We've all seen it. There's that one character that is so powerful that he/she/it is almost a Supreme Being. No matter what you do, the character is untouchable. And yet, he/she/it is more than capable of grinding your own character into dust with no way to avoid it.

This has gone by different names, both godmoding and godmodding. It boils down to the idea that some players will turn the "godmode" or invincibility on, making themselves the center of the story and downplaying the contributions of others.  In doing so, they become invincible and every act is perfectly executed.

Here is a distinct difference between godmoding and roleplaying:

Godmode: Evannok throws his lightsaber unerringly at the Jedi, slicing him across the midsection.

Roleplay: Evannok throws his lightsaber at the Jedi, guiding it to its destination.

The big difference between the two is that roleplaying gives the other play the option to respond, something the first example does not. Other examples include always dodging or avoiding attacks or RPing the actions of another character to make that character fail or screw up.

So let's hear it. Without naming names, what is your worst godmoding experience in TOR?
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