Every now and then, an event or post will go up on the forums and catch the attention of the SWTOR-RP writers! And this week we noticed a post on The Progenitor forums with regards to an up and coming E-book focusing on lightsaber combat from one of our very own, Emoral Heliolite

"Perhaps some will know that I have been undertaking a project for some time now; that of writing a book under IC pretence, from the perspective of my Jedi character, Emoral Heliolite. Now, this book is one which will consist of seven essays, respective of the seven forms of orthodox Lightsaber combat, and an introductory section which should serve to bring some context and perspective to that which follows.

At this time, I have the first drafts written for all seven forms, Shii-Cho to Juyo(-Kos), and am at the stage of amending these to a quality I am content with but, as I am so painfully aware, it is quite likely that mistakes will inevitably still be present. So, after some prompting, I have decided to release essays as I finish their final-ish draft in the hopes of receiving feedback from the wider community, such as your good selves, so that by the end, when a book can actually be put together, something of a 'finished piece' can be achieved without numerous iterations and reiterations following IC 'publication'. Lord knows I should never get any closure, otherwise."

We think this is a great initiative and it would certainly be good for any roleplayers looking to learn about lightsaber combat! So why not take a look here and see if you want to help out? Proof readers of all levels will be welcomed, and if you have any questions or input, just send Emoral a message. 

Alen If you like lightsabers, do check it out. Emoral's thirst for lightsaber facts cannot be slaked!
Emoral Heliolite Thank you very much, Keraal! The full thread (and essay) can be found here: http://www.swtor-rp.com/progenitor/m/33...

This week we figured it would be a great idea to follow up our non-forcey guide to smoking in-game with something a little more high sci-fi. Ever wanted to brush up on your knowledge of lightsaber combat? Well, we found the perfect guide for this on the forums. So why don't you check it out here and see what you think? 

The guide itself is written by Iradox, and while we're at it, we really liked the commission Ion did for him. You might as well check out that artistic goodness here, right? Anyways, moving back to the topic at hand: 

"Having found... videos on the various ligthsaber forms, I thought I would take this chance to elaborate a bit on how lightsaber combat works, as displayed in the Star Wars novels.

Firstly, let me address the misconception that many new people seem to have, that there is a separation between at one-hand Force powers and on the other side lightsaber combat, as if one can occur without the other. This is not the case, for whilst the Force can naturally be utilized without a lightsaber, lightsaber combat cannot be properly executed without the Force."

This is just a taster. Visit the post itself to see what you think.

You might see that I felt it prudent to add a little to this myself. Also another roleplayer—Cerberus—mentions an interesting resource that can be found here

Do you have anything else that you think you can add? Why not give the author a shout and let him know. Or, add your comments below! I know a certain Jedi (you know who you are) who might be releasing a very brilliantly in-depth guide in the future and it will certainly make for an interestingly informative read. 

Emoral Heliolite *continues scribbling*
Keraal I should have mentioned, this set of articles posted a few years ago. Have a look if you're interested: http://swto...

So we're talking about something a little different today. Lightsabers. In Star Wars Rebels, the Episode 7 teaser, and elsewhere throughout the Star Wars galaxy, we've been seeing more and more lightsabers that are unique; not just in how they look, but how they function. From one thing to the next, we can safely say that lightsabers are not constricted to merely being the simple energy swords they were introduced as.

As such, here are a number of the interesting adaptations we have seen, and even a few we haven't. Please note that not everyone would use some of these. For example the Jedi frown on putting spikes on a lightsaber.

First up, simple things. Different types of guards. These often don't have to guard the users hand so much, as lightsabers simply shear through most materials. However, utilizing Cortosis-weave or other lightsaber-resistant materials in them is a fairly common practice throughout the SWTOR Jedi and Sith Orders. This gives the user a small bit of protection against an enemy blade. The usual forms this takes is either spikes, or a thin, circular plate. Note that the use of a lightsaber-resistant material is used in as many blades with this design as not. Just because you see a guard of some kind on your enemy's blade doesn't mean it means anything.

