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Whether you’re looking to jump into the latest battle against the Sisters of Carnage or are considering joining an Operation for the first time, here are some tips to help you get started!
Published Jul 18, 2017
Holster two legendary blaster pistols – Mischief and Anarchy – plus new Outlaw armor!
Published Jul 17, 2017
Rally your team for CARNAGE in the new Operation battle against twin superweapons, move into a new ocean-side Manaan Retreat stronghold and more!
Published Jul 11, 2017
Customize with your new Stronghold with an exotic Manaan-themed Decoration bundle pack!
Published Jul 3, 2017
Unleash your inner Bounty Hunter with Shae Vizla’s combat armor and the fabled MSM Jetpack!
Published Jul 3, 2017
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