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Most of us are enjoying TOR and, perhaps in this spirit, my first editorial here was fairly tame. I picked a small group of bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements that I, and many of my fellow subscribers, would like to see. There are, however, some aspects of this game which are not merely inconvenient or troublesome; they are deeply flawed, and it is better to confront this truth directly, head on, and sooner rather than later. An MMO is a very big ship, and TOR is a bigger one than most. If any corrections are to be made, they will take a very long time. Let us begin now, and let us begin with BioWare's single biggest mistake: the Legacy system surname. 

It is important to note that others have already begun this conversation. We have written about the Legacy system here and Sebaya gathered your opinions and feedback. Sa Chi has discussed it in a brilliantly titled column at All the Galaxy's a Stage, "The Brady Bunch Legacy," and he expanded his thoughts elsewhere. Baraslan and the gang at Beyond the Grind have developed the BTG 9000. While discontent with the Legacy system is easy to hear, there is a quick and clear rebuttal that we should not ignore: the system is not revealed yet. All we know for sure is that the Legacy system defines a surname for all your characters on one server; you can choose to hide that surname or display it as a title instead. Legacy levels, acquired over all your characters on that server, will grant small benefits in character creation or for the levelling-up process. The Legacy system is intended for those of us who like to make multiple characters, in other words. It may unlock new class/species combinations. BioWare recently announced the system would roll out in a more developed form in March with Update 1.2 and they showed us a Miraluka Sith in a trailer.

All of this is well and good, and the benefits unlocked by Legacy levels may very well be a boon to roleplayers. They may be a jar of candy so tasty and high in calories that we forgive the drawbacks to the system. The drawbacks are, however, quite serious and they hinge on the one part of the system we do know: the Legacy surname. 
Rolan "Dragon" Storm Case in point. BioWare shouldn't say anything about families and similar experience from the start. Introduce syst...
Glzmo While the legacy surname is quite a mistake, In my opinion there were much bigger ones. Like the lack of Chat Bubbles (p...
BrianDavion Legacy system isn't exactly designed to be a super RP friendly thing. When BW said they'd not be enforceing RP...

Baraslan and Shaddoe were apparently busy and made us wait a bit for this episode (kind of like how we made you wait for this review article), but we all get busy and fortunately, this episode was worth the wait. Once gain the two give us their own take on a number of RP issues as well as game development, including the new flashpoint made available in the recent 1.1 game patch. (Don't worry, No spoilers.)

Also covered in this episode were a few new RP locations to enjoy ("The Shining Star Cantina" and "The Dune Sea"), an RP based player bounty system (which is a really great idea and we encourage everyone to check it out), and finally introduce the prototype of a new segment called 'Beyond the Grind Theater' which takes fan-written stories and turns them into a 'radio theater' type of presentation. Baraslan is looking for stories now, if you're interested in having your fan-fiction be given the 'Beyond the Grind' treatment.

Also, if you'd like to leave them commentary on their episodes, they now have a new domain name of 'beyondthegrind.org', so leave these guys some feedback or ideas if you have time to pop onto their site.
Khel Hmm,i mean. ehh, Rackghouls arnt really Cuddle in the game. But thos one is
Ronin Link in the article to the player bounty thread is incorrect. It has one too many https. Feel free to fix it!
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook Is . . . is that stuffed animal real? If so, I want one.

After a holiday break and much-needed Star Wars: The Old Republic play time, our guys from Beyond the Grind are back with a vengeance -- maybe not with a vengeance, but certainly with style and tips for roleplayers making their way through the world of TOR. Baraslan of the Mantell Syndicate and Shaddoe from Massively and Gamebreaker.TV discuss the intimate details of roleplaying in our favorite MMORPG.

Our dynamic duo cover the best and worst in the game so far from the perspective of a roleplayer; also, they tell us about their favorite out-of-the-way roleplay venue. Lastly, Shaddoe says his final good-byes to the MMO that kick-started his love of roleplay: Star Wars Galaxies.