Second, hilt shapes. Assuming we leave out the obvious extreme of a saberstaff, there are mainly two forms a hilt generally takes: the straight version most often seen, and the curved-hilt version sometimes favored by Makashi users. These can then vary in length to allow their user different attributes. A shorter hilt might be favored for maneuverability in Makashi or a Jar'Kai styled form, while a longer hilt would be used for greater leverage when using a more strength-based form.

Derrick/GQuinn Well where do I start.. I think lightsabers, in all honesty, are some of the most customize able weapons out there in st...
Derrick/GQuinn Gosh you know as someone who rp's a jedi that part-times in lightsaber building for the enclave he's in I can ...

So for today's Combat Analysis, I will be analysing the duel between Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, immediately after Qui-Gon Jinn's death (and his preceeding failure in lightsaber dueling).



At the beginning of the fight, the two combatants are seperated by a ray shield. Obi-Wan is ready and eager for battle after seeing his master killed, and Maul is confident in his ability to kill the mere padawan before him. The shield deactivates, and the fight begins immediately. Kenobi launches into an immediate offense, utilizing his training in the Ataru form to strike and parry blows with great speed, occasionally dodging attacks. Maul makes initial use of his saberstaff's opposing blades, repeatedly making use of the alternating strike-spin-reverse strike combination, or simple alternating side strikes. Kenobi quickly finds his rhythm of attack and uses a disarming slash, cutting the saberstaff in half and disabling one end, leaving Maul with a standard saber and knocking him on his back.

Brief note: I have changed the nature of the Combat Analysis. Where before it was an in-character review of whatever could be found, it is now an out-of-chracter analysis of various battles throughout the Star Wars galaxy, from SWTOR to Original Trilogy. Hope you enjoy!

For the first Combat Analysis of the new year, I will be analyzing the lightsaber battle of Jedi Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach versus Darth Vindican, and not-Darth Malgus, as seen in the Return SWTOR cinematic, starting at the point where Master Darach takes Satele Shan's saberstaff and initiates the fight (0:55 in the below video).

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
~ Aleister Crowley

Born on Iridonia, Kyic’s affinity for the Force was discovered during a routine recruitment sweep. Iridonia was always caught in the middle of Jedi/Sith struggles, and had long since been proven fertile ground for promising Force sensitives. The beginnings of his martial training had already conditioned his body, and his exposure to disciplined instruction made him a quick study.

Kyic took well to Sith physical training, and his typical Zabrak focus afforded him the mental fortitude to overcome the constant pressure acolytes were subjected to. His promising skill at arms earned him the personal attention of one of the Academy’s weapon-masters, and under his tutelage, Kyic would grow proficient in several lightsaber forms, favoring the more aggressive and acrobatic styles that appealed to his wild, swashbuckling nature.

For all these assets, the proud bearing of his people proved to be his downfall time and again; despite considerable skill, and natural ability, his time at the Sith Academy could only be called an… ordeal. While never terribly fond of his fellow acolytes, Kyic was content to keep his own counsel and avoid most confrontations, only suffering the occasional ire of an instructor (it was the way of things at the Sith Academy that even the best acolytes were made to suffer for nothing else but to test their ability to deal with adversity). However, as he approached the end of his training, a particularly brutal and aggressive acolyte named Shacus Lohek took an interest in Kyic, using some imagined slight to force a confrontation. His training would from then on would almost always result in a pairing between him and the merciless near-human, and the results rarely, if ever, favored the young Zabrak.

-opening datafile Chi'vasJi'haldri0027: Lightsaber design notes-

-Focusing crystal: Obtained. Rather large for one lightsaber, consider building two...or even three. Tuning sessions scheduled after saber practice. Best estimate for completion would be about 2 weeks.

Other essentials are fairly basic. I probably won't have to worry about them until it is time to actually build the saber.

