A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, every character had the same surname. Hang on, what? If BioWare were the creators of Star Wars, this may have been the case. Jar Jar Skywalker. Yoda Skywalker. Bossk Skywalker. They've got a ring to them, don't they? Actually, no they don't. If you haven't picked up on it yet, we're mocking BioWare's Legacy System. As much as we're all in love with BioWare's work that they've conducted over the last three years – perhaps even longer – we can't help but gape in shock at the decision made by a company that claim to be exactly what we are – roleplayers. The Legacy System allows a character that has finished Act I in The Old Republic's story to select a surname. That surname applies to all of the characters on the one account. What this means is, you'll have one big happy family!

As roleplayers, surely we're not that keen on the idea. We like diversity in games with our characters, but in The Old Republic's case, it won't be possible. What is possible, however, is completing removing any sign of the Legacy System from our characters. There is an option in-game that allows you to hide your Legacy surname. This works for roleplayers, as we don't want your Jedi Knight being mistaken as the sibling or matrimonial partner of your Sith Inquisitor. But just how against the idea are roleplayers? Sa Chi covered the topic of the Legacy System in an edition of All The Galaxy's A Stage where he included a poll, but the results weren't flattering for roleplayers. Head on over to the article to view the results.

What do you think of the Legacy System? Is it a blight on the roleplayers of The Old Republic? Does it work for you? Or are you undecided? Come on, you're roleplayers. You all have opinions!
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