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Have you ever walked along your faction's spacedock and wondered at how clean everything looked?  Everything's nice and orderly, and not a scrap of trash is anywhere to be seen.

Who does that?

Every single person who logs into The Old Republic has the chance of of being a great hero to the Empire or Republic, the one who will bring about the downfall of the other—or the one who will be the underworld kingpin, raking in the credits, women and property like it's...well, like it's his job.

So my question is, who is the kind of player that would log in and roll up a aircar-driver for a character? Or a pageboy? Or even a trash collector? I'm not talking about an average Joe with a desire to be something more, I'm talking about a guy (or girl) who has a blue collar job and doesn't mind it.

How would you roleplay this character? Would they ever leave the starting planet? Or would you get them to the spacedock and stop there? Would it bore you to tears, or provide a meaningful way to RP with different folks? Let’s hear your answers!
NvrKnowsBest I'm not against people RP-ing the more mundane tasks, but seriously, what's the point of having droids if huma...
Akaerah I usually RP on Korriban analyzing carvings and architecture of the tombs- you know... pureblood admiration of buildings...
D'aax Republic Parcel Service is a courier guild made up of - mainly - couriers. People who get things from Point A to Point B...

Though it may be seen by some as ludicrous, offensive, and immoral, as a society we are all categorised into classes. You've probably heard of the terms "blue collar" and "white collar" workers, as well as "lower", "mid", and "upper class" citizens. These are all terms to describe and categorise an individual based on financial income and standing. If your daily grind consists of unblocking someone's toilet filled with their earlier chicken chilli burrito, or you're laying bricks (no, I don't mean poo), or even maintaining justice on the crime-filled streets, unfortunately you're considered a blue collar worker. If on the other hand you're sitting in an air-conditioned office, sipping on a cup of coffee and checking the daily stocks, well congratulations -- you're a white collar worker. Do these categories distinguish which is the better person though? I say grab your lightsabers and let your duelling skills decide!

In The Old Republic, it isn't a decision based on finances as to what character class you'll be choosing. It will in fact be based on your combat style, your weapon choice, as well as how your chosen class is represented in Star Wars lore. Though the introduction to this Force Reflection may have nothing to do with this particular topic and may have just been an opportunity to discuss faeces, we hope you have an understanding as to the kind of factors that categorise a particular class of individuals. In today's Force Reflection, following on from yesterday's discussion about faction choice, tell us what factors have determined your class choice for The Old Republic. What is it about the Jedi or Sith that results in your undeniable lust for wielding a virtual lightsaber? Do you want to kick other character's in the nether-region so badly that you had to choose the Smuggler? Let us know in the comments section. 
Janko My classes were all pretty simple, because, for the most part, I developed the character for the class as opposed to the...
Adlai I wanted Adlai to be a military character involved in Intelligence work, that pretty much was the Imperial Agent. OOCly,...
Agent Snark I wasn't able to make a decision, so I wrote up Fereshtar's background story, gave that to a good friend who i...
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Published Mar 21, 2017
An Alliance Commander’s custom-built speeder, lightning weapon customization, and TWO new Grand Packs!
Published Mar 15, 2017
We’re happy to announce that the next Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Cantina will be happening on Friday, April 14th 2017!
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The Unstable Lightsaber’s long-awaited return, plus covert battle armor and the return of an iconic ‘best-of’ bundle pack!
Published Mar 7, 2017
NEW Vigilant Defender Pack, the ultimate Galactic Command starter bundle, and a pocket-sized Sarlacc Pit!
Published Feb 28, 2017
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