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(1) Preface:

The Sith Empire is not The Galactic Republic. The first mistake most individuals integrating into the society of the Sith make is believing that the same ideals held dear by the Republic apply within Imperial law. They do not. In the Empire, freedom of belief and freedom of speech are non-existent.  Democracy is a scorned, ignorant fantasy. In the Empire, there is only the desire for elevation and through it, the elevation of the whole.

For the Sith, power is the only currency worth maintaining, while strength and cunning are the only assets worth possessing. To integrate oneself into Sith society, one must first understand the core of the culture that is the Sith Empire. In this article, I will systematically outline the nature of the Sith and how one should expect to act if one wishes to survive in the Empire.

(1 I) Table of Contents:
(1) Preface
(1 I) Table of Contents
(2) Imperial Basics
(2 I) National Religion
(2 II) Imperial Opinion
(2 III) Consequences of Criminal Activity

(2) Imperial Basics:

The Empire is a well-oiled machine that functions with flawless cohesion towards the accomplishment of its goals. The Empire is comprised of three main sectors: The ruling body, the military, and the populace. It is imperative that all Imperial citizens understand the importance of these varying bodies of existence and which category they fit into. Failure to properly assimilate to the standard of Imperial expectation can result in termination. To simplify the Empire is impossible, but synopsis remains within the realm of the achievable. In short, the Empire is a thriving body bound together by the collective power of the Sith ideology.  

In essence, it is the one true civilization in the Galaxy, the only one deserving of the mantle of 'ruler'. To be of the Empire is to be one of the powerful and blessed. It is necessary to remember that the Empire is not a place for the weak, nor the timid. To survive, the citizens of the Empire must be strong -- weakness is a hindrance that can and will be culled. These are the basics of Imperial Society: Strength, Power, Cunning. Never forget, lest you be deemed weak and expunged as one expunges a stain from perfect fabric.

(2 I) National Religion:

As children of the Force, the national religion of the Sith is, simply, the Force. In the known universe, there is no greater power than that of the living Force, no greater understanding than that of those who study and master the Dark Side. The truth of this living, thriving energy is the conflict between the powerful. It is this meeting, this conflict, that breeds the true and the wise. The narrow-sighted view of the negativity of emotion when applied to the use of the Force is a chain that binds the strong. It is instead through passion and thereby the expression of personal desires that the Empire has achieved liberation.  

Pursuing the pleasures of the flesh, or the pleasures of the mind -- the physical and the academic, are the core fuel to the prosperity of the Empire. When struck by longing, one need not show restraint if situation allows for the lack thereof. Indeed, to be pleasured by the flesh or pleasured by the challenge of the mind is to learn more about the mysteries of the Force and in doing so, embrace the gift of its wisdom.

It is because of this intimate understanding with the truth of the Force's nature the Empire will thrive.  Indeed, it is because of this liberating knowledge that we have thrived. For over a thousand years we have worshipped and known the Dark Side and for over a thousand years we have grown, we have prospered, we have become powerful. The religion of the Empire preaches to embrace one's passions.  

Love, Hate, both are powerful and both must be understood and harnessed if one wishes to know the truth of the greater mysteries. Dedicate yourself to the teachings of the mighty Sith that rule the Empire and embrace the passions of your heart. Be merry, citizen; you are of the chosen. This is the Imperial Religion. This is ascension.

(2 II) Imperial Opinion:

When integrating into Imperial society, the Imperial Opinion must be carefully weighed in regards to any topic of conversation. The Imperial Opinion is the unquestionable fact of the situation or faction it pertains to and to deny it is to attack the truth of the Empire. To be successful in a new life amidst the grand Empire, one must first understand the minds of the people with whom they shall be merging. First and foremost, the Galactic Republic remains the central enemy of the Sith Empire. There is no greater foe, no greater threat, than the wretched Republic that so brutally massacred the progenitor peoples of the Empire on the ancestral homeworld, Korriban.

Secondly, the Jedi Order is the embodiment of the Republic and our second greatest adversary. These weak-minded self-proclaimed scholars of the ignorantly named 'light side' of the Force preach the detachment from the same passions that make the Empire so strong, so powerful. If the Jedi have their way, the Empire will fall and the truth of the Force will be dispelled from the galaxy. It is the position of the Empire that all Jedi, as well as all their loyalists and Republic sympathizers, must be exterminated without mercy. For the safety and security of our galactic Empire, this heretical order of weaklings must not be allowed to fester and continue wounding the Galaxy and living Force.

(2 III) Consequences of Criminal Activity:

Imperial Law is unquestionable. It is through law and order that the Empire survives and it is thanks to this organization that citizens are given the opportunities to advance and progress in the manner that they are. To break these laws or violate the edicts of the Dark Council and the government is to be seen as a traitor and dissenter, a saboteur seeking to disassemble the Empire's power and stoicism. Such heinous actions shall be dealt with swiftly and without mercy and the individuals responsible shall be punished in accordance to the severity of their crime. Below is an example list of crimes and their subsequent punishments, as laid out by the laws of the Empire.

Offence: Disobeying the order of a Sith Lord or Military Official.
Consequence: Death.

Offence: Speaking out against the divine authority of the Emperor or Dark Council.
Consequence: Death.

Offence: Disturbing the peace of the Empire on any Imperial world.
Consequence: Detainment.

Offence: Alien species assaulting a Human or Pureblood.
Consequence: Death.

Offence: Armed theft or destruction of imperial or imperial citizen's property.
Consequence: Detainment or Death, situation dependant.

Offence: Turning against the Empire's edicts and views.
Consequence: Death or Exile.

These are but a small few of the relevant violations that citizens must be aware not to commit. Alien citizens must understand the inferiority inherent to their genetic code and the lesser status awarded to them as result. The Force's will is not equal, and not all are lucky to be born human. Strive to obey and work for the glory of the Empire as you are expected to. 

Work not to achieve only personal ends, but to increase the collective power of the Empire for glory and honour -- to conquer the unconquerable heights and discover the unknown. It is through the glory of the Sith that the Empire has thrived and it is through their laws and their edicts that society runs smoothly and without incident. Obey the law, or suffer the consequence. There is no room for dissidents in the holy Sith Empire.
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