Senate Tower: Balcony

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. These past couple weeks, we've been getting a look at the nitty gritty planet of Coruscant; a bird's eye view of the reconstruction efforts, and a tour of the Galactic Senate. Now an attaché to Supreme Chancellor Saresh herself has promised to give us some insight into this charismatic twi'lek's life, so that Over Exposure can knock your space-socks off!

The current Supreme Chancellor wasn't always a political powerhouse. She started off her fiery ascent to Republic superstardom in an unlikely place: as an Imperial slave. As someone who knows the horrors of war from both ends of the spectrum, Supreme Chancellor Saresh didn't just whine about her time in captivity. No way. She used her past life as a slave, and rebellion leader, as political clout, eventually earning herself a governorship on Taris.

Well, if you've been reading Over Exposure for the past few months, you know how Taris turned out, but no biggie. It was Saresh's unravelling of the mess of stalled planetary reconstruction efforts that gained her some real power in the Galactic Senate. The fact that she turned a planet of false starts into what could have been one of the Republic's greatest successes (if it weren't for those meddling Sith), is what really turned heads among her political naysayers. 

So when the Supreme Chancellor seat became vacant, Saresh jumped feet first into her campaign, finding she had loads of political support from all corners of the Republic. Once appointed Supreme Chancellor, she took to the job well, and has weathered such storms as Makeb and the attacks on the Jedi Temple. Over Exposure will be watching this one's career with interest.

That's it for Coruscant! Over Exposure has been granted landing rights back at Tython, and the Jedi have asked us to write another story about their lovely planet to build morale! So until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter 
Senate Tower

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. Last week, we touched on the rebuilding efforts here on Coruscant, and how those efforts have benefitted some, but not all of the Republic capital's citizens. This week, Over Exposure aims to hit a bit closer to to the Republic's heart: we've been looking into the Galactic Senate, and we're going to tell you all about it.

Sure, the Republic Senate is not without its share of problems, but without its particular brand of political panache, citizens may be living in an Imperial controlled dreamland. I don't think the majority of the Republic citizenry, despite their complaining, would really enjoy the Empire's brand of justice all that much. Bureaucracy has its ups and downs, but the Senate values its ability to make decisions above all. There is the old idiom about cooks and pots, but without so many voices in the Senate, the Republic would not be as diverse a place for its citizens to call home.

After spending time as an invited guest in one of their sessions (Thanks! by the way), we learned a lot. The Senate wields not only executive, but legislative powers, allowing this arm of the government to make huge sweeping decisions while cutting down on a considerable amount of red pressure-tape. Sure, Senators fight, but who doesn't? Through what seemed like hours of chaos, several decisions about diplomatic missions, military strategy, new trade regulations, and all of that all came miraculously through. We here at Over Exposure tried to wrap our heads around it all, but hey, we're journalists. We're blaming the Force

After this, we'd love the chance to sit in on one of The Dark Council's sessions, but we're not interested in our brains being fried before lunch. So we're tabling that thought for now. Stick around, because we scored an interview with an attaché to Supreme Chancellor Saresh! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
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Baskerville ... but you can get what you need - and what I needed was more Over Exposure. Another fun article! Glad it's back...
Coruscant Reconstruction Efforts

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. For the next few weeks, we're galavanting around Coruscant to give an in-depth look at the recent history of the Galactic Republic: What does the Senate do? Who's Saresh anyway? What's with the Reconstruction efforts? We'll try to answer all of these questions, because that's the kind of stuff Over Exposure does best.

After the Sith attack on Coruscant at the end of the Great War, Coruscant has spent a lot of time (and money) trying to rebuild not only its crumbling infrastructure (a lot of which has fallen to gangs and vigilantes on the lower levels), but also its architecture. In recent weeks, new construction has gone up in an apparent effort to entice new blood to Coruscant's beautiful surface views, keeping this apparently wealthy population to the horrors that go on below decks.

The former Supreme Chancellor of the Republic (Dorian Janarus) was a champion of Coruscant's cause, putting a lot of political pull into the rebuilding and funding of the planet's reconstruction. It is considered the beating heart of the Core Worlds, and rumored to be the homeworld of the human species. While the reconstruction efforts have not fallen by the wayside in need during Supreme Chancellor Saresh's reign, several areas of Coruscant remain without basic utilities like, you know, water or power. What kind of message does this send to our enemies when the Republic's own capital can't take care of its own?

We'll get to the ins and outs (and maybe answer our own question) a little bit later as we continue our tour of Coruscant's more intricate details. If you're curious about more on Coruscant, check out Over Exposure's coverage of the Justicars and the Black Sun. Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter

Haggling like a pro

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. For the past two weeks, we have been traveling around Tatooine, getting all the news in the sand, wind, and sun about those crazy little sand dwellers, the Jawa. So far, we've learned a bunch both on the ground, and while as guests in one of their sandcrawler transports. We're finishing off our tour of the Dune Sea this week, so let's fill you in.

