Outside BioWare HQ, the official food truck of the Sith Empire makes an appearance...

One of the best parts of the Guild Summit, and the part I'm going to start with is the newly expanded Legacy System in The Old Republic. First off, we've all seen and heard over the past month or so about the new race/class combos, but now we finally have details about how they are obtained. To unlock a race for all classes you must level a character of that race to 50 in any of its native classes. So for instance, to get that Pureblood Jedi, you're going to have to level a Pureblood Warrior or Inquisitor first. Since Cyborgs are already shared by many classes, you'll simply unlock all the class specific implants for everyone. Humans will not unlock anything including the red skins useful for RPing Zeltrons, but instead at 50 give a global stat boost to Presence. Additionally, Twi'leks and Zabraks will unlock the colors and cosmetics available to both factions.

For those of you that aren't alt-a-holics, there is good news; you will also be able to buy most legacy features with credits from your main, but it's going to be expensive—no word on just how expensive yet though. To help people who do want to level new alts to participate in the system, they've also moved Sprint to level one, meaning you can turn it on right away and clear the origin worlds a bit faster. You'll also be able to buy a jetpack or rocket boots through Legacy that will work as an enhanced sprint. And don't worry about people just sinking money into Legacy instead of working, as I'll explain later in my economics report that means lower repair costs for everyone. Keep reading; it gets better!

Worried about how your Pureblood and Miraluka fit into the same family tree? Worry not, as BioWare has finally given us a solution. The family tree will not only have slots for blood family, but places for allies, family friends, sworn enemies, as well as adoptees. It may not be a perfect solution, but they're at least meeting us halfway for how to explain the different ties between our characters. I also managed to ask about sharing family trees and names with other players, and that is something that they definitely want to do; it just has to be coded and implemented. 

One thing people are always asking for is more features and customization on their ships, and that is here. First you will unlock a repair droid for your ship that also sells parts for your annoying companion droid. In addition to a restraining bolt that will mute him, you can also buy different cores that will make him a specialist in various crew skills, which will finally give him a use. In addition, you'll be able to unlock mailboxes, mission terminals and even a Neutral GTN kiosk on your ship, but they're going to be expensive and hard to get. BioWare will let you play a shut-in, but you're going to have to really work for the privilege. 

The other thing everyone is probably wondering about is the ability to gain some special moves from your other classes, and it's not quite what you think. Every class already has their heroic moment ability, the one with the 20 minute cooldown and requires a companion, usually used to save your butt when you've bitten off more then you can chew. Using that will open up the legacy abilities you've unlocked by completing Chapter 3 with a class. This could be useful for RP as you could pop it quickly in a duel then use Dirty Kick to incapacitate an opponent and run away just like your creepy Smuggler uncle taught you!

So if Chapter 3 gets you a new ability, what does Chapter 2 reward? Stats. For each class you get to the end of Chapter 2, their buff is added to all your character's class buff. So for instance, I have a level 50 Inquisitor and Agent, and when I use my class buff on either, it gives me both. They do not stack though, so levelling a Bounty Hunter and Trooper gets you nothing there. And you'll also unlock a shareable class emote that is part of one of several new emote packages targeting RPers. We don't know what they are, but you will be able to purchase the packs with credits as well if you don't want to worry about alts. 

Companions also have a role to play in Legacy. While they cannot be added to a family tree yet, maxing them will provide you with a global stat boost. For example, suffering through maxing Corso will give you a global boost to Accuracy, as would any other companion of that type. However doing it with more then one companion of that type across the board will net you instead a boost to Presence. There's also talk of allowing families to share companions, whether for crew skill runs, or even combat. 

Legacy has also added a new type of item called Bind-By-Legacy which can be mailed to other characters in your legacy, even cross-faction. These will be rare world drops or purchased with new tokens for higher level characters to send to lower ones, giving them massive boosts. You'll also be able to buy levelling customization buffs for your new characters. So if you like levelling by PvP, you can get a massive boost to PvP experience gain, and make the levelling process that much smoother. 

In the future, Legacy will also feature a shared bank tab that you can use to more easily move items between characters. They are also working on a Legacy friends list that might function similarly to World of Warcraft's RealID chat system, which allows for global communication between friends. That could be very useful for cross-faction communication, and speaking of which, I'll be giving some updates on that in a coming article if you haven't already seen it on my wall. So, now that you've got the run down, tell us what you think of all this!
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