If you're new to roleplay or love to discuss the intricacies of making your roleplay better, then you will not want to miss a single bi-weekly episode of Beyond the Grind
WellGwen Hey, they read my question! I am blushing.
Baraslan FYI - You can now access our podcasts at 'beyondthegrind.org'. FINALLY I've managed to do away with...
CyberCommando I really enjoyed the Segment on RP Locales Personally I'm a fan of the Dealers Den Cantina, simply because it was ...

Episode 21 of Beyond the Grind: "The Pureblood Smuggler Legacy" is now available. (Actually it's been available since last weekend, but it's been a busy news week.) Join Baraslan and Shaddoe, as they once again provide a rolelayer's insight on the latest news from Bioware and The Old Republic. This Episode covers the Consular progression video, the Bioware free soundtrack giveaway and the controversial "Legacy System" as well as a small reveal from the latest round of beta testing. Shaddoe also provides comprehensive lore about the Pureblood Sith for those interested in roleplaying them or simply understanding their role in the Star Wars universe (and why they seem to frequently have an air of arrogance and entitlement).

This episode is sponsored by the BTG9000 Legacy Improbability Transcorder - Don't worry about illogical and genetically impossible family legacies - let the BTG9000 do that for you!

Tziena a I fixed the audio thing so that it works with firefox and there is an MP3 download for the iOS tablets and phones.
Ivania I just wanna report that the player never shows up for me. All I ever see is a grayed out X.
Sirenis Seeing a Pureblood in that outfit just seems so wrong, lol.

As you know, Beyond the Grind podcasts news from Star Wars: The Old Republic as it relates to roleplayers. Even though we represent about 20% of the MMO market, it is hard to find a podcast to help make RP more epic. However, Baraslan and Shaddoe do their darnedest to lift your TOR experience to a new level.

This week, the duo spar off about the grey side choices within TOR storylines, and since Shaddoe is able to speak a bit of his experience in beta, the topics of IC PvP, social points, dancing, and disrobing during conversations make their way to the forefront. Also, we gave permission for Beyond the Grind to answer some of your questions before going to the Fan Site Summit. So click the play button below to learn how learn how to pronounce Bielduwyn -- oh and hear the answers to your questions.

Swerto There is no 'gray side', there is the force. My theory is there is no dark or light, either. The 'corrup...

The regular podcast spotlighting roleplay for Star War: The Old Republic is a little late this time, but in the end it is worth it. Your regular hosts of Beyond the Grind, Baraslan and Shaddoe, dragged two of your senior staff into the podcast. Gracing the airways are Editor-in-Chief Ganden and Forum Administrator Vaanthe.

The roleplay quartet discuss everything from RP-PVP servers to mesmerizing geekbating, whatever that means. But that's not all; this very site is the spotlight of the last half of the conversation. You get to hear the good, the bad, and the awesome about this site and why we think it's important to have a place like this.

Click the little play button below to get the full dish direct from the mouths of the administration.

Eden Everest Totally, totally, totally agree with Larry about how there are some neat areas that are barricaded by story instance thr...
Baraslan Ganden is, in a word, 'Awesome'... *chuckle*
Ganden a Thanks Neb

We know you have been wondering, "Whatever happened to that awesome podcast that used to appear on this site?" Well, it was never really gone, it just wasn't -- how can we say this? -- independent. The important thing is that it's back with a vengeance. There have been some changes in the last seven episodes. Mantell Syndicate's resident scruffy-looking nerf herder Baraslan gained a new co-host: Massively.com Star Wars: The Old Republic columnist Larry "Shaddoe" Everett. (He's a roleplayer -- who knew?)

In the latest installment, Baraslan and Shaddoe are joined by a roleplayer this community should be familiar with. Former Star Wars Galaxies Roleplayer Senator Joron Darkdust discusses the Gamescom, cross-faction communication, and other roleplay related news with our regular podcast crew. Check out the latest episode below and don't miss the past episodes, which are accessible in the podcast widget on the right!

