From industrious Australian Stormtrooper hermits, to Princess Leia undergoing street harassment, to goats singing Star Wars themed music; we have it all in this week's video picks. So sit back, click on the individual images above, and herald in the rest of your week with funny and interesting video clips from the Star Wars universe. 

Finally, why don't you see what's up on the set of the latest Star Wars movie? Click here to find out. Or watch this video of an aspiring R2-D2 budgie!

That's all for the now. Force be with you fellow SWTORians! 

Ask Artoo, and you shall receive. It seemed to work for Leia, so why can't it work for us? If you're struggling to find roleplay on your selected server, we're here to help. In this new column, exclusive to SWTOR-RP, we'll be assisting players with finding new roleplaying adventures. If you're wandering around on your lonesome, or perhaps looking for something new, we'll put your story through R2-D2's hologram projector for our roleplaying community to see. Jump on board and help out a fellow roleplayer!

In this edition, we're going to be covering Xanduix's story. Like military-styled roleplay? Need a soldier to fight for your cause? Xanduix might be right for you!

Xanduix is a human born on Dantooine. She has served the Galactic Republic military since the age of eighteen, climbing the ranks to Major through numerous campaigns. She has partaken in operations conducted on Ziost, Makeb, and Oricon. Her training includes formal Republic Special Forces training, heavy weapons, armorer, walker certification, and pilot certification. 

Please note: Xanduix does not wish for fellow roleplayers to be put off by her rank. She has no issues with being regulated to a lower position within a guild. 

If Xanduix sounds like someone that would fit into your roleplaying circle or guild, please contact them and arrange a meet! You'll find her on The Ebon Hawk
Adhock42 Correction. She's human.

"No change comes without conflict." 

It feels a little pointless now quoting from a book from the Expanded Universe, but the quote is fitting nonetheless. Most of you should be very aware of the recent announcement about the Star Wars Expanded Universe: what we once knew to be canon is no longer. Lucasfilm and its associates (I'm looking at Disney) have decided to revamp the story that exists as part of the Expanded Universe. 

The announcement states: "While the universe that readers knew is changing, it is not being discarded. Creators of new Star Wars entertainment have full access to the rich content of the Expanded Universe."

I'm calling bantha poodoo. What happens when the new trilogy tells a story different to that of the Expanded Universe? What happens when they change the post-Episode VI story of Luke, Leia, Han, and all their children? 

I'm sure there are many of you out like like myself who've read countless novels from the Expanded Universe. Does that all feel like a complete loss? Like your time, efforts, and immersion into all those vivid stories are now a complete waste? 

Today's Force Reflection asks: what do you think of the changes being implemented to the Expanded Universe? Is it for the better or for the worse? Rant away in the comments below!
Max and the Wookiee JJ Abrams really seems to like this whole alternate time line stuff, huh? While I don't personally care as I have n...
Iradox I'm sad to see some of my favorit novels go whilst I'm happy to see others disappear - blinks at Dark Empire a...
Rél Qu-Soraj We should just trust them - afterall they're trying, maybe it's much better?

The old Hollywood saying is that Fashion makes the man. For celebrities or celebrity wannabes, sometimes it's all about style. It's a telling of when you've made it, when you can drop money on a dress that would leave others jaw droppingly envious, or costs enough to feed a small village overseas.

To a lot of people, designer labels, handbags and suits are things they strive for, and anything generic, off brand, or knock off is cheap and insulting.

Finances and image are also part of characters in Star Wars. Would Darth Vader look anywhere near as fierce and frightening without his helmet and mask? Would Lando Calrissian look as estately and well-off without his cape? What about Luke Skywalker? Han Solo? Leia Organa? Obi-Wan?

Each of them has an image that they project onscreen that is aided by the powerful wardrobe they wear. Roleplayers have even helped create brand names and labels inside of SWTOR, such as M. Star, and other fashion guru type characters.

So my question this week is, what do you characters wear? How does what they wear help project the image you're wanting them to have?
Rax-Tex Rax isn't a fashionista (Or fashionisto?) at all, but he does understand the importance of looking good while simul...
Sesay / Asyr Reka put her hands on everything she could. She had a good taste and she was in for beauty. Nalda, as a Sith apprentice...
Vaanthe a Vaanthe usually wears her armor...and her armor, though sometimes, she will change to suit other occasions. She also doe...

