From stark white, to the bright bursts of color, the armor of our soldiers and independent contractors is vast and always changing. Whether it be a new alloy, or a new HUD interface, these pieces of Tech are constantly improving. But they all do one basic thing: make you a better fighter. Just like the offensive blaster, your armor can be customized to any sort of situation or preference. The fighting Republic soldier, to the fierce Bounty Hunter, they are all alike in their love and use of armors.

Independents like the Bounty Hunters or the many different Security Contractors, they sometimes wield some of the most advanced and high-tech kits. The Mandalorians are well known  to take great pride in their unique armor. Classically, Mandalorian armor is made of Mandalorian Iron, better known as beskar—practically blaster-proof and strong enough to withstand lightsaber attacks! But chances are you see more common durasteel and carbon fiber equipped armor, which is more economical—may not be as strong, but just as useful. It can take multiple blaster hits and withstand harsh elements. With helmet on, the wearer is practically encased in armor, which is why it is so often worn by heavy fighters.

But that helmet is one of the most effective force multipliers the combatant can utilize. Wired up with HUD interfaces, voice command recognition, and Sight Improvement Technology, the HUD can view everything that is going on inside and out. Some new improvements allow you to track up to thirty targets at once. Able to be interfaced with blasters and jets that are fitted to the back, it is pivotal in a fight. Voice commands can fire up the jet-pack communicate to other users, keeping you in constant control of the field. And no matter if you are taking the fight to the night, or through a wall, infrared and night vision lenses are a standard.

Without a doubt, one of the top fastest expanding pieces of Tech that is happening! Thanks again for tuning into BLASTech HoloZine. Remember to send in your Comms and HoloVids to BLASTech! This is Jace Draden signing out!

Jace Draden
BLASTech HoloZine Reporter

A galactic standard, and the piece of tech that keeps the fighters on the front line: The blaster. A surprisingly simple piece of technology, but the variations and power supplied is vast. The body of the weapon holds a powerful laser emitter. The emitter can vary in spec and power but they all shoot out a consistent wavelength of light. But light itself hurts you no more than the light that is emitted from the datapad or the screen you are watching from—the power source that creates the bolts that fires from the barrel is where the true and deadly energy comes from!

As the light is generated, it is powered by massive electric currents—the currents mixing with the light generates a super heated plasma. The electrical generator can vary to create different sorts of plasma. But the most common are crystals that help create the electricity or a chemical agent. While chemical blasters may be more unreliable and rare, they produce enough plasma to kill whatever it's shot at. But what is likely on your belt or under your bunk is the system that uses a crystal to focus energy.

The electricity is pushed into the beam of light which creates an electrically ionized gas. The gas is what you see explode and rip into your target when it's fired. But before the light is ionized, it starts in the power pack. The pack focuses through a crystal and then into the light, helping focus it into a more devastating bolt.

From here it is shot out of the barrel, no matter how long or short it is, to go and make its impact on the target. Different optics, grips and modifications are added to this simple base to create your own personal weapon. Thanks for tuning in to BLASTtech HoloZine: your one stop for all things Tech! This is Jace Draden signing out.

Jace Draden
BLASTech HoloZine Reporter
Trus'adini'graz Sadini Very nice, but I do have one thing: the electricity interacting with the focused light beam does not create the gas in e...
Aseren Amazing work! Especially useful when you roleplay a smuggler or sniper ^^
Bauldric the Accident Prone Cool, thank you for the info. Fascinating to say the least.
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