After Over Exposure braved the stink of the sarlacc, we head back inside for a long ride across the sand to make a couple of stops as these industrious hagglers made some sales to some residents in the dust out here. All we're going to say is that these Jawa make a killing off whatever these Tatooine survivalists are paying them, as most of their goods are found objects they "soup up" with their own mechanical know-how. Handy with a toolbelt, these Jawa know how to make modifications to anything they find out here, abandoned in the sand, to make what once was junk ultimately profitable. They could give those Republic "Smugglers" a lesson or two.

On our way back to drop us off near civilization (it's a win-win for everyone), we passed by a completely different kind of "city", one belonging to the other long-term residents of Tatooine: the Sand People. These guys have made a different kind of living out here in the sandy wastes, using violence as their main form of communication to outsiders, taking what they can from their victims and remaining totally a mystery to anyone who passes by (usually because whoever passes by ends up dead). I opened up one of the air-vents on the giant sandcrawler to take a peek, but the Sand People remain reclusive as ever, even around their own settlements. There were just a few guards we could see that were posted on the outskirts.

Finally dropped off, both the team and the Jawa are happy with trip. But we're glad to finally get off this dust-ball. We're itching for a city, so why not head to Coruscant next! So, you know the drill: until next week HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
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Jawa making deals

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. Last week we met with a group of Jawa north of Anchorhead who pointed us to a large roving sandcrawler out east here in the desert of Tatooine. Over Exposure hopped to it, and we've been invited on a materials run, and tour of the Dune Sea while we're at it. So let's go!

The giant sandcrawlers are leftovers from when Czerka held court over the planet, and these tiny collectors aren't the kind to let anything this amazing go to waste. Who knows what these monstrous vehicles looked like back in Czerka's Tatooine heyday, but now they're basically wall-to-wall droids, parts, and other goods, with Jawa running here and there trying to keep everything in some sort of order. At least they know where everything is. Over Exposure had to make sure that our team's wares didn't get snapped up in the process to get sold to a moisture farmer somewhere en route.

The vehicle's pilot told us they were going to make a detour to take us by their favorite spot, the sarlacc pit in the Dune Sea where they can sometimes find discarded packs full of "inventory." When the giant sandcrawler stopped few dozen klicks from the site, the team got out to take a peek, and then wished we hadn't. The smell was overpowering and the undulating movements what we can only guess is the arthropod's throat kind of made my stomach turn. We got only as close as our noses would allow. The Jawa, however, got closer, looking for anything useful that could be bartered or traded to anyone in need.

We're sticking with these guys for a few hundred more kilometers, so you're gonna want to stick around. The team might even get into a tousle with some Sand People. Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
Sandcrawler in Heat

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. This week we're beating the heat on Tatooine to find out what gadgets and servos really make those dusty and lovable scavengers, the Jawa, stick around. We'll also be touching on some of Tatooine's other oddities (sarlacc and Sand People anyone?) while we take a guided sandcrawler tour.

Over Exposure made way north of Anchorhead to a parked Jawa hangout to talk to some of Tatooine's native inhabitants to find out what brought them here and, really and truly, what makes them stay. We brought along some gadgets and broken things to barter for chatter, because, you know, time isn't cheap, and it sure as hell isn't free. Especially not here. The Jawa let us in on some info you HoloSeekers might be interested to know:

First off, they're native to Tatooine. They proudly consider themselves to be one of the last remaining leftovers of the Rakatan purge of this formerly lush planet tens of thousands of years ago. They proudly chittered that they, along with the likewise native Sand People, have survived Tatooine this long, why not stick around? There's loads to be found here, they said, people are always leaving treasure behind (probably when they die, or get too hot to carry it, or both). As for the relatively recent attempts to colonize Tatooine? Our Jawa representative said that they love it! More stuff for them, after all.

But that's not all to be learned about these scavengers. They gave us coordinates to a mobile sandcrawler, and we headed there next to be taken on an actual materials run. We'll be keeping you up with the story right here. So, until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
Republic on Fire

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. The past few weeks we have really been getting a super sneak peek at how the Republic really tried to fancy up Taris, and how the Sith Empire came and pulled the proverbial lush green carpet out from under them. But not to worry: in this particular gambit, the Sith Empire wins. Let's find out how, shall we?

So after not only turning the wildlife against the Republic citizenry, but also the nasty trick with the Republic scientists beloved Rakghoul population, the Empire started playing for keeps. The Imperials don't really play around when they want something done, and done for good. This time they not only took out a big morale booster in the form of a Cathar warmonger, they also marched right into the last standing Republic base, shut down the guns, and then bombed it from orbit in a gigantic strike from some kind of superweapon. And if that's not enough, they broadcast the defeat on an open channel to anyone who'd listen, just to show off. 