The internet is rife with vivacious rumors about Lucasfilm's and Disney's collaborative effort at rebooting the Star Wars movie franchise. We know one thing is certain, and it's that J. J. Abrams is not only directing, but also co-writing. In case you're not up to date, Michael Arndt was given the flick, and Abrams is now working alongside Lawrence Kasdan who co-wrote Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. There's hope yet! Especially if J. J. Abrams has seen this site and video (must watch!!).

What isn't certain is what and who the films will be about. Popular speculation is that the new trilogy will tell the story of Luke Skywalker's and Mara Jade Skywalker's offspring, Ben Skywalker, and Han and Leia's little ones, Anakin, Jaina and Jacen Solo

It was once rumored that Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron will be brought on board to play some of these roles. Blasphemy you say? I agree! 

Putting rumors aside, we'd like to know who you think will best portray the offspring of the most popular characters from Star Wars. Known actors, like Ryan and Zac (please say it ain't so)? Or perhaps unknowns (say it is so)? Pick your actors and let us know in the comments!
Master Devlo'nir Per In all honesty, I hope half those roles don't exist in the followup movies. Though I like Mara Jade as a character,...
Telden It doesn't really matter who plays any of the roles. Nobody will be able to see faces through all the JJ Abrams len...
User x Mortedartius-Come on JJ was a Star Wars kid, he has said as much and with Kasdan (first time I've heard of him) al...

Father figures are important. Whether they’re present or not, the choices and actions of a father directly impact the lives of their children. They can transmit traits and characteristics, both genetically and through interaction. A father’s name could be a curse or a gift. Parental guidance often affects the path one takes, for better or worse.

In Star Wars, we see several father figures and their impacts on a character’s development and story. Luke Skywalker has the worst father in the galaxy. While it may be cliché to bring up Darth Vader, he is the perfect example of how a character’s story could be influenced by family members. Of course, there are more subtle ways fathers influence Star Wars characters. Leia is raised by Bail Organa, and she becomes a princess due to her father’s title. She learns manners (not that she ever uses them) and becomes strong and independent, acting as the voice of reason, much like her father. Bail’s death is the turning point in Leia’s life. The status of your father, be it nobility or Sith Lord, can drastically change your character’s fate.

This Force Reflection asks: who’s your daddy? Has your character’s father, or lack thereof, influenced their occupation, path, or opinions? Or are you more of a momma’s boy? Is your character’s dad dead, and if so, how did his death impact your character? Let us know in the comments below!
Witya Arthin let fate of his family slip between his fingers to the degree where he was ready to abandon his noble birth and p...
JuicerJames Jedi Jei: Dad (and mom) died in an earthquake, big brother looked after him. Cant say it's impacted their lives tho...
Nebu'la Nebula's grew up with the assumption that her Farther sold her Mother and Nebs into slavery. Then when they managed...

Star Wars is full of deceit. Palpatine is actually Darth Sidious. Leia masquerades as an ubese bounty hunter. Padmé is a queen disguised as a handmaiden. Luke dons a Stormtrooper suit. Some of these mirages succeeded, others did not end well. Regardless, many characters in Star Wars are not who they appear to be.

Fake personas often aid heroes (and villains) in their quests. Going undercover or simply hiding the corruption deep in their soul can change the way the galaxy sees your character. Helmets, being a trending fashion, make it all too easy to hide your character's true identity. Face merchants can totally rearrange facial features. Some species can shape-shift into entirely new forms. Characters that take advantage of these chances to conceal themselves have many opportunities to infiltrate, sabotage, and gather intelligence on countless different individuals or organizations. Whether their true identity will be discovered is a risk they have to take.

This Force Reflection asks: Do you fake it till you make it? Has your character ever played dress-up to disguise their true identity? Why were they masquerading as someone they weren't? Was the illusion successful, or did they end up in a slave girl bikini? Let us know in the comments below!

Rolan "Dragon" Storm Let's see... SIS operative, Jedi Shadow, infiltrator into Sith order... Yes, it is safe to say that my character i...
WiNG A'tria knows nothing about this faking thing you are all talking about. At all. Honest
D'aax Mai Cash's reporter/columnist gig, while it pays the bills and is an actual profession for the whiskey-loving human...

The Star Wars movies are filled with heroes. In the times of conflict presented, the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, countless powerful figures step forward to bring renewed strength to what seemed to be a lost cause. R2-D2 saves Padmé’s ship. Count Dooku becomes Sidious’s apprentice. The Chosen One is found. Luke and Leia are born.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, there is a similar conflict. The Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic are waging war, and each side has taken heavy casualties. If something doesn’t change soon, no one will be left standing when the smoke clears. The galaxy is in desperate need of strong leaders. Heroes that will light the way to victory. So who are these heroes? Who will save the Republic from disaster? Who will raise the Sith to their true potential?

