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Extracts from the travel diaries of Sally I.; scholar and philosopher. This documentary series, Galactic Misunderstandings, is brought to you by Starwire Discovery Programmes

Galactic Misunderstandings: Mandalorians

With a handful of exceptions, one galactic constant is family. Nobody knows this better than Mandalorians who have it inscribed in their code to live by. Aliit, or clan, is a strong unifying concept that transcends the biological notion of family. The face of the Mando’ade that the galaxy sees is one of eternal belligerence and crude honour, but to see this as all they are is a disservice.

The Resol’nare, the Six Actions as you may recall, pursue only one principle goal: survival. Central to the culture is the notion of perseverance, resilience. The aliit action acknowledges that no one Mando’ad, no matter the talent or mastery, is an island. They are stronger together as a family and as a culture; while many are competitive, self-centred or arrogant, such traits are better explained under different actions.  Not to worry; we’ll get to those, but first, the essence of community spirit. Of course, with aliit comes platonic love. The warrior culture of Manda’yaim generally means that such love is explored in very odd, violent or dysfunctional ways; not universally, but regardless of the format, never underestimate the power of Mandalorian fellowship.

Defined by, fear is: "a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid."

The bravest and strongest of men can be dropped to their knees in an instant in the face of fear. Man's phobia list is quite extensive and strange, with examples consisting of kathisophobia, the fear of sitting down; phronemophobia, the fear of thinking; and hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, the fear of long words. H.P. Lovecraft once said, "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."

The Star Wars universe is filled with the weird, wacky and scary. Creatures of different shapes, sizes and abilities roam the galaxy, some of which are capable of horrible things. Any fan of Star Wars should know about the Sarlacc from Tatooine. It keeps its victims alive for thousands of years, slowing digesting those unfortunate enough to slip into its belly. There are few that have ever survived its clutches, with one such survivor being the infamous Boba Fett; a name to fear itself. In light of some of these examples, what would be your character's greatest fear in The Old Republic? Post your answers in the comments section.

Captain Shanks Being a spacer, Shanks is terrified about seeing one of these monstrositi...
Captain Edwards though he tries to hide it, Edwards greatly fears loosing those he cares about, and thought of some of the dark side mon...
Kha'meleon Kha'meleon's biggest fear is that someone will know her real identity. From her point of view, her personality...

Your number one source for news with this special announcement

Good day viewers. My name is Benuly Seapou and I welcome you to this special broadcast of the Coruscant Daily Buzz during commercial breaks. Apologies for disrupting your daily show starring the lovely Olug'mile [Entangled Lekku].  We have received a lot of feedback via our new datapad-accessible community forum service. This will hopefully increase the quality and enjoyment of our daily news network. In gratitude, we have teamed up with Doctor Whibur, the chief researcher of the Synthfur manufacturing Flestor and Co. to give our viewers some appreciation.

As most of you know, Doctor Whibur, as we had him on the show last week, is the chief researcher of Flestor and Co. One of the many, but not all so prestigious, synthfur manufacturers. The company has existed for generations since the founder Tavijef Flestor decided to open up his company in one of the lower districts decades ago. As time passed, the company grew until eventually expanding to what she is known today: one of most well-known developers on this side of the planet.

EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER: this article is matter-of-fact and contains mild course language. If you're like an Anakin Skywalker and soft around the edges, meaning you're easily offended by course sand, then this article might upset you and cause you to slay countless younglings. Read at your own risk of falling to the dark-side.

I’ve met a lot of different kinds of writers. Lyrical writers in bands, hobby roleplayers and fanfiction writers on the internet, public speakers in debating clubs and film and television writers, both young and old. Writing is a pretty broad field. Putting words down in the right order covers a lot of hobbies and professions in a lot of walks of life. There’s a common denominator I’ve noticed in every competent writer I’ve met though. The word ‘competent’ is important, because I’ve met writers who were good, but not competent.

The difference is how the competent ones respond to their mistakes. I’ve met a lot of people who could put down some really nice words, even in the right order, but they were the same nice words they’d been putting down for the last five or ten years, and in the same order. Consequently, the mistakes they were making were the same ones they’d been making for the last five or ten years.

The competent writers I’ve met are a different story. They all have their own version of a (pretty good) bullshit detector.

Madder Kaen Takrael you forgot that magic word tact. The magical art of telling someone they suck and coming out smelling like roses...
Lexi Lambert I have to admit I tend to relax my standards a bit when I'm writing SW stuff, either RP or fan-fiction. I spent an ...
The P.B.G Personally I have RP'd for a few years, and when I was at my height of doing it, I could see my gramma improving ma...

Who and what we become in life is highly influenced by the teachings we received from the moment we could stand on our own two feet. Our parents kick-off our life long lessons, teaching us the dos and do nots; life 101. We then go to Kindergarten, followed by school, college and university, if we decide to take our studies that far.

Along the way, we pick up skills and personality traits from everything and everyone around us. Our teachers, family and friends all have their own influence, but amongst them all, there is usually one person, or one master, who has the most impact.

