I am choosing to post this as an once active members of the Progenitor server and still somewhat active in a part-time capacity.  It should be seen and put out there for what is the most active portion of our site's users, and those most disappointed on what has been decided.

The new site is here.  

Godspeed, and create with a new positive voice.

Every year, pioneering Aela Dasvarat organises and hosts a number of in-character operatic concerts as a stage to invite donations for the charity Child’s Play; on the 12th of December, the last of this year’s concerts were held with a good thirty or so individuals in attendance. Donations this year came to about £230 (~$345, ~€320) for a charity bringing joy to disadvantaged children, although since Aela began to arrange these events, over £700 (~$1,050, ~€960) has been raised in total which I’m sure you’ll agree is a fantastic result.

Aela's player had this to say;

"I've been wracking my brain for ways in which to express my gratitude to the Progenitor community for their support, kindness and friendship throughout my time in SWTOR. Although I have had my critics, and on one occasion, had an audience walk out on me because I was breaking their immersion with real music!

But were I to be asked to sum up my experience as Aéla, I would have to say that it has been heartwarming.  Almost everytime I encounter RP, I am met with praise, respect and very accommodating of the Echani lore that I follow; I'm struggling to thank you all enough.  Every penny, every cent of the money raised is because you, the community, have hearts of gold.  I'm glad I have this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of the children whose lives you have helped make brighter, thank you so, so very much.

I'd also like to give a special mention to Skye, Ezrab'teb, Takrael, Nori, Ziathe, Krista, Riley, Emrys and Margo for their help, selflessness and support over the past three years. You have all been wonderful.

Where ever you are this December, I offer you some very warm winter wishes, and a happy new year.

Your Snowmaiden <3"

When the Snowmaiden's Song next comes around, I hope the response will be as good as it has been this year. Happy holidays!

Zel-maras I was happy to attend, good rp, good musics. It was fun. (Server crash didnt help thou) May the Sith'ari watch ove...
Paloma It was an enchanting experience, and a privilege to attend. Thanks to all who made it happen. &lt;3 And Happy Holi...
K. Jikiiti Nothing is truly as lovely as an event such as this. This is what RolePlay is all about, coming together for mutual fun...

A Broadcast by the Bureau of Social Harmony

Good day, viewers. I regret that Dr. Anoleis cannot be with us this week owing to undergoing life-saving surgery. In her stead, I will be taking her place on this broadcast. Let us all wish her the best of luck and a swift recovery.

We are headed to the Corgon II penal mining colony today; a fine example of where justice meets productivity. Convicts and prisoners from the Core work off their debt to society in the mines with reasonable conditions and well maintained facilities to house them. Over the course of their stay, they have the opportunity to learn the errors of their ways and learn to appreciate to Zakuulan culture; a generous second chance for even the most unscrupulous of offenders.

Unfortunately, our stay was met with tragedy. Dr. Anoleis was taking part in peaceful activity, learning of the reasons for the prisoners’ actions and their origins while sharing the virtues of working to Zakuul’s co-operative vision of a peaceful and just galaxy, hoping to meet the irrational and selfish mind with one that was open, compassionate and sensible. I regret to inform our viewers that it is during this stay that she was rendered incapable of hosting this broadcast, as we investigate today.

Kathryl Oriana I'm the... um...well nevermind but I was there! #nowcanonforprogenitors
Madoní it was awesome, nice to meet so many different characters.
Satyrian It was indeed epic!! Had allot of fun, so thank you organizers and everyone who took part, adding to this wonderful expe...

Want to see what the finest beautiful men and women the Hutt moon has to offer? Want to have a whirlwind of a time with great company and good booze? Feel like chilling out and just having the time of your life? Well then this is totally the event for you! 

Read more here.

This will be the third annual competition, hosted by Vaanthe and co-hosted by Chryos whereby both men and women will be competing for their respective titles as Mister and Miss Nar Shaddaa, so don't miss out. It is sure to be a blast!

Take a look at last year's winners below:

Neiju- Miss Nar Shaddaa
Chryos Per- Mister Nar Shaddaa

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, there is still time boys and girls!  So put your credits where your mouth is and see what you can do to sponsor your product with the most widely anticipated event of the year!
Aldren I got the theme song sorted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE
Vaanthe a Thanks for the article!

This week we will be covering a rather well known character on the Progenitor server. Her name is Neiju: a Twi'lek girl more accustomed to the manners of a Hutt than the intricacies of diplomacy or the harsh realities of battle.

While interviewing the glamorous Twi woman, she had this to say about the people she spends her time with, whether it be working for Terunda the Hutt or while working as a hostess in the Velvet Pearl

"I enjoy most all the lovely people I work with daily. It's the highlight of my day to chat with them and to meet new people! I love the people I'm working with! I'm a people person!"

Perhaps expectedly she declared her own greatest enemy to be boredom! She does not seem to be the kind of girl who likes to sit still. It is all go go go for this fast paced and rather glamorous woman.

"It's a good thing we live in a really colourful galaxy, with lots of entertainment available. I drive boredom away by hanging out with friends, playing hologames and chatting with people. Quite often I hang around in the galaxy-famous Velvet Pearl club on the Promenade!" 

And interestingly, even though Neiju seems to have a taste for the fast, the furious, and the glamorously obtuse, she seeks to someday settle down, have a few children. Perhaps find a little cottage on a dusky hill somewhere, huh? 
Vaanthe a Nice job, Neiju, and a lovely character too.
Neiju Astral!
Ezrab'teb Nicely done, guuuuuuuurl! *Cheers for you!*
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