After a game has been released following years of development and countless thirst-quenching previews, you'd think that it would all end there. You'd play the game for a while until you hit level cap or finish every available quest then move on to the next one. Is that the case with The Old Republic? Hell to the no!

The team behind SWTOR are back again at E3 showcasing some of the upcoming features to the game. New Warzones, an increased level cap, a new planet and space mission, as well as a new Operation are just some of the goodies that we'll be able to experience later in the year. BioWare have released an E3 preview video to reveal some of the features they've been working on. You can view the full video below.

E3 has only just begun, and there is no doubt that BioWare have much more to bring to the table over the next three days. What could be next? Only time will tell.
The Eski I am skeptical. A lot of important issues still haven't been addressed and they're already rolling out a major...
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook Any news on content is good news. However there's a lot they don't talk about that I am FAR more interested in...
Kheldras Hmm. the new World looks nice.. one maybe cap up to 55? The Operation.. thes are already at extradimensional...

Geoff Keighley from GameTrailers TV has revealed the all new Star Wars gaming franchise: Star Wars 1313. Geoff headed up to the LucasArts base in San Fransisco where he was given a backstage pass to the development of the new Star Wars game title. Dominic Robilliard―creative director for Star Wars 1313―revealed that the game will be played from the perspective of a Bounty Hunter who takes on the most dangerous place in the galaxy: 1313, located on the planet Coruscant.

The game will be played from a third-person perspective, allowing for smooth transitions between actual gameplay and cutscenes. Very little is known about the game at the moment. However, LucasArts will be sitting down with GT.TV on Monday the 4th of June at 10pm (EST) to reveal actual gameplay footage for the first time ever. For now, view the GT.TV video reveal here

What are your thoughts so far? Feel free to discuss the reveal of Star Wars 1313 in the comments below.
Kheldras Hmm. "a new franchise". well. frankly it sounds like a game like "Force unleashed" j...
Glzmo Reminds me of the original Dark Forces with it's "dark setting".
JeVv This looks pretty cool.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo flooded the gaming world with information from every game genre. Game developers and publishers vied for media attention to ultimately gain your personal love. Every game device you can think of made a showing: 3DS, PS3, Xbox, PC, and even a new Wii product. Oh! And the games, the games, the games. Of course, this reporter only paid attention to the BioWare games and ignored the Insomniac, Bungie, 2K, SOE, and Rockstar games. Even so, Mass Effect 3 looked breathtaking.

We all know the game everyone on this site was looking for to Star Wars: The Old Republic did win the show in my opinion, but it wasn't just because it's the game I'm most looking forward to. I believe out of all the games, SWTOR put a lot of emphasis on making sure that the fans who were not in California felt as if they were a part of what was happening by giving them the same information sometimes before the showroom floor did.

After all that, today's question is simple: What was you favorite SWTOR announcement or demonstration or whatever to come out of E3? If you need some hints as to what came out of E3, Ganden did an amazing wrap-up that you should definitely check out.
Sterling Actually seeing Tali (for all of three frames) in one of the ME3 vids. Oh and the Normandy getting to play Big Damn G...
Drekki / V TOR Return Trailer + Game plays (made by fans, not the offical) + Battlefield 3 game-play.
Ganden a For me, its between the trailer and the TOR peripherals. I've got a bit of a keyboard and mouse fetish.

Another year of anticipation and excitement -- perhaps disappointment for some -- has passed, with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011 now behind us. BioWare exhibited The Old Republic during the three day event, announcing some never-before-seen features, such as raids, vehicles, and their final cinematic trailer by Blur Studios. With events such as these, sometimes it can be a little hard to keep track of all the updates being thrown at us from different sources. So, here at SWTOR-RP, we're doing an E3 wrap up, compiling the latest announcements, features and trailers, as well as developer clarification on some of the questions that arose during the event, and we're bringing all that information together into one, massive update.

Skar of the Black Thorn I think they're just wagging that treat in our faces and forcing us to adapt constantly. But, the post here...
Vhanz Nicely put together post! Thanks. A few things in there I had missed :)
denDAY ohh c'mon!... FFS, why can't they just give us those class-species combinations.. Now I have to change...

The trailers from Blur Studio have astounded us for the last three Electronic Entertainment Expos with epic trailers from the history of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Deceived introduced us to the fall of the Jedi temple on Coruscant and the infamous character of Darth Malgus. Hope was all about the freedom fighters of the Republic and the amazing Force prowess of Satele Shan. This year, we experience the attack of Korriban from the perspective of a young Satele Shan in Return.

Which of these characters are your favorite? Do you like the sly, cocky smuggler, or does the war-hardened trooper strike you? Maybe you're more interested in the Force users like Satele or Malgus. Their masters are pretty interesting, too. Maybe you like one of them. Tell me which is your favorite, and what appeals to you about him or her. Inquiring minds want to know. 
Serithis I loved the Smuggler, next to him I would say Malgus.
Janko I have loved the trooper and smuggler the most.
Segellion I'd have to say Tom Selleck

If you haven't heard because you've been trapped on a deserted island for the last few years, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a pretty big event. All the big and small game development companies converge on Los Angeles, California, to show off their latest games and gaming products. Electronic Arts has its own gigantic booth to show off its latest creations, including a demo of the third-person shooter RPG Mass Effect 3, but of course, that's not the game most of us are interested in. We want to know about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With the interview and trailer released last Friday, we have been teased to explosion. We know there will be mounts, social hubs, and raids in the game, thanks to the trailer. The question for today's Force Reflection is a general question about the E3 event itself. What do you hope to gain from E3? Do you hope SWTOR shows itself to be the MMO that it claims to be? Do you hope to solidify the class you want to play? Or are your hopes more specific, like you hope to learn the names of raids, how many players are involved, and what the rewards are? What are your E3 hopes from TOR?
Eden Everest Ugh. Yeah. I meant playable species. Not playable classes.
Coil More playable races. Release date. That's all.
Eden Everest I'd like to see some more playable class reveals.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is only a few days from launch, and previews have already started pouring in for The Old Republic. Daniel Erickson, Gabe Amantangelo, and Damion Schubert -- developers from BioWare -- have participated in an interview with GameSpot about some of the details BioWare will be revealing this year at E3. Raiding, Tatooine, and mounts are some of the focuses in the interview. We learn that Blur will be unveiling the grand finale to their cinematic trailer trilogy for The Old Republic, and GameSpot and Daniel Erickson have both stated that this year's E3 will be BioWare's biggest yet, with the most amount of information revealed than ever before at the show.

Raiding is making a debut at this year's show, however the end-game feature has been called "operations." They've been described as multi-group, epic events that'll become available to players once they reach level 50. There will be different difficulties with different rewards, appealing to all gamers from the casual kind, to the most hardcore keyboard bashers out there. Daniel Erickson continues on to explain that mounts will only be in the form of vehicles at launch, however there are hopes that animal mounts make it to the game post-launch.

Crafting and the economy are briefly discussed, as well as the hint that spaceship customisation -- both interior and exterior -- will make it to the game, though BioWare are not discussing the details as yet. There are two videos in GameSpot's preview. We have another epic trailer, showing off some of the upcoming content reveals for E3, as well as an interview with Daniel Erickson, where he states that there are still a number of game mechanics and content yet to be revealed. Check them out after the break.

Ganden a Well, it was also said that on PvP servers, those flags will be toggled on in most areas.
Yospeck From GameSpot interview with Gabe Amantangelo concerning E3, I thought this might be particularly interesting for those ...
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