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Notorious new bandit armor, a ferocious new mini-Pet, and more!
Published Apr 26, 2017
Align your forces with the Republic or Empire, then battle for control of a deadly new superweapon before it unleashes galactic devastation!
Published Apr 18, 2017
With galactic war on the horizon, align your forces with either Republic or Empire in a fight to control a deadly new superweapon!
Published Apr 14, 2017
Meet Keith Kanneg, new Game Producer for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!
Published Apr 13, 2017
Armor befitting an elite galactic hunter, the prized Cathar Warstaff, and the ultimate crystal customization pack!
Published Apr 12, 2017
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Begeren Colony
Light - RP-PvE
The Ebon Hawk
Light - RP-PvE
The Progenitor
Light - RP-PvE
Jung Ma
Light - RP-PvP