Eden Everest Ah, okay. I had stopped listening to TOR Syndicate, because they pissed me off at some point. I was wondering, though, i...
Baraslan @VayneVerso : We've actually never stopped producing episodes (as the 14 archived episodes testifies to *grin* ) as...
OddjobXL My comment to the podcast: Or you can just meet ‘in person’ and use /say for planning RP. There are usually...

"Beyond the Grind" is a bi-monthly podcast created in cooperation with the TOR Syndicate which focuses on information and conversations that are hopefully of interest to the RPing community in The Old Republic. They are 'bite-sized' for your convenience (since we know how busy you all are), running no more than 10-15 minutes per episode.

In this episode, Baraslan and Alyx sit down with SWTOR-RP's very own Darth Derriphan and talk about the bad boys of the Star Wars universe -- the Sith. All* your questions about these followers of the dark path will be answered, including (but not limited to) "Why do all Imperial forces speak with a condescending British accent?" Be sure give them your feedback by commenting below and/or over at the the official SWTOR site site in the official "Beyond the Grind" thread.

* Statistical possibility of all your questions being answered differs with use and number of questions you have. Millage may vary. Please submit, in writing, any additional questions you feel falls with in the 'all' parameters to the Official Beyond the Grind thread and one of our trained Sith-support specialists will be with you shortly concerning your disturbing lack of faith.

Listen Now:

Baraslan It's a flash driven player - so if you're using somethign that doesn't have or doesn&#039...
Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook It says: listen now: . . . but there's no play button, time indicator or anything. All I see past listen now is...
Aithel I loved the podcast!
Episode Six:

"Beyond the Grind" is a bi-monthly podcast created in cooperation with the TOR Syndicate which focuses on information and conversations that are hopefully of interest to the RPing community in The Old Republic. They are 'bite-sized' for your convenience (since we know how busy you all are), running no more than 10-15 minutes per episode.

In this episode, Baraslan and Alyx share input on the recent developer dispatches about Environmental Polish, as well as commenting on the the news of Drew Karpyshyn’s New Novel, "Revan," and what it can mean for those of us in the role-playing community. Alyx also reveals some shocking information about KOTOR 1 and Mr. Karpyshyn's books. Be sure to be as open with your opinions as Alyx is with his by commenting below and/or over at the swtor.com site in the official "Beyond the Grind" thread.

Listen Now:

icon for podbean Standard Podcasts [13:09m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Mishkalantia Elise Kalrook Gotta admit, I'm more curious what happened to the Exile over Revan too. But that's partly because I p...
Baraslan Indeed, quite scandalous! It wasn't our most exciting episode ever, but still a surprise or two. ;)
Eden Everest Didn't like KoTOR? Gasp! What a sensationalist episode. ;)

If you have not been listening to beyond the grind, then you are missing out. Alyx and Baraslan of the Mantell Syndicate are doing the community a great service by giving us a timely and appropriate podcast specifically for roleplayers of Star Wars: The Old Republic. One of the best things about it is that these podcasts do not take much of your time. Most podcasts are going to take at least an hour if not more to listen to. Well, these guys had a different idea in mind. Most of their broadcasts are between 10 and 15 minutes. So you can listen on your lunch break, on the way to work, or just eating a snack at your desk.

This week's episode of Beyond the Grind covers the recent developer blog by Georg Zoeller about Advanced Classes. Usually, class mechanics and role dynamics are the last thing on a roleplayer's mind, but there are some key elements to the Advanced Classes that may be pivotal in the class you choose to play. Listen to the whole podcast by clicking the play button, then weigh in your thoughts in the comments below.

Baraslan 1) (@Ganden) EPISODE 05: "Advanced Classes" - NOW WITH 100% LESS BOGAN! 2) (@ Tziene) Thanks so mu...
Ganden a Great work guys. Very informative! But this episode is missing something. I just can't quite put my finger o...
Vaanthe a This was a very informative update. Thanks for covering it. It definitely gives me something to think about for dec...
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