Notes for construction: Some ideas for features to incorporate include a secret compartment, perhaps 3-4 inches long, datacard, dual-phase setting, and tracking beacon. I doubt I'll need anything special for the grip, but I'll take that into consideration.

I'll also have to look into making some other custom equipment. A set of armor bracers with mag-grips for a lightsaber or blaster would be useful, even if I don't add other features, which I probably will. I'll see if the temple has the equipment to make that. My lightsaber is going to be my weapon, I intend to give it all the useful surprises I can fit into it.-

-End datafile-

Friends, roleplayers, random people, lend me your screens! For today I show you something of monumental potential benefit to the SWTOR roleplaying community!

How many of you have wanted at some point to make your character pose with their hands clasped behind their backs, probably looking out of a giant viewport on a space station or ship (like header image)? Don't lie; I will give you a thousand credits if you haven't had this desire (if you are online on Voss on The Ebon Hawk server when I am online within 15 seconds of reading this for the first time). Well, I have recently...two days ago...made a suggestion on the SWTOR suggestions forum area that would potentially allow just that. To merely highlight it, the suggestion is called STANCES.

What this would do is provide two new categories of emotes. These emotes offer a number of purely cosmetic poses, one category for weapon drawn, the other for without. Any Jedi Counselors out there who wanted their lightsaber to be in an Ataru form pose rather than the back and behind default stance, this is for you. Actually, everyone, this is for you. Stances would allow one to have their characters strike a different pose when walking or standing still and not attacking. Like a Soresu saber form pose, or a smuggler's pistol remaining in its holster with the smuggler's hand right next to it, waiting for a quick draw.

Details are in this link right here (warning, it is a long and detailed suggestion, so read it all), and I implore you all to post on it and give it your support. I don't know how the developers pick the suggestions they will take from there, but I believe it very well could be affected by popularity and support from the player base. Which is why I request your support.

JOIN ME IN GAINING THE ABILITY TO PUT OUR HANDS BEHIND OUR BACKS! And together, we can rule the galaxy in roleplay!

- Cruallassar

JuicerJames It's about time. I love the way FFXIV allows you to change stances using /changepose, it's different for each ...

The time has come once more. The reconstructed Jedi Temple on Tython is hosting a tournament of martial skill! This is a chance for students of all levels of ability to sharpen their skills, and witness new and unfamiliar techniques. The Tournament seeks to honour the purity of lightsaber combat; all are welcome to watch, or to enter and take part according to the ancient rules of the tournament!

There are only two days to go and you can still apply to enter or judge the competition! So come along, test your skills and join in with the fun or simply spectate and enjoy the show! Check out the forum thread here for more information!

Location: Training Arenas, Jedi Temple, Tython. The Progenitor server. 

Time and Date: Saturday, October 11th, 1900 BST

(Judges and Entrants arrive at 1820-1830 BST)

To apply to enter or judge the competition, contact Alen via PM or reply to the thread here

Alen There's still time to get involved. Let me know!

Jedi and Sith often have a rather single-minded approach when it comes to weapons: their trusty lightsabers. Everyone else has a rather less restricted approach: that does not include lightsabers. 

Everyone has their weapon of choice, whether it be a lightsaber, the blaster they made when they were in the military academy, or the biggest piece of firepower they can illegally get their hands on. 

Luke Skywalker wasn't so bad a shot before he decided he liked glowing swords, but Han Solo would likely never think about abandoning blasters for anything. 

So the question is, what weapon/s does your character call his favorite? Or for those smugglers out there, what is your Flashy the blaster? For the Force-users, do you restrict yourselves to only lightsabers?
User x Well, my favourite weapon, is weaponless, (Bruce Lee eat your hear out) always has been the frilly necked lizard mounive...
Mordio Surely the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy at the point of that image is the Death Star? ^^ Anyway, did you see tha...
Adhock42 Most of my characters are fairly versatile in their weapons of choice, ranging from blades to explosives and everything ...
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