This Force reflection asks: Is your character a New Hope? By their actions, is the faction they are supporting gaining strength? Is your character the savior either side has been looking for? Or is your character insignificant, maybe even detrimental to galactic efforts?  Let us know in the comments below!
Henerkin He live outside those factions, hes a simple Pirate making his way in the galaxy, picking off the bones of both the Imps...
D'aax While Mai Cash's ego is large enough to garner its own orbit, she does not even suppose that she might be the galax...
A.G. Kvintus Trisko is just another Jedi. While he may inspire hope to troopers during a battle with his superiority in lightsaber co...

Everyone knows there's a thin line between In Character and Out of Character interaction; a very clear, and distinct point. You might be Daniel, a married Dispatch operator living on the New York bayshore behind the keyboard. At the same time, however, once you enter the game, an abrupt change occurs: you're now Dinals'otinparki, a savage Inquisitor for the Sith Order, with a compulsive habit to flirt with anything that will let her. And yet, usually, you can log off. The two personas are distinct. At worse, you might get upset at someone's constant harassment of your character, but it's never too distressing.

But as the Jedi might say, attachment messes up with a person's neutrality. Another person's hunt for a boyfriend to compare Star Wars trivia with might lead to them getting overly attached to someone; the person on the other end might be a little bit disturbed at how it affects their marriage. Romances are complicated enough in the Star Wars universe, without dragging how complex real human beings are. After reading through the responses to the recent Force Reflection, I felt obliged to contribute something towards the issue, particularly since a few responses have helped me. In this article, we're going to look at the point where IC and OOC meet in a romance. We're going to look at the points where it's acceptable, even something more, the parts when it gets vaguely odd, and that very distinct line you really shouldn't cross.
Crimsèn Va'io Romance RP is such a fickle thing, isn't it? But some of the most rewarding parts of RP are the ones that must be a...
Nebu'la Aside from the global truth that RP styles are varied and all valid to some.... RPing a relationship is a finite thing ...
Sesay / Asyr I'm very careful with IC relationships in-game. I make sure to set the rules in advance to avoid any misunderstandi...
Let the Wookie Win

Most of us are enjoying TOR and, perhaps in this spirit, my first editorial here was fairly tame. I picked a small group of bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements that I, and many of my fellow subscribers, would like to see. There are, however, some aspects of this game which are not merely inconvenient or troublesome; they are deeply flawed, and it is better to confront this truth directly, head on, and sooner rather than later. An MMO is a very big ship, and TOR is a bigger one than most. If any corrections are to be made, they will take a very long time. Let us begin now, and let us begin with BioWare's single biggest mistake: the Legacy system surname. 

It is important to note that others have already begun this conversation. We have written about the Legacy system here and Sebaya gathered your opinions and feedback. Sa Chi has discussed it in a brilliantly titled column at All the Galaxy's a Stage, "The Brady Bunch Legacy," and he expanded his thoughts elsewhere. Baraslan and the gang at Beyond the Grind have developed the BTG 9000. While discontent with the Legacy system is easy to hear, there is a quick and clear rebuttal that we should not ignore: the system is not revealed yet. All we know for sure is that the Legacy system defines a surname for all your characters on one server; you can choose to hide that surname or display it as a title instead. Legacy levels, acquired over all your characters on that server, will grant small benefits in character creation or for the levelling-up process. The Legacy system is intended for those of us who like to make multiple characters, in other words. It may unlock new class/species combinations. BioWare recently announced the system would roll out in a more developed form in March with Update 1.2 and they showed us a Miraluka Sith in a trailer.

All of this is well and good, and the benefits unlocked by Legacy levels may very well be a boon to roleplayers. They may be a jar of candy so tasty and high in calories that we forgive the drawbacks to the system. The drawbacks are, however, quite serious and they hinge on the one part of the system we do know: the Legacy surname. 
Rolan "Dragon" Storm Case in point. BioWare shouldn't say anything about families and similar experience from the start. Introduce syst...
Glzmo While the legacy surname is quite a mistake, In my opinion there were much bigger ones. Like the lack of Chat Bubbles (p...
BrianDavion Legacy system isn't exactly designed to be a super RP friendly thing. When BW said they'd not be enforceing RP...
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