Chances are that if you've been following SWTOR news recently, you've probably seen an alleged teaser trailer for something called the "Super Secret Space Project," or SSSP. Now, you may be wondering, where did this come from? Is this legitimate? What is the SSSP? Let me give you a little background info.

A thumbdrive containing the video was given out at the Seattle Cantina Tour on August 31st, 2013. The video was then sent to Dulfy who posted online. The video has since gone viral among the SWTOR community. But this story actually goes all the way back to pre-launch. On December 13th, 2011, Game Director James Ohlen posted a Community News article titled, "What's Next for The Old Republic." In that blog, Ohlen stated the following:

"We also have a special project going on right now that will expand space gameplay in a significant way... for now the details will have to remain under wraps." - James Ohlen

Keep in-mind that this was before the game had even officially launched. A number of users on the official forums began speculating that perhaps the tunnel-shooter mini-game was merely a placeholder for something much bigger. Within days, it was already being called BioWare's "super secret space project." These rumors were fueled by statements such as this one from Stephen Reid in response to a question from an ask-me-anything thread on December 28th, 2011, when a user asked Reid about this "secret space project."
Snowstrider I think it might have to do with space pvp, what it really reminds me of is the SW: Battlefront 2 space battles, where y...
Dennis Tervyl will actually be able to practice her work now . Yay for this, whatever it is.
Rolan "Dragon" Storm "...and consider us all very thoroughly teased." Oh yeah. Indeed we are. Hope it will be JTL level. ...

Calling the Republic's best pilots.

And I mean the very best. If you're kinda okay, a little talented, or one of those guys who got good grades at the Academy but have never really been in a real life combat situation, this message is not for you. That includes all the self-taught best-pilot-in-the-galaxy types who don't know the difference between a Cardian Sling and a Cardian Twist. This message is only for the very best.

Now we have that out of the way, the following bit is the important bit. The Republic needs your help. The Sith Empire is mobilising. We are at war people, and several key targets have been identified as some of the most challenging astronautical missions of the war. 

Exact details can be found through Republic priority alert channels, but I will say this: don't go into this lightly. The Republic needs the best pilots out there to help us win, but no doubt the Sith Empire has their own incredibly talented and good-looking journalist sending out messages like this of their own. He's probably a slave or something. The Empire does that, which is why we need to beat them. Expect to be facing large corvette ships, capital ships, minefields, space stations and asteroid fields, and with minimal backup. 

If you're brave, skilled, and daring enough to seek further information, report to the Republic fleet, or use your secure login code on the Republic HoloNet to apply.

Sythbo Lepps | The ups and downs of flying
DKForce Naila Carn: This self-taught best-pilot-in-the-galaxy type will challenge any accadamy brat. I'll out fly them an...

Original art by Andrew Theophilopoulos

First dates are special. We can learn a wealth of detail about a person in the first few hours. Dinner dates are easy, as we get to see the other person's eating habits and table manners, as well as their ability to hold an interesting conversation. It all comes down to a crunch at the conclusion of the dinner date, where we get to see how stingy and thrifty they can be. This goes with any first experience, as we first impressions do tend to last a lifetime. 

We have a fair idea of what to expect from BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic. We know what game mechanics will be available at launch, as well as what combat in the game looks like. Despite all this knowledge, will the style of gameplay constructed by BioWare appeal to everyone? Fans of the Knights of the Old Republic series may not fall head over heals for the MMO sequel, but the only way to find out if The Old Republic will be a game for you, you're just going to have to play it. 

Knowing what to expect from the game, what will you be doing on your first date with The Old Republic? There is a wealth of content in the game, as well as the potential to kick start some roleplay story arcs. Will questing be your first endeavour? Or perhaps you'll take to the stars and give space combat a run for its money. Whatever your plans for your first date, let us know in the comments section for today's Force Reflection
Amaranth I'm going to make my characters first and get comfortable with the game (hopefully an RP server will be designated ...
Toxa Vanschiver I'll wet Vyrassu. Then create my character.
Vyrassu Ill try desperately not to wet myself. After that, create my characters.

Launch for BioWare's upcoming  fully-voiced MMO, The Old Republic, is imminent. It won't be long until we'll be counting down the hours, minutes and seconds for blastoff. The game will be packed-full of features for launch, including a guild system, crew skills, space combat, companions, flashpoints, end-game content, as well as hours and hours of story-rich questing. As large as the game will be, there are still plenty of ideas being tossed around for the game, some of which may be introduced by BioWare post-launch. 

