While most families of the proud Pureblood race, or Red Sith, seem to hold their ancestry in high regard, Aloucia never came to fully learn and understand hers. She often resented those who belonged to renowned Houses, with options given to them on ornate platters. Sure, she had a family. But she often felt isolated from them. Instead, Aloucia strove to prove herself, and with her interests laying in the medical field, opportunity opened it's doors to her when she became an intern for a high profile medical facility.

Her seemingly natural abilities with the Force came some years later when she levitated a tray of medical equipment. Her life became quite complicated there after. The desire for power skewed her view of the world, and when she was later severely dismissed from the medical facility for Medical Negligence and several counts of fraud, anger was thrown into the mix. The only way to climb up through the world was to simply lie and cheat.

Because of her growing prowess with the Force, Aloucia was given an ultimatum by the Imperial government; study at the Sith Academy on Korriban, or die. The decision was simple. She traveled to Korriban, and absolutely fell in love with all things Force and Dark Side.

Shortly after arriving, she was taken on as an Apprentice to an older man, a Darth, but already she knew that her skills had surpassed his. He taught a class to several students at the Academy, on a full day of training, Aloucia sought him out to end his existence as is customary in Sith traditions. But what happened that day had gone horribly wrong. It wasn't her that killed him, it was another student who beat her to the punch and her Master one the floor. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. What was supposed to be a deliberate action, something to be enjoyed, was now wasted on the floor.

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"You stood before me with a strength I can respect, a true hatred that drives you. This is the path of a Sith, Jeza. It is not one of titles, nor of lovers, nor ruins or secrets. It is of hatred, pain, and betrayal. Nothing more."
~ Darth Mordinus

Jezal'eth is a Twi'lek female appearing Tolian in skintone. She possesses the somewhat uncommon gene mutation for natural lekku markings. In her mid to late twenties according to accepted galactic timekeeping, over the past decade she has risen from her birth position as a slave to being discovered as Force-sensitive, and subsequently apprenticed as a Sith. She has since attained the title of Lord and continues to steadily progress, growing into a strong and valued member of the Sith Empire.

Like many Twi'leks, Jeza was born into slavery. She was allowed to remain with her mother, a retired but still well-treated and favored Lethan private dancer, until shortly after reaching her twelfth year. She was then sold, as non-Lethan skintones were not desired by the area's controlling Hutt or his subordinates.

Stocky in body and stubborn in mind, she found herself passed between multiple locales and owners over the next few years. Relegated to mostly backwater planets, moons and spice mines, Jeza remained largely unaware of the "ending" war and complex politics that were churning during this time. Continually deemed unworthy and tossed aside for all but the most meager of prices, her growing loathing and bitterness became deeply seated.

If you enjoyed The Esseles walkthrough, but thought it was missing something evil, then BioWare has just what you wanted! Today they have released a walkthrough of the first few minutes of The Eternity Vault, a level 50 operation centered on the icy world of Belsavis. On this frozen tundra, the ongoing war has lead both sides to stumble upon an ancient Rakata prison housing unknown technologies and a mysterious prisoner known only as The Infernal One. Republic players don't worry however, because The Eternity Vault is playable by groups from both sides in The Old Republic, though this video only showcases the Sith.
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