In Star Wars, it isn't that much different. Though Luke Skywalker was brought up by his uncle and aunt, Obi-Wan and Yoda left a significant imprint in Skywalker's programming when they took up the task of teaching him the ways of the Force. Obi-Wan was guided by Qui-Gon, and Anakin was instructed by Obi-Wan.

What we'd like to know today is: where did your character in The Old Republic receive their training? Was it from an academy such as that on Korriban or the temple on Tython? Or perhaps, contrary to the message in this Friday Focus, your character learnt their survival skills by venturing out on their own, learning from their own mistakes? Post your answers in the comments section below. 

Emoral Heliolite Emoral was trained to Knighthood on Ilum, a part of the relatively few Jedi Enclaves permanently present there since the...
The P.B.G Cori'Senteye, my character has one of the strangest trainings for a Jedi ever. Born into a family of entertainers a...
Ganden a Great answers guys. Thanks for commenting :)

Your number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Benuly Seapou and I welcome you to the Coruscant Daily Buzz. I will be working as a temporary substitute for your regular reporter Liz Patlip until she comes back from her holiday trip. And it is sad for me to say that I begin my–probably short–news anchor career with some troubling news.

Yesterday in the late evening, a local and popular-with-the-people cantina that goes by the name of the Silent Sun was faced with an absolutely horrendous act of revenge.

A male human that goes by the name of Kadmil Marsto got stabbed a total of sixteen times as he was making his way into the cantina. Medical reports state that he was dead by the third for the second puncture had pierced his heart. The unnecessary measures suggest that this was more than a simple mugging.

Captain Shanks ''How to tame a Rattataki and more after this short break.'' Im curious now.

Extracts from the travel diaries of Sally I.; scholar and philosopher. This new documentary series, Galactic Misunderstandings, is brought to you by Starwire Discovery Programmes.

Galactic Misunderstandings: Mandalorians

I, like many others, found myself adrift on the open ocean of stars after the galactic order received something of a sizable boot to the unmentionables half a decade ago. Even before the eventual surrender of those subject to the aforementioned boot I was wandering alone, though. When one lives the life of a well-meaning transient, you can learn a great deal about people and the way they think. Reflect a moment: how hard is it to believe something different when all those you respect seem to think one way?

While rarely the subject of abject loneliness per sé, I found it only natural to consider engendering camaraderie with whoever the river of fate deigned to place me with. No more pertinent was this to me than when I found myself with some of the most misrepresented professional belligerents in the galaxy.


Ruusaan Vey I won't lie, third image was great to see. Also eagerly awaiting others in this series.
Sol'yc ad / Xamoran.8706 An interesting read, for sure! Can't wait for the others, finally something else than the incessant rants about our...

"Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it," says author Mark Twain, noting the differences in patriotism.

It is Twain's statement that gives birth to an interesting thought: what is a measure of loyalty and who does it belong to? Are you a devout fan of the Dark Side like Darth Sidious and owe allegiance to the Sith? Or are you perhaps a lone cowboy (or girl!) freely exploring the galaxy like everyone's favourite loveable rogue Han Solo?

In roleplay, it is common for players to become attached to certain topics and ideas, either a faction, organisation or story idea; somewhere you tend to enjoy the most. The same applies to our characters where their loyalty and dedication to a cause can be an important drive to their development and being. That is the topic of this Friday Focus where we ask you: where do your loyalties lie? Let us know in the comments below on what your preferences are and what it is that ties your character to something and why!

Madder Kaen My son, my family business family always comes first. I am retired so I only here from the Empire when they need somethi...
Dulleesh To the Jedi. My characters loyalty lies with the ideals, duties and service of the Jedi, for what they represent to the ...
Lexi Lambert Loved ones first. If a planet has to burn to save her partner/kids/close friends, Lexi will light the fire herself.

Your number one source for news

Good day viewers. My name is Liz Patlip and I welcome you to today’s edition of the Coruscant Daily Buzz. The Senate isn’t the only government body that is vying for change. But first, a continuation on yesterday’s report.

Some of you will recall our yesterday’s report on Air-Cor--one of the three largest air cooler manufacturing companies on Coruscant--and the rumor that they are in the process of filing bankruptcy. Well, it is now official.

Breaking news from the Starwire Tower, with your anchor Lily Serel


You’re watching Starwire News. Tonight’s top story.

Former Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh was recorded making a speech to members of the Alliance today, proclaiming their commander dead and offering to take the reins of the famed organisation herself to lead the fight against Empress Vaylin. Claims of the death of the Alliance Commander had been corroborated by the offices of Minister Lorman of the Sith Empire after a lightning strike disintegrated the personal shuttle of Empress Acina, carrying both the Empress and the commander.

However, reports from Dromund Kaas indicate that Empress Acina has retaken the Imperial throne with Minister Lorman disgraced and currently under the purview of internal Imperial procedures. A public statement was issued debunking the rumours and condemning Lorman and his accomplices as having attempted to orchestrate an attempt on the Empress’ life with the explicit support of Leontyne Saresh.

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