If you haven't already seen it, check out SWTOR-RP's Comic-Con 2011 Wrap Up. In the article you'll find a bunch of ideas that have been put on BioWare's "wall of crazy." It is a wall in the BioWare office consisting of superb ideas that they wish to see implemented into the game at some stage post-launch. Some of these ideas include interior customisation for player ships, an application for smart phones to allow for mobile handing of your companion's crew skills, as well as the idea of capital ships for guilds. 

In today's Force Reflection, tell us what you'd like to see in The Old Republic post-launch that we know we won't be seeing when the game is first released. We understand the game hasn't been released, and that there are still a few announcements yet to be made about in-game mechanics. However, we've got a pretty fair idea of what we'll be seeing at this stage. Head on down to the comments section and let us know what you think should be on the wall of crazy, if it isn't already on there. 
Govanator I would like to see (like many above) an Appearance Tab, expanded space content more in line with SWG with ship customis...
Dirk Halcyon A-tab is what i really want. . .all games have them. It is only a matter of devs getting over the ego factor that every...
Draxus Perhaps space-flight game play that is more interactive. I've never played SWG or the Jump to Lightspeed expansion,...

Thanks to DarthHater and members of the official The Old Republic forums, we have received some more goodies from PAX East 2011. With Daniel Erickson as the host, two demonstrations have made their way from PAX to the world wide web. A space combat demonstration has been shown by BioWare, depicting a Twi'lek character inside her ship, an XS Freighter, assigned to the Smuggler class. She uses the galaxy map in the cockpit to select a space battle mission. After a quick loading screen, where Daniel Erickson points out the greatness of the handy tips displayed during these screens, the XS Freighter begins its "on-rails" flight through space, swatting away Interceptors and firing at the turrets of capital ships. As the mission progresses, flames and smoke begin to appear around the ship, showing the damage the the XS Freighter has absorbed during the dogfight. 

Additionally, a demonstration of Tatooine is shown on the big screen. We are shown snippets of different locations on the planet. The purpose of this demonstration is to show players the size of the areas on Tatooine. Simply put, they're huge. Moisture farms, Tusken Raider camps, and even Anchorhead makes a debut in this demonstration. 

View the space combat demonstration here, and the Tatooine demo here. Furthermore, we have set up a forum thread with additional details from PAX. Stay tuned for more details as they come through!

Space combat has been the focus of The Old Republic in recent weeks, and the spotlight continues with the weekend update. Space Combat in The Old Republic, an update which presents the community with an official game systems section, where images, videos, descriptions of what space combat offers, and details on announced ships can all be found. Currently, you will find detailed information on only two out of the six ships available to players. The Fury, the ship of the Sith, and the Defender, used by the Jedi. 

The idea of space combat derives from the Star Wars movies, and BioWare took the time to discover what space combat was all about by refreshing their minds from the films. Check out this article for more information, as Daniel Erickson explains how space combat in The Old Republic became what it is. Space combat will allow players to take part in epic battles, as seen in the official trailer for space combat. Asteroid fields and large scale battles with capital ships are what players will have to face. The onus is on the player to make their journey in to space feel rewarding, as majority of space combat is optional. However, for a player to feel like they have achieved something great, they must man the pilot seat and shoot out in to the stars to take on the enemy. 

Head over to the official Space Combat Game Systems section for a further insight in to the stars. 

GameTrailers delivers an interview on the ever-so-controversial space combat, featuring BioWare's and Star Wars: The Old Republic's Lead Writer, Daniel Erickson. He discusses the ideas and concept behind space combat, what they wanted to achieve, and how they went about it. Daniel Erickson begins by explaining how BioWare went back to the Star Wars movies to get an idea of what space was all about. By doing this, they came to the realisation that space combat is about going from one side of the universe to the other, or taking part in a mission of epic magnitude, and events don't go in your favour. Battles are large, full of enemy fighters and capital ships. This is what BioWare want space combat to be, according to Daniel Erickson. 

Capital ships can destroy you, as can an asteroid. Collision is real in this aspect of the game people. If you don't dodge, dip and dive, you will probably explode in to many pieces. Daniel Erickson comments on the fan's interpretation of space combat, where it has been said that it is a "rail shooter". Rather, space combat is designed as a "tunnel shooter", where you will be destroyed if you don't avoid deadly objects. 

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