pick a number of upcoming events we see happening across the servers, we found the following event to be held on the darker side of the roleplaying community on The Ebon Hawk server

Click on the link here to get more info on the award ceremonies to be held by the Sixth Expeditionary Fleet (AKA Volition), or read the extract below to get a feel for what will be happening on the 18th, in just a few days time. 

"Voltion (IC, the Sixth Expeditionary Fleet), will have just wrapped up a month and a half long story arc in which we were instrumental in removing the Republic from a planet at the edge of Republic space, near the Unknown Regions. We will be using this event to recognize the characters that are deserving of promotions and awards, and in the attempt to create a celebration for our forces, have invited loyal Imperials to join us for the fun. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the people on the front lines of the war, share your knowledge and expertise, and have drinks with Imperial heroes!

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to whisper Sirenis, Verendus, or Sephe in-game or on enjin, and we'll be more than happy to help you. Once again, this event will take place in the Imperial Diplomatic Service Estate, on December 18th, at 9pm EST.

We hope to see you there!"

It sounds like it could be an opportunity to catch these guys for a little rest and relaxation; maybe see what they have been up to!

That's it for the now girls and boys. Force be with you!

The dates have been announced for the up and coming Opera; hosted by Aéla Dasvarat. The events will be held on the 1st of December, the 7th and then the 16th. That's three chances for players to attend and partake in the widely anticipated Christmas fundraiser this year!

Performances are as follows:
Republic Side - 1st of December - Aéla's Stronghold

Neutral - 7th of December - Maeriel's Stronghold

Imperial Side -16th of December - The Shroud's guildship

Doors open each night at 7:30pm GMT and the performance will be in two parts. With a break for drinks in the middle, and will finish no later than 10pm GMT. 

Last year's ball had been very successful, with more than two-hundred pounds raised for Child's play! So get out your in-character frocks, suits, and dancing shoes, but don't forget to bring your wallets! Donations are entirely optional, but it's for a good cause. If you have a few pennies to spare (or any other kind of currency of course), feel free to donate to the chosen charity.

We here at SWTOR-RP are very excited about this event and we are sure that you guys are as well. Click on the link here for more information about the up and coming festivities. 

See you there guys and girls of TOR! Force be with you.

From time to time, we see people send out invitations to up and coming in-character nuptials and we figured it is about time to put up a shout out to one of these adorable joining of love-struck souls! 

Without further delay, let us announce the event being held on the 30th of this month: looking to join together are Odithek Ashmore and Luanna Auten. So if you're free and would like to pop in and toast the happy couple, come along and watch as the pair say their vows, meld together and become entirely inseparable for all eternity! (That's what happens right?... right?)

Good luck Luanna and Odithek! May you live long and proper... wait, that's not it. Force be with you!
themightykai Some quick snaps I took from the wedding -

Below we have chosen cosplayers from around the globe: from America, to Spain, and even the Ukraine! Let's start off with a player from The Progenitor server called IOn, and move onto other awesome picks to be found in the deepest reaches of Enjin, DeviantArt and elsewhere!

Ion went to this year's MCM Comic Con dressed as Darth Bestia. You can see the costume here on her DeviantArt profile. 

It's about that time again girls and boys! We have scoured different forums and websites for you in search of interesting happenings in the world of TOR, and lo and behold, we found a regular set of events held by the Galactic Fifth Column, open to anyone who thinks they could pitch in a hand!

Feel like doing something different this week? Head over to Belsavis at 10PM BST on the 25th of November and see if you've got what it takes!

"Indie Arpeez is a non-linear series of self-contained RP scenes hosted by the GFC guild and open to the public. The idea of these scenes is simple: cut the fluff and get right to the good stuff. We start with a general setting and some guidelines, set up the scene, and jump into the RP."

This week's plot has an interesting foundation: espionage, infiltration, back stabbing and more. Read the following excerpt below:
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