Roleplay is all about expression through imaginative creativity and artistry. As roleplayers, we superimpose our ideas onto the drawing board and into games like The Old Republic. And for some, the drawing board can be quite literal. Many roleplayers possess the ability to transfer an image from their minds and onto paper, creating what some would call a literal "work of art." 

SWTOR-RP's main forum provides the many artistically-blessed roleplayers of The Old Republic with a virtual art gallery where you'll find a fine collection of art concoctions. However, the staff of SWTOR-RP have been privileged enough to work alongside one very talented individual who created the fine artwork you see every time you log onto the SWTOR-RP home page. Sriin, one of our Social Media Specialists, shares player-created art with the rest of the world via social networking channels, as well as creating commissions for those that make special requests. Here is her story in the SWTOR-RP Staff Spotlight
IndustryThirteen Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments and compliments. Makes me all warm and fuzzy =)
Ihlrath Yay dragon lady!!
Crastor I didn't know you did all of this art work including the homepage art! Its even better than what the game companies...