Sound a little too harsh? Remember how Over Exposure covered Balmorra and the Republic's takeover of the planet's droid factories not too long ago? Let's call this tit for tat here. The Empire doesn't take kindly when anyone takes what they believe to be their toys. So, hell, they'll just come along and take yours. And then set you on fire for your trouble. So think twice before crossing the Empire, or you might just be on the menu. 

That's it for the coverage of Taris. Stick around as we haul jets off to Tatooine to see what makes the planet really tick, and we think it's the jawas. Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
Imperial Soldier vs Rakghoul

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. Last week we gave you a glimpse into Taris' past woes to let you see what really makes this planet into the galaxy's thermal detonator of misadventure. We're off to show you how after the Republic made some headway into re-establishing a foothold on this swampy jungle planet, the Sith Empire couldn't let just anyone get away with it.

So, what happens when you take an ancient evil that has been thriving off a planet's ecosystem for hundred's of years and try to study it and make friends? You have the Republic scientists and their short-lived love affair with the rakghouls. And it was rather short lived, and not only because of what the Imperials had a hand in here on Taris (do we have to mention recent events on Alderaan?). The Empire saw an opportunity with what not only Republic scientists, but the Jedi, were doing with the rakghouls, and turned their own "constituents" against them. I guess ruining someone's good ideas is one way to break morale.

Not only did the Empire attack the pet projects, they also turned the rakghouls into an irradiated super-weapon, using their own breed of cunning and know-how. A few well-placed barrels of toxic waste here, some wandering monsters there, and a lovely little Republic base nearby and you have snack time for a bunch of irradiated infectious man-eating humanoids. Nothing major. If you're going to take a planet from someone, you have to play dirty, there's no two ways about that. The Sith Empire will show you how, in their own very clever ways.

There's more to come on how Taris is really heating up! So keep those eyes here! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter 
Tarisian Walkway

[HNN and their constituents claim no stake in either side of the Tarisian conflict. - Editor]

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. This week, we took off on the hyperlanes to Taris to see what happened to the Republic's pet project. And the answer? Nothing good. Plagued by rakghouls, nasty beasts of every kind, and now Imperial occupation, the Republic has truly lost this one. Let's go take a look.

Taris has had its share of tragedy. When the shadowy figure of Darth Malak came through and blew the whole place to smithereens hundreds of years ago, the Republic did what it could and came back to rebuild the place, all in an effort to find what some guy called Revan left behind. What he left behind was a whole lotta disaster. Over Exposure spent a lot of our time the first week on Taris stocking up on rakghoul vaccines, and asking some hired mercs how good their aim was.

However, nothing gets past the Sith Empire's watchful eye these days. While the Republic was off trying to find a reason for the rakghoul's interference, and trying to claim that they had some sort of sentience, Imperial forces swooped in the Republic's wake to undo what had been done. But more on that later. Rakghouls still own the place, setting up camp with the rest of the Tarisian wildlife, making the planet an impenetrable force of swamp and doom. After a firestorm kills everything on a planet, it only makes sense that nature (and the unnatural) rise up to fight back.

As to how Empire got down and dirty on Taris? That's a story for another day. So stick around! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
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Starship Graveyard

This is Over Exposure, an investigative look at the galaxy around us to find out what is really going on behind those closed blast doors. The past couple of weeks we have been traversing the great frozen wasteland of Hoth, trying to carve out those crystals in the rough, the tourist attractions no one sees on this forgiving planet. This week, Over Exposure takes you to the Starship Graveyard!

Once overrun by pirates out for spoils, this kilometers-long landmark of galactic history is worth a stop on your Hothhian tour. Whether you're a history buff, or a war aficionado, Hoth's Starship Graveyard is sure to whet any sort of whistle one may have for mayhem. Made up of ships that fell from a great space battle during The Battle of Hoth. This battle was a historic event that helped shape the Great Galactic War. That's enough of a history lesson. On with the good stuff.

Now that both Galactic Republic and Sith Empire forces have given the pirates a run for their money (for the time being), now is a great time to go and take holopics of yourself and your buddies climbing the great jutting spires of the Vehement Sword: the Imperial starship which broke in half as it landed. Or, if you're feeling brave, take a vid of yourself lumbering around the well-protected outskirts of The Star of Coruscant: the Republic vessel which fell aground completely intact.

That completes our tour of the sights and smells of Hoth! Come with us as we snake through the hyperlanes to Taris! Until next week, HoloSeekers!

Mai Cash | Over Exposure
Investigative Reporter
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