Everyone has that scene, or that character, or that world that always inspires them with new ideas and motivation. The one you go back to when you're feeling out of the groove, to remind you about what you find interesting. 

In a setting as diverse as Star Wars, there's plenty to choose from, so what's your inspiration? Are you interested in military roleplay and get you kicks from the Battle of Hoth? Love a bit of Sithy space opera and watch supercuts of Anakin's arc in the prequels? Is it something from one of the games, or the comics? Which character do you take inspiration from for your own?

What part of Star Wars inspires you to roleplay?

Mahlak Daseon, M-D Marcus Licinius Crassus Not a star wars char but an IRL inspiration for one of my underworld thieves 'Skiddy McGee...
Captain Shanks Han Solo and the Mos Eisley Cantina. Han Solo and flying in Millenium Falcon Han Solo and Lando Calrissian on Cloud City...
Alen There was an essay I read on TheForce.net. It was called "It's So Easy Being Evil: Star Wars and the Dark&...

Hardly a day goes by that I don't see something in Real Life that inspires me in some way. It could be a character concept or a plot. The inspiration could come from an event on the street or a piece of music heard around the area.

Inspiration comes in many forms; music, as mentioned before. Others can include watching something happen on the street, talking with friends or even simply meditating. Even the inspirations themselves take on a wide range from story ideas to off-the-wall character concepts to artistic exploits.

Today's Force Reflection asks: what lights your fire? What inspires you and what does it inspire you to do? Tells us in the comments below!
Pellinore I suppose its the talk of Star Wars. In times gone by, legend and story had great weight, it could and did change the ...
Sesay / Asyr What lights your fire? Other NPCs. Reka's character was inspired by Han Solo, Atton Rand and the SWTOR Smuggler de...
Kashira When I saw this all I thought of was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCoOYCdRxVA Gearge Lucas in Love! Enjoy, it ...

Regardless of the universe, symbols, pennants and personal banners have played a role in the introduction of an individual notoriety. It is through these banners and affiliated symbols that we come to associate emotion to a group or single person. Be it Darth Vader's iconic mask, a Sith or Jedi's lightsaber, or simply a notoriously strong starship, not even Star Wars is exempt from the idea of image representation.

So, then, how do we adapt this to the realm of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Will you, as a roleplayer, design and use your own banner and pennant in the quest for recognition? Or will you abstain in favour of a more subtle approach? A signet ring, perhaps? What advantages or disadvantages do you believe lie in the use and maintenance of a sigil or banner? Will you use one? 
Serithis I can't answer that entirely but I do know I will use one.
Crunchberry Apocalypse Dekk family crest. Other than that, it's not much all that important in a science-fiction setting, even with a ...
Vyrassu The only character that really has a personal banner is my mandalorian Natalya Tasuud. It is a black roundel with sev...

When I write, I like to listen to music -- not just any music. This may be a bit strange, but I like to listen to the same song on a loop. Now, the song will change depending on the subject matter or the mood I'm in, but I will loop it over and over until the project is done or I have quit for the day. Some writer's muses are people. I'm an artist and my significant other inspires me to draw or paint sometimes just by being around. It is not uncommon for groups of authors to inspire each other. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were contemporaries that would often meet together and discuss each other's works.

What is your muse when when creating your stories, either in roleplay or for backstory? There have been threads on other roleplay forums that I have hosted that have threads titled "your character's theme song" or the like. Oftentimes, I picture the participants of those threads listening to that music over and over as they play those specific characters. What do you use as inspiration for your character or when you play your character? What is your muse?
Serithis Great Observation, yes I usually listen to music as its energy empowers what I want to incarnate into my character. I fe...
Amaranth I get a lot of inspiration from music. A good tune really gets my creative juices flowing. The majority of music I liste...
Vhanz My biggest inspiration comes from the actual RP and RP'ers I hang out with. Their characters will always shape ...

We know that Blur Studio creates some of the best fully rendered CGI trailers. This week, Star Wars: The Old Republic released one of the best we have ever scene. Not only were the textures amazing, but with spot-on facial expressions and stunning action sequences, it's truly a work of art. Many comments on the official forums and on other TOR related websites have suggest that Blur take these models in these trailers and make it into a feature-length movie. Some go so far as to say that it would out do the prequel trilogy.

Whether a Blur SWTOR movie would out perform the prequels or not, we know that the actual game does not look like these trailers. However, this does not mean that the they do not have an effect on gameplay, or possibly, the way we develop our characters. Do these cinematic trailers inspire you? Is there something in them that makes you want to play the game more? Perhaps they convince you to take a different direction with your character. Are you inspired?
Serithis Yes. I really think they should just make the cinematic's movies, they were incredible, the fight scene&#0...
Skar of the Black Thorn I will say, this surprised me silly. The gunslinger set up there, was straight up bad [ass]! On top of that, I can sa...
Jayce Williams I love them. I know the graphics aren't going to mirror them, but they really help get the juices